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Alice already had her door fob in her hand when she reached her stairwell, still high from the day. Yeah the day had been excellent, a whole day of doing Alice stuff, no one else’s. Not that she’d really done very much, caught the bus over to the next town, a bit of window shopping, lunch in ‘Spoons before slipping in to the Odeon to watch an admittedly lame addition to the Fast and Furious series.

Gaby Book 19 ~ Girl’s on Fire ~ Chapter *15* Do Ron, Ron

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*Chapter 15*
Do Ron Ron

"Guys!” Ron complained.
Con and I stopped again to wait for her to catch up.
"Thought you were a hotshot racer?” Con grinned.
"I've not ridden one of these clunkers for years.”

Gaby Book 19 ~ Girl’s on Fire ~ Chapter *12* Dinner for Fifty

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*Chapter 12*
Dinner for Fifty

"Of course, not much point in a grand opening if no one knows about it eh?” Therese pointed out.
When you put it like that, "I guess not.”

Gaby Book 19 ~ Girl’s on Fire ~ Chapter *9* Con’s Kiosk

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*Chapter 9*
Con’s Kiosk


I know Mand and I had Schnitzel earlier and we had cake at Ron’s but by the time we reached the Ahrtal my stomach was rumbling.

"What’re we having for dinner?”
"You can’t be hungry again,” Mand opined.

Gaby Book 19 ~ Girl’s on Fire ~ Chapter *6* Tumbled

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*Chapter 6*


Mand was hopping from foot to foot to stave off the early morning chill – I told her to put some trackies on, the sun yet to descend into the valley with its warming effect.


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