The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie Pt. 1

Brent Anderson in
The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie

My name is Brent ‘Badie’ Anderson, i’m a 18 year old high school dropout looking to make it. I live in a small house in Detroit with my mother, she always tells me i hang out with the wrong crowd and today more than ever i realized that.

The Makings of a Mean Girl Pt. 1

My name is Logan and i have always been the kid everyone ignored, i was a geek and would rather play video games and read comic books than do sports and play outside. Not to mention i was a scrawny 100 pounds and a short 5’4. Nobody cared about me except for Annabelle.

Annabelle was a very pretty redhead and one of the most popular girls in school, from the beginning of the 9th grade, Annabelle took me under her wing, she vowed to take care of me. She introduced me to her friends Candice and Brittney and told me i was the fourth member they have always wanted.

Pick Me Boy

Danny Collins in…

Pick Me Boy

By Jmaster

Danny Collins was the new student to Westwood High, a school in the middle of Suburban Illinois. He was a wildcard at his past school always getting good grades and sometimes even girls but his long hair and skater boy appearance often was a turn off for some, now entering into Westwood smack dab during his Freshman year he had to make some friends.

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