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By Kymmie Lorain

A cryogenic experiment; a brave volunteer starts to dream about being the opposite sex. Is it malfunctioning equipment, intentional or something entirely different all together. Why is he dreaming about being a girl? Is it really happening?

Kelsey pt 26 **** A kymmie verse story****

Kelsey part 26

Brook, Keira, Keely and Karla graduated with honors. Again the whole family was their, including Kelsey and Brooks little ladies. Of course there was an argument on who would hold them. Grandma's won out but relinquished the girls to Great Grandma's about half way through. Although grandpas carried the girls down to meet mommy on the main floor afterwords.

Kelsey pt 24 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 24

Kelsey listened intently. Being in the business for 3 years she knew.

“ So what can I get you ladies?”

Brook told her what she wanted, Sara wrote it all down.
The same with Kelsey.

“ Well, it'll take about an hour to get them all put together.” Sara said as she went into the back.

Kelsey pt 23 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 23

“ It is about half hour to Todd's office so we'd better get going.”

Their heels clicked on the kitchen floor as they went to the garage. They took the Marauder. It was more professional.

Todd's law office was in Southfield along the Lodge expressway. The pulled up at quarter to 11.

As they walked in. The guard looked up. “ Good Morning, Miss Reid.”

Kelsey pt 22 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 22

Walking to the Marauder, “ I thought Mrs Owen was going to faint” Kelsey mentioned.

“I just wonder what the teachers are going to do, Especially Mrs. Stilhell”

“Just hope we don't have her.”

“She still may see us in the halls”

“We'll just have to make out in front of her. We just need to keep a copy of our license in our purse. For safety and Todd's number on speed dial.”

Kelsey pt 20 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 20

Kelsey's dad had called and told his mom. She was a little harsh at the idea. At first Grandma Reid didn't like the idea of Amber being transgender. Of course she felt the same way about the girls. But she finally came around and totally accepts Amber and all her granddaughters. Unfortunately it is to soon to attend the reception on Sunday. But she won't miss the wedding, for anything.

Kelsey pt 18 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 18

Brook and Kelsey made plans to go Tuesday night to have Smitty get them hitched.
That Tuesday night at 6:30 they arrived at the Urban devils club house.
Kelsey and a nervous Brook walked up to the door. She knocked. A probate member opened the door.

“What do you want?” He said.

“Kelsey Reid, we were invited here by Trapdoor.”

Kelsey pt 17 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 17

She walked down in front of the rooms, as leisurely as normal. She stopped at the girl’s door to listen a moment. She just nodded, to signal Kelsey that they were right the girls where in there. Stepping up to room 246 she knocked softly. The fat sleaze ball Ed opened it.

“Sandy, please come in.” He said.

Kelsey pt 16 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 16

The rest of the week went normally. On Saturday Kelsey had to drop off Keira at UofM band camp up by Alpena.
Which was OK with Brook as she had the Collie specialty over the weekend, instead of using her 65 Special. She took the Marauder, getting it from Brook. as it is a little more comfortable.

Kelsey pt 15 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 15

Holding hands Brook and Kelsey made their way to the license office. They had to wait behind another couple. Once they were finished.
They stepped up to the counter.

“May I help you?” The older lady asked.

“We would like a marriage license, please.” Kelsey said.

“How old are you two?”

“17” Kelsey answered.

Kelsey pt 14 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 14

“Hun, this smells great.” He said as he sat down. They all dug in. Brook noticed that all seven Shelties where laying in a row. Maxie seemed to fall asleep, she just laid on her side and crashed.

Kelsey pt 13 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 13

“Well it's the girl who gets the engagement ring.” Brook said not thinking.

“Uh, hello” Kelsey said motioning with both hands to her body. “What am I chopped liver” At that comment Maxie gave a small woof.

“Sorry sweetheart, I wasn't thinking.”

“We will go shopping for rings, tomorrow after work.” Kelsey reassured Brook.

“So, you going to take me for a ride or not.”

Kelsey pt 12 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 12

“I understand.”

Brook and Kelsey went to the house.
“Mom, Kelsey's grandparents asked us over for dinner tonight.”

“OK, don’t be too late. Remember you work tomorrow.”

“I won't keep her out too late, Mom. Just till 3 or 4” Kelsey smiled.

“To think she is going to be family soon.” Brooks Mom said shaking her head.

Amber pt 18 ***** A Kymmie verse Story*****

Amber part 18

We had just passed 14 mile and coming up on Northwestern Hwy. It looked like an accident scene. A huge Dodge truck had just creamed a car which was on its side. As we got closer. Greg called 911 and got emergency services coming. As soon as I could see the car. I knew exactly what it was and whose it was. It was Brook and Kelsey's Crown vic.

Kelsey pt 10 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 10

“So, 2000 horses, what are your plans. I know the stock block won't handle that much power.”

