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Stevie's Tale - Chapter 9

0009.jpgStevie’s Tale – Chapter 9

By Kelly Blake

Epilogue: ‘What comes around…’

Katie’s body was cremated. Her ashes were scattered in the ocean across from our apartment building. And every time I ventured out to the beach or simply out on the terrace, I said my own little prayer for her. She was finally at rest…and at peace.

Stevie's Tale - Chapter 9

0009.jpgStevie’s Tale – Chapter 9

By Kelly Blake

Epilogue: ‘What comes around…’

Katie’s body was cremated. Her ashes were scattered in the ocean across from our apartment building. And every time I ventured out to the beach or simply out on the terrace, I said my own little prayer for her. She was finally at rest…and at peace.

Stevie's Tale - Chapter 5

0005.jpgStevie’s Tale – Chapter 5

By Kelly Blake

“Wait… What…?” Deuxième partie

Fortunately I didn’t have to go home Sunday evening. I was not prepared to face my mom. I was not prepared to remove my nail polish. I was not prepared to give up who I was? And I was definitely not prepared to go to school on Monday.

Stevie's Tale - Chapter 3

0003.jpg Stevie’s Tale – Chapter 3

By Kelly Blake

“You stupid bitch!!! How could you!!!”

Katie was furious with me. Her normally calm and pale face was scarlet with fury. Her eyes bulged and her lips were white with anger as she pressed them tightly together.


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Hi gang... I'm about to post the first chapter of a nine chapter tale. It is not pretty. It is not about nice people. It has more triggers than all the pistols in Ireland and many of them are mine...the triggers that is. We are all angry people. But there are different degrees of anger. And though this tale deals with two extremely angry people, their anger is not apparent.



All those people who claim not to have a life have seen fit to give them to me!!! I began this latest offering in early December hoping to have my annual seasonal fluff ready. At this point (tonight) I am sick of looking at it. I'm not quite sure I even like it. But dealing with three little men and one really huge child, as well as a minor medical issue, I decided to simply toss it to the to speak. I must admit it is somewhat of a provincial tale but then again so am I.



Why is it I seem to get swept up by the tides of life and not the other way around? Don't answer that. You'd only embarrass me. Our guest, my sister-in-law, has decided not to return home and then return here in but three weeks. She's decided to stay on until my sister comes. Of course this upsets my plans somewhat. But it is a joyful upset.


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I've just come to the last of the four hundred and sixty six pages of this unfinished work modestly entitled 'Andi and Allie'. I need to review the last twenty pages and decide if this is where I really want to exit this tale. I have the feeling that there is much more to relate and I don't want to shorten what could continue on as a viable and interesting saga. So... In light of this development I hope the readers will be patient with me as I ponder the future of all the characters.

May We All Have Peace And Strength...

Kelly the Befuddled

Andi and Allie - 31

Andi and Allie – Chapter 31

‘Fair Winds And Following Seas’

The following morning I arrived at the office a little earlier than is usual. I knew Rhona would want to cross-examine me yet again and I wanted to accommodate her. The more I rehashed the day, the closer to being real it became. And sure enough she was there waiting for me, cup in hand and nail file on her desktop.



I wish to thank all the very dear souls who wished me a speedy recovery. That does seem to be occurring. I am now halfway up toward the ceiling indicating that all shall return to 'normal' in short order. I needed to have two wisdom teeth removed on each side of my lower jaw. One had another tooth beneath it!!! How weird is that? My three little children and my one really huge child have been walking about with huge smiles upon their faces. I haven't been able to speak!!! Rest assured that I shall make up for this also in short order!!!



I must apologize that the latest chapter of 'Andi and Allie' is delayed. I had a slight medical emergency on Thursday which was remedied on Friday. I am currently in no pain and resting comfortably on the ceiling. Better living through chemistry? As soon as the fog clears from the heath of my mind I shall continue finishing up this chapter. I also wish to thank all those who chose to comment and please rest assured that I read them all. Unfortunately I've not the time to respond to them in a manner that is to my liking.

