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The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 14

The regionals were held in December, right before Christmas Break. In the two months leading up to it, Genesis trained hard with Ramona, Charlotte, Talia, and the rest of the cheerleaders. Over time, Genesis learned the routines that Ramona and Mrs. Wilson had planned out. Her nerves were amounting about the regionals, but she was doing pretty well in practice. It helped that Ramona had basically abandoned her old bitchy persona, and was now much more encouraging. Everyone on the squad appreciated the now-positive influence she was bringing.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 13

Genesis barely remembered going home from the mall. All she remembered was the shock she was in. Mirna had been murdered. She wouldn't be able to reset everything to the way it was. Genesis would be stuck as a woman for the rest of her life. By the time she got home, she was right on the verge of crying. She didn't even bother talking to her dad or stepmom. She just went straight to her room, flopped down on her bed, and started crying. She cried nonstop for half an hour, feeling really sorry for herself. Her life had hit a low point that she doubted she could get up from.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 12

Since things were shaping up for the better, that naturally meant something had to go wrong.

It all started Tuesday morning when Genesis was leaving her Homeroom class with Mr. Aaron and heading to her Physics class. She was passing some of the lockers when she saw Ramona and Modesty being approached by a boy. At first Genesis didn't recognize him, but then she realized it was Adam Severson-the guy who'd snuck that note into Genesis' underwear drawer during Ramona's party! She involuntarily glared at him, wishing she could go up and punch him.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 11

A month ago, Genesis would've scoffed at the idea of being on good terms with Ramona. But after Genesis covered for Ramona, Ramona started acting a lot more civil with Genesis. She helped her out with a homework assignment, she sat down to watch TV with Genesis one night, and she went for five straight days without insulting Genesis at all. It almost seemed unthinkable. It was as if they were putting their longtime rivalry behind them.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 10

Genesis' first gynecologist appointment was on October 20, 2023, a week after Ramona's party. After school, Genesis got in the car with Reginald to drive to the gynecologist's office. On the way, Genesis didn't know what to think. As Gene, he'd had plenty of doctor appointments, and he'd built up a pretty good rapport with his doctor. But now Gene was Genesis, and she was going to a doctor that was especially meant for women. Considering she probably wouldn't be a woman for much longer anyway, something about it just didn't seem right.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 09

The next morning, Genesis woke to the sound of her phone buzzing. She opened her eyes and sat up. After Charlotte and Modesty had left last night, Genesis had simply felt too tired to go back to her bedroom, so she just crashed onto the couch to sleep. But when she opened the notification on her phone, she got a nasty surprise. It was a text message from her father, and it read:

My conference for today was cancelled at the last minute, so Paulette and I are gonna come home. We'll be there in an hour and a half.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 08

Since Reginald and Paulette were so merciful, they decided to let their daughters go right to bed when they got back from the Homecoming football game. But they woke them both up early the next morning for a little chat.

Quite The Progression...

I just finished typing up and publishing the seventh chapter in my new series titled The Most Extreme Punishment-which, if you haven't already started reading, I suggest you check out. ;) But I was surprised to see that this chapter has over 2200 words. Which is longer than any of the other chapters I've written thus far. It's kind of funny, since the first few chapters had progressively fewer words, but now I've got the longest chapter yet. Wow!

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 07

Genesis' memories of what happened next were scattered.

After the encounter with Wallace, she went back inside the gym and met back up with Charlotte, who then gave Genesis a ride home while consoling her about the traumatic event. Then Genesis got home and opened up to her parents about the incident. Both of them were just as horrified as Genesis expected. Even Ramona didn't seem to have many insults in store. Reginald and Paulette sat down with Genesis and tried to console her, but Genesis didn't care. She just wanted to go to bed and forget this whole thing happened.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 06

The next few cheerleading practices went better. Determined not to get in another fight with Ramona, Genesis tried her best to perform the cheer stunts and routines as Mrs. Wilson instructed. By the end of the first week, Genesis had gotten the hang of the basic routines. It helped that the other cheerleaders, especially Charlotte, were very supportive of her. Which made sense, considering that the whole point of cheerleaders was to be supportive.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 05

Genesis opened the door to the gym. There she saw Ramona in her cheerleader's outfit, talking to the cheerleading coach Mrs. Wilson. "Why hello, Genesis," Mrs. Wilson said when she saw Genesis. "Welcome to the cheer squad!"

Genesis forced a smile. "Thanks, Mrs. Wilson," she said.

"Here's your uniform," Ramona said, tossing Genesis a cheerleader outfit. "The other girls are already changing."

