By the Seaside

It was meant to be a typical week in a caravan at a British seaside resort: booze, birds and bonking. But when Gavin wakes up after their first drunken evening, he finds a Y-gina locked on his genitals, and he desperately needs to remove it.

Caution: This story contains language typical of many young British men; in other words, lots of swearing, including colloquial references to genitalia.

Jonathan Creep – Magician's Assistant

Synopsis: For those who might have wondered just whom the Jonathan Creek UK TV series was based upon, look no further than Jonathan Creep, Design Assistant to the Magic Circle. In researching the 1920's magician, The Great Morgasmo, Jonathan meets Caddy Goodhope, who temporarily becomes his Magician's Assistant to perform the greatest trick ever known to Jonathan. The real question is, if there's no such thing as magic, how does it work?

Breast is not necessarily best

Synopsis: When Daniel gets offered a temporary job in the mail room, he little realises just where it will quickly lead him. Nor does he realise the consequences.

Author Notes: This story does have extensive breast feeeding content, along with some sexual content.

It shouldn't happen to a dog

Rick Mathews was a smooth-talking double-glazing salesman, who could talk his way into any deal, and virtually any female's bed.But he certainly wasn't expecting the latter when he visited Lady Markham at her country mansion.

Yes, Mr President

There are an awful lot of decisions to make when you're an incoming president.

Author's Note: This is a light-hearted work of fiction and bears no relation to what really goes on in the White House – I think!
Copyright© Lin Dale 2017

Is there something in the internet ether


...or is it Seasonal Affective Disorder?

There seems to have been an awful lot of anger in these blogs over the last month or two.

To take your mind of it, how about

Christmas is a coming
and the goose is getting fat
If you start getting angry,
kick the cat

Oops, I never was a poet and that will incur the wrath of the cat lovers! They'll bomb me.

Can anyone else do better?

It Won't Be Over by Christmas

When his mother dreams that the war won't be over by Christmas, and that he and all the other boys from school will be killed in the trenches, John changes his name to Joan and everything else flows from that.

Author's Note: This story contains non-violent rape, under-age sex, and cross dressing.

The Vicar of Diddley

The Vicar of Diddley
by Lin Dale

It's not every day that a woman tells a guy she has totally fallen for him and wants to have his babies, especially when she's a wife, a mother and a vicar! Problem is, she believes a male chastity belt is the best way of maintaining her virtue.

Confused about Standalones

I think the word Standalone originated in the computing industry to mean capable of operating on its own without needing help from another similar thing. So when a story is described as Standalone, to me it means a story you can enjoy to its full, without having to read or refer to another story. Consequently, the episodes of a serial are not standalones, but a series would normally consist of a number of standalone stories.

Male milk


Anon Allsop's White Squaw has once more intrigued me about the subject of male lactation. (One or two readers may even recall that I once wrote a rather zany and futuristic story Studs make good cash cows which also dwelt on this subject.)

The Human Cuckoo Trilogy - Book One


Why do some men cross-dress? It's a question which confounds the experts, which even the cross-dressers themselves cannot answer, and to which many others will simply reply, "Because they're weirdoes." But maybe, the author suggests, the answer is analogous to questions such as why do we enjoy sex or why do birds build nests? The answer in both cases is, of course, to propagate our respective species.

This is Book One of the Human Cuckoo Trilogy, a standalone story reproduced in full. The entire trilogy of stories, along with discussion is available on Kindle.

Halloween at the Old Infirmary

nurse.jpgEstate Agent, Tim Dudley, went to the old Infirmary on Halloween hoping to sell it to a client, but the client quickly left and he was left to wander the building by himself. The old manuscript was in a hidden laboratory next to the mortuary. It proved to be compelling reading!
Author's Note: There is no explicit sex in this story, but it does tell of certain activities with dead bodies. But then, if you read Halloween stories, you should expect nothing less.

The Vagina Monologues

Tricia and Tony both have their own special relationship with the vagina. When Tony tries to get one, it leads him into all sorts of difficulties.

The Vagina Monologues
Lin Dale

On the Origins of the Cross-Dressing Species

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Why do some men cross-dress? It's a question which confounds the experts, which even the cross-dressers themselves cannot answer, and to which many others will reply, with various degrees of intolerance, "Because they're weirdoes."

Writing under a nom de plume

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Like many writers on this site, I write under a nom de plume, and I'm wondering how this affects my rights to assert ownership over anything I write. How can I assert I am the author of a piece of work when I'm not using my own name?

I'm currently writing a piece which I may consider selling on Kindle. If I do, what's to stop other people copying the text and selling it on one of the other ebook sites, or even publishing it in hard copy?

What IS magic

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To me, the only kind of magic is that which you see on stage and on TV - simply about fooling an audience into believing something has no explanation, when in reality it has.

I think most people on this site would define it as something which cannot be explained, but if that is the case, I cannot understand the urge of people to attribute so many things to magic, as though that explained things, when by their definition, it does exactly the opposite.

Recommend any good games?

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It's been ages since I played any game on my PC apart from the standard Solitaire and Minesweeper, as I find the violence that seems to accompany most as pretty mindless.

I recently came across Iron Roses, an adventure story which I really enjoyed, played in the 3rd person, featuring guitar playing Alex trying to reform her group. Set in a US city in the middle of a garbage strike, there was lots of realism far removed from the fantasy worlds of many games. She even had a gay friend! To experienced gamers, the tasks were probably pretty trivial, but they were just right for me.

Men experience virtual reality as girl

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In experiments in Spain, men are being put into virtual reality as girls to determine their reactions when, as virtual girls, they experience violence. An interesting story.

It can surely be only a matter of time before we are able to use such software for our personal use.

Dream Ambition with a touch of Reality

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As a CD, my dream ambition would be to totally pass as a woman - not just on a casual encounter, but in a work or social situation on a day to day basis. I'm realistic enough to realise that this is unlikely to happen unless some of the devices I read about on this site really become available.

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