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I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

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Marina and Monica

I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 34 & 35

CHAPTER 34 - You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.

Ellen, Beth, and Nancy stood watch over his bed in the hospital holding hands and staring down at the shattered body of Heather who looked like a mummy covered from head to toes in bandages. Derrick walked into the room and asked, "What happened? I heard Heather had been in a car accident."

Ellen sobbed, "Not exactly. He was shot three times while driving to the grocery store."

"Who would shoot your husband?"

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 33

CHAPTER 33 - Happiness can be a dangerous thing; it can make you greedy for more.

The next morning, Ellen had to wake Heather up because she had been worn out from the night’s activities. It was a rush getting ready for their flight. Ellen had kept their destination a guarded secret. Heather asked, "Where are we going?"

As they waited in line to check into the airline. Ellen relented, "Honey trust me, you’ll love it. It will be two bodacious babes on the beaches of Bali for seven days and nights."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 31

CHAPTER 31 - Around 50 % of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Ellen was extremely apprehensive about her husband and their future together. He had been so depressed lately that she never knew what to expect when she arrived home each night. Heather had even taken to sleeping in the spare bedroom on most nights, claiming it was so Ellen could be assured a good night’s rest.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 30

CHAPTER 30 - Rape victims feel responsible.

Heather was not the same after his near sexual assault.

Too make matters worse, Ellen continued to date men on occasion. One Saturday night, more accurately Sunday morning, Heather watched from the bedroom window as Ellen walked her date to the door and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him goodnight.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 29

This is not a Caution, but more of a Warning.

This chapter exhibits even more of Ellen's selfish behavior at her husband's expense. Heather deals with her antics as best he can, but things will get better for Heather.

We are sure that Ellen's attitudes and behavior are exaggerated as we have NEVER met anyone who acted like Ellen before.

* * * * *

CHAPTER 29 - A flight to freedom, lands in the valley of disappointment.

I Told You So

I Told You So.

Sue was dressed in a black crushed velvet pantsuit, that at first glance could be mistaken for a man’s tuxedo. Her broad shoulders and her salt and pepper hair was pulled back in a severe bun on the back of her head only added to the illusion. It would take a trained observer to detect the very feminine voluptuous body concealed behind the manly façade.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 28

CHAPTER 28 - Being robbed hurts – not physically, but what it does to your sense of security.

"George isn’t here and hasn’t been for over a year," Ellen replied shakily.

The bruiser in charge looked down at her, obviously not believing her. "In that case, I’m sure you won’t mind if we have a look around."

Heather moved to stand protectively next to Ellen, trying to put his loved ones behind him.

Pointing at Heather the head goon asked, "Who is that homely broad, we've been watching this house for months and haven't seen her until recently."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 27

CHAPTER 27 - Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year. One of the reasons is it spends very little on office supplies.

There was a collective gasp from George and Ellen. George was the first to speak, "I can’t imagine that they would be interested in a small fish like me."

Fred nodded in agreement. "Don’t underestimate their determination and thirst for vengeance. They want to make examples of you both.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - The first day at a new job is always stressful

The next morning, Ellen ran a bath for her husband. As he soaked, she laid out his outfit for the day. Stepping out of the bath water, he dried off and went through to the bedroom, being uncomfortable at his nakedness. He rushed to the dresser to get something to cover his nudity. Ellen was there waiting for him. She opened her drawer and naughtily pulled out a black lace thong and panty set then handed them to him.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 25

CHAPTER 25 -If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Needless to say, Ellen was thrilled. It was getting late and they had to pick up Ariel from the sitter. Ellen put her daughter in her car seat, but, rather than heading home, she drove to the mall.

George felt a sinking in his stomach and asked, "What’s up?"

"Dear I am sorry; it appears you are going to have to stay as Heather for a while longer."

"Wait a minute! I said I would help. I never said anything about doing it as Heather."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 23

CHAPTER 23 - I put off getting dressed en-femme as long as I could. But in the end, it didn’t change anything.

