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The Gothic life of Trixiebell Heartswoon


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*The Gothic life of Trixiebell Heartswoon*

Welcome to the amazing world of Trixiebell Heartswoon!

Inspired by the Whitby Gothic Festival the story evolves around Zak Askwith and how he becomes Trixie not just for an expected weekend but as an ongoing thing - not exactly what he had expected when he met Rory at the pub.

Gothic Girlfriend

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*Gothic Girlfriend*

I watched the countryside passing the other side of the glass, the glass of a bus window. My ‘boyfriend’ has revealed himself to be a grade one tight wad, first it was the flask on the train up to York then this.
"What?” I almost snapped.
"Er nice view,” Rory suggested.

Gothic Sister

Gothic Sister_1.jpg
*Gothic Sister*

"So let me get this straight, you want me to be your girlfriend?”
"Just for the weekend,” Rory reaffirmed.
"And just why do you think I'd want to do that, beyond the obvious?”
"You get to go to the Festival for free?”

Late Gaby

Sorry there was no Gaby Wednesday, I'm pretty much housebound atm and today is my first chance to get online and out this week.

Being ill sucks - being incapacitated when you've otherwise got a 100% clean bill of health sucks even more but them's the numbers on the dice!

So without further ado here is Chapter 30 of Book 14.

I may get on line Sunday but don't be alarmed if not.


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Gaby Book 18 - Summery

Well it's finally here, the full, edited and tidied up version of the latest Gaby opus!


Available from the usual outlets in the usual formats from some time this evening!

Kindle ASIN: B01N3A8G9I
Amazon print to follow
Lulu digital
Lulu print

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