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Andi and Allie -10

IMG_1054b.jpgAndi and Allie

Chapter 10 – So… What’s nude?

Bob Preston didn’t look anything like I would have expected and yet I knew him the moment I saw him. He arrived with Jill on Friday in the early evening. They were on their way to dinner, Jill’s treat, and stopped off to view what work I had assembled.

The Red Dress

The Red Dress
By Kelly Blake

Author’s Note: I must confess that I am a wee bit of a thief. I ‘borrowed’ this tale from an author on Crystal’s Story Site. We had corresponded and I was asked to read some of the tales. I chose “The Red Dress”. The author is Lauran Travis. I became fascinated with this tale not for what was written, but for what was between the lines. It dealt with a velvet gloved FemDom theme. But most importantly the tale dealt with a very strong and trusting love between a woman and a man. Lauran has graciously, and very magnanimously, allowed me to take this tale and make it my own. Thank you Lauran.

I must also confess that I’m terrible at proofing my own work. I wish to thank Stanman for reading “The Red Dress” and saving me the agony of correcting this tale. I also thank him, as well as Lauran, for their kind criticism and encouragement. In keeping with the author’s original story, the two main characters are never named.

This is my first story.

Andi and Allie - 8

final A _0.jpgAndi and Allie Chapter 8

Sweet Twenty and never been…?

“Andi…? Are you transitioning?”

Peter always seemed to get right to the point. He was leaning forward with his hands clasped on his glass desktop and his lovely blue eyes gazing intently at me. I of course blushed magenta.

“Ummm…” I rolled my eyes upward. “Why do you ask Peter?”

Andi and Allie - 6

IMG_1147.JPGAndi and Allie – Chapter 6 – The Bootie Call

Allie had a booty call! She deliberately got dressed to allure. She looked…OMG…she looked so divine…heavenly…rapturous……hot. She looked amazing! I watched her as she was doing her makeup of course. And I watched her move this way and that whilst doing her final check before her full length mirror.

Andi and Allie - 5



Andi and Allie – Chapter 5 – A Super Star Goes to Pot


Work…! Work was a trip and three quarters! My first day was sort of different for sure. The first person I met was the receptionist, operator, administrative assistant, staff coordinator, and all around general tornado of action. And her smile was a large as her enormous heart.

Andi and Allie - 4

Jill Image-2.jpgAndi and Allie - Chapter 4 - Discovery

I did and I didn’t see much of Allie over the next week. She would come home and change into the most ragged clothing she had and then disappear into her studio. I understood entirely and I left her to work out whatever she was feeling in her buckets of ‘mud’. I often did good work when I had negative energy that I needed to vent.


Thanks to my guardian angel Andrea Lena the second chapter of 'Andi and Allie' will be posted today. The third will be upcoming hopefully this Sunday. I could not do this without Drea's amazing assistance and very patient effort. It seems that anything beyond an e-mail and such out paces my puter abilities. In an off handed compliment the big oxen of an Irishman I happen to keep company with simply states that puters are NOT a 'bab's' thing. I'm not sure whether I should feel warm and fuzzy or I should smack him. Such decisions!


So... After a most productive writing year...for me anyway... in 2016, with the help of dear Drea, the first chapter of an ungodly long tale has been posted. I wish I could promise chapters on a scheduled basis but since posting seems to be a challenge I will proceed as quickly as possible (or perhaps Drea will). I'm allegedly editing as I go along. Anyway, I am totally in her debt. We should all be that lucky. ;-) I hope you all enjoy this tale.


Kelly Ap Lake

Season Stuff...


This has been quite an unusual year in many respects. But the strangest of all is the fact that two holidays, or religious events depending upon one's perspective, coincide; Christmas and Hanukkah. Well...being a faithful adherent to Paganism, it doesn't take much for us to be dancing around a tree. Indeed any tree will do and any time of year is 'kosher'? As for lighting candles, well...we light them at the drop of a hat...or any other piece of clothing. And, being Irish, after a pint or two...or three...we're likely to do so with greater vigor.