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 04

On the first day of school, Genesis rode with Ramona to school. Unlike Genesis, Ramona had her own car that her mother had helped pay for. Genesis had never thought she'd be riding in the school bully's car, but here she was now.

"Listen," Ramona said as they pulled into the school's parking lot, "My mom told me she and your dad signed you up for the cheerleading squad-"

"Yes, I know," said Genesis. "First practice is after school today, right?"

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 03

For the next few weeks of the summer, Genesis took some lessons in being a girl. Paulette sat down with her and taught her how to braid her hair and do her makeup. It all felt really uncomfortable to Genesis. Being a girl was supposed to be a temporary thing, but everyone was acting like it was a permanent one. And it didn't help that her room didn't even feel the same.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 02

Genesis ran home as fast as her legs could carry her. What Mirna had said about casting a mass memory-altering spell really scared her. She did NOT want her father to forget the son that he had-and, okay, Genesis supposed her stepmom could be in on it, too. She'd need their help to figure out a way out of this mess.

When Genesis got home, she threw open the front door and ran into the kitchen. There, she saw her stepmom working on washing the dishes. Paulette looked up at Genesis and frowned. "Who are you?" she asked.

The Most Extreme Punishment Chapter 01

Gene Rookwood slammed the front door of his house behind him. He was not in a very good mood right now, and he knew things were gonna get even worse now that he was home.

"Gene? You're home?" Gene heard his father Reginald say.

"Yeah," said Gene.

"What happened?" Reginald asked. "Did you get off work early?"

Gene went into the living room, where his dad Reginald and stepmom Paulette were sitting on the couch. "No," said Gene. "I got fired."

Reginald's jaw dropped. "You were fired?"

Chasing Dreams

Nick stood outside the building where his last class was held. His Introduction To Performing Arts class had ended ten minutes ago, and this was the time of day he'd been looking forward to the most. Because his crush had a class nearby the building where Introduction To Performing Arts was held, and it wrapped up around the same time Nick's did. So now Nick had the chance to make a move.

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 07

The next morning, Ruth came to Rachel's dorm to oversee Maddie and Hattie pack their things. The twins would be sent to Pretty And Pink's Virginia building, which happened to be the company's first establishment. The whole time Maddie and Hattie were packing, they cast dirty looks in Rachel's direction.

"I hope you're happy, bitch," Maddie said to Rachel. "Now we're getting yanked out of our lives here."

"Yeah, well, I didn't want to get yanked out of my old life, either," Rachel said coldly.

"Where did you live, in another orphanage?" Hattie asked.

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 06

What was Rachel thinking? She should've just told Jesse she was Randy from the start. Then maybe Jesse wouldn't have agreed to give the speech at Randy's memorial and made it that much more awkward for Rachel to come clean with him. But it was too late now.

The day after the memorial assembly, Jesse seemed pretty down in the dumps when he came into Science. "Hey," said Rachel. "About yesterday, I just..."

"Don't be sorry," Jesse said miserably. "It's not your fault."

So Jesse wasn't mad at her. "Well...okay, I guess," said Rachel.

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 05

For the next few days, Rachel kept going to school and working with Jesse as her lab partner. It felt weird, since she knew him so well and he didn't know her (or so he thought), but their interactions were mostly good. There was one incident where Rachel felt like she'd slightly annoyed Jesse, but he seemed to have gotten over it by the end of class.

The next week, however, things were different. When Rachel got to her Science class, the teacher Mrs. McLain had an announcement. "Okay, everyone," she said, "Today's the first day of our Sex Ed unit. And you know what that means."

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 04

For the next couple days, Rachel mostly just hung out at Pretty And Pink with Vanessa. Ruth still had to do some work to register Rachel to go to school, since she'd be going in as a new student. But it turned out Pretty And Pink was a nice place to be. The cafeteria served good food three times a day, and there was a game room where you could play board games or video games with your friends. The only thing Rachel had to keep in mind was to stay out of Maddie and Hattie's way.

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 03

Ruth took Rachel down to her foster home building, called Pretty And Pink Foster Care. Rachel had heard of the place before, but she'd never seen it in person. It was a lot bigger than she expected-four stories high. "This is your foster home?" Rachel asked.

"Well, it's not really 'my' foster home," said Ruth. "Pretty And Pink Foster Care has establishments in Virginia and Pennsylvania, too. The company is owned by Angelina Aguilar-our founder. But our Nashville location is the one that I'm in charge of managing."

