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Dana's Story, Part 1

Dana’s story starts early in life and without a lot of drama. Although slow starting, it builds quickly then enters the deep currents that our hero(ine) finds herself floundering in. Heavy TG, no violence. This work is a fiction of my mind.

A Middle-Class Beginning

New Tale to Tell


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He remembers the giant trucks closing from behind in the merging lanes. He remembers his nerves on edge, the conflicting instructions from mom and dad. He doesn't know if he lifted his foot from the accelerator or not. Doesn’t know what caused him to lose control. He remembers his mother's scream... followed by light bursting in his brain… sudden darkness...nothing...

By Justin M.

Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin - Prologue

This is my first story. It is a fem!Harry/dark!Harry, with a twist. Holly Potter was raised in the muggle world. How will she adapt to becoming a witch, and how will lives be changed along the way?

What Goes Unseen

(Hello! I am a first time poster so I'm a little nervous and excited! This first short story of mine is actually somewhat true. I hope you enjoy!)

- What Goes Unseen - Part 1 -

"You look a little nervous back there, are you alright Chris?" My mother asked while driving me to high school.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied while avoiding eye contact.

My Ear Piercing Life Story

I've been reading all these stories, throughout various sources, regarding forced feminization/crossdressing, for about 2-3 years. I've been always interested and somehow turned on by earrings and ear piercings in general, I can't relate how it happened or when but I've been "daydreaming" about getting ears pierced since I was a young teenager.
I'm too often aroused by the idea of a girlfriend/fiancée piercing my ears or force/persuade me in some way to get them pierced, but, unfortunately, I was never lucky in any way.

My first bodysuit

First bodysuit, first transformation, first sex

Hello, it's my first ever try to make a story - so do not judge me too strong. And I hope you will forgive my not perfect english. So. let's the tory begin :)

I always wanted to understand how it feels to be a woman. I did not want to do surgery and hormone therapy, and crossdressing was not so good idea - just a man in dress, maybe attractive one, but man.

N21 1.1

Our Protagonist finds himself exiled to a space station with several other "undesirable" people in a world where conformity is paramount.

This story started out based on a lucid dream, but quickly grew away from that, into wherever it's at now.
Some say the music is a spirit all of her own, others say she is just your imagination.
One way or another...
I have a very strange imagination.

"A Moth On A Sloth: Why a Sloth is Green" A Story of Evolution and Cooperation

A MOTH ON A SLOTH: Why a Sloth is Green

A Tale of Evolution and Cooperation (Symbioses)


There is a moth on a three toed sloth.

There is a fungus on the skin on the sloth.

There is algae in the fur of the sloth.

They all form a family,

that lives in a tree.


The moth and the fungus and the algae and the sloth all take care of each other.

You see none can survive without the other,

Super Bimbo (not finished)

John is a boy who is bullied a wants to be a hero when he is asked to clean out the attic he finds a magic genie and gets wish and wishes to be a hero but the outcome is not what he thought it would be....


A Short Story
Possibly inspired by an old movie
By Maryanne Peters

The voice on the other end of the phone surprised him. It was not at all masculine. Had he not been calling a man, he would have thought that he was talking to a woman.

“Is that Eve?” he asked.

“It is I,” she said playfully. “Eve. The first of women. At your service.” He liked her already. She would be perfect.

“Would you be available for a longer-term hire?” he asked. “Maybe starting this afternoon and finishing around 1:00 in the morning?”

Looking for a couple of stories


First one is a new girl is at school and saves a boy turns out she is rich they both switch genders and fall in love I believe it takes place in England
Second story a boy lives across the street from a stripper and is feeding her cat he has a medallion that allows him to change into into the last person wearing the cloths they end up losing the medallion and he is stuck as her twin
Thanks charlize

Help looking for a movie

Hi all
In the 1980s I saw a movie story sypnosis young French boy discovers he is TG sometime in the 50s mother helps him become her found her way to Paris and ended up working in either Madam Arthur's or le caurosel cannot remember if the film was about coccinelle or capucine can anybody help with film title.


