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A Guide to Faraday City


My Faraday City stories have been exploring an increasingly expansive world of superheroes, adventure, whimsy and danger. So, to keep all the worldbuilding straight, I documented it! Character dossiers, location writeups, it’s all here. Also, some fun new pics, and even some sneak peeks of upcoming stories!

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting - Chapter 6/6


Still reeling from their disastrous loss at the hands of Xenos, Chris and the others race to find a clue that will help to track him down so they can thwart his plans. And for Chris and Lydia, to get him to swap their bodies back!

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting - Chapter 4/6


While Chris and Lydia search for answers, Caleb looks to Enchantrix and Bhramari for assistance, with unexpected results. But as they all prepare for their next encounter with the cunning villain Xenos, he readies his trap for them. And he seems to know them even better than they know themselves!

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting - Chapter 3/6


Chris and his little cousin Lydia, now stuck in each other’s bodies, struggle to deal with the change. And Chris soon learns that the super-powered dangers of Faraday City look a lot more menacing from the perspective of a defenseless young girl!

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting - Chapter 1/6


Chris always dreamed of being the kind of superhero who could inspire people. But between fighting crime as Prodigious Girl and then having to dress as a girl in his off hours, he wasn’t exactly living the dream. Even less so when his latest thrilling escapade was to babysit his little cousin for a weekend. But when a cunning body-swapping villain sets his eyes on our young hero(ine), Chris finds himself in far more danger than he expects! (A tale of Faraday City.)

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting


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 Adventures in Babysitting cover image

Identity Crisis: Adventures in Babysitting

by Jenny North

Chris always dreamed of being the kind of superhero who could inspire people. But between fighting crime as Prodigious Girl and then having to dress as a girl in his off hours, he wasn’t exactly living the dream. Even less so when his latest thrilling escapade was to babysit his little cousin for a weekend. But when a cunning body-swapping villain sets his eyes on our young hero(ine), Chris finds himself in far more danger than he expects! (A tale of Faraday City.)

Beauty and the Beast

Family Therapy: Nonbinary Reflections

Bonus scene! Bonus artwork! Bonus--well, it’s just those two things, actually. But that’s still pretty cool! After Fraylim got inspired to do some additional artwork for “Family Therapy,” I wanted a way to share it with you. So, to avoid undercutting the original story, I’m offering this as an “alternate ending.” Here, we see a young trans woman on the verge of an important decision as she muses on the unusual road that her life has taken, and the role that her father-turned-mother played in it...and may yet play in the future.

Family Therapy


A father and son in crisis reach out to an online therapist who, unbeknownst to them, is actually an artificial intelligence. But after the machine mistakenly deduces that one of them must be transgender—and bound by its programming to maintain its patients' privacy—it ends up feminizing both father and son. When the truth finally comes to light, will this bring the two of them closer together, or tear them hopelessly apart?

Plastic Makes Perfect


After the superhero Curador and his more experienced partner are captured by the evil Dr. Quasi, the demented genius subjects them to bizarre and horrifying experiments to satisfy his thirst for knowledge—as well as his own lascivious desires. Helpless to defend themselves from his depravity, the humiliated heroes soon discover that there are some fates far more outlandish than the merely life-and-limb dangers to which they had become accustomed. (A tale of Faraday City.)

My Uncle Fifi Pitch Meeting


You haven't arrived in popular culture unless there's a YouTube Pitch Meeting about your show! Today's installment takes a look at "My Uncle Fifi," the hit comedy series that has been been seen and enjoyed by literally dozens of people around the world. Don't miss out!

My Uncle Fifi: The Christmas in July Holiday Special


The hit sitcom returns with a “Christmas in July” holiday special! With the mob closing in, the last thing Terry expected was a nighttime visit from a magical elf and three snarky spirits. But he’ll need their help if he doesn’t want to stay stuck as a French maid for the rest of his life! (Featuring artwork by Fraylim!)

The Chronicles of Crewman Number Six

Ah, the Starfleet away team. Six members: the captain, the first officer, the science officer, the chief medical officer, the chief engineer...and that nameless security guard. A different guy every week...or is it?



In a desperate bid to revive his flagging career, a young star on a sci-fi show concocts an elaborate publicity stunt to come out as transgender. But what happens when he becomes entangled in his web of lies?

My Uncle Fifi: My Beautiful Laundrette

Trapped as a shapely French maid and hiding out from the mob, a smart-mouthed rogue must prevent his family from unwittingly being drawn into a criminal scheme even as he is confronted by his two most remorseless adversaries: Mom and Dad. It's a twisty whodunit with a thrilling hovercraft chase that--wait. No, it's not. It's a spirited comic romp with snappy banter, money laundering, and unspeakable acts with a ripe pineapple!


My Uncle Fifi

Hilarity ensues when a smart aleck on the run finds himself hiding behind a petticoat and a feather duster in order to elude the gangster who wants him dead. (Or maybe just wants him, period!) A fun and lighthearted comedy of errors filled with elaborate deceptions, mistaken identities, and a guy stuffing his boobs into a French maid's costume! What's not to like?



A teenager loses a bet and is forced to get an over-the-top feminine makeover at a transformation studio that specializes in feminizing rebellious teens. But when it comes out that this might not be his first time at the store, he's forced to confront his fears of embarrassment and exposure as he endures trials far more challenging and personal than he ever dreamed possible.