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 02

Randy didn't know what to do. He'd lost his family and his house. He didn't have any immediate relatives he could live with, and as far as friends went...there was Jesse Pindle. He was Randy's best friend, and his family had always been very hospitable to Randy. But the Pindles were off on a cruise, and they wouldn't be home for another couple weeks. Randy wished very badly that he could stay with them, but they wouldn't be an option. All he could do was find a secluded alleyway and sleep in there for the night.

Rachel's Beginnings Chapter 01

Okay, so my last serial on here didn't go over to well. In spite of my ambition to write a big crossover, I ended up getting far fewer reads than I expected-especially considering I was coming off the heels of Lanie's Journey and The Witch Hunt, both of which were well-received. And since almost nobody commented on my chapters, I don't even know what you thought of my story.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 15

Zoe, Olivia, and Lanie all crowded together, doing their best to protect the box of explosives. "You hand over that bomb you're carrying," said Circe, "Or else all three of you will be killed!"

"Never!" said Lanie. She fired a bolt of energy at Circe, but Circe just absorbed it with her hand.

Olivia looked at Circe with a burning hatred. "You've caused us a lot of trouble," she said. "You trained Miss Johnson to turn boys into girls, which led to the disaster of the Y. F. F. H. You kidnapped Bailey, you kidnapped Rachel, and your men even killed Bailey!"

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 14

Carter handed the vials containing the newly created virus to Circe. "This is it," he said. "This is the virus you requested me to create for you."

"Perfect," said Circe. She caressed the vial in her hands like it was the most valuable diamond in the world. Of course, she didn't realize that the virus contained a pathogen that would destroy it, along with its flea carriers, almost immediately after the swarms of fleas were released. "After all these years, my dream will finally be achieved!"

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 13

After their talk with Carter Halbrook, the teens all piled back in their cars and started driving westward. Carter went separate from them to reduce risk of Circe or her witches catching him with their enemies, and Ricardo had to hang back for a bit to gather up some explosives. But Carter promised the teens that he'd book a hotel for them.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 12

Conner entered the address Ricardo provided into Google Maps and followed it to Carter Halbrook's house. The house was located in the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi, right at the end of a cul de sac. When Conner parked his car, Ricardo pulled up right behind him.

"So this is it," said Zoe. "This is where we'll find out what Carter really wants."

"I just hope you're right about this," said Olivia.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 11

The next morning, Zack woke up to the sound of Lanie dropping her phone and cursing. Zack blinked and rose out of the bed he was sleeping in.

"Hey, Zoe's up," said Miles.

"What?" Zack looked down and realized that he'd shifted to Zoe in his sleep.

Lanie looked over and realized Zoe was now female. "Oh," she said. "I guess you changed before you went to bed?"

"No, sometimes I just shift gender in my sleep without intending to," said Zoe. "Want me to change back?"

"It's okay, you can be a girl for right now," said Lanie.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 10

QUICK NOTE: I apologize for the rude tone I used in my blog post last night. It was really late, and I was feeling pretty tired, hence why the technical issues I ran into with the site irritated me as much as they did. But I definitely should've been more polite in my wording, and also refrained from using the word "fuck" (in its asterisked form, no less) in the blog's header. And I also apologize for my salty attitude about the previous chapters getting relatively few reads. Going forward, I will try to have a better attitude and take criticism better.


What The F*** Is Going On Here?

Okay, so in the last week, I've been writing a crossover story called Swarms And Sisterhood, and I've been pretty disappointed at its lackluster reception. But now I've gotten a while slew of technical problems. First, this morning I saw that on my Author page, Chapter 06 was listed before Chapter 07, despite Chapter 06 being posted first. And I posted Chapter 09 just now, and it decided to post two of the same story/serial chapter. What the blazes is going on? Can someone try to help me figure out the problem?

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 09

Once they'd all gotten out of the Genetics Engineering compound, the companions all piled into their separate cars. Lanie, Conner, and Rachel got into Conner's car while Saige, Olivia, Zack, and Miles all got into Saige's car. Conner followed Saige as she drove off into the night.

Inside Saige's car, Olivia had broken down crying again. Seeing Bailey die right before her eyes had broken something inside of her. She hadn't felt this way since Christina dumped her. "She died," Olivia sobbed. "We came all this way...for nothing."

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 08

Circe, Lauren, and Josie escorted the four companions back to the lab room where Bailey and Rachel had had their blood drawn. "Just like I predicted," said Circe. "These girls' friends did indeed come to rescue them."

"Of course, the real question is whether this chick has the right kind of DNA," Lauren said, looking down on Olivia like she was a science experiment gone wrong.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 07

QUICK NOTE: Shoutout to Uhuru N/Uru for commenting on the last chapter with a tip on how to fix this serial's prelude so it came first in the Organizer page. Thanks so much for helping me out.