Twice Removed issues

This is just a note to let everyone know that there will again be no Twice Removed this week. I've been trying to get the new chapter done, writing and rewriting several times but it just doesn't feel right and since the story will be coming to a climax soonish I don't want to rush it by putting out something I'm not happy with. My muse has been going crazy on MSPD and I Wish lately but she's kind of being a bitch where Twice Removed is concerned.

Gina's unexpected adventure.

Gina’s unexpected adventure.

Gina stood in front of the door nervously about to press the doorbell, why nervously, well, her attire was a little unusual. The short pleated skirt, the knee high socks, the 4”heeled MaryJane shoes, the white crisp shirt with a school tie, covered by a loose overcoat, were not the usual wear for a 25 year old man. Truth be told neither were the two pigtails, the read lippy and fingernails, and the brassiere with modest but definitely noticeable breasts.

Modern Day Mythology (part 1)

What happens when someone gets a hold of something that is well beyond their ability to truly understand it but still decide to make something new and amazing with it? Will it work as intended, or can it backfire and blow up in their faces with unintended results? Follow along with a group of friends who find out the answer in ...

Modern Day Mythology

Leona MacMurchie

He shouldnt have teased his sister

He shouldnt have teased his sister
by Jasmine monica
A precocious boy annoys his sister and her reaction is completely too far on her innocent brother

part 1

Richard was startled by his sister Rose storming into the house in rage. She stamped up the steps and flew into er bedroom. He stood outside snickering at he heard his sister scream in rage. A few things were threw into the wall. She sounded seriously pissed about something.


The story follows a 14yo boy named Max Patrick at the hardest point of his life. He became a mutant.
How will Max cope with his mutation? How will his friends and family react to this change?
Come and discover this story of unimaginable change and challenges in the life of a young boy.
This is a fanfiction for Whateley Academy Universe.

Posted a new Story.

Hello out there.

My names Katherine and I'm happy to meet everyone here.

I am a transwoman myself and have gone through a lot this year. From a Breast Cancer scare, my Grandmother dying, my 14-year-old cat dying, and writing this book.

It all started Back in October of 2018 I found a lump on my right breast. It took my doctor a series of tests and 5 months to tell me that the lump was benign.

Adrian - The Saga of Adrian

BigCloset TopShelf Featured Author
Katherine Phillips

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. ©2019.
All the work I post here is in its first draft format. I do this so that you can still read what I'm writing and so you have a reason to buy my books when they are edited and published, alongside supporting me as a person of course.




Der Badeanzug, der mein Leben veränderte

Mein Name ist Jess.

Ich bin ein 17 Jahre alter Junge, der einfach durchschnittlich ist.

Ich sehe nicht besonders gut aus und komme bei den Mädchen auch nicht sonderlich gut an.

Was mich allerdings schon immer fasziniert hat, sind Badeanzüge.

Zum Glück weiß nur niemand davon, sonst wäre das Gelächter in der Schule ziemlich groß.

Die Mädchen sehen in ihren Badeanzügen im Schwimmunterricht immer so geil aus, dass ich meine Erektion bei diesem Anblick immer wieder schwer zurückhalten muss.

Feral Saga An Introduction and Caution

Feral Saga Titled.jpg

Feral Saga A Foreward and Caution
by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

Wolverine is a mystery, even to himself. But he is also a survivor. His incredible healing ability has brought him through crisis after crisis.  A loner, he is learning to be a part of a team - the Uncanny X-Men. With the help of Professor X and Jean Grey he is learning to trust and, in the case of Jean Grey, to love (even if it isn’t returned the way he would hope). But what if everything that has helped him survive, or is now helping him cope is turned against him? If his fragile hold on his very identity is shaken beyond anything he could ever imagine? How will the Wolverine survive when he can’t claw his way out or heal himself? Will rage devour him and lead him into the unending madness of a mindless, desperate wild creature, or is there another way - a way he could never have anticipated? Can he find his way before the X-Men are ripped apart?

