Melanie T.

The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

When Ron spent the night with a strange woman, he never thought his life would be changed so much. Caught up in a web of sorcery and lies, Ron, who is now a woman named Ronnie must face a world of magic she never knew existed.

Hunted by powerful forces and aided by uncertain allies, Ronnie has to unravel the mystery of her transformation.

Life imitates art

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UK boy students are literally "skirting the rules" as they wear skirts to school.

In protest against the "no shorts" policy in their school's dress code, 5 boys took it upon themselves to skirt the rules and appear in class wearing skirts borrowed from girls at the school. After being sent to isolation (detention in the US) for their legs being too hairy, they shaved their legs for the next go-around.

Next day, there were 50.

One hundred more are expected to follow suit, er, skirt, tomorrow as temperatures soar.

The Venus Touch 1

The Venus Touch I
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

Ron wakes up after a night of lovemaking with an unknown woman.
Over the course of the next two days, he transforms into a woman.
She sets out to find out what happened, and why.
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