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Okay, I've been wracking my tiny little pea brain, trying to remember the title of a multi-part story I read some time ago that I'd like to re-read, if only I could find it. First of all, it is similar in some ways to the story "What Was lost" in that it also involves the purchase of storage lockers for resale, but the one I'm looking for was the story of a mother and son team. At one auction, the son purchases a locker which contained a lot of nice furniture, as well as a large amount of clothing, makeup, etc. The boy starts dressing in the clothes, and so on.

Fugue, Part 11

By Jillian

Chapter One Hundred-one

Bob’s attention was drawn to the sound of the door opening and heels clicking on the tile. When he looked in that direction he saw Tanya and their mother returning from the exam rooms. He nudged his Dad, who then also looked in their direction.

Standing up, Bob asked, “Everything all right?”

Tanya grinned and said, “Nothing a little Motrin won’t cure.”

“Good,” he added as he nudged his Dad to say something.

“I’m glad you’re all right,” Dad reluctantly offered.

Fugue, Part 10

Fugue, Part 10
By Jillian

Chapter Ninety-one

Bob picked up the radio mic, keyed it on and said, “Suspect turning north on Oak. Units take parallel positions and await further instructions.” Returning the mic to its cradle, he looked toward Sergeant Parker and asked, “What do ya think, Sarge?”

Without taking his eyes off of the road Parker queried, “About?”

Bob clarified, “Our chances?”

Fugue, Part 9

by Jillian

Chapter Eighty-one

“Where are you?” Bob practically shouted into his cell phone as he left yet another voicemail message on Tanya's phone. After disconnecting the line, he directed his attention toward Sergeant Parker sitting next to him in their unmarked car and asked, “What time is it?”

The sergeant looked at his watch and replied, “A few minutes til eight.”

Fugue, Part 8

by Jillian

Chapter Seventy-one

Bob looked out the back door toward the old shed where he saw his father sitting on the family's rather old riding lawn mower. He went out the door and as he started walking toward the shed he asked, “You okay, Pop?”

Looking up, his father replied, “Guess that depends on what you call okay.”

“Listen,” Bob started, “I know it's weird. Trust me, I know. The thing is, now that I've kinda gotten to know her...”

Fugue, Part 7

by Jillian

Chapter Sixty-one

Tanya had barely stepped into the room when Cynthia practically shouted, “Hey bitch!”

“I take it you're feeling a little better?” Tanya asked as she approached her friend's bedside.

“What makes you think that?”

Smiling, Tanya answered, “The return of your sparkling personality.”

“Maybe I just like you,” Cynthia countered. “Or maybe I'm just a wonderful, loving person.”

“Yeah, right,” Tanya smirked.

Concerning 'Fugue'

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Just in case there are still a few people out there who are interested, after a ridiculously long wait the next installment of 'Fugue' has made it's way to my proofers. Hopefully in the next few days it will be ready to post, so if you're still following the story despair not, there is more to come.


Fugue, Part 6

First, I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting this part. Real life has kind of dominated my time of late, so the next part may be slow in arriving as well. Thanks to all those of you who have stuck with the story thus far.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Angharad, Karen Taylor and PB for their support and proofing skills.

Fugue, Part 6
by Jillian

Chapter Fifty-One

Fugue, Part 5

By Jillian

Chapter Forty-One

Tanya sang, “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, Watchin’ the tide roll away, Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, Wastin’ time.” At the moment she sang that last line she happened to look toward the door as her brother walked in the club.

She started whistling the coda melody and as she ended the song she said, “Thanks. I’m gonna take a little break, but I’ll be back in just a few.” Climbing down off the raised stage, she said, “Bobby, what’re you doing here?”

Fugue, Part 4

By Jillian

Chapter Thirty-One

Tanya exited the elevator and started toward the ICU nurse’s station, her heels seeming incredibly loud in the otherwise quiet area. Reaching the desk, she asked the first person she saw, “Do you have a Cynthia Henderson here?”

Looking up from the chart she’d been studying, the nurse asked, “Are you a relative?”

With some irritation she said, “About as close as you’re likely to find. She was disowned by her family years ago.”

Fugue, Part 3

By Jillian

Chapter Twenty-One

Tanya wandered into her apartment unaware of the fact that her secret, which she’d tried so hard to hide from her family over the years, had been discovered. She undressed, removed her makeup and got herself ready for bed, all the while unable to shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

Fugue, Part 2

By Jillian

Chapter Eleven

Tanya was roused by the sound of the telephone ringing. She slowly became conscious enough to reach over to her bedside table and answer it, “Hello?”

“Why are you still asleep, bitch?” Cynthia’s sarcastic yet far too cheery voice berated her friend.

Grinning to herself, Tanya answered, “Well I did work last night.”

“Yeah? Well you were supposed to meet me at my place for breakfast, or had you forgotten?”

Fugue, Part 1

Fugue, Part One
By Jillian

Chapter One
Tanya had barely entered the reception area of her doctor's office when she heard her name called. After making her way to the front desk she asked, “You called me?”

Looking up from her computer screen, the receptionist replied, “Yes, Miss Taylor. The doctor is ready for you.”

“Thanks,” Tanya responded as she reached for the door knob. After passing through the door and into the hallway she found her way to Dr. Sanchez' office.

