Non passable men in dresses


As a man who loves to wear dresses and skirts. I would love to be able to wear dresses and skirts when at home. My family has accepted the night gowns (that my wife suggested that I try) I have been wearing for the past couple years. But now I want more and don't know how to accomplish this feat. I don't want to be a woman just like to wear the clothes. I wish it were socially acceptable to the public.

A more deviant side

So over this last few years I have been trying my best to get out and wear dresses in (public) well one of the local adult video arcades. As I have said before I have been collecting my wardrobe and now I'm wanting to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of anal sex. So just to be clear I am not passable by any account I am a 5'11" 220# man in a dress. But it is not going to stop me from experiencing what I hope will be a life changing experience. So I find or make an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and find someone who is interested in the same.

My night gowns

As some of you know about a year ago I was told by my wife that I should try shaving my legs and wear one of her gowns it bed to get a feel of how much nicer it is. Well I didn't hesitate to do it because I have been doing it for years every time I have a few minutes to change into one. I saw that as an opportunity to do so without judgement from her. She would not think it wierd because it's her idea.

A chance to go out

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So I have a chance to go out in a skirt as a guy . There is no way I could pass I am more biker than any thing else.
The reason I say I have a chance is I have an appointment close to Halloween. I could just wear the skirt to the appointment and see how it goes and see what people say. So what are your thoughts should I go for it should I not take the chance what.

A night in my wife's clothes

So last night I went to bed and roll over to rub my wife's butt and she says what are you doing. I tell her I'm trying to feel the stuff she has on her new nightgown that she's been bragging about how good they feel. I tell her they're nice I just want to see how they feel. She tells me there's a pink one in the bottom drawer just put it on. Oh she made the suggestion so I'm going to take it. And so out of the bed and to her dresser I go. As I am looking through the drawer again she tells me it's a pink one in the bottom drawer.

wishful thinking

Just wish that for one day I could be a girl. Would love to wake up and stretch out and see a nice pair of breasts. Nothing to large maybe a nice c cup. Then reach down and find a vagina where my balls use to be. Run my hand over a nice hair less pubic mound in their place. As I explore the rest of my new body and notice that there is no hair. And the new skin is so soft and sensitive it feels like heaven. The touch of a finger on the lips are almost to much for my mind to comprehend. The sexual excitement that follows is amazing from just a touch.

The way I see it

Ok so this is the way I see it. Every one has a preconceived notion of how boy's and girl's are supposed to act. But what if you cannot be what society expected? My parents raised all us kids in the best way they knew. We were poor and my Dad worked every hour he could! His day started at 4am when Mom made his breakfast and packed his lunch before his two hour drive to work . So after that mom turned into super mom and got eight kids ready for the day. And after breakfast and all kids are off to school she made the beds did dishes and cleaned the house.

my friend Jorge

Ok back to my friend Jorge next time Jorge came to visit was on the weekend not quite as many kids again Jorge takes me by the hand and off we go into the woods this time I realize he's treating me differently but I follow his lead soon we can't see or hear anyone at the house and mom is busy the other kids are playing so no one's going to notice our absence for awhile again with your clothes on starting running through the woods naked I like the feeling of clothes on the fresh air and I liked to watch Jorge For some reason and the fact that we were in the woods and nude gave me a feeling

my friend jorge

Let me give you some insight into the life I grew up with I am the second child in a large family So I grew up in a large family under a small rock and all was normal church on Sunday morning and fear God bless us all My grandma read the bible every night before bed
Mom was up at 4am to make Dad breakfast and lunch before you left for work at 5 am doing manual labor all day getting home at 6 pm so you get the gist I had everything that I needed not always everything that I wanted but what I needed

my first time in public

This story is about the first time I decided to go outside of the house dressed as a woman I've purchased dresses in the past I've even worn them in the garage but never actually went out into public you see I'm the man's man big burly motorcycle rider but I do love to put on a skirt or a dress and heels and hose and . well I got carried way there for a second.

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