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The Inheritance Part3

The Inheritance Part 3

Karen said, “Ok baby Chrissy, now that’s out the way lets get started.”

Truth be told, I welcomed this as I had longed for someone to take care of me again. Julie kissed me on the forehead and then left to go back to her office. Karen took me by the hand and said, “Come my baby lets go to your nursery.”

The Inheritance Part2

The Inheritance Part 2

She smiled brightly, her beautiful white teeth flashing as they peeked of out of the curtains of her dancing red lips.

“You would be regressed to the age of a newborn and then live the life of a girl from birth until about age 18, at which point you would have fulfilled the requirements of the will. To make up for your advanced age, each day of your life would be equivalent to seven days, so each day you will get one week older.

“As a newborn?” I gasped. “Are you nuts?”

The Inheritance Part1

The Inheritance Part 1

My name is Chris Smith, I am 23 years old and live in New York; I was open mouthed in surprise as I read the letter from “Abercrombie, James and Prendergast”. An aunt I scarcely remembered had passed away and I was sole heir of her will. I had just lost my job and was down to my last couple of hundred dollars. I had to travel to Los Angeles to visit the attorney’s offices. I had to be out my rented furnished apartment in a few days and I went down to the local Greyhound Bus office and booked a ticket for the day after tomorrow.

Sissy bride gets married Part4

Sissy bride gets married Part 4

James gave me directions and we reached a gate that James opened with a remote. We made our way up a long winding tree covered driveway. The mansion eventually came into view. I was surprised by its size. The double story front facade that was south facing must have been about 200 meters long. I noted there were several balconies. There was a paved area with a fountain in the center. There were steps leading to the door of the mansion. I stopped the Caddy and I noticed the front door opened. The servants were obviously waiting for us.

Sissy bride gets married Part3

Sissy bride gets married Part 3

James came into the room carrying two cups of coffee. He was now wearing a robe. Behind him was a woman dressed in a maid’s uniform. James said, “Darling this is Barbara, She is your maid and she will be doing everything for you.”

Barbara said, “I am pleased to be of service to you ma’am.”

New Beginnings Part3

New Beginnings Part 3

I woke the next morning; Mom was busy feeding my brother.
Mom saw I was awake an invited me to suck from her as well. I asked mom about when and how I could become a girl. Mom said as far as she knew it was not possible till I was eighteen and it involved hormones and surgery. I moved closer to mom and began to suck on her breast. I just loved the taste of mom’s milk. Later my brother began to doze off again and mom laid him down beside her and turned her attention to me. Mom said I would also love to have some to suck from my breasts.

Sissy bride gets married Part2

Sissy bride gets married Part 2

We began the walk up the aisle. Beverly, the flower girls and ring bearer followed us. I was feeling good about myself and began to smile as I saw all the people who were there to see me. I had accepted my fate and was determined to be a good wife and serve my husband. As we proceeded up the aisle I could hear comments from the people. They were saying thing like “He makes a pretty bride.” All of the people knew I was a male in transition to become a female. It was beginning to happen quite often in our society.

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