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Essentially Egg. Part 25 of 39

Chapter 25

On the flight home on Sunday afternoon, I sat between Maureen and Mom and quietly spoke about the future as Ali dozed in my arms.

Mom said that she was going to push Dad into being in Fort Lauderdale by Easter and Maureen said that this would be a traditional weekend for Jordan and me to wed.

We batted it around a bit, and, between us, we thought about an Easter Sunday wedding, at the farm, with a big marquee set up. It would be kept quiet from the press, just for invited guests.

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 5 of 9

Chapter 5

Monday morning brought them back to earth. The had breakfast, tidied up and both left the house. They kissed, and then Maria went west, towards the Aston station, while Andy went towards Coventry and the Police College. When he arrived, he walked to the swimming pool, a place he remembered with happiness.

When he walked into the pool area, he saw the dive leader, now known to be DCI Alex Anderson, who was checking over a wetsuit.

Essentially Egg. Part 24 of 39

Chapter 24

“We are the administrators of the Swan Club. It all started when a few of us got together, one evening, to watch your classical DVD. When it finished, we were all crying and felt as if we could tell each other what we had been holding back.”

Essentially Egg. Part 23 of 39

Chapter 23

After the meal, the other girls left us, and Alicia went off with Josie to explain why she was sorry. Brad went off to have a drink or two in the bar which left me and Ali with Tony.

“Edie, Josie was devastated once she had watched that DVD. She told me a lot about her time with the Pixies, and her time living with you and your family at the farm. I saw that the papers have said that her brother is the father of little Ali, so Josie is really your sister-in-law.”

Essentially Egg. Part 22 of 39

Chapter 22

We all flew back on Sunday morning and my parents were treated to concert pianist class for the first time. On the way they told me that they wanted to join us when the band played in Florida on our next leg, which started in the following week.

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 2 of 9

Chapter 2

By Monday morning, they had sorted the boxes into some sort of order, ready to be worked on as they went forward. There was no pattern in the streetwalker dumpings, the sites looked as if they were chosen randomly. The places where the victims had been snatched from varied wildly, as well. One had been taken from Birmingham city, two from Sheffield, another two from Manchester and one from Coventry. There was no regular period between the bodies being found. All were naked when found and all had died by drowning.

Essentially Egg. Part 21 of 39

Chapter 21

Christmas Eve, the family sat in our lounge to watch it. I had put some serious money into the family coffers and Dad had bought a giant flat screen TV and sound bars.

That night, Jordan and I cuddled on one sofa with Ali on our laps. Jordan had finally admitted to his mother that we were a couple. She, surprisingly, was happy to go along with it, considering that many in the wide world thought we already were Ali’s parents.

He and I would be spending the night in the stable.

Charlie and The Big Win

Charlie and The Big Win

I suppose that I’d better come out and admit, right now, that I used to be a rowdy teen. Not only that, I was one of a gang of four rowdy teens, the other three also being bullies. Me, I was the one that made the plans, thought about the consequences, and mainly kept us all from spending our schooldays in detention.

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 1 of 9

Chapter 1

Andy had a dilemma. He was working at a school crossing, lollipop outstretched, with a seemingly endless queue of children passing him. He could hear the sound of an approaching siren and needed to clear the road of the children and all the cars lined up. Then the siren passed by, and he woke up in a sweat.

Essentially Egg. Part 20 of 39

Chapter 20

He turned to look at his wife. “Did you feel something, darling?”

“Of course, I did, you big lump. Not that you would notice without being told.” She came over to me and hugged me. “Thank you, I think my husband may be in for a torrid time, because now I’m able to stand up for myself. I know how I can get my way in future.”

“Go get him, girl,” I smiled.

She stepped back, now beside him, not behind as she had been before.

I turned to Kelly. “I think that it may be time we left for the hotel. It’s been a long day.”

Cuz - You look good. Part 8 of 8

Chapter 8

The trip back to Walton was taken in high spirits, every girl feeling extra special. When they got there, they found that Terry had organised pizza to be delivered, along with some chicken meals. Everyone made sure that they didn’t soil their clothes as they ate.