May We All Know Only Peace...


I'm afraid the next chapter of my ongoing soap opera, Andi and Allie, will be slightly delayed. It was originally written some time ago as a belated follow up to 'Pet'. This particular chapter needed radical updating since it was originally begun about five or six years ago. To keep some sort of consistency in terms of a time line, changes needed to be made. Hopefully it will be ready sometime on Monday.


So... My tale ambles on. I don't particularly like posting chapter by chapter. In 'Andi and Allie', the chapters tend to be small so that at least two must be posted as one. The problem rests in the continuity of the tale. Chapters in and of themselves can be taken out of context and give a jaded vision of the tale. But such is life I suppose.

Andi and Allie - 28

Andi and Allie - Chapter 28

Things that go bump in the day!!!

We managed to escape around eight thirty. We were too engaged with some of the guests who arrived simply to see the work. Bob and his people did an excellent job of advertising the showing but the result on that day was a surplus of people…strollers…who wandered in after dinner. This was their evening’s entertainment.

Andi and Allie - 27

Andi and Allie - Chapter 27

‘There…but for the grace of God…go I.’

Allie walked in like nothing short of a hurricane. She dropped everything on the floor and immediately attacked me! She wrapped me in her arms, pushed me up against the closest wall, and kissed me as though she wanted to suck my soul out through my mouth. I had to catch my breath when our lips parted.

“I am having such an intense hormone rush that I can’t resist attacking you.” Even Allie’s laugh sounded lewd.



This chapter is actually the combination of three. Normally there is congruency between the chapters but the last one began so differently that I chose to capitalize the beginning of it. Although this chapter is quite drama heavy, and tissues were provided, the true drama has yet to begin!!! I hope you all enjoy is one. ;-)

Andi and Allie - 26

Andi and Allie Chapter 26

‘To be, or not to be, was there ever any question???’

The questions that bothered me the prior evening were still fresh and even more troubling when I awoke. I found myself standing next to Allie at the bathroom mirror going through our morning ritual as usual when it occurred to me that I was in the midst of prepping my lips to finish off my look with lipstick.



We're sitting in Coll's and I'm into my second pint of Murphy's. Being partial to Murphy's and having internet made this a fair to middling chose. So this new chapter of And nd Allie is being posted between trips to the WC and trips to BC. I could only manage one rather weak pic but things being where they are...that is in the midst of nowhere...County's the best I can manage. This offering is actually a combination of three chapters. I would like to finish posting this tale before the next decade!!! Please excuse any weirdness in the editing.

Andi and Allie - 25

Andi and Allie Chapter 25

“Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more…”

The next several days were chaotic; too say the least. Allie and I managed to get an appointment with a Doctor Weintraub. She was evidently the partner of Doctor Gotlieb and as expert in the field. She too belonged to ‘the club’ and we were squeezed into her very busy schedule upon using Susan’s name.



I've managed to get off the next chapter of porn before my trip to the hinter lands. Hopefully I corrected enough spellings and kept the continuity straight. I normally only do one picture with my tales but I've gotten these apps for the iPad and I've been having loads of fun playing with the photos.

Andi and Allie - 24

Andi and Allie Chapter 24

“…are you illusions, or are you really what you seem to be?”

Peter came into the office precisely at nine. I had already had my coffee with Rhona and, although we had a great gossip session regarding one of the artist’s new boyfriends, I told her nothing of my weekend discussions or decisions. I was still very frightened by the entire thing and I didn’t think she could provide any help in alleviating my fears.

Andi and Allie - 23

Andie and Allie Chapter 23

“My God…!!! It’s full of starZ!!!”

Monday loomed large over the weekend. Allie and I had a lot to speak about. We had broached the subject of my ‘official’ gender before but the discussion with Susan brought the subject to the fore front again.