What Would The Season Be Without...

emily IMGa_7704b_0.JPGEmily was lost on the worse night of the year. Fortunately she was found and there unfolds the tale. Click the link atop the picture for some more Seasonal Fluff.

Coming Out

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Kerrie meant to tell him about her transition
but by the time it came out (so to speak)
it was too late...

Coming Out

By Kelly Blake
Copyright© 2013 Kelly Blake
All Rights Reserved.
Coming Out-1.png

Ohhh... Yeah...

I've written several tales that never be posted. The themes are very dark and are very autobiographical in that they touch upon events in my life that were better not witnessed. I write because, for lack of a simpler explanation, doing so makes me feel better. I was wondering if others have similar tales that have been completed and not posted. I'm curious about why you've not posted them.

Peace Always...



Move Over

I have accomplished two amazing feats with the same stone? I've written a tale of less than 50 pages. This must be the influence of Drea. And...!!! I've also posted a tale with more than three days to go in a contest!!! This is definitely NOT the influence of Drea!!! :)

May We All Know Peace...

Kelly the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrat


Move Over

The link for this tale is in purple at the top of the posting. Will Jess get her itch scratched? Will Andi help with the honors? Will Russ ever be forgiven? Will Russ's reeducation help? For the answer to these and any other questions, click on the purple link at the top of the posting below the word 'attachment'. :)

The Binary...

To All Those Concerned...

Those of you who were kind enough to comment and PM me about the use of the word 'salient', I have acquiesced and have changed it to 'sentient'. After much consideration and rumination, I felt that the point made was valid and well taken. I have, however, left the word 'saliency' where I thought being important was more important then the issue of sentiency.

The Binary

I normally don't reply to comments because I simply don't have the time these days. But a guest reader brings up an interesting point. What does constitute the soul? Is it simply our moral compass? Or is it our emotional response to a particular stimulus? Or is it simply our ability to make a decision based upon intuition; gut feeling? One of the many subtexts of this tale asks exactly that question?



I HATE POSTING!!! It takes more time to get all the right crap done and checked than to write the tale and I still don't know how to list my tales as solo. And...too add insult to S.O. says puters 'are a he thing'. I don't know whether to smack him or kiss him...or both!!! So there...!!!

A frustrated Brat


The Binary

“Is this light?”

“Yes… This is light.”

Brian Donovan glanced at the array of telemetry that offered a vast variety of colorfully lit dials and information. The machine sat quietly in its metal chair, arms and legs restrained. It glanced as far around the laboratory as its range of neck motion would allow.

“Am I dreaming?” The machine asked in its slightly higher pitched androgynous voice.

“No machine… You are not dreaming.” Doctor Donovan glanced at the machine and smiled. “You are in real time.”


I acknowledge that using the PDF format proves troublesome for some of the readers. Unfortunately I barely find the time to write and even less time to learn to use this particular program. Early on Drea was kind enough to assist with some of my shorter tales. However, as my tales grew in length, and involved more graphics and therefore more formatting, the program wouldn't even accept the input ('Pet'). That is when I fumbled upon the PDF format.

Rebirth: The Swimsuit

IMG_2690.JPG“What are you doing in here!” I wet myself a wee bit in total fear as I heard her voice. She had caught me at my worst; holding her one piece shiny pink bathing suit in my delicate hands as I sat in the deserted girl’s locker room. I was frozen as I gazed at her; my deer like wide opened eyes bugging out with fright.


In the midst of a very dark tale in the making, I saw that a contest with the theme of 'Rebirth' was in progress. I never cared much for the word 'transition'. Although clinically correct, it never was an appellation for what I felt or experienced. I recalled a quote attributed to Michelangelo regarding the piece 'David'. But there was no basis that the quote was his. So I aptly chose a quote that was more suitable to my circumstance.