Essentially Egg. Part 19 of 39

Chapter 19

I had tears in my eyes. When I looked around, Pet and the other girls who had seen it already were also glistening. Jordan sat with tears streaming down his face. He turned to me and buried his head into my shoulder. Pet had let go of my hand and was comforting a weeping Anton. Ian and Matty were wet-eyed. Abigail was rocking a weeping Matt.

Flora said, “I think it still has the power to heal.”

Cuz - You look good. Part 7 of 8

Chapter 7

Andy and Maria spent much of Sunday sorting out the evidence that they had gathered. They knew that it would have to be believable to swing the hard-nosed members of the team. It would be a hectic week, if they were to raid the restaurant before the victim had been ritually sacrificed.

Essentially Egg. Part 18 of 39

Chapter 18

She dug into her bag, brought out six boxes, and then handed them out. When I opened mine, it was more than I could take in. It was a pendant, yes, but what a pendant! It was gold filigree with ‘Stable Sisters Rule’ in diamonds and emeralds.

This won’t be joining the one now resting in a drawer at home. It would be front and center most of the time. Almost in tears, we had group hugs and cheek kisses. We all put them on and carried on with our meal, ordering more coffees as the originals had gone cold.

Cuz - You look good. Part 6 of 8

Chapter 6

They arrived at the Tamworth Industrial Park, turning off Watling Street into Claymore, and then into the roadway where the body had been found. To one side of the road was the back of factories in the next road, the other side was a big automotive spares warehouse. At the end of the short road was the factory whose workers had come out to find the body. They parked in a space and stood in the road looking around them. Maria was the first to speak.

Essentially Egg. Part 17 of 39

Chapter 17

We spent most of the afternoon discussing the songs we would be dropping and the ones that would make up the core of Sisters shows. Many staying were already classed as Pixie hits. We could build on that and cement the move with our next album.

We got the amps turned on and just played the things we liked for an hour or so. We then had a short discussion on why Josie left and the effect that had on all of us. The fact that she hadn’t been on stage for some months had helped lessen the damage to the band as a whole.

Cuz - You look good. Part 5 of 8

Chapter 5

As they walked into the office, Sue was on the phone. She looked at them, smiled, and said, “I see what you mean,” then put the phone down.

“That was the duty sergeant. He wanted to know if we now had a new branch – the Fashion Police. You both look a bit different. Very elegant and absolutely right for the job I have for you, tonight. That’s if you haven’t got a couple of seats booked at the ballet. That outfit looks good on you, Maria, maybe a little more expensive than your weekly outfits.”

Essentially Egg. Part 16 of 39

Chapter 16

After Pet had taken a couple of bows and the crowd settled back in their seats, Richard took up the microphone. “Tonight, you have just heard one of the rising stars in classical music, but we now have another surprise for you. We have, not just one, but two rising stars for you, please welcome Miss Edweena Grosse.”

I went on stage and took my place alongside Pet. Then I smiled at the audience.

Essentially Egg. Part 15 of 39

Chapter 15

Richard came to the wings and escorted me to the center of the stage. I could see an audience of more than the dozen or so I had expected.

He went to the microphone, “Tonight we welcome Edweena as our pianist for the piano concerto, but now you will see the violinist in her.”

Cuz - You look good. Part 3 of 8

Chapter 3

With the front door open, they could see a brick laid on the accelerator pedal. The FSI leader looked closely at the outside of the door and pointed out a small depression.

“I expect that there were two of them. They started the car with the brick upright and one put the automatic into drive. As it started to edge forward, he pushed the brick over onto the pedal and would have ducked out of the way. The second guy would have knocked the door closed as it went past him. I expect that we will see some damage to the grass with wheelspin.”

Essentially Egg. Part 14 of 39

Chapter 14

It had certainly been one busy day. I was ready to drop. After we had changed, though, we had a message that there was a private party that we were required to join. It turned out to be in one of the larger staterooms which Kelly had taken for the night.

Cuz - You look good. Part 2 of 8

Chapter 2

They spent the day going through the case files. Susan had told them to keep things to themselves. Monday they would discuss the cases and see where they would go next. When she got home, she found Mervyn having a cup of tea in the kitchen.

“Hello, darling, how was the trip?”