Passing Tones

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------
There are those who believe that the perfect musical performance is androgynous because it includes both masculine and feminine traits.
Passing Tones

by Jillian Marie

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro Con Furioso

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro con Furioso

Detective Johnson looked thoughtfully distracted for a moment before finally replying, “We’ll set up a trap for him at your apartment.”

“But how?” I asked, confused by the sudden change in position.

Rhapsody, Chapter 5 - Legato Grave

Chapter 5 — Legato Grave
By Jillian

“So you think…” I couldn’t bring myself to finish saying what I’d intended.

Detective Johnson turned his attention back to the road just as the light changed. As we pulled through the intersection, he muttered, “I knew I shouldn’t have let you go tonight.”

Ignoring his comment I asked, “What about my things? You know, my equipment? And I left my purse on a table in the club.”

Rhapsody, Chapter 4 - Scherzo Energico

Chapter 4 — Scherzo Energico
By Jillian

“Wait!” I said in a surprised tone. “A safe house? You mean like witness protection? What about my work? My apartment? What am I supposed to do with my stuff?”

“Slow down,” he said while holding his hands up to emphasize things. “We don’t know how long it’ll be, but I wouldn’t expect it to take too long. For now, anything you don’t have to have with you should stay here. I’ll have a uniform posted here as a guard, okay?”

“Will there be room for my upright?” I asked.

“I don’t know why not,” he responded before adding, “Which one is that?”

Rhapsody, Chapter 3 - Molto Agitato

Chapter 3 — Molto Agitato
By Jillian

Detective Johnson was at my house in less than 15 minutes and once there didn’t waste any time in listening to the phone message. “What did he mean, ‘my message’?”

I took a deep breath and said, “He vandalized my car and spray painted ‘You talk, you die’ on the trunk lid. Truth is that threat’s why I didn’t report it in the first place.”

Rhapsody, Chapter 2 - Adagio Cantabile

Chapter 2 — Adagio Cantabile
By Jillian

My sleep was peppered with nightmares. Okay, more like several variations of one nightmare in particular. Every time I’d get to sleep I’d see Joey either attacking me, or harming those around me, or in one case outing me to all his redneck buddies as a transsexual.

Cover Story, Part 1: A Gaby Fanfic

I've dabbled in Maddy Bell's GabyVerse before. This story was first printed in the second "Gaby and Friends" anthology last year and is currently being posted on Maddy's site. I hope you enjoy it.

Easy As Falling Out of the Tardis - A Fanfic Based on Angharad's "Easy As Falling Off a Bike"

Auntie A inadvertantly challenged me to do this, so blame her...it is also being written 'live', so excuse any mistakes please. I won't be updating this nearly as frequently as Angharad, but more will be forthcoming.

Now, on with the show...

Lost In Thought, Part 16

In this, the final installment of our story, Dave and Jenny share their thoughts on the children as well as their relationship...


Lost in Thought, Part 16

By Jillian

Lost In Thought, Part 13

“Tell us, Mr. Bond, have you any children?”

“Yes, two. I would think you…”

She cut him off, “…There is no need to elaborate at this time. What are their names?”

“Juliette Bond, what are you playing at?” he managed to ask without completely blowing his top.

“Yes, I am one of your children. Who is the other?”

Dave stood silently for a minute before Jules spoke again.

“Is there a problem?”

Dave continued to look at Jules silently, unable to answer her question.

“Do you not know your own child’s name?”

He still could not answer.

“Do you know this child?”

“Yes, quite well.”

“And yet, you cannot tell the court the child’s name? How can this be?”

“No! Wait! This is all just a mistake!” he shouts as he is taken through the door.


Lost in Thought, Part 13

By Jillian

Lost In Thought, Part 11

As Dave and Jenny crossed the threshold and entered Castle Bond, it was easy to see they were both well past the point of exhaustion. As Dave dropped their bags just inside the door and they both plopped down on the sofa in the front room, he spoke, “Home, sweet home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to be anywhere in my entire life.”

Jen was silent for a moment before speaking, “It was an exhausting trip home, but wasn’t it fun watching Gaby race?”

“Oh yes, that part was great. It was everything else that went on that wore me out. And I still have decisions to make.”


Lost in Thought, Part 11

By Jillian


I debated whether to post this as a short story, or blog entry. While it was conceived as more of a short story, I can't in any honesty call it fiction in any way shape or form. So maybe it's best put here.

Anyone who has looked will notice that my blog entries have been few and far between...I believe this is the second in over a year's time...so I doubt they'll become any kind of regularly recurring thing. My life is too boring to bother.

Lost In Thought, Part 9

The Bonds were shown into the doctor’s office by his nurse, who told them, “You can wait in here for the doctor to see you. He shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.”

“Thanks,” both Dave and Jenny said at the same time, then as the nurse left the room they looked at each other and smiled. They each took a chair facing the doctor’s desk, and had barely settled into them when the door opened and the doctor arrived.

“Good to see the two of you.”

“Thank you,” replied Dave.

The doctor shook each of their hands, then circled around his desk and took a seat. “I imagine you’re anxious to find out the latest?”

“You could say that,” Jen blurted out, making no effort to disguise her anxiety...



Lost in Thought, Part 9

By Jillian

Lost in Thought, Part 8

As Jen slowly recovers from her surgery, she finds herself contemplating her choices and how they've impacted her loved ones. As she bears all, Dave searches for a way to balance what's in his heart with what's on his mind.



Lost in Thought, Part 8

By Jillian


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