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Primal Protopoetics


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The Prince and the Maiden

”Peace, love and joy is what I foretell.
Our girls and boys will grow up well.”

From death they did part, and so his thoughts turned to marriage,
Who’d take his son’s part, and continue his lineage?

“Mirror mirror, I command,
who’s the smartest in my land?”

Golden Light on the Longest Nights: Emergence


December 2021 Christmas Holidays Story Contest Entry

Big thanks to MonicaS for their continuous and valuable help in the writing of this story.

Golden Light on the Longest Nights

The Reluctant Princess: A Tale of Seven Sisters: Chapter 1

It was the first of September, Mint Schwartzwald's 16th birthday, and like her father before her, she was cut up, leaving home, and following a strangely visible dirt path in the lightless void between universes.

Fortunately, *she* wasn't fleeing monsters, with only a magical staff to her name, and never expecting to return.

Unfortunately, her love life was on a timelimit, she didn't know where she was going, and she didn't know how to return home.

But, she had a path to walk on, a guarantee of safety, and a plan, and that changed everything.

The Reluctant Princess: A Tale of Seven Sisters: Prologue

It was the first of September, Prince Obsidian's 16th birthday, and he was unable to enjoy any of it.

First, his twin sister, Princess Amethyst, went missing, so he had to help find her. Then, he got caught in an explosion. So now, he's unconscious, bruised, scratched up, and infected with some magic that was working to turn him into a girl.

And after all that injury, Princess Amethyst was still missing.

The Ancestry of Apple Snow 2: Ai'Ren

But, as we're here, in this land that started from the Kingdom of Albion, its banishment from Hulkegunia was clearly not the end. In fact, it was its beginning, having only had its first royal family. But, now, it was free of neighboring kingdoms, and could expand as far as it wanted, led by the great gunsmith, King Malleus Alvarez.

Malleus was the best gunsmith in the Hulkegunian Empire, which, given that magi-technological long-range weaponry was the foundation of that nation, meant he was the best magi-technologist they had, as well, although chronically overworked.

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