Turn to Gold

Turn to Gold:
Sequel to Unknown to All

It’s Summer, it’s lovely.
Everything about it is amazing. Experiencing it for the first time in all its glory, that’s a tall order.
All I ever knew was the orphanage after I was put there.
For awhile, school was my refuge.
Even if I wasn’t allowed to interact with classmates, I was still one of them.

Update Time

Ok, so not too long ago I made a post on here talking about my struggles i’ve been going through. Since then I’ve built my confidence back up and am doing a lot better. I have some very weird children, they HATE meat. But will eat more fruits and vegetables than I can. I’ve actually given up trying to get them to eat meat and have started giving them other foods to compensate for the lack of vitamins from them not eating meat. They also take vitamins twice a day to supplement their diet.

Turmoil in progress.....

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Things in my life are a mess and I feel like things just keep adding up. It seems like everything I do just makes things worse. I’m losing everyone that ever cared about me and I’m not too sure how much more I have to endure before things settle. First I lost the one person on here who would even talk to me. Then I lose my husband who decided to cheat on me. Now I’m losing my family because they think I don’t deserve them anymore. I’ve had to move into an apartment with just me and my kids. It’s just awful, my life is just falling apart on me and I just have nothing left.

Health update & Story help.

Just a quick update on me and me asking you guys to help me find new stories to read that I can get into. My health is improving although I’m still in the hospital, I was in the midst of a very severe Anorexia episode and now I’m improving although it hasn’t come easy. As for the stories I like, it varies. I love Tiffany Shar’s stories, Sue Brown,Torrey,Zoe Taylor, Paula Dillon, Jennifer Sue, Jennifer Brock. I could list at least 20 but I think you guys get the point.

My last Hurrah


As the title suggests I will be talking about something that I never wanted to post but I honestly need to now. I’m currently working on a story that will be my last hurrah most likely. You see, I have 3 little girls to take care of now and I will be going back to work in a few weeks. I have much more important things to be doing nowadays than writing. My kids do sports and they are very active in church groups and love to be outside. Life has been hard for me since moving up to where I am now, I’ve been battling with personal demons for years and I almost lost my battle a few months ago.

Login Bug?

For the last week and a half I’ve been encountering a really weird bug. At first I thought it was because of all the changes that had been going on with the server and whatnot so I didn’t think much of it at first. Now however It’s just starting to get annoying. Basically what is happening is that you login and have the persistent login enabled but when you move to another page say after reading a story for a period of time, it forces you to log into your account again even though you had the persistent login enabled.

Looking for Story

The story I’m looking for started out with the main character either going to University or working in one and one of the teachers or head of departments was working on a time travel device and uses the main character as a test dummy and it allows the main character to go back to when they were young and allow them to rectify the fact that they didn’t come out to their mother about wanting to be a girl. This part of the story takes place in the 1950’s/60’s I think.

Life and Health update

This post has been a long time coming.

My life has been very very busy the last month or so. Preparing for Vacation at the beginning of next month. New job as a Teachers Aide at a Preschool taking up a lot of my time. My cancer is in Remission(didnt post about it on here cause I forgot) after 7 months of battling. Im babysitting a girl in the Preschool class that I teach this weekend and we're going to see the My little Pony movie.

As for my writing, I'm taking a break from it because I have no motivation to write and I just have no time to right now unfortunately.

Looking for Story

Long before I joined BC officially, I read a story that I've been longing to read again.

From what I remember of the story as a whole, the main character is a kid in either Middle or High School and is without his mother who "left" a few years earlier but it is found out later in the story that the abusive father had killed the mother and dumped the body in the septic system. I think at one point in the story the main character changes gender albeit I don't remember exactly how.

I hope that's enough for you guys to pinpoint which story this is.

No words :(

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Today has been very emotional for me. I lost a very close friend to Cancer and I was at her bedside when she passed. We did so much together that I don't think I'll ever find another friend like her. My emotions are in shambles to the point where it's taking everything I have not to bawl my eyes out. I was her Maid of honor at her wedding and it was a glorius night. She kept me going through everything that ever happened to me and I'll never get to repay her now that she's gone. This is all becoming so much that I don't know what to do.

Life is a bitch......


Here I am, 21 years old and longing for someone to love me. I have my adopted family but it’s not really the same. My transition was rough and no guy really wanted anything to do with me.

At the time it didn’t bother me as I was in transition and really wasn’t trying to please any of the guys I went to school with.

Story updates

As you all may know I posted a blog semi recently saying I was quitting writing for awhile. Well I decided to give it another try and I have made some decent progress on a few of my stories:

Broken Phoenix: This story will be making a comeback soon. I have Chapter 4 in the works and it's going steady.

