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Queen Rider - Part 1

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Welcome to Pern! If you know the stories, then you might have wondered what would happen if a boy was to Impress a Gold dragon?
Wonder no longer...

Queen Rider
Part 1
by Joanne Foxcourt, 2005

Audra: A New Life -5- "Beginning Over"


Every new beginning is the end of something else and every ending begins the cycle again. When you finish grieving, it's time to go on living.

Audra: A New Life

Fiction Sketch 2.0

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Hi everyone,

For those interested, Fiction Sketch 2.0 is now available for download on my site. New features include:

  • Custom Fields! Need more than what I provided? Make your own!
  • Clues for the mystery writer in you!
  • Factions instead of the four previous character groups.
  • Import from XML (Fiction Sketch 2.0 XML output only).
  • Move relationships to the story level for better usage.
  • Define your own shortcut keys for different menu items!

As usual, you can find it on my site.

Fiction Sketch 1.2

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Hi everyone,

It seems that this little package may have a bigger following than my
fiction and so, here is version 1.2 for those who are interested. New
features include:

  • World creation work sheets.
  • Race creation work sheets.
  • Import from other story files.
  • Ability to adjust the screen font as desired.
  • Added relationships to sketches.
  • Printing.
  • Some appearance cleanup.
  • Automatic online version checker (off by default).

Announcing Fiction Sketch

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Attention authors!

I just thought I would post a quick note about some software I've written. Basically, it's designed to help organize plot, characters, scenes, locations, and track notes and ideas that you have during the course of developing a story. It's written in C# so it does required Windows and the 1.1 .NET framework (which is freely available). I have no idea if it would work with the Mono project codebase, but you never know if you're adventuresome.

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