Essentially Egg. Part 13 of 39

Chapter 13

Allan grinned. “That’s my girl. Make sure you take something to help you sleep tonight and tomorrow will be a good day. I’ll arrange for a nanny to come to the house this afternoon to look after Ali, to give you a little bit of free time.”

Essentially Egg. Part 12 of 39

Chapter 12

Allan arranged a gig on a Saturday night at a civic party. We did our new look show and it went well. I wasn’t highly excited about it. We played our music and then went home. I may have been the only one feeling a bit jaundiced. But I did have a lot of other things on my mind.

I wondered if it was the prospect of being a father that outweighed the upgrade of becoming a woman. Was I worried about the future of the farm against my likely career as a music star / model / businesswoman?

Essentially Egg. Part 11 of 39

Chapter 11

I’d been lucky with my purchases, getting four beautiful skirt suits in different colors as well as some good blouses, shoes, and more lingerie. I was also very lucky to pick up a ski jacket in bright pink for when the winter really kicked in.

Friday, I dressed in one of my outfits that I knew Josie liked seeing me in, to pick her up. She must have been watching for me because I had hardly got out of the car when she came out of the house to hug me. “Edie, I so missed you. Wait until I get you in bed, tonight.”

Essentially Egg. Part 10 of 39

Chapter 10

After lunch the other girls left. Pet and Emily would be coming back Friday afternoon -- but we wouldn’t see the others until we met at the Dude for our last show for some time. They had booked another band for a three-month stint.

Essentially Egg. Part 9 of 39

Chapter 9

Josie and I looked at each other and she said we could. The producer sent a dresser off to the shop to get a pair of totally different gowns for us to change into. We turned to the others.

“Girls,” Josie said. “Edie and I have been playing around with duets using guitar and piano. Allan has got hold of a CD we produced in the stable studio. He wants us to fill in with twenty minutes of duets. It’s nothing like Pixie music.”

“Is it something like you two did in the early days?” Donna asked.

Josie nodded.

Essentially Egg. Part 8 of 39

Chapter 8

Wednesday, we finished early, and then went home. Mom had organized a doctor visit, so she and I drove to the clinic. The lady she had booked me to see was very nice after getting over the shock of me not looking much like an Edward George.

I explained how I ended up coming to see her in a dress.

She said that she had seen the TV thing last Wednesday and was already a fan. I then had to undress and get examined. My stuck-on breasts and glued penis caused some consternation.

She asked if it hurt when I got excited.

Essentially Egg. Part 7 of 39

Chapter 7

I wondered if I’d been thinking about myself as a lamb being carried to its fate. When we got to the TV studio, I realized that I had dressed mostly in white, from white underwear to my white slip, and white satin dress being worn for the first time.

I had added a light pink sweater because it was a bit chilly. But beyond that -- I had dressed as a virginal bride!

Essentially Egg. Part 6 of 39

Chapter 6

Saturday morning, we were setting up to run through our set when my Dad came into the studio with another guy. He was introduced as Allan Maxwell and was an artist’s agent. He said that, if he could, he would sit in a corner and just listen to us before he made up his mind. As it was our intent to do a run-through for the show tonight, he was welcomed.

He took the piano seat where he wasn’t in the way, and we just got on with things.

Essentially Egg. Part 5 of 39

Chapter 5

Shirley then came back on. “They’ll be at the Dude Ranch night club tonight if they can muster the energy after efforts of last night. I know we don’t usually have long clips on this show, but I pleaded with the producers to allow us to show the last part of the girls’ show. Have a look at this and I may see you tonight at the Dude.”

Essentially Egg. Part 4 of 39

Chapter 4

So, that night, we made love as women again and I went to sleep with a smile on my face and the taste of woman on my tongue. Monday morning, I was all nerves again, but Josie helped me through it with the chicks and my mother was also supportive at breakfast.

My father just shrugged. “Do whatever you want, my child. Just remember that it will be you that will carry any consequences.”

I gave him a peck on the cheek and told him I loved him, too.

Essentially Egg. Part 3 of 39

Chapter 3

Josie said that my introduction to the world of women started when we got back into the stable. She had me strip and then she lathered up my body and attacked me with a safety razor in the bathroom. I was then instructed to shower with her body wash and hair products. After I dried, I was given one of her nighties to wear.