The Crush - The Crunch

PKB_003b.jpgThe Crush – The Crunch
By Kelly Blake

If you’re going to have a crush, it might as well be a big one. I mean half the girls I knew crushed on Leo DiCaprio and the other half on Johnny Depp; although I’ve heard hygiene is an issue with Johnny. Maybe he should be married with fourteen kids or a school teacher who pays a wee bit of attention to a lonely student and drives a sports car.

A Wee Bit of Belated Seasonal Fluff

Ryanna lived a solitary life. Consumed by her work and her desire to simply live a quiet life. She did have one compulsion that would finally change her life.



I want to wish everyone a sacred and blessed and healthy and peaceful laden holiday season. Of course I wish this for all at any time of the year, but it seems even more appropriate during these tumultuous times. I've also had a few inquiries about my usual 'Seasonal Fluff' fluff. It will, unfortunately, be tastefully late. More later.

Blessings to All...



Sacred Feces!!!

As many of you might know by now, an astounding and miraculous event has occurred in my country. It is the most important event to occur since 1937 in the 'young' history of where I live. The people of the Republic of Ireland have voted for an amendment to the constitution allowing people of the same sex to get married.

Kerrie's Run

This tale is a condensation of a much larger tale that was never posted, or completed for that matter. Parts of it are random but that's what happens when one attempts to condense 400 plus pages into...whatever. :) I wanted to include more artwork but due to having three faaaahhhhhhkn puter failures at once, I will need to post it at a later date. I simply ran out of time. :(

This tale is dedicated to all who have had, or are having, a difficult time with whatever; aren't we all?


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I am truly sorry I haven't been around or contributing tales. You know all those people who say they have no life? Well...the miserable curs gave them all to me!!! With so many family obligations and my work, I barely and rarely have time to even write a sentence or two. Sometimes, when it's slow and I have two or three minutes to myself, or I'm having yet another sleepless night, I do manage to take a peek at some of the tales being posted.

DERP!!! try to be accommodating to my readers and I write this suppositional little tale based on 'Coming Out'. It is not a part two. The tale ended just where it should have; with a question. Now not only is it listed as a continuing chapter...but it has a different name. Derp!!! Someday I'll figure this all out.

I love you all...


PKB_003b.jpg <---this is what a derp looks like!!!

My New Tale...

I am currently in the midst of another massive literary undertaking when I got the urge to take a break. I felt the need to write a little tale about coming out. There has been much in the news this past year or two about various people coming out about their sexual, and gender, choices. I have always had strong opinions about coming out but I’ve yet to really set something down in words. Thus…this new tale.

The Tale of Leigh and Jo

The Tale of Leigh and Jo

by Kelly Blake

Edited and Proofread by Alison Mary and Andrea Dimaggio;
Artwork by the Incorrigible Belle Mead

Author’s Note:
This little tale would definitely not have been possible without the help of the above mentioned ladies and their staff.
This tale is dedicated to all those who have ‘little secrets’ and unyielding families

A Wee Bit O' Seasonal Fluff

A Wee Bit O’ Seasonal Fluff
by Kelly Blake
Edited by Alison Mary and Andrea DiMaggio
Artwork by Belle Meade

Foreword - This tale was inspired by Les Joyeux by…who else…Drea.
Therefore this tale is dedicated to her.

To All...

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Dear Family, Friends, and Faithful Readers...

I have just finished a two year commitment, packed up my belongings, and am in the process of starting yet another new life. This will be my third. Tomorrow, the new love of my life (read "Second Chance")will arrive and we will embark on a getting reacquainted cruise for one week. After that we will directly fly to Boston and then on home to Ireland.

The Ice Tiger - Chapter 7

The Ice Tiger

“…a veiled threat...”
by Kelly Blake

edited by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Artwork adapted by
Belle Meade


Along with continuing thank yous and blessings to Drea and her extraordinarily talented staff, I wish to express my deepest thanks to Khadijah for reviewing this part and making very constructive and informative comments to add to the theme of this tale. May one thousand blessing be hers and may she know only peace. This part of my tale is dedicated to her.


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