Time To Fly: This story will also be making a return. My plan is to alternate between this story and Broken Phoenix every other week.

I also have a short story on the way before I post either of the previously mentioned stories.

Looking for a Story

A while back there was a story I read that I don't remember the name of and I wanted to go back and read again.

The beginning of the story starts with a kid at if I remember correctly an All Boys Boarding school or some form of an All Boys school and the main character is preparing to leave because their body is turning itself into a girl.

The main character gets into some art/Music college and eventually becomes a famous singer.

Thats all I honestly remember about the story. I hope thats enough for you guys to point me in the right direction for the story.

My time is over

I've come to a realization that I'm not the kind of person I thought I was. Last night I went to post a story I had written and I come to find out that what I had written had unknowingly ripped off another story. Upon that happening it really hit me, I can't write anymore. Anything I write could possibly end up the same way and I don't want that.

So, to save my sanity and put this to rest I'm putting down the pad and paper and moving on from writing as a whole.

To anyone that even cared to read what I wrote, I thank you.

Safe to Play Chapter 1

It would seem that my life came crashing down on me on one fateful April evening. My sister Allison and I are walking home when I hear a squeal for help to the right of us. I may be a bit on the small side, but with my baseball bat in hand I head in that direction where I saw three boys beating up a girl and had her pants all the way off as if they were trying to force her into having sex with them.

Safe to Play Prologue

Sometimes I wonder why I was ever conceived. Growing up in a family with a highly successful sister and only your mother for your parent, I was expected to be the man of the house. Growing up I tried every sport imaginable but failed at everything. I finally gave up even trying to play sports upon finishing Elementary school. I still went to games and what not after that but I relegated myself to watching rather than playing. In my second year of middle school my mother started dating again and it just so happens that he used to be a pretty good pitcher in High School and College.

Need some Advice.

So for those of you who have read any my fiction on here, you'd know that I have a very unique writing style. Lately I've been working on my story Time to Fly. I've been able to get a bit done each writing session I do but looking back on what I'm writing I've come to realize that I'm not writing the dialouge between characters to suit the ages of the respective characters. Now if all the characters were Adults I wouldn't be making this post. In fact the story revolves around a group of 5 year olds that take the main character under their wing and help them adjust.

Something I need to get off my chest

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Ever since I joined BC I've had this nagging feeling that I'm just wearing a mask when I'm saying anything on here. I know I'm not but, it feels that way. Sometimes I feel that I'm living a lie even though I'm not. If you know even the slightest about me you'd know I had it rough growing up. What you guys didn't know though is that I didn't really get to fully transition until after High School because nobody in my family supported me besides my grandparents. School for me was Hell!


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This really wasn't a post I wanted to make but I need to say something thats been eating at me since Thanksgiving.

A while back one of my sisters kids was in the car with her when she got into an accident. If you want the full story I made a blog post on it. Long story short her kid had to have a gender "switch" and they're not taking it well at all. I had the kid alone with me in the den and they told me "I don't think I'll be around much longer, I'd rather be gone then be like this."

Broken Phoenix Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Amanda goes into her office and sits in her chair.

“My oh my what a day!”

*She then picks up her phone and dials up her husband.*

“Hey hun how’s you’re day been today?” Amanda’s husband asks.

“Oh it was great, and I have a surprise for you when you get home tomorrow.”

“Oh really? Well I can’t wait to see it.”

“By the way, you’ll be doing some assembling when u get home.”

“Ok hun that’s no big deal I figured I’d have to do something now that it’s spring.”

“Well hun I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Broken Phoenix Chapter 2

"I’m on the run, nowhere to go. Living where I can.” Those are the thoughts that are running rampant in the head of 7 year old Kyle. Kyle tries to forget what happened to his family, but he cannot out of fear for his life. What does life have in store for Kyle? Will he find the meaning of life? Or will he live in agony for the rest of his life?

Chapter 2 :

Writer's Block/Motivation

We all have those times when writing a story that we get stopped for various reasons. Perhaps the most common is Writer's Block. We've all experienced it at one point or another, whether it's not being able to figure out where to go with a story, or not knowing what to do with a given character. It happens to the best of us and it's almost unavoidable. Another reason for being halted on a story is that sometimes we lose motivation to write and it takes something sparking us to remotivate us into writing.

Broken Phoenix Chapter 1

“I’m on the run, nowhere to go. Living where I can.” Those are the thoughts that are running rampant in the head of 7 year old Kyle. Kyle tries to forget what happened to his family, but he cannot out of fear for his life. What does life have in store for Kyle? Will he find the meaning of life? Or will he live in agony for the rest of his life?

Chapter One:

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