After getting their blood drawn, Bailey and Rachel were both taken back to the padded room where Rachel had been held before. Circe locked them in the room before going back to start working on their blood samples.

"I can't believe they just did that," said Rachel.

"I know," said Bailey, "But they won't get what they need."


Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 05

Olivia froze with fear when she saw Josie approaching her and her friends' table. "Your boss?" she asked. "Who'd send you out here?"

"Only the greatest witch to have ever lived," Josie answered. "And she has a bounty on you and your friends."

"What does she want us for?" Saige asked.

"Well, she only told me to take one of you," Josie answered. "My colleagues have already gotten another young woman like you."

"What are you talking about?" Olivia asked. "What do you mean, another young woman like us?"

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 04

"Conner, I need you to drive me to Mississippi."


"Jackson, Mississippi," Lanie repeated. She was standing on Conner's front porch, having gone straight to him after leaving Genetics Engineering. "That's where they took Rachel."

"How do you know?" Conner asked.

"I just went to Genetics Engineering and asked a few questions," Lanie answered. "It looks like they might've taken Rachel to their lab in Jackson, Mississippi."

Conner's eyebrows knit together. "You didn't find out why they took her, did you?" he asked.

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 03

Josie gripped her car's steering wheel, driving down the highway and following the gray Honda Civic. Josie had stalked the young blonde-haired woman since yesterday and watched as she got together with her other friends today. Now she was following them, albeit discreetly, down the highway to Kentucky.

As she drove, Josie heard her phone ringing. She wasn't going to answer it, but then she saw that the call was from Circe Reyna. So she reluctantly tapped the green button and put it on Speaker. "Hello, my lady."

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 02

After two weeks without school for Christmas Break, school was back in session at Eastside High. Unfortunately, Lanie had developed a habit of sleeping in over the break, so she wasn't ready to start waking up early again.

Fortunately, she had her roommate Rachel to help her out. "Lanie," Rachel said. "Lanie, wake up!"


"Come on, Lanie!" said Rachel. "We've gotta get ready for school!"

"Ugh." Lanie brushed her hair out of her face and looked up at her best friend. "Why do we have to wake up so early?"

Swarms And Sisterhood Chapter 01

The last year or so had been hard for Saige, but she always found a crumb of comfort when she went to spend time at home. After graduating high school in 2021, Saige had started college at Harvard in Massachusetts with a major in psychology. Just weeks before, Saige had passed her finals with a GPA of 3.1 and then came home for Christmas. Now it was New Year's Day, and she was visiting the University Of Chicago campus where an old friend was attending.

Swarms And Sisterhood Prelude

!!! Not a story chapter-an introduction. !!!

Despite many significant gaps in writing, I've written quite a few stories on this website in the last few years. Like any author, I've dreamed of holding a crossover between my stories where all my favorite characters can intermingle. Unfortunately, I never seemed to have any ideas for how I could get something like that to work out.

Until now.

Inside The Mind Of An Alleged Abuser

Cameron could not wait to see Gerald again. Since Cameron had been away at college for almost a year, the two of them had not been able to see one another. But now that it was June and Cameron was home, he could go and see Gerald again.

Cameron reached Gerald's house, knocked on the front door, and was greeted almost at once by his old friend. "Hey Cameron!" Gerald said, giving him a fist bump.

"Wassup?" said Cameron.

"Come on in," said Gerald. "I've got some kettlecorn ready for us."

"What-you made kettlecorn?"


It had been a busy day for Austin. His day at work had been long and hard, tiring him out like nothing had in a long time. Fortunately, he'd made it through, and he was now back at his apartment. Plus, he had the day off tomorrow, so that was an opportunity to recover till the next work day.

While Austin was making himself a dinner of Ramen noodles, his friend and roommate Ken came home. "Hey Austin," said Ken. "Long day at work?"

"Don't get me started," Austin groaned.

Ken read Austin's pained expression and nodded. "I'll take that as a yes," he said.

The Witch Hunt Chapter 16

Right when Third Period ended, Miles went out to find a private spot. He pulled out his phone and called Mr. Al. "Hey Mr. Al," said Miles. "Is this a bad time?"

"Not at all," Mr. Al answered. "Did you and Zoe find something?"

"Zoe did," said Miles. "Alan Chase told her he'd seen Brittany Meier give Isaac Schmidt a little black box. And when Zoe followed Isaac out behind the gym, Isaac opened the box, and it turned him into a girl."

"Oh, it did?"


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