Danielle's tale - Chapter two

Danielle's Tale

Chapter Two

10:30 AM, Friday October 10 2014 - Franks family home

A while later a large black SUV with the Lionheart Logo on the doors and hood pulled up to the house. Amber Fairchilde, I assume exited from the drivers side and strode up to the house. Despite her purposeful stride and the bullet-proof vest she wore, from what I could see, she would give any hollywood star or model a good run for their money.

She rang the doorbell, and I had to restrain the urge to run downstairs.

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Danielle's Tale

This is the first of three, or may four linked stories I am writing as Whateley Academy Fan-fiction. They do not have to be read in any particular order.

I intend to link all the stories to this title page.

Hope you enjoy.

Question about choices


I have noticed a lot of stories that involve a SF or Magical change M2F, the changee ends up shorter, very often shorter than the average height for women. As a lover of tall women, I find this unfortunate, not that this has made any real change to how I have enjoyed the story.

What I am wondering is why this choice is being made? I can understand that exceptionally tall TG people may wish they could be shorter, but it seems to be taken to extremes, even with characters that were not particularly tall prior to the change.

Just a musing. Any answers would be nice.

Onyx Chapter 4

Authors Note

Sorry for the long delay, this chapter fought me for quite a while, and ended up longer than I intended.

Chapter Four

After supper we all decided to go and catch a movie. Apparently the entertainment director was on a Stanley Kubrick kick. Tonight was an old movie called “A Clockwork Orange.” Very strange and somewhat disturbing. I had disjointed dreams about it all night. As a result, I was a little bleary eyed I the morning and stumbled through my shower not really waking up

Onyx Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Walking to Mr. Tubman’s office was an experience, like the uniform skirt, this one felt too short, but unlike that one, I dared not try to tug it down. The movement of the top over my bare breasts soon had my nipples at attention, and due to the thinness of the material they were very visible.

Onyx Chapter 2

Chapter two:

Yet another girl came into the room and introduced herself. “Hi, I am Lilli, and these are for you.” I was honestly thinking that I must be the new attraction as so many different people came in to gawk at me. Not to say I didn’t gawk at Lilli, she was short, I mean real short, but not a child, not with those breasts, and shockingly bright pink hair.

I unwrapped the package, a pair of panties, sports bra, and sweat suit. All in pink, all bearing “Hello Kitty” logos. “You have to be kidding!”

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