The Princes proposal

The princes proposal
By Kellen

This was another harebrained idea that kept nagging at me. I am not sure if this will be a good story at all, but this is a small part. Does anything think this can be made into a larger story? I would like to know
The boy had just outlined his plan to the imposing figure before him. The trip there was arduous and fraught with danger. Braving the storms and a typhoon to cross the channel to meet this man in Bristol. It had to be done and then Richard told of him of what he wanted.

Henry almost laughed, “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Are you serious, boy? You can’t be. It can’t be done!”

Princess of Russia

The Princess of Russia
By Kellen

Note from the author. These is the bare bones of a story I want to tell. I would like someone to help me with this as I am very inexperienced as a writer. I have this story in my head but not sure how to tell it. I hope it does not suck. I know I took some of our dark history and made it in the modern world.

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