Obviously, I do not own any of these characters and have not sought permission to use them. This is simply a fanfiction and should not be considered an official Marvel publication. However, I do retain all rights to my content and do not give permission for this story to be published elsewhere without my express consent.


Ladies who Lunch

Today is going to be a “Girly day“ for me, my wife, Jacquie, is having one of her occasional lunches out with the girls, which gives me a chance to indulge in one of my hobbies. As long as I can remember I have I have had strong desires to dress in female clothes, and have whenever the opportunity arose, in secret, borrowed clothes from my mums wardrobe, or even from the occasional stopover guest. However this is all a close secret, I am so far in the closet that I am almost through its back wall.

The Deal - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Mistake

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.


7 AM on a Monday is probably the worst time of a week. Waking up early for school after a comfortable weekend is the last thing I want to do. My eyelids refuse to follow my brain’s instructions as they slowly shut. I begin to drift into slee……

“Aaron! Are you awake? I don’t want you to be late for school.”

I jump out of bed in a shock. There goes my dream. Ugh.

“I’m up!”

The XX-Files

This is a story of Discovery.

(For those of you who read Part 1 before, I’ve done some slight refinements to it, and reloaded it, so you might want to re-read it! Thanks, Cindy!)

Sandy Andros, of the Aero Airplane Company, has been working at Aero for about 5 years. Being 25, and not having lots of attributes of Maleness, like a big, muscled, hairy body, or having a beard to speak of, only being 5’6” tall, and a whopping 120 lbs, looks like, and is, a Geek. In fact, he looks a lot like Gillian Anderson, Agent Dana Scully of the FBI, despite being Male!
He is asked by several of the Women of his area to go to the Firms Halloween Party as Agent Dana Scully with someone else as Agent Fox Mulder, because there is a Costume Contest, and the girls think Sandy, and a handsome Fox duplicate will win!
Sandy finds out something new from this escapade! Can you guess what?

A friend came out


So an old school friend of mine went on Facebook today and announced that they have just just changed their name and they are now transitioning from male to female. Of course I am happy for her and wish her all the luck and happiness in the world but I'm not sure I can see them again. I am afraid of what it will mean for me. I have been so deeply in denial and shoving these feelings down for so long that I am afraid of what will happen if I meet them. As it is the post has shaken so many things loose that my emotions and feelings are all over the place.


A sweet romantic story of boy meets girl(?)

As a freshly minted senior it was really beneath me to notice freshmen but for some reason I did notice the two of them. At first I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend even if the girl was a bit tomboyish. This was confirmed when I heard that they were called Taylor and Bobby. I really was surprised when I learned that the “girl” was Bobby and the boy Taylor. I could have sworn that Bobby was a girl. Well, we all make mistakes but I still found it hard to think about Bobby as anything but a girl. He gave off such feminine vibes!

Information requested on breast forms

Hello ladies, I'm a 'newbie' on this site and have read some great stories. I've had some writing experience but not in this genre, so I am trying my hand at it. My chief character buys some adhesive breast forms like those advertised on the home page. I understand they have to be removed on a regular basis. Can anyone tell me how often and how long they have to be kept off? Also can they be worn while having a bath or shower or will that loosen them?
Thanks for your help, Theresa

What if

When I was young I always used to love to read the What If comic by Marvel. When I try to write stories I always see so many different ways they could go with those characters. This led me to think if other people were the same. If they would read a story with the same plot but the story itself turns out completely different.

The Wager - Part 1

Tom made a stupid bet with a one time friend who turned bad. He could not lose, but he did. Now he is facing a transition to female in order to save his wife and his life. This happy heterosexual man has a long challenge ahead. The story is set in England and written in UK English. My apologies to US friends.


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