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Meltdown Update

Hi All;

So....yes, Meltdown will continue and be finished. But it is going to take a while yet. I have just finished 3 years on my union's bargaining team getting a tentative agreement for 70,000 of our members. I finished the last ratification vote on Friday, and my mind can now concentrate on other things - you know, like writing.

Meltdown Update

Sorry it's so late but real life and being diagnosed with diabetes in this past year and all the resultant changes to life have kind of occupied most of my time for the last while. I had a bout of pneumonia a while back whose infection contributed to pushing my sugars to 29 (normal for most people is between 5 and 8) and my A1C hemoglobin to 16.9 ( normal apparently is under 7). Let alone still doing all of the travel I was before as well as work and looking after my elderly parents who have both had health issues this past year.

Drew's Meltdown


Hey folks,

Just a little update on Meltdown. Editing is progressing on Chapter 16, albeit slowly. Real Life has been an insistent old cow for the last little while, but I am beginning to see a light in the tunnel, and I don't think it's an oncoming train.

Hope to have 16 up soon, and I have a basic outline for 17 done, but it may be a little while yet.

Cheers to all, and thanks to everybody who is reading it and to all those who have inquired about when the next instalment is coming.


Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

*Ding Dong*

The door to the Walters home opened and there was Donald standing in the doorway.

“Come in ladies, come in.”

“Thank you Donald. However, I wish we were here under better circumstances.”

“Jocelyn said this was an official visit. I think we both knew that sooner or later it would come to this. Brit just doesn’t seem to get it and just won’t stop playing these pranks on people.

Anyways, we can discuss this all over dinner. Come into the kitchen and sit down, dinner is almost ready.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust,
Friends will be friends,
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,
Friends will be friends,
When you're through with life and all hope is lost,
Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end

Friends Will Be Friends – Queen

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“But I ended up in hospital, mum! And…and Dr. Maggie had to bring in a nut doctor to see me! Dr. Karen is real nice, though” Drew mused.

“You and dad had to fly all the way over here to get me. I’m so happy you came, but if I hadn’t messed up, you wouldn’t have to be here. I feel really bad about making you have to fly mum.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“……….I’m not totally sure. In many ways I comfortable as both. Although I do seem to get on better as Gaby, I have to admit. Except for cycling, sport isn’t really my thing, and I seem to be able to relate to the girls better than I do the boys.”

“*Sigh* and if I’m really honest, I have more friends as Gaby. And I find it easier to talk to people.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Maggie turned to Karen. “Would you like to wait until Drew wakes up and talk to him a bit this evening, or would you like to wait until tomorrow? I'm going to go in and sit with him until he wakes – he's met me before, and I already knew his secret, so he should feel safe with me.”

OK, I'd Forgotten


what writing like this was for me.

Crap! Sit down at the laptop and a couple of hours later 5 or 6 thousand words come out!

It's cool and all, and it is the way the first 10 chapters came into being, but damn it's tiring.

But that has my draft of Chapter 16 done. Now to go back and edit it all.

But, glad to see my muse has returned for a while.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Dr. Maggie sat at her desk massaging her temples. It had been a very long day, but at least she was coming up on the last of the interviews of those that were here in Grottoes. She had saved Maddy's interview until last. It had become apparent through all of the other interviews that everyone had their own agenda for making Drew over into Gaby, and all of them in her mind were simply a load of meadow muffins. And in her discussion with Jocelyn, the suggestion of those involved being made to do the same thing as a punishment had come up. Maggie was of two minds about that. While it would be an appropriate punishment, at least certainly in the case of Brit and Deb, she was not confident that it could be done without incurring psychological damage in those being punished.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Mrs. W had headed back out to the waiting room, and she was not a happy woman. Her daughters, with the apparent complicity of a lot of people including Drew's chaperones, had deliberately hid the fact that Drew was a boy. And now, because of it, Drew was in a hospital bed, virtually catatonic. She was absolutely incensed that the chaperones would go along with this charade, and put a child in harms’ way for their own personal agendas. As for her daughters, well, they would be lucky if she didn't ship them off to private school for now and VMI (Virginia Military Institute) when they were old enough. They were certainly going to be grounded and broke for the foreseeable future.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 1


This is a Gaby Fanfic. It takes place during Gaby's Trip to America. It's an alternative look at what might have happened.

So far there are 15 chapters that I will be posting over the next week or 10 days. I finally have it worked out how I'm going to complete the story, so the remaining chapters should start showing up in just a few weeks.