Upon their arrival, they had a light lunch. George was so stressed out from the shopping trip that he stretched out on the couch to watch TV and maybe catch a catnap. Within minutes, he was sound asleep. Ellen left the dishes for Heather to do when he awoke from his nap and headed back to the mall to do some serious shopping.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 22

CHAPTER 22 - My body does not define who I am. I’m still a man in my soul.

A week later they got a call the doctor wanted to see them to get the results of all the tests. George in his suit and tie returned to the doctors. The receptionist was kind enough to watch the baby while George and Ellen were in seeing the doctor.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 20

CHAPTER 20 - There is an intimate relation between curing and caring.

They kept Ellen for a couple of days in the maternity ward. George could only visit in the evenings as he spent the days at the police headquarters being debriefed by the feds. By the time they were done with him and he hurried to the hospital, he never found the time to go shopping for male clothes. He showed up every day for his interrogation in a freshly washed and ironed maids’ outfit.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 19

CHAPTER 19 - Women are like police, they can have all the evidence in the world but they still insist on a confession.

He inquired if he could come in. His intentions of looking for George were laughingly obvious. Ellen invited him in and led him to the kitchen table where she asked if he would like a cup of coffee. She began the process of brewing a pot. While her back was turned, he stood and asked if he could use the bathroom. Again, she was sure he was looking for evidence of a man in the house.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 18

CHAPTER 18 - Good sex is like the bridge card game. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand.

Ellen was shopping at the mall on a Sunday afternoon. Her pre-eclampsia was under control for the present. She had just finished looking for a new dress that would accommodate her expanding belly. Sadly, her ability to wear a size 8 was a long way in the rear-view mirror. Whenever she shopped it was with a vengeance. Today she gave off the air of a socialite just browsing.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 17

CHAPTER 17 - Do you know what I did to the last person that called me Tinkerbelle? I slept with him.

"I have one more room to do. Let me ask Angela if she can cover for me."

"They’ll do that for you?"

"Yes, we are all friends, they have taken me under their wings. Four of us sharing a double room. We have become close out of necessity."

Ellen had a ton of questions to ask about the four in a small room together.

She asked the most obvious one. "What are your sleeping arrangements?"

He answered calmly, "Why two per bed. Why do you ask?"

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 16

CHAPTER 16 - Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door. It never ends.

Once they were a good distance from the motel, Beth was stopped at a red light and said to Ellen, "My brother has changed, his appearance is more feminine than masculine. When did he decide to become a woman?" Beth gripped her hands under her breasts in the universal big-boobs gesture. "If I didn’t know better, I would say my brother had grown breasts.

"It’s a long story, let’s go home and have a cup of tea and I will explain it all to you."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 15

CHAPTER 15 - Once you’ve hit rock bottom there’s only one place you can go, and that’s up

"Tell me more about this motel. The last time I looked getting hired requires ID and a social security card."

Beth announced, "From what I hear, that is not a problem. The motel is known for hiring undocumented Latinos. With your swarthy skin coloring, you would blend right in; the manager won’t ask many questions. He is just interested in cheap labor."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 13

CHAPTER 13 - The Prince looked down at the prisoner, Who's this dirty slut? Off with his nuts! Off with his nuts!

Ellen finally received an email from her husband’s sister, saying the weather had cooled at home. Ellen began her plan to cross the border. She notified the resort they were leaving and they that would be losing their gringa maid. Ellen was pleased when the hotel manager said he would be happy to give Heather a positive recommendation.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 11

CHAPTER 11 - If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth

After Heather’s unexpected departure, Ellen felt she needed to say something so she called the guys together and attempted an apology, "I’m so sorry for the way my friend acted. Just between us, she has never been with a man."

That drew a collective gasp.

Philip said, "You mean she’s a virgin at her age?"

Ellen with an evasive comment went on. "I didn’t exactly say that."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 - Deception; the practice of deliberately making someone believe things that aren’t true

Ellen touched up her makeup, explaining why it was important. George always thought that women used makeup to help them look pretty; he was now told it was all part of the seduction game.

"Now let’s get back in there the night is still young."

A broken man, George turned to the mirror to freshen his lipstick. He was in turmoil, so autopilot took over and he did the lipstick thing too.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 - What aA Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive

"Please Ellen, let’s not tease about that. There is no way I am interested in some guy."

