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Comfortably Numb. Chapter 4 of 10

Chapter 4

After that, Albert and I talked a bit of shop, but I tried to keep Raylene in the discussion, adding bits of information for her to add to whatever knowledge she had about running a Union. When I had paid, we stood and went to fetch our coats. Raylene gave me a hug, and then I did the same for Albert. I was happy that he didn’t recoil or flinch. Our time, tonight, had allowed him to think of me as a woman.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 3 of 10

Chapter 3

Cyril told her that it would be our pleasure to be close to the project until we had installed competent workers who could carry on. He even offered to alternate with me, as I had so many other sites around the country that I was needed at. That was a revelation, as he had become office-bound lately. We discussed what the contract between us should look like, and Janet walked us to our car.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 2 of 10

Chapter 2

After the others had left, I started making calls. If the girls I wanted to talk to weren’t at home, I’d leave a message for them to call before six-thirty today or tomorrow. By the time I put the phone down at a quarter to seven, I had a list of nine girls, who were all happy to be kept informed about a new site with female welders.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 1 of 10

Chapter 1

I didn’t mean to end up this way. It just wasn’t in my thinking at all. Somehow, every step along the way seemed the right thing to do. There was a point where I could have called a stop to things, but I was, to the core of my being, a ‘Union Man’, and the Union needed me.

Family Ties

This was originally written as a contest entry, but has - shock, horror - a sex scene. So, it's just a short story about going too far.

Family Ties

It was early evening, I was on my bed, and I was in trouble. It was purely of my own making, and it needed me to think clearly and work out how I was going to get out of the trouble I was in.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 9 of 9

Part 9

Steve had eased off on getting us shows this year, in deference to Angelica, Josh and Kieran, all who would be doing important exams. With that in mind, he released a single from the CD to the media, followed it up with putting the CD on the market, and just scheduled one show for us, in the break between terms.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 7 of 9

Part 7

On Saturday morning, we set out for Shaftsbury. The guy we were going to see was called Steve Harding. He had faxed Dad with directions to his house, and a list of the bands he already managed with a contact number for each one so we could get feedback. Dad had rung a couple at random, and had received good reports.

When I looked at the list, I saw that one of the bands had been on stage at the steam rally, after our show on Friday and also after we had crashed in the caravan. I wondered if this Steve had seen us there.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 6 of 9

Part 6

Sunday, we had a day at the beach at Lyme Regis, with the parents. It was the first chance that Dad had to be where we could talk quietly. He spoke to Angelica as we walked along the foreshore, eating ice-creams. Whatever he told her, it must have been good, as she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Then, he walked between us while Mum steered Angelica away.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 5 of 9

Part 5

At another shop, my denim skirt was replaced by a lovely, pleated skirt in a colour that Sandra told me was light tan. When I stood still, it looked straight, but flared out as I walked. I added another couple as we dived in and out of the shops. We had lunch at Macca’s and then went back to the bus on the other side of the road.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 4 of 9

Part 4

“Girls, I wouldn’t have spent it if we couldn’t. You know I do the books for the business, and I can tell you that we do very well. We owe nothing on the house and land because they’ve come down through the family; the original truck fleet were bought just after the war for next to nothing, and the tank transporters came out of a military auction. The Burrells cost about fifty pounds each, so I was told, and are now worth over a quarter of a million, each.”

Gaining Traction. Chapter 2 of 9

Part 2

The stage was set up with a bank of speakers on either side, where we would come out from behind. The backing tape went through those, with our voices going through a PA system. As we emerged, with Angelica singing the first lines, I was almost pushed forward by the impact of the sound.

Gaining Traction. Chapter 1 of 9

Part 1

My brother, Charles and I were born just twenty minutes apart. We were, so my mother was told, identical twins. So, it proved, as we grew. We were the same height, the same weight, looked the same, had the same likes and dislikes.

View from a Bridge.

View from a Bridge

The old tune was on constant repeat in my head as I walked, slowly, across the bridge, carrying a heavy knapsack. The view was particularly stunning this bright early summer day. Following the lines of the song, though, I couldn’t take any more.

Cuz -You're Sweet. Part 2 of 2

Chapter 2

Next morning, Sally met with the paramedics when they arrived for work.

“Thanks for seeing me, gentlemen. Can you tell me about the time you attended Fred Williams?”

“It was a pretty normal visit. The guy had died, the attending nurse had called it in when she found him. He was on the floor, on his front. He had vomited and is bladder had emptied.”

“Vomited? That wasn’t in the official report. Was it where he was found, or was it in other places in his home?”

The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 4 of 4

Chapter 4

Saturday morning, Henny was beside herself with excitement. I had to get her to slow down, or else she wouldn’t last the morning, let alone the day. We had breakfast in our nighties and gowns and then worked on showers and dressing. I was ready by the time the doorbell went, to find Maria and Penny on the step. From my own experience, I knew Penny couldn’t resist a shopping day.

The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 3 of 4

Chapter 3

Going back into the house, I helped with the dinner, and we sat to enjoy the meal. Mum had found a bottle of white wine which had been in the fridge, and we had a glass, each. It wasn’t bad. I had baked a cake, during the week, so we each had a slice, covered in custard out of a carton.

The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 2 of 4

Chapter 2

I had kept up with the newspapers and wasn’t unaware of the reputation my hometown had as a gay center. I had read articles, both for and against, and was well aware of what I was about to embark on. As a writer, myself, the second verse of the song now had more meaning to me. I needed to keep my eyes wide, because this was the one chance to get it right and not become a laughingstock.

The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1

I’ve heard it said that Bob Dylan intended his ‘The Times, They Are A’ Changing’ to be a protest song. The first version I remember hearing was sung by Simon and Garfunkel, and it sounded more like a ‘progress’ song, when sung without the nasal whine. The first verse that relates to the water rising until you have to swim to survive must be a metaphor for the reality of growing up and making your own way in life.

Essentially Egg. Part 39 0f 39

As I said at the beginning of Chapter One, I have to thank Jill and Eric for their input into this story. I hope that I achieved something we can all be proud of.

Chapter 39

The upshot of the whole thing was, as usual, a lift in sales of all the albums that Josie had been on, even the forgotten one she did with the girl group in L.A. I got Allan to put all my part of those sales into a trust fund for the twins, which also took the proceeds of the sale of their family home, as well as their shares of the estate.

Essentially Egg. Part 38 of 39

Chapter 38

By the time we got near Christmas, again, there had been another shift in focus. Ali had been invited to apply for the Juilliard School in New York, a singular honor for one so young. She, however, wanted none of it. In the middle of the year, she would have finished high school and was certain that if Wayne County was good enough for her Aunty Pet, it was good enough for her.

Essentially Egg. Part 37 of 39

Chapter 37

As we moved through the year, we played our concerts, did a couple of spots at the vet shows and looked closely at the music list we had been given. It was the first year that I had not been involved directly in a single album.

The Prisoner of Hender. Part 5 of 5

Chapter 5

After we had cleaned ourselves, he went back out into the corridor, smiling to himself. I did an enema sluice, then got up into my bunk and tried to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he had given me a soft ejaculation during our love making. I wondered if it was the pills that I was taking.

Essentially Egg. Part 36 0f 39

Chapter 36

Sharron had a years-worth of vacation owing and she didn’t need much talking to Carol before she was back to me to get the different contact details. Being known sometimes has its advantages and, within a week, she had been to our doctor, seen a specialist, and was given a date for the operation. Jordan was happy to let her take the time off and then stay in the clinic for a few weeks to recuperate.

The Prisoner of Hender. Part 4 of 5

Chapter 4

I was another few days in that ward, moving better and finding my new balance. I ate well and began to feel good about myself. I felt a lot better after a visit by a ward hairdresser. I was now issued with a whole new outfit, plus a bag with two complete spares. The dress wasn’t just one altered from a jump suit. No, it was from the women’s prison and shaped to fit a woman with my attributes.

Essentially Egg. Part 35 of 39

Chapter 35

Tony went back to the studio to prepare for a band that was booked for this afternoon and evening. Alan, Helen, and I hugged before they left. I invited them for Christmas lunch and Helen told me that if it was as good as lunch today, she would be happy to come.

That left Josie and me, so I sent Becky off, and made us a cup of coffee each. We discussed the farm business, and the Josie told me that she had picked up her guitar again and was re-learning how to play.

The Prisoner of Hender. Part 3 of 5

Chapter 3

I forced myself to be aloof, to block out the sight of casual murder, and to make sure it wasn’t going to happen to me. Back in our part of the prison, Dirk gave Cloe a hug and a kiss, and then turned to me, to hold me close and deliver a kiss as gentle, but more urgent, than the one that Spike had given me last night.

Bull, who had stayed in the cells to keep guard of our little section, then spoke.

The Prisoner of Hender. Part 2 of 5

Chapter 2

She picked up a small hessian bag and I followed her to the next cell, aware of Bull gazing at my butt as we went in. The cell was the same size as Cloes’ but with two bunk sets, with one having a guy curled up in it. Bluto and Pluto was sitting at the table, playing cards.

“Hi, there, boys. We’re ready for our walk of shame to the library.”

They looked at us, then more closely at me.

“By my ancestors dicks,” breathed Pluto, “Just a few hours and Delia is going to slay them in the aisles.”

Essentially Egg. Part 34 of 39

Chapter 34

I waited for the rejection, but she swallowed and smiled and asked if the plain was much different. I told her that they were just “fishier” and picked out a small one for her to try, taking one for myself and showing her that these are eaten straight from the shell. She made a face when it was in her mouth and didn’t chew much before swallowing. She thought for a few moments and then reached for another.

The Prisoner of Hender. Part 1 of 5

And now for something completely different!

Chapter 1

I suppose that was inevitable that I would end up in prison. I had hoped that I could get away to somewhere safe before the brown stuff hit the fan. No, my greed held me back for too long and here I was, in court, with the judge about to read out my sentence.

Essentially Egg. Part 33 of 39

Chapter 33

Wilhelm led the three of us off and the orchestra followed. Over some refreshments Kelly announced that tomorrow afternoon was a full-dress rehearsal with the press attending, starting at three so that we could stay dressed for the Friday night performance, if we didn’t spill any drinks on our outfits.

Cuz - You Swing. Final Part

Chapter 6

For the rest of the day, they continued sorting out the evidence and transcribing the recordings they had made. Sally rang Laura.

“Laura, it’s Sally. I do have one question for you. How long was it after your mother got her reminder note before she was killed?”

“That was a week, I think. The note was in the post on the Monday, and she was found the following Tuesday. How are you going with it?”

“We have the name of the smaller man. Would you believe that their nicknames are really Horse and Cart?”

Cuz - You Swing. Part 5 of 6

Chapter 5

They didn’t get to talk to the daughter on Friday. When Sally rang her in her shop, she refused to discuss anything over the phone. She would only talk to Sally, and only on Sunday, in Saint Georges Park, near the centre of Manchester, by the slide. She said that she would be there at one and have her toddler in a black stroller.

Sally asked who had Sunday free, and Ben put his hand up.

“My partner, Anne, has a toddler, about five years old. We could take some recreation time there, after a fast-food lunch. Is it on overtime?”

Essentially Egg. Part 32 of 39

Chapter 32

We had a serious discussion with the result being that we, as individuals, would show up at any “For Those Who Serve” concerts as we could when we got off the tour in November. I was still up for piano concerts during the year if anyone wanted to hear me. Abigail said that once she had her baby, she would be able to do solo shows if I was her pianist. Joyce was going to be available if Allan could get her, or the pair of us, guitar concerts.

Cuz - You Swing. Part 4 of 6

Chapter 4

Sally opened up the thin file which outlined the basic facets of the case. It was close to what they were dealing with now. The dead man was well-off, and there was a substantial life policy. He had been found hanging from a balustrade in his big house. There was a typed suicide note, with the signature also typed. The rope was over-the-counter plastic woven, in a jazzy colour pattern. The body had a large amount of alcohol in the system that matched the bottle on his desk, next to the note.

Essentially Egg. Part 31 of 39

Chapter 31

Once I had Ali bathed and dressed, I sat her in front of the TV watching cartoons. I went and showered, then dressed warmly because it was chilly this morning outside. I put my diary for next year, a notebook, and several pens on the kitchen table. I then joined Ali until her piano teacher turned up. She took her into her playroom for some morning exercises.

Essentially Egg. Part 30 of 39

Chapter 30

The blonde was Sharron and the dark one was Carol. The baby was Tabitha. Once they had stood and gathered their bags of baby necessities, I led them into the clinic where we left the baby with the vet’s wife to look after while I took them though to Jordan’s office.

Cuz - You Swing. Part 2 of 6

Chapter 2

She laughed and went back to her desk. Tomorrow, she hoped, a few more answers would be forthcoming. This one had the feel of her last big case, in her mind, this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

The next day, the three detectives went north to see the doctor and the bank manager. The first would see them, in his clinic, at ten, the other, at the bank after eleven. Sally had spoken to her friend, and they had agreed to meet on his lunch break, at a café in Burton.

Essentially Egg. Part 29 of 39

Chapter 29

The lunch was very nice. Discussion was launched on whether we would be able to do solo violin concerts in future seasons, and a question was put to me about a piano concert some time. We told them to get in touch with Allan as he could work out likely dates but that we may be busy with the “For those who Served” shows next year and were unlikely to be touring as we were this summer.

Essentially Egg. Part 28 of 39

Chapter 28

We wiped them, put them to rest in their cases and then we hugged like a couple of lovers. Joyce was crying with joy, saying that she had never thought that she could have played like this when she was a teenager in Detroit. We changed and took our instruments with us when we left, me with two to carry now.

Cuz - You're Mine. Final

Chapter 9

Andy took the card out of his wallet and rang ‘Off the Bone’. When he put his phone away, he laughed.

“Jim told me that if I can get the team in, he’ll set up the function room, on Saturday evening, just for us. He is still happy with us, and the place is, or so he said, going gangbusters. The room is big enough for your team and their partners if they want to come. I’m sure that Jim will have enough food for us all. Here’s the address, it’s smart casual, and we’ll meet you at seven. Now I’ve got to round up the others.”

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 8 of 9

Chapter 8

Andy got up and went to the bag that held the extra kit that they had brought with them. They went off to the left end of the ledge and he stood, with his back to her, as she put the wetsuit on. He checked her for wrinkles. Then they went back to the bag, and he pulled out a weight belt.

“Any idea of what you weigh?”

When she told him, he took off a few weights and helped her put it on. Then she put on the harness for the tank.

Essentially Egg. Part 27 of 39

Chapter 27

Louise got on her phone to Etienne to get him to call the place we had been to lunch yesterday because he knew the owner. Then she told him that we needed lunch for the Stable Sisters plus four and she smiled as she put her phone away.

“He’s shocked,” she said. “He said that the music shop will pay for lunch as long as we stroll around the corner for some pictures there.”

Janet laughed. “Edie, we let you come early and when we arrive you have helpers, transport, and now free lunches. What else did you organize?”


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