One Dark and Stormy Night--Chapter 3

I grit my teeth against the terror I felt. Whatever it was, was writhing about 10 feet in front of me. I moved closer, the flashlight beam shining straight and shaking like a leaf in a hailstorm.

One Dark and Stormy Night--Chapter 2

I performed a thorough search of the house. I even went into the living room, thinking maybe if I was in time, or if they appeared hanging by the neck maybe I could save them and to prepare for such an occurrence, I had retrieved my Gerber multi-tool from my backpack and extricated the blade in case of wayward friends suddenly appearing with a hangman's noose around their neck.

One Dark and Stormy Night--Chapter 1


One November First morning the mailman knocked on her door to deliver a package, and the door opened to reveal Mother Hubbard, dangling naked from a rope in the middle of her living room. She hadn't written any kind of suicide note, and the police had noted that it would have been impossible for her to stand on anything that high up. The case remained open, even to this day, as they could not ascertain how anyone could have hung a rope from a fifteen foot high beam.

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