Just some thoughts on who we are

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The essence of who we are..

How do we ascertain who we are? Not just as men or women, but the attributes that make us contributing and worthwhile members of society at large.

We, as transmen and transwomen are actually being given an opportunity that few others in life ever have. We have the ability and the opportunity to re-make ourselves. To truly become the people we wish to be. To embrace attributes which we find admirable, and discard things that we find less than pleasant about ourselves.

Duty Calls chapter 08-31+

When our connecting flight from Bangkok finally arrived at ‘Tan’* we quietly made tracks. We managed to successfully return to our own area, while barely avoiding a work detail or two which Trank happened to note were forming up shortly after we arrived. Even at our own compound he was working point.

Duty Calls chapter 06-30+

As my band of happy miscreants worked their way through the tunnels, point suddenly gave the hand signal to halt before indicating there were enemy ahead. When we stopped to think about what we were hearing we could tell there were muffled voices somewhere ahead. How he could have heard them surprised me until I heard a loud but brief grunt of pain rising above the low background noise. I tried to make out what the voices were saying but it was mostly just indistinguishable from the background. We continued to move in but more cautiously and as quietly as possible.

Duty Calls chapter 05-30+

Two days later my D.I. took me to see the First Sergeant again. This time I wasn’t so apprehensive. I could excuse the first time since it didn’t conform to the scenario for which Sarge and Gunny had prepared me. Hell, even the first day of the hand to hand course didn’t conform. It was like some of the people here knew some big secret about me and they were trying to keep it away from everyone else, especially the officers.

Duty Calls chapter 04

Sarge and Gunny had phoned their buddy over the weekend so he was primed and ready when we arrived. That battery of tests they told me about were administered to me but I wasn’t told the results, at least not right away. All I could get out of the three of them was, “you did good, kid.” Other than a physical we polished off all the paperwork including my enlistment options and the copy and filing of the four letters Gunny and Sarge had been holding for me. Their buddy didn’t say a word about them, he just smiled and gave Sarge a thumbs up.

Duty Calls chapter 03

After dinner, Sarge, Gunny and I spent the rest of the evening and well into the night hashing out the plans for my enlistment in the army. We came up with, and rejected, at least half a dozen plans that evening.

All of the planning was contingent on my parent’s approval of course. Although I didn’t think they would say no, I wasn’t sure how my mother was going to react. She was not at all happy about all the training I was doing, even though she knew exactly why. I think she was maybe afraid I would get to like it too much, and it would change me in ways that she wasn’t prepared for. In the end, it did that of course, but in ways neither she nor I could ever have expected.

Duty Calls chapter 02

I bristled a bit at being called ‘kid’, but when I thought about it for a second, I realized that to him, anyone my age was just a kid. So I answered politely and respectfully.

“No sir, I don’t. But I don’t think I’m going to get a choice. So I’ve been trying to get as fit as I can, and Sgt. Joyce has been teaching me all he can about weapons.”

Looking at Sgt. Joyce, Gunny said “Well, at least he’s sane Marv. He’s smart enough to know that going to Nam is not a good thing…. But since he looks like a frickin’ girl!, he’s gonna have a hard time at Basic and probably even afterward, and you and I both know it.”

Duty Calls - chapter 01

Please note: If you have not read the information on the title page nor chapter 00 (the Prologue) to this chapter, please do so before continuing with this portion.
If you have not read Air Force Sweetheart (TacPzlSolGp) prior to reading this work, it is not necessary; however, there will be characters appearing at times within this work which are from the other series.
This work was inspired by T. D. Aldoennetti and is posted under her name since it is a companion series to that of AFS.
Please note: Co-Author of this work is Kate Hart

Renae A. Dumas

Duty Calls - Chapter 00


I awakened... fully alert, although not certain exactly why. My brain was firing on twelve of its eight cylinders and the turbo boost was well engaged, as it attempted to make sense of the shadows which my semi-focused eyes were saying were dangerous unknowns looming all about me in our dark bedroom. My ears began straining to hear whatever it was that might have been that which had awakened me. It’s hard to believe how sinister a dark room seems when you can’t really focus on anything due to the near absence of light. You’d think that after sleeping for at least a few hours your eyes would be accustomed to the lack of light and you should be able to see, if not well then at least somewhat upon immediately opening them.

Duty Calls

Duty Calls
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It is shown here solely for the purpose of providing some insight as to the borders
and locations of that time and remains copyright by them.

L. J. STEVENS, Vol. One

T D Aldoennetti

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