"How do you know if you haven’t tried?"

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 - A double date

Once safely secreted in their room, George could not wait to strip off his suit and free his little man, discarding the cellophane between his legs. He nibbled on what was left of their fruit and eventually pulled the shades and crawled into bed and fell into a troubled sleep.

Ellen looked for Heather at the pool. Not finding him there, she headed for the only other place he could be their room. Quietly opening the door, she marched over to George. Shaking him, she woke him up with an impish smile.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 - Don’t ever poke a mother bear

Ellen reached for Mike's right hand and got a firm grip on his thumb and bent it back far enough to hear it break. Mike released Heather and let put a howl like a wounded animal. Bill came charging to his friend's aid. Ellen pivoted on her left leg and landed a solid one-legged kick to his beer belly. Bill folded like a cheap lawn chair.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 - The Not so Great Escape

The train ride down was put to good use. She went over her plan again in her head. The issues of smuggling in an extra dress was settled by her wearing them both at once, one over the other. A similar solution solved getting underwear for Heather. Ellen had on her normal panties, under a pair of padded panties that she would give to Heather to enhance his girlie figure.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 1

Life on the Run in Skirts

CHAPTER 1 - A married man when dealing with his wife can be right or happy, not both

At the moment, Ellen was sprawled across her bed in a plain white ankle length flannel nightdress that was buttoned up to her neck. It was her standard weekday suburban housewife regalia. It wasn’t very racy. Her sexy negligees and lingerie were packed away, reserved for Saturdays.

To her husband, the flannel nightgown reminded him of something his grandmother used to wear. It was an opinion he prudently kept to himself.

Billie's Christmas Present

Billie's Christmas Present

Bill’s team was in a hard-fought battle with their little league archenemies. They had split their previous two games and this was for the championship. It was the bottom of the last inning, the score was tied, and Bill was up to bat with the bases loaded and two outs. The pitcher watched him dig in at the plate. He had already struck Bill out three times and he was quite sure that he could do it again.

To the readers of Journeys West

Some of you have expressed the desire for an epilogue to the story.

I'm afraid that there is no epilogue at this time. To make up for that, there are still two chapters of the story waiting to be posted. I hope that this will an acceptable consolation.

It's been a lot of fun writing this story and I am flattered that some of you have enjoyed it. I cannot tell you how good and how humbling that feels.

Thank you and lots of hugs,
Monica Rose and Marina Kelly

Darrin is Bewitched - Conclusion

Darrin is Bewitched - Conclusion

Samantha had been censured by the Witches Council and ordered to make things right Task is in compliance with current policies and guidance ‘or else.’ Or else’s were never good in the world of witchcraft.

Whoops 3 - Whoopsie Daisie (Finale)

Mike found himself caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The 'woman' on his lap was comatose from emotional strain. She was total dead weight and Mike was unable to lift her.

His wife was passed out on the floor and he knew if he didn't go to her there would hell to pay.

Mike realized that to someone just walking into the room, it would be a very compromising tableau. It wasn’t and he needed to put things back to a normal appearance.

Whoops 3 - But Not all Mistakes Turn Out Bad - part 1

Whoops 3 - But Not All Mistakes Turn Out Bad

This the final chapter in Phil's, now Phyllis', life. What do you do when your life has been turned upside down? How do you come to terms with who you are when the world can only see who you are now?

It is suggested that you read 'Whoops' and 'Whoops - Payback Is A Bitch' to understand what this story is about.

Patriot Games - Epilogue

An Epilogue

With the end of Ivan's trial came a level of relaxation at the office. Steve took a week’s well-earned vacation allowing he and Phyllis to use the time to come to terms with their new lives. Desiree found housework chores to be a relaxing experience compared to his normal high pressure job.

Patriot Games - Chapter 44 - Aftermath for a Domme

This chapter was contributed by Licorice, with very few changes, as we had neglected to show how Linda was dealt with as a result of her notoriety in being associated with the HLS mission.

I think that it is a good chapter - Monica Rose.


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