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Jane's cell was made of living wood. It was a small circular space, just wide enough for her to sit against the wall with her legs straight. The floor was spongy and slightly damp when she pressed down on it. The walls where angled outwards, making a comfortable backrest. Light came in through several narrow gaps high above her head.

The villagers had seized her hours ago and brought her here, She'd been too shocked to resist at the time, besides that Hanna girl looked like she knew how to use a spear, and was willing to do her serious harm.

Achievement Unlocked 08

Jane's jaw dropped, she looked from the floating notification to Mr Brewster sitting at the table, "You're a quest giver?"

The man deflated, his shoulders drooping. "I'm an Innkeeper ain't I? Of course I'm a quest giver."

He slapped the table, making his confection wobble on its plate. "Damn! Quests can take a long time. By the time you are back, I probably won't have a use for the cherries. You best go armed, it's not a proper quest if there are no monsters to fight."

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Jane's first week as a girl passed in something of a Blur. Her mother delighted in having a daughter. She filled Jane's days with lessons in cooking, sewing and the other skills of hearth and home. By week's end they had sewed an entire set of everyday clothes including a shift, dress and kirtle. They were plain for the moment but her mum was already talking of embroidery, just as soon as she had a second set sewn.

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Jane's Father stood before the wall of living wood, his hands on his hips. "Now you've upset the Druid. How are we supposed to lift that curse?"

Jane rolled her eyes. Her father could be so annoying. She mirrored his pose, her own hands going to her hips, "Dad, weren't you listening, I'm not cursed, I'm a girl."

"And you're happy about that are you?"

"Well, no, not exactly." she said, "Though I'm not unhappy about it either."

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After their greeting Father was silent as they walked through the forest, heading hubwards towards the Mill Road. Wilting under his disapproval Jane took the tiara off and stowed it in her sack. She didn't need it in the daylight. She kept the ring on. It was yet another thing to set her apart, after all villagers didn't wear rings, but the stamina boost it gave was worth her father's glares.

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There was nothing but pain. Jane's chest hurt, her head hurt, her arms and legs hurt. As her senses returned, she noticed the outside world. The room still reeked of excrement. Water dripped from stone making a rhythmic ping, ping, ping. Something scuttled over the stone.

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The passage was damp. Lychen covered the walls and matts of drying green scum covered the floor. The air was heavy with the earthy smells of rot and mildew.

Jane wend around the worst of it until she caught up to Paul. He stood at a junction. The corridor they were in continued to the right, but the left wall had been breached, opening the way into a natural cave. "Which way, oh fearless leader?"

Achievement Unlocked 02

Authors note:

part 1 got several ninja edits after I posted it. These are as follows:

  1. John's starting skill is 4, not 6
  2. Becca threatened to horsewhip Paul herself. She didn't mention her father.
  3. When Paul tried to grab the broom, it zapped him not John.

And now part 2

Achievement Unlocked 01

The well was large as far as wells went. Almost a yard across with a foot high rim. There wasn't even a road nearby just miles of forest in all directions. Yet the well had been there as long as anybody could remember. A solid structure of dressed grey stone, fitted together so precisely that the mortar was not visible between the interlocked courses. The problem, however was not the wells construction but the sudden lack of water.

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My attempt at a LitRPG, though this one is set inside a Tabletop RPG rather than a Computer game. It is not a portal fantasy, people in this wold just have character sheets, and are able to access them with a thought, and occasionally receive game notifications which they assume come from the gods.

Some readers may be able to work out the ruleset I am using, or at least purporting to use. So far no actual dice rolling has taken place.

02 Ashes and Frost

Somewhere a branch cracked, the sound of tearing wood reverberating through Karl's brain. He rolled onto his back, groping the furs for Solacia, but found them empty. He cracked open one eyelid, to search further.

The meadow was bright, the grass rimmed with frost so thick, that the blades of grass looked like fingers. The black coals of the fire likewise rimmed in white. The pool where he had first seen his wife, was as still as silvered glass, reflecting a sapphire sky.

01 Firebird's Child

This early in the Season the weather was still uncertain. It shifted between summer heat and winter cold. Down on the plains, it had been stifling, but it had grown cool as the trail rose into the foothills of the great range. Karl rode with only his white messenger’s cloak about his shoulders. All the better to show off his muscles, to any farm girls that might happen by. Not that he'd seen any farm girls, not since the lovely Lana, down in the Swift Creek village.

On the Bounce (part 3)

Darvel High, Darvel Washington
"Are you sure you're ready for this Leigh?" Mom said.

She'd pulled up right outside the front gate of Darvel High. It was a warm day, and many of the students where still sitting on the front lawn, waiting for the bell to ring.

On the Bounce (part 2)

Wallmart, Flagstone Arizona

I'd always known that I might be twisted, but it never really sank in. There weren't many twisted back in Darvel, maybe half a dozen in my high school, and only one other in my year. Karen had always been kind of nerdy and then she went and twisted. She was binge watching the old Lord of the Rings Movies at the time, and now she was tall, willowy and had pointed ears.

On the Bounce (part 1)

This story takes place in Morpheus's Twisted Universe.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

I sat in the shade, my legs sprawled out, in a vain attempt to catch more air. What with it being over a hundred degrees in the shade it didn't help much. A few years ago I would have been on the equipment with my cousin Suzie. I don't know how she did it, how I used to do it. Still living in Washington state I just wasn't used to Arizona Weather. Back home one hundred degrees was a heatwave, here it was a Tuesday.

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