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Go Big or Go Homeless

My entry for the 2024 New Year's Resolution Story Contest

Tired of loneliness, Skylar resolves to find love at any cost. Nudged along by fate, and self imposed circumstance, he's well on his way to a happy future. It just doesn't look like anything he ever expected.

Beware which apps you give access to your information. It could change your life.

Honey, I'm Home part 2 of 2

For the first time since moving in with Jack, Eddie woke to the sound of an alarm. Having always been a creature of habit he’d usually have Jack’s suit laid out for the day, showered, and dressed himself. He’d be starting breakfast in the kitchen, but that morning his head was pounding. Veronica was right. He did in fact like the wine better than beer, but he didn’t like the dry mouth, the sick feeling, and everything else that went with it the next day.

Honey, I'm Home part 1 of 2

[This is a slow burn story. The transformation doesn’t happen till a little over halfway through the text of part one, but I really wanted to give the reader a chance to get to know the characters, and their motivations. Enjoy.]

Honey, I’m Home Part 1
By Lauren Bliss

The Social Security Act of 1935 established the first Aid to Dependent Children program. Eddie Martin would tell you that like many first iterations, it didn’t function as advertised. Man-in-the-house policies kept his young unwed mother from receiving any assistance.

A New Look at Life

Due to a mail order mishap orchestrated by his sister, the pair of glasses Leighton receives are not the pair he ordered. Looks like if he wants something different, he's going to have to get a new job to pay for them. What could possibly go wrong?

A redux of a very requested oldie of mine. It's basically the exact same story, but rebuilt from the ground up.

High School Sweetheart part 4 of 4

Everything is coming to a head, as Marion has to contend with his first day back at school. Family drama is never easy. At least Andy's made big plans for the weekend. Our hero's Journey is coming to an end. Where will he...or she go from here?

High School Sweetheart part 3 of 4

What Marion hoped would be a simple day watching baseball, takes a turn for the unexpected, with a visit to the beauty parlor, and an impromptu slumber party. At least short hair is in.

High School Sweetheart part 2 of 4

A doctor's appointment, and a date. The cast is off, and Marion can finally leave the house. He just didn't expect to be doing it in a dress. At least he doesn't have to pay for dinner.

High School Sweetheart part 1 of 4

Set in mid 1950s Brooklyn, through tragedy, circumstance, baseball, a hunky dreamboat, and poor decision making, a teen gains a better understanding of themselves and their family. Historically accurate fiction for fans of the feminine fashions of the fifties.

I used to write here 100 years ago as Shawna Stimple. It's good to be back. ^_^ This is pretty different from my old work, but I think you'll enjoy it. Categories for entire story.

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