Broken Echo

Five nested stories form one overall tale! Spanning different genres and time periods—fantasy adventure, romantic comedy, suspense, and more—there's something for everyone as each story delves deeper into the themes raised by the one before, with unexpected consequences as each resolution echoes back into the overall tale. Fun, thrilling, sexy, and smart!

Identity Crisis: The Lavender Scare


Bear witness to an epic battle of snark when the astonishing Prodigious Girl encounters the enigmatic Lavender Scare! But is this mysterious new super a friend or foe? And what happens when an inscrutable force meets an incredulous object? Learn all this and more inside! Totally not just a weak excuse to share pics of me cosplaying as Prodigious Girl! (A tale of Faraday City.)

Cinders and Ash

When a fairy godmother takes a wrong turn, an angry young man gets swept up in his very own Cinderella story...but this isn't a dream that he'd wish would come true! (Inspired by artwork by Dov Sherman!)


DMGC: The Department of Magical Gender Change

When magic spells are cast, some are very specific, but others are vague on the details. If a wizard changes a man into a lovely maiden, he might decide what the new woman looks like and how she's dressed. But what happens if the change is triggered by a magical object, or an ambiguously worded wish? Who determines what standard of beauty to use? Who determines what clothes she's wearing after the transformation and makes sure that it's color-coordinated? Who decides on her hair and makeup? Or imprints skills she may need for her new life? They are...the DMGC.

A whimsical and sexy romp with fairy magic gone awry and their frantic efforts to put things to rights!

The League of Chinchillas: A Wolf in Chinchilla’s Clothing


Behold, true believer, from the world of Identity Crisis, the team up that absolutely nobody demanded! Or even conceived of! Seriously, not even the infinite monkey theorem could have predicted this story! When the legendary League of Chinchillas meets the astonishing AquaFish, it’s a thrilling, spine-tingling, senses-shattering tale that makes Homer’s Odyssey look like dog puke! Cleanup on Aisle 3 for...adventure! (A tale of Faraday City.)


A pair of thieves break into a superheroine's hideout and get more than they bargained for when they meddle with her equipment. (A tale of Faraday City in the Identity Crisis universe.)

Identity Crisis - Chapter 10/10: Finale

As the city-wide disaster looms, Prodigious Girl, still battered and bruised from her fights at the Sanctuary, must stand alone against the forces that threaten to destroy everyone she loves. But how can she hope to prevail against an enemy who knows her better than she knows herself?

Identity Crisis - Chapter 9/10: Assault on Paradise

PG, Prodigy, and Trixie find themselves as the last line of defense against the impending catastrophe that faces the city. Outnumbered and outgunned, they take the fight to the Sanctuary where they also encounter an old enemy.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 8/10: Revelations and Recriminations

Prodigious Girl, furious at what happened to her, confronts Prodigy. Meanwhile, the full nature of the plot against the city is revealed, and shocking revelations expose its unexpectedly personal connections to our heroes.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 7/10: The Longest Day

Rebuffed by his superhero mentor, Chris takes matters into his own hands to investigate the mystery. As friendships and alliances start to crumble, Chris is driven to make some rash decisions that have disastrous consequences. (Fair warning, this chapter gets pretty dark and delves into some uncomfortable situations. But it’s always darkest before the dawn!)

Identity Crisis - Chapter 6/10: Friends, Foes and Opportunities

A fight at school leads to changes for Chris even as he gets some unexpected good news as Prodigious Girl. Meanwhile, his best friend Caleb uncovers some information that leads to deeper questions about the plot that threatens the city.


Identity Crisis - Chapter 5/10: Here to Save the World, Dressed Like a Girl

Forced to pretend that he likes wearing girls’ clothes in order to protect his secret identity, Chris has a difficult time now that friends, family, and schoolmates all believe him to be transgender. Meanwhile, a chance encounter uncovers a mystery that has potentially far-reaching effects for the entire city.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 4/10: Victoria's Secret Identity

Chris's rocky relationship with his superhero mentor leads him to consider alternatives. But his real troubles begin at home when his parents discover the stash of girls' clothes he's been using to maintain a secret identity as a heroine and they jump to awkward and embarrassing conclusions about his clandestine activities.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 3/10: When the Student is Ready...

Chris (as Prodigious Girl) finally meets Prodigy and convinces the aging hero to let him become the old man’s new sidekick. But winning Prodigy’s trust may be even more difficult than surviving his tutelage!

By Jenny North
Artwork by Fraylim and Splutt

Identity Crisis - Chapter 2/10: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Desperate to prove himself and track down his mentor, Chris embarks on his new career as a superheroine and makes some new allies. But when he picks a fight above his power level in order to make a name for himself, his embarrassment over being a girl may soon be the least of his worries!

By Jenny North
Artwork by Fraylim and Splutt

Identity Crisis - Chapter 1/10: Confessions of a Teenage Hero(ine)

Identity Crisis cover image

Before we begin, an important note about the tone of the story. I started it as a whimsical romp, a superhero action comedy with a TG twist. But along the way it became apparent to me that at its heart it's a coming of age story, with all of the wrinkles that entails.

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