Pen on a dirt road - Poem 3

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This is the third poem from my collection of poetry called 'Pen on a dirt road'.

In this, I was really grappling with coming to acceptance of who and what I was at the time.
Trying to define the concept of being TS and it's impact on the self as a whole.
And the impact if it on the people I knew and the other around me.


PS. The poems that I am posting here are slightly edited from the originals that were published.
With hindsight, life experience and skill things evolve, as they always should.

Pen on a dirt road

between worlds text sml.jpg

I have decided to post my book of poetry here if you people do not mind.

It was published in 2002 under the title 'Pen on a dirt road', and span about 7 years worth of writing between 1994 and 2001, dealing with my mental state, thoughts of suicide and self-destruction while working toward my eventual SRS on Sept 11 2001 at age 28.

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