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The Permanent Sojourn of Mallory Sutherland

Meet Malcolm Sutherland, a sixteen-year-old forced to work a tough labouring job after his mother gets crippled in the same car crash that claimed his father. He longs for an out, but a whimsical purchase by a friend of his sister gives him one he wasn't expecting ...

The Change

When I look back it's hard to say when I first noticed what was happening. After all, it was not some sudden and very obvious thing, it happened very gradually at first.

I think the first thing I noticed was that I was getting the beginnings of the dreaded "man boobs". For a very long time I was in denial of course, but eventually I reached a point where I could not avoid it.

Secretary Chapters 1-13

In the bustling big city, where ambition and power reign supreme, “Secretary” weaves a tale of corruption, feminization, and domination. At its center is Irina, a formidable businesswoman with a penchant for control, who orchestrates a hypnotic journey of feminization for her unsuspecting employee, Alex.

Is anyone else having problems?

Not sure if it's me or if the site has been hacked, but had something new started happening. When I navigate to a new page, I'm getting porn sites popping open in a new browser window. It only seems to be happening on BCTS. Also seeing some Javascript exposed on the right hand menu in the Story Stats header.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Android Tablet V14.



Looking for a story...

The story I'm looking for is about a female demon who shapeshifts into a male teenager going to a school set like it was the medieval period.

Some more of the storyline: The land is split into 15-16 kingdoms, everyone rides robotic horses, the female demon gets herself a priestess in the form of a little girl who was adopted by a minor royal family.

Any help please- Thankyou


Trust Machines - New Year's Revolution

Gary and Leah get persuaded to join in when their friends decide it's time to make a dramatic New Year's Resolution - one that involves the transformation booths that have become common where they live...

(First time here, encouraged by magicshoppe to join the contest.)

A Resolution - of Sorts

December 28

It was three days after Christmas. I’d sent all the thank-you letters and finished all the left-overs. So now I could relax for a few days before the New Year’s Eve binge with my drinking mates.

And that thought set me thinking about the New Year and, for some odd reason, New Year resolutions, things I’ve never really given any consideration to, but perhaps I should. So for the first time, I did, doing a rapid assessment of how my life was going. Were there any facets of it that could do with improvement?

Mix-up at summer camp Parts 1-3

1. Departure

Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, however, his life took an unexpected turn.

'Til You Make It

Author's note: Here it is, my first story here, originally started as a New Year's Contest entry, but as the story played out, I felt I'd be truncating it too much to get it to 5,000 words. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration, getting me to move from reader to writer!

'Til You Make It
By Marissa Lynn

September 17
"Dammit! I can feel it right there, but, crap. Something's not right. I'm not right."

The Gray Knight

There once was a man named Elysium who had a death wish some might say. He was always getting himself into dangerous situations, and only barely just getting away. His time was spent most days plotting a revenge fantasy for someone who had wronged him in his past. And he made plans to carry out his deed before New years of 2024. This would be his last chance. He lived in a dingy vague apartment in Oregon state, cold, and dark, brown, fuzzy feeling, and damp.



Late last year I was asked to interview a resident of a care home. I was told that he was over ninety but still very lucid. It was in the build-up to Christmas and I couldn’t see the point for a fashion magazine, but his daughters were insistent that he had a story to tell our readers. I had my misgivings, but went along anyway with only my phone to record the interview.

Charlie walked with a frame and guided me back to his room with the help of his daughter Claire. Once seated, he began his tale.

My Hero

My Hero
A first (short) story by Suzi Auchentiber - I made it my New Year Resolution to try to join the ranks of writers and not just be an avid reader . . .just hope I can cut the mustard!

The mask I wear


As I sat in front of the bathroom mirror, I couldn't help but study the reflection staring back at me. My long, dark blonde hair flowed down my back like a cascade of silk, reaching well past my shoulders. The makeup palette before me held the power to enhance my deep blue eyes, making them pop with an almost mesmerizing intensity. My fingers delicately painted a subtle smoky eye, accentuating the already feminine features of my face.

Karen West

Well. I see the slime trolls have struck again. I presume our leadership will take down these badly done sales pitches for meds, probably from India from a few words I noted. I could be very wrong about that location. To the I charge script kiddies (how's that for an undeserved insult Piper?).......when I touched Karen's name, her page opened show casing the latest insults posted to her account. Is it possible for admin to over ride the account and delete these and the other similar posts that were made to the account in the past?

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Crafting an Effective Thematic Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Thematic essays serve as a means to explore and dissect a specific theme, analyzing its various aspects, significance, and implications. Writing a good thematic essay involves a structