Memoirs of a magical girl


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In my defense, let me state this as a matter of public record. I am not evil, or immoral. I am not a plotting spider at the center of a large web, laughing as I lead others to ruin. I was just really, really stupid. And greedy. And lonely. And I'm just going to shut up about that now before I dig myself in further. Let me just restart this. I won't delete what I've written, as it is important. But I'm not a pro at this, and I'm getting ahead of myself. So let me try and tell the tale as it happened, and let the chips fall where they may.

Memoirs of a magical girl


Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 4.

Anyone remember this one? The drama, the pathos, the action action action! (Along with the short skirts and henshin sequences, which I've been pretty coy about so far.) I'm a few days late on posting this one, I admit. Hopefully, the quality will make up for it.

Copyright Nagrij, 2016. (Yes, that year for this chapter is right.)

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 16.

Surprise! The second half of Min's Halloween, just barely on time. Pity about part 3, but we can't always have everything. Enjoy the Halloween party!

Oh, and this is a work of fanfiction in the Whateley Academy universe, a WhatIf, as we've coined it. If you want the real deal, and you haven't yet, please check out the canon stories at:

Please and thank you. Now on with the show.

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 15.

Alright, finally the next installment of Summer mutation. New rules are in effect, so bear with me:

This is a fanfic or WhatIf piece, called such by the cabal. You can find the canon stuff over at so check it out if you haven't. And now on with the show, enjoy a first glimpse at Min's Halloween.

Archetypes: the rebootening.

Alright. So, there is a story here; a patron asked me for a new chapter for this last month. I did that patron one better, doing some minor rewriting of the first four chapters for clarity and error checking the lot, and only after that did I add the fifth chapter.

So if you don't want to read old material, no matter if it's been rewritten or not, I suggest you skip the first four chapters. The new chapter, chapter 5, is about 3/4 of the way down. Without further ado, the long overdue restart of one of my earliest tales. Enjoy.

Copyright Nagrij, 2013-2016. (I know, right? Practically an age!)

Here there be dragons, chapter 7.

Alright, a long time coming but I finally got it all done; it was oddly difficult to write. Enjoy.

Also, a note. There is a bit of a debate over on the new Crystal Hall about fanfiction, regarding rights of fan-fic authors and posting, and using terms to clarify that. In order to clarify things from my perspective, let me state for the record I'm for it, and I'll state again this is fan-fic (or to use the new term, a WhatIF or Whateley Independent Fiction).

The canon stuff can be found at:

Now on with the show.

Dim Prisons and Drakes chapter 12.

Chapter 12, entry to the land of giants. Situations like this one should be familiar to many of you, you see them every game night. At least I hope you do.

At any rate, there we go. for those few of you who did the patreon thing, thank you. That pesky poll though, continues to be a problem. :p

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

Room in Hell chapter 24.

Here we are, Room in Hell again. A look at a day off, with nothing going on... or is it? Oh, and more of the twins. I know some of you like the twins.

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

Also, a word from our sponsors; I have patrons on my Patreon now... and they all voted for different chapters to be updated. This left me with a three-way tie. Now sure, I could just pick one and declare it the winner, but instead, I'm going to try and do it all, that is, update each story voted for this month. But... I can't help but think it might happen again, and unless I deny my patrons the privilege of choice there is only one conclusion I can come to....

I need more patrons voting. So won't some of you stop by, sign up, and break the deadlock? :)

Down the Rabbit Hole, part 3.

Alright, the third and final part. I will say, as dark as this is, don't give up on Tia just yet. There are a few loose ends, of course, that I can write stories about later if I choose. And again, for those that ask, yes this is a second generation canon piece.

At any rate, enjoy.

(P.S. - on a somewhat related note, I just got my Patreon going and fully updated after a snafu which required me to delete and repost everything... so if you browse there and want to, look me up with my pen name. I can't post WAU tales there due to potential legal issues, but everything else is going there first... in fact, Vagrants 17 and the next chapter of Who's hunting who are already there.)

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 14

Alright, been sitting on this one for a bit, but can't really hold it back anymore, since it's clogging up monitor space. :p

In this episode, hints, clues, and signs of things to come. Enjoy.

Also, for those interested... I've resurrected my Patreon account, and will be posting up everything not Whateley related there; eventually, the plan will be to post new chapters first, as well as having votes about what stories I should work on next, muse permitting. I sweated long and hard about this idea (over a year) but the harsh reality of my situation is if I don't try something like this, I won't have an internet connection much longer, so I'm trying to split the difference. Everything I'm writing will eventually make its way here, the stories will continue, (at least as long as I can pull it off - lack of an isp might cramp that some) but at this point, I have to be somewhat of a jerk about things.

Sorry to dump, and if you want to ignore it, feel free.

To whom it may concern, web serial edition!

To those who like the various things I do, and can't get enough... or just want things to read: I have started a new web serial, just today.

If you care, you can find it here:

If you don't care, just ignore this.

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Down the Rabbit Hole, part 1.

Alright, one of the things I was working on. A Whateley Academy canon origin for their/our Generation 2. It opened my eyes to realize there isn't all that much traffic between the two sites, and I think that's a shame, but I'll deal; I just didn't want to step on any toes by posting this here too early. But turns out I didn't need to worry, so here we are; enjoy.

To whom it may concern:

I know I've been updating slowly these last several months, and I know those of you that care know why. (namely, a book in the works and Whateley academy generation 2.)

I just thought that if you had a burning desire to read something I wrote, a need to read something new by me (or at least new to you) I'd point out that the first part of the origin for my gen 2 character (some 20k words of goodness) is now up on the new Crystal Hall site. If you already knew and read, carry on... if not, well, you're invited to.

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Dim Prisons and Drakes chapter 11.

A little early this time! Well, sort of. Already working on a new chapter of something that isn't RiH... but a new chapter of that is coming. For now, enjoy a look at the new old Toledo, courtesy of DP&D. See if any of you can guess where I'm going before I get there. :)

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

Vagrants chapter 16.

I'm on time! Let's all cheer that fact as we read this totally full length and not short at all chapter, okay? (This is actually my normal chapter length for many of my tales, which is kind of depressing when I think about it.) Still doing the other projects, and both are still progressing.

For those of you who don't know, you can find some of my latest work over at the crystal hall... the new Whateley Academy site that is, not the old one. Just look under the generation 2 tag, and I'm there. So I haven't been gone, just... busy with something many of you haven't seen yet.

Anyway, enough about that. Enjoy some tension in your Vagrants chapter. The calm before the storm, if you will.

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

Room in Hell chapter 22.

Alright, so it's been a month since I posted anything; my bad. I do have a few things to say in my defense.

Thing one, I can now announce what one of the projects taking up my time is. I am a Generation 2 Whateley Academy canon writer, and I'm currently writing one of the stories for that universe. It's taking up a fair amount of my time, but the payoff will be worth it.

The other thing is a book, that many of you should already know a little about. Unfortunately, in order to get the book published professionally I have to write the entire tale at once before any of it sees the light of day. Currently, I'm on book 2 of that, and expect to be done in another ten days or so - the holidays have been hectic for me.

But enough about me... on to Room in Hell, chapter 22, where we find out about the Anti Demon Task Force health plan.

Copyright Nagrij, 2015.

The evil without.

Alright, so here it is, what I've been hinting at, my Halloween story for this year. This sort of thing, while something I love, seems harder to write than I thought. Maybe I'll get better with practice, or maybe I nailed it better than I think I did... but it's hard to do scary in prose.

This start is a little trope-ish, like many of mine, but I make good on it I think. At any rate, tell me how I did. Oh, and you're warned, I'm trying to be scary here; if you don't like that kind of thing, you shouldn't read it.

Copyrigth Nagrij, 2015.

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 13.

Alright, finally done. Been pretty sick the last few weeks, and it slowed me down some. But here it is, as promised! In this episode: design triage.


A personal history of mutation side story; the two R's.

Well. Good news and bad news. The good news is, this little bit is coming out mainly to explain some of the wheels behind the next chapter of summer mutation, which is about half done. The bad news is, both of these little blurbs were originally meant to be part of chapters expressing the points of view of the characters involved, from the beginning of the tale.

But I have too many irons in the fire as is, so you get a synopsis of sorts. This is mainly so that I can keep writing those other things I'm writing. Perhaps far into the future I'll take another look at such things.but for now we all just have to make do.

Hope you enjoy it.

Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 3.

I'm back!. I'm actually writing as fast as I ever have, just on three different chapters at once, which delays them all; this one is a prime example. It should have been done 3 days ago; whoops. Just another build up chapter before things begin to get interesting; sorry about that. Also, to add to the fun, I'm thinking about another book, though this time I might add a teaser chapter here.

Copyright Nagrij, 2015.

Here there be dragons, chapter 6.

Anyone remember this one? Well, I did! Heard back from the authors whose characters are involved; I wasn't about to write so much as a vignette without having both on board. It took a little patience, but it happened. Don't expect any further such vignettes, as it isn't really my policy to use the characters of others. I won't rule it out, but I don't have it planned.

So here it is: enjoy!

Room in Hell chapter 21.

Alright, I was originally going to post a part in a Whateley Universe tale, but things happened. So that one is on the back-burner for now. Then I was all set to write this, and it grew far past my expectations. To the point where I decided to cliff hanger it, so sorry in advance. Anyway, enjoy it as finally, the plot thickens! Well, thickens more.

Copyright Nagrij, 2015.

Who's hunting who? Chapter 7.

Alright; this wasn't the one I had in mind to post right now. Here there be dragons was supposed to be next, but I'm waiting to hear back from two authors who own two characters I wrote a vignette for. I know it's a fanfic, but it just doesn't seem right to me to appropriate someone else's character without permission going forward; so instead, we have this one.

Got to admit, I love Sasha, he's so much fun to write.

Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 2.

Alright, so chapter 2 of this. I upped the rating (I think) since the main character has a potty mouth, and certain risque discussions do take place. That's basically going to be the rating from here on out; if there is any doubt about letting young-uns read it, read it first and make the call yourself.

This chapter is basically philosophy versus mental health. Enjoy.

Copyright Nagrij 2015.

Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 1.

A few days ago, I read a comment on "who's hunting who" by Sadarsa: "No telling what the chaos generator inside Nag's head came up with," or similar. I laughed and laughed... because I was writing this at the time. This is the story my muse has been threatening me with for months, and I've held off because I really wanted to finish one story before doing another.

My muse had other ideas.

So here it is, another nice loving bag of "WTF" from me. Enjoy.

Copyright Nagrij, 2015.

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 12.

Alright, by request, the next Chapter in Min's tale. In this chapter, we find out a bit more about pre-fabricated labs. They do exist!

Next one to this will likely be a side story, explaining some of the movement in the background.

Until then, enjoy.


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