Paul could not believe what he had done, he had made a booking before and bottled out before opening the door, this time he had managed to go through the door of the nail bar. Once inside the petite woman smiled and spoke so nicely to him he melted ‘this will be ok’ he reassured himself’. 'Going somewhere nice tonight?’ she asked. He hadn’t thought of a back story, he just wanted his nails done, a real manicure.
'Oh just out with a friend.’

The house keeper

It was not often that I went back home, I had done the usual thing from school, gone university not thinking what I was leaving, then the job with prospects and soon after a husband and a couple of kids and I was comfortable in my middle class suburban life with the occasional trip home to see my mum.

What would a girlfriend like partner to learn

A short part of a person’s life, but was he totally surprised by the outcome or was he leaning that way and just needed a push? Were the girlfriend and his date in league together? But most importantly will the experience change him forever?

why is femboy so popular

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I have written a few stories now, some get limited success, have early high hits and then tail off, one or two have kept on being popular slowly accumulating several thousand hits, which is nice to see. But Femboy has just gone through 11,000, many more than any of my other stories. What is different about this one?
Any ideas why?

Leavers dance

Tiffany did this TV caption and I extended the story
skimpy 9.jpg

This a picture of going to the leaver ball at the beginning of last month. That was after the last exams and was a significant day in my life for many reasons. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to look so pretty.

Work experience P4

After all the new experiences, fights with his mother and his internal discussions, which way will Joe go when the pressure builds.
This is as far as I will take Joe in his life, unless I can be persauded (not bullied off course) otherwise, or someone else can see his potential :)

Work experience

Schools like to think they are preparing their charges for the world outside the classroom and for many years have been making the students get a taste of what they might like to do once they leave the education system.
Joe enjoys the taste and can't stop going back for more


When David Bowie and T Rex were making waves in music and their hair my characters find a new way of living. Another dip into the world inside my imagination. Not sure the pictures will copy, sorry if they have not.

The consequences of lying.

I was staring at my friend Andy, no Amy, no Andy, no Amy. She, no he, was standing in front of me in a set of grey satin underwear, which included a suspender belt that was holding up some glossy stockings. The hair was perfect, the make up ideal for the situation. The voice neither falsetto nor too deep, just sexy, no wonder I was confused.

My stories have turned up on flickr

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I was having look on flickr yesterday seeing what sort of pictures cross dressers post on there when I came across a picture with a copy of one of my stories below it. There were some very complimentery remarks which was nice, and the phot was good and one might have chosen.

My question is. Should I be offended or flattered?

Also without opening yet another e mail account, this time with yahoo does anyone know how to contact folk on flickr?


by Lauran
I was about 16 when I started to take an interest in how I looked, until then I had been a school uniform or jeans and sweatshirt sort of boy. But as I approached my end of school exams, I noticed girls, not as sex objects like my friends did, but as clothes horses. They wore some amazing things away from school. And unlike my friends, I wanted to share in this joy of taking an interest in how I looked.

Charlotte's story

Being unpopular is not a comfortable feeling, finding friendship is always nice, but how far can that friendship be pushed?
The picture has nothing to do with the story, just thought some might like to a 360'rainbow seen on top of Snowdon

Bit of a shock

I came home from work, ready for a weeks holiday. I had a nice quiet week
planned, some DIY, some resting and possibly some dressing up.

All my plans were shattered as I walked in my front door and saw my
very determined wife, arms crossed in front of her, while she sat
in front of the computer.The screen showing what I had thought were
my private files, containing stories and fantasies about cross dressing.

Honesty or a lie? which would you choose

This could be a story of morals, is it ever wise to lie, should we always be truthful and honest, even if it will cost us.
Or maybe it is just more drivel with bad grammar and spelling mistakes from Lauran.
I just hope you enjoy it, and if you don't, at least I enjoyed writing it. :)

Womanless wedding. Version 2

As promised, Naci Rema's rewriting of the story with her take on events if they happened in the US, and with her own twist on things.
Dare I ask which version you prefer, no rude or over critical comments please, both versions were written for fun, not for a Booker prize. Enjoy!! :)

Terry’s Story

Womanless wedding. Version 1

This is a different story to the womanless contest so don't get confused yet.
This story takes you through two kids growing up till events conspire to bring them together in a happy union.
Also for your amusement, but mostly for my friend, Naci Rema, this story has been rewritten with an american background.

Womanless beauty contest

Two friends who grow up together, but as puberty hits their relationship changes, and there is always the contest that will affect how they go from firm friends to lovers.

maybe off topic

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Been out for a run last night, my first real big hill route since my ankle tendon decided to complain in May. Only 4 or 5 miles and the legs still remember what I forced them to do.
Still good it is good to be able to go out even if I am about 25% slower. I do hope my speed and endurance recovers soon as I am now looking forward to which races I might do. Edale skyline next year is favourite at the mo

Reviving a flagging tranny

Sometimes we find it hard to motivate ourselves, this is true of any human activity, and it needs something or someone to inject a little interest back into us to spark the passion once more.

Who watches Jerry Springer

Who watches Jerry Springer
by Lauran


I often wonder who watches Springer and other such programmes, and more puzzling, who for a free night away would consider having the world sticking it's nose into their lives. Clearly a lot do. It also gave me the idea for this unrealistic fantasy :)

Photo Shop

by Lauran

There are many programmes out there that allow you to manipulate photographs, some might say improve on the original. Magazines do this with their models to create perfect skin etc. But what if those changes affect more than the skin and go deeper?

How a pub challenge changed my life.

How a Pub Challenge Changed My Life
by Lauran


I had thought about doing this sort of thing before, but never had the opportunity or the nerve to do it. Yes this was my chance to dress as a woman, without being a weirdo or pervert.


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