“I know, I will be using an MMR Monster mod 5.8 block. So, if we choose, we can up the power.”

“Up the power? Hell, even at 2000 horse I won't be able to handle it.”

Amber pt 17 ***** A Kymmie verse Story*****

Amber part 17

The last of my girls to get married was Keely and Kalley. They got married the following summer. Keira and James were blessed with Ashley and Amanda. Karla had Frank, Jr. in January. I have had the pleasure of bringing all of my grandchildren into this world.

Kennedy and Mark's surrogate had Troy and Jace later that year, Keely and Peter had Madison. Then Marsha 18 months later.

Kelsey pt 9 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 9

Just then Kelsey's phone went off. It was a text from Todd. “It is from Todd, they are on their way back with our new car. Are you OK to drive it to my house?”

“Sure, if you want me to.”

“Why wouldn't I be, I hope to be with you forever.”
Coming over to Kelsey, she lifted her chin to her. Brook said softly. “We will be. I love you with all my heart and soul.”

Amber pt 16 ***** A Kymmie verse Story*****

Amber pt 16

Just then Kevin Anders walked by with his girlfriend, Who just graduated.
“Hey Kevin,” Brook said.

“Yeah, What's up.” He said stuck on himself as normal.

“I just wanted to thank you for kicking me out of your car, that night. When I wouldn't give you a blow job”

That seemed to make his girlfriend mad.

Kelsey pt 8 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 8

Kelsey and Brook put their arm around each other’s neck. They did the backwards two step. Most of the regulars did the same thing. It was a common accurance at Skatin Station.

“Now to continue as another request of the manager, Kelsey. here is Rapper's Delight” Paula announced.

Amber pt 14 **** A Kymmie verse story****

“Hi, Mom, Well I know you said to cool it but.” She pulls out a zip lock bag with what turns out to be a home pregnancy test. It shows positive.

Shocked I don't know what to say, “OH, my god. I'm going to be a grandma.” I smile ear to ear.

Composing myself. “Anymore these are pretty accurate” indicating the home test. I ask the normal questions, We figure the baby is due Aug 21st.

“Have you told Kelsey yet?”

“No, I am going to wait till Christmas.”

Smiling, “ She will be so excited. Let's see how the little one is doing.”

Kelsey pt 6 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 6 **** A Kymmie verse story****

“Dinner will be ready in a hour.” Brooks mom to Brook and Kelsey.
Brook continued showing Kelsey her bug.

“It's a 2180 with a huge cam, 48mm Dellortos, a berg 5 speed, Porsche cookie cutter wheels, and 4-wheel disc brakes.”

“Cool, does it drive nice.” Kelsey asked.

“Arrow straight down the road, and surprisingly a comfortable ride.”

“Have you taken it up on Telegraph yet?”

Amber pt 13 ***** A Kymmie verse Story*****

When I told Jeff and Heather they too where overjoyed. Both will be at the barbecue.
I had to call Kalley and have her come home early. When asked Why. I told her, it was for her sister wedding reception. Then I told her what happened. She said she would be home on Saturday.

Greg called his mom in Florida. An told her what was going on. She finally realized what he was talking about. She couldn't make the event on Sunday. She will however be damn sure to be their for the wedding.

Amber pt 12 **** A Kymmie Verse story****

Amber pt 12 **** A Kymmie Verse Story*****

My nurse came to me as I was finishing with a patient.

“Amber, Their is a Mrs Robinson on line 3 wanting to talk to you. Something about Kelsey and her daughter, Brook.” She said.

“Thank you Tawny. I'll take it in my office” As I went to my office I thought Robinson must be Brooks last name. Taking a seat at my desk.

“Hello, this is Dr Reid. How may I help you Mrs Robinson?” I said answering.

“Well I think you can call me Sally, being our daughters are married.”

Kelsey pt 3 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey pt 3

part of the Kymmie Verse

“ How do you mean?” The girl asked puzzled.

“ Well,” Kelsey's tone going cold. “ What I did back there and how I did it is suppose to be secret. The Ninja are all suppose to be extinct. Nothing more than a myth or a legend. Being you know who I am. I should eliminate you.”

“ What” The girls voice shook.

“ Calm down, What is your name?” Kelsey asked in a more relaxed tone.
Though tears,” Brooklynn Robinson.”

Amber pt 10

Amber pt 10

A Kymmie Verse story

So me and Greg are sitting in the living room with Karla, her nose in a book as always. We heard the door open. The only one that was out was Kelsey.

“ Kels is that you?” Greg asked.

“ Yeah, Dad.”

Kelsey walked into the living room with a friend. “ How many this week, Kar?” She asked Karla.

“ Seven and” She looked at the book in her hand, “3/4”

“ And it is only Wednesday”

“ Mom, Dad, This is my girlfriend Brooklynn. She's going to sleep over tonight.”

“ OK” both Greg and I said together.


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