Andi and Allie - 22

Andi and Allie Chapter 22

“If you look as we do, walk, talk, and squawk as we do…”

Friday couldn’t come quickly enough for me. Every day and evening I toiled and tortured myself over the final drawings. Finally, late Thursday evening, I put everything into my portfolio and brought it upstairs. I would spend only an hour at the most in the office before leaving for the salon and to get dressed for my lunch date with Susan.



I wish to thank all those who have commented on my ongoing romcomdram 'Andi and Allie'. Unfortunately I've not the time to respond to any of the very kind words written by the commenters. But I do thank all of you none-the-less. I am gratified by the reception this tale has received. Unfortunately, in a rush to post at least one or two more chapters before next Monday, the art work will be scant. I am going on a 'vacation' with my brood and won't be back until the following Sunday.

Andi and Allie - 21

Andi and Allie Chapter 21

“What About Bob???”

As much as our lives had changed forever that evening, our day to day remained as frantic as ever, and as usual. Bob Preston was pressuring me for a show and he was anxious to see what I had so far. I, of course, included Allie and her work whenever he mentioned me. I reminded him that Allie and I had a number of joint works.

Andi and Allie - 20

Andi and Allie – Chapter 20

“A lesbian in a boy suit…?”

Allie’s words kept repeating in my ears the entire day; ‘You…are such a lesbian’. I giggled every time I thought of them. Our entire experience caused me to rethink whether in fact I was gay. I must admit that this didn’t dissuade me from thinking about dicks and how much fun someone else’s stiffy could be. But I certainly have changed the way I looked at women; or at least at Allie.


In the latest chapter of the 'And and Allie' tale, a picture of a purse is displayed. More than a few years ago a coworker came to me. He was very upset. He stated that he spent a considerable amount on a purse for his wife. He mentioned that he saw it at the mall and felt compelled to purchase it because it reminded him of his beloved.

Andi and Allie - 19

Andi and Allie - Chapter 19

The Morning After…

When I awoke snow was falling lightly in large beautiful flakes. I smiled after realizing I had the best night’s sleep ever. I stretched my arm out to discover that Allie was not in bed. After immediately opened my eyes and looked around I heard her in the bathroom. I kind of sat up against the headboard and pulled the blanket up around me.

Andi and Allie - 18

Andi and Allie Chapter 18

So much for the New Year…!!!

018-01a IMG_1706.png"ANDI…!”

I was on the very edge of sleep when I heard me name being…shrieked? The damp cloth still covered my tear stained eyes. I lifted one corner to see what time it was; two-thirty in the morning?

“ANDI…! Get out here! Now…!!!”


I am most gratified by the reception of my latest tale. It would seem readers are having as much fun reading the tale as I had writing it. I wish I could respond to the very kind and generous comments I've received but time seems to be my biggest enemy. I would like to think these characters are the most complex I've attempted. Every one of them has a bit of a back story that could be a novel by itself. I can say, without being the spoiler, that there are a few additional characters to fill out the 'palette' including the revival of several older ones from previous endeavors.

Andi and Allie - 15

8663118 aa_fpx.jpgAndi and Allie Chapter 15
If the shoe fits…?

After viewing the painting for a bit longer, we made the decision to have something to eat at home and to make it an easy evening. I put the painting in my studio to keep it out of harm’s way till it could be hung. Allie went to her bedroom to change out of her dress and get into her lounge wear.


I've just posted the latest chapter of 'Andi and Allie'. I wanted to note that the experience Allie had with her date was based on an actual event that occurred in Fort Lauderdale some years ago. I was witness to this event as it was occurring live on the radio. I couldn't believe that anyone would be so self absorbed and callous that he could do to some poor woman what he did. Needless to say the outcome was as I wrote in the tale. He was fired from his job and he did need to move away. But the sound of that poor woman's voice as she spoke on the air was heart breaking.


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