“Isn’t this over the top?” I asked as I stood there looking stupid.

Essentially Egg. Part 2 of 39

Chapter 2

Both girls hugged me, and Donna kissed me as well. We shut everything down and went back to the other end of the stable, and my living quarters.

Donna stood in the doorway with her mouth agape. “Wow!” she breathed, “This is great, like a penthouse disguised as a hovel.”

“Hey!” Josie exclaimed. “Not so much of this ‘hovel’ stuff, this is all class, and the outside is the look it always had when the horses were here. You wouldn’t have heard them complaining.”

Essentially Egg Part 1 of 39

This story has been two years in the making. It started life as an intended two-book project, with the first one fully edited by Jill, then the second one with about a third edited. It went onto the back burner when other things and other stories came into my life. I sincerely thank Jill for her time, and Eric for correcting the factual errors I had made. So, after that, here is the first chapter of --- ‘Essentially Egg’.

Chapter 1

Polly and Robbie - the Redcoat. The Final Chapter.

Part 3

We spent the night in the hotel and went back to Skegness the next day. As Cherry drove, I looked out of the window at the passing countryside and pondered on yesterday’s interview.

It had been interesting in many ways. Norman had been good, with great memories. The new member of the group was an interesting turn of events. I had to agree with Cherry, we weren’t any further in finding a murderer.

Polly and Robbie - the Redcoat. Part 2 of 3

Part 2

I sat at my desk and pondered on what Cherry had found. Five deaths, spread over nearly forty years, was difficult to understand. The motive may be lost in time, maybe they weren’t linked at all. Maybe, the AI had just come up with gobbledegook. Maybe, no, certainly, this was going over my head this time.

Polly and Robbie - the Redcoat. Part 1 of 3

Part 1

I started screaming as the strong arms held me so I couldn’t move. I kept screaming until my throat was rough and I had tears in my eyes. When I stopped, I was sniffling and hiccupping at the same time and the arms loosened.

“That’s the last time you’re going to get me on one of these things, “It’ll be fun”, you said. I thought I was going to die!”

Bill helped me get out of the Odyssey roller coaster car when it slowed to a stop.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Final

Chapter 6

Sunday, for me, was another new beginning. I had breakfast, my man across the table, and he knew everything but still loved me for who I am now. It was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The day was spent doing cleaning and laundry, kissing, and laughing. That night I got him worked up with my mouth before letting him have his way with me.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Part 5 of 6

Chapter 5

Needless to say, he liked the feel of my body through the nightie but liked it even better without the nightie in between. As we laid, entwined, we talked about whether he should just move in here. It wasn’t a long way from Donna Nook, and he didn’t own the house, it was property of the Society.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Part 4 of 6

Chapter 4

We stopped talking to eat the meal that had been put in front of us. It was a seafood dish, but I couldn’t pick one of the ingredients. When I asked, Queenie told me that it was Moreton Bay Bugs and King Prawns in a Hollandaise sauce with a Greek salad and lightly toasted bread pieces. It was delicious and I told the waiter that when he came to pick up the plate. Queenie smiled.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Part 3 of 6

Chapter 3

As I was close to Grimsby, I went and had a first-hand look at the dumping places. I could see similarities with them all, except that one at Hewitts Circus. If Gordon retired at seventy, that would have been 2017. The murders and dumping had stopped at that time. Perhaps we were really looking at a strong woman with a dildo, rather than a pervert with condoms.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Part 2 of 6

Chapter 2

When Julia and Jessica came out and shed their suits, they had the bones, or parts of bones, in bags, along with the ammunition box, as well as three different saws that they had found, one being a tree saw. A squad car had arrived, so Jackson gave them their orders, shook hands with the three of us, and went off to his office to pull out all of the case files.

Polly - Sealed With A Kiss. Part 1 of 6

Chapter 1

I was driving from my apartment, in Boston, Lincolnshire, to Skegness, on the east coast, when my mobile rang. I was lucky to be near a layby, so I pulled over and took the call. It was Angela Williamson and just the person I wanted to talk to. She sounded excited and wanted to meet me at the café, near the bank where she worked. I agreed and we made a time to have lunch.


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