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Summer with Em - Part 8


Summer with Em Chapter 8
By Julie D Cole
I’m just picking back up on this story that I neglected in error. I intent to complete it shortly.

Em decided I should wear a white tunic style top with several buttons that was loose fitting and extended half way down my thighs to cover any evidence of a bulge (not much to show) and it complemented a pair of her black high waist leggings that reached my ankles. Without my binding my breasts were clearly visible so Em produced a white sports bra. She thought it looked OK but would have preferred I wore a bra.

The Visit - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26
Robert was out of bed before Adele stirred and he listened to the early morning chorus that was a rare opportunity for him growing up in the central district of Bristol. He was usually at work at 6am in any case and rarely left before 6 pm so days were long and hard for little reward.

The Visit - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

After the shock of the declaration by Aunt Roberta Robert and Adele held hands beneath the table so that each knew the other was supportive and not offended. Aunt Roberta looked on and saw the glances between them that confirmed her judgement that they had a special relationship. It was at least some compensation to her for the losses she’d endured in her lifetime.

The Visit

I just posted Chapter 20 and had intended this be the concluding part of this story. The hits are not high for each chapter but the kudos is encouraging so I've continued to keep the pace the same and hopefully complete in a few more chapters. Sorry for those waiting for the end but I've endeavoured to post Chapters more frequently than I've done with previous stories.

The Visit - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

After they’d paid their respects to Elizabeth with silent prayers Aunt Roberta and Robert walked arm in arm back to the Square and across to the front door of Aunt Roberta’s home with Adele escorting them as any well-mannered young man would look after two women sharing grief. They had agreed to have lunch together and whilst they had little appetite they decided to carry on and do their best.

The Visit - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Mr Walker stopped the discussion and pushed the document towards Robert and Adele to consider before highlighting its significance. It was a birth certificate issued 20 years ago but it was not issued at the same time as a second document that he also produced that was the death certificate for Elizabeth Deane.

The Visit - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Adele was made welcome and shown to the morning room that pleased her. It gave her the opportunity to more closely scrutinise the array of portraits and paintings around the room and she focused on the two that included William, Aunt Roberta and the infant that she observed was dressed as any male or female infant was at that time. Polly entered to ask if she would like a refreshing drink whilst Aunt Roberta and her niece were making ready for the outing.

The Visit - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Over their lunch Adele and Robert discussed the information provided by the solicitor, Mr Walker. Robert had not been fully focused because of his discomfort and nervousness feeling he was being closely scrutinised but Adele reassured him that this was a normal experience for women and especially since he was very pretty.

The Visit - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Robert was nervous to leave the house in female garb that was sensed by Adele who took his arm to steady him. He stopped on the pavement nervously looking both ways for passers- by then across the Square but it seemed that nobody was taking notice. London was a busy city compared with his home town of Bristol that was much to his relief.

Memories - CNY with Sky

sky2.jpgI've renamed and re-posted a story from 2013 that was entered in a Valentines Competition. The characters were real and the location was a small road in the beautiful French Quarter of Shanghai where I was living and working at the time. Sky was a very beautiful person who was born in the North of China. How lucky to have this experience and to find so much had changed for young people in China since my first visit.

The Visit - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Adele felt supremely confident in her role as Mr Arthur and felt her grandfather would be very proud as she shook the General Manager by the hand as firmly as she could. He introduced himself as Mr James Ramsbottom and he had been waiting as Arthur entered the reception hall.

The Visit - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
Robert was spent despite contributing very little to the afternoons exertion and he lay back to try to recover. He knew he had an obligation to return the favour but fortunately Adele was not expecting him to perform immediately and she was contemplating maintaining the initiative and helping Robert to refine his technique.

The Visit - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Throughout the short journey Robert had not fully settled into his seat because he felt awkward in case Adele had recognised him in the hallway. He sat with his knees together that was a posture he’d adopted for comfort due to the tightly laced undergarment he’d been wearing earlier. On the other hand Adele was settled comfortably in her seat legs outstretched taking full advantage of the freedom of wearing breeches and a jacket.

Finding Julia - Chapter 8

Finding Julia - Chapter 8
by Julie D Cole

This was turning out to be a very friendly hotel after all and the guests and the staff were kind. I doubted they’d be so kind if they realised I wasn’t exactly the person they thought I was so it was getting more and more awkward to suddenly revert to male mode. I hoped to find a way out before it was too late.

Old Valentine Day Story


chinesevalentines.jpgI looked back at a story that I posted some time ago related to Valentines Day. (The Usual Please) Funny that it was like a new story to me and I couldn't remember writing it. The memories came flooding back since Sky was real and a lot of the story was based around true fact or experience. Time certainly flies and memories do fade.
Sometimes paths cross in the strangest places and circumstances.

Walking in Becky's Shoes


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I guess I was about 14 when I had my first real chance to experience what it was like to be a girl like my sister who I’d admired so much growing up. After that things accelerated and it’s funny how your life can then change once you have tasted this pleasure and the ecstasy it provides. I soon realised that there is another side to my personality.


Walking in Becky's Shoes

Julie D Cole

Walking in Becky's Shoes - Chapter 12 final

Walking in Becky’s Shoes – Chapter 12
Final Chapter
By Julie Dawn Cole
So mum has already made her decision that is positive for me and might make things easier in the coming months. As far as she is concerned I’m accepted as Becky Hennessey, the sister of Rebecca and her second daughter when I’m in girl mode and Ashton Cole in boy mode. She wanted me to adopt her family name rather than cause confusion with my sister Rebecca Elizabeth Cole.

Finding Julia - Chapter 5

Finding Julia - Chapter 5

‘Look Jules I’m not forcing you to do anything and from what I’ve seen so far you’ve adapted quickly and it seems a shame not to explore more. Why not let the other side of you come out or at least join in for a few days. I think it will do us both good. What’s to lose?’

Finding Julia - Chapter 4

Chapter 4


‘Eve, come on please tell me what’s going on. Why is she so friendly?’

‘Don’t worry about it. We met last year and we’ve communicated on Facebook and Snapchat that’s all.’

‘So why was she so rude to me. She knows I’m Julian right?’

‘Of course she does it was her suggestion that you changed but she’s not about to make a fuss just look around you. Do you feel out of place?’

Authors Best of My Stories

A few things happened this week that caused me to look at unfinished stories on my list and then I heard a radio announcer advertise a BBC Radio programme called 'Jamie and the Piano Man - A Billy Joel Special'.
I read several stories again checking for work I needed to do to tidy up and fulfil a promise.

My favourite posting from my own list is 'Sing me a Song Mr Piano Man' and I wondered if authors might consider the same and pick their favourite stories from their own lists that gave them the most satisfaction (and did not necessarily receive the most kudos.)

Tyler,Taylor Swop Days - Chapter 8

8171gh.jpgTyler Taylor Swop Days - Chapter 8
Julie D Cole

Tyler and Taylor are identical twins but male and female. They both have interests of the opposite sex so have enjoyed swopping identities from time to time and as yet have not been outed.


Finding Julia - Chapter 2

Finding Julia
by JulieDCole


Since it is Thanksgiving today I decided to post another chapter of this story in case any USA readers found time to relax. I hope it works.


Lost and Found

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


Sometimes life can be cruel and then there seems no hope. Sometimes life isn’t fair and we feel we need a break. Sometimes life brings hurt and sadness. Sometimes it brings joy. Sometimes we are buried by grief and then an extraordinary act of kindness is needed to bring it back on track. Kindness is often reciprocated and most acts of kindness cost nothing and we get a return that we never expect. Often tragedy can happen by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes we are in the right place at exactly the right time. Sometimes we feel lost and sometimes we are found. This is a Christmas story of kindness.

The Crush - Melanie E chapter 2

The Crush - Melanie E challenge
by Julie D Cole

Forgive me. I wanted to help you develop your great start rather than to leave it. Despite all the interest you generated I think you have a talent that you should show more and hopefully you are not offended. I followed you once before that was fun. I always watch out for your stories. Well done for bringing so much enjoyment.

The Crush - Chapter 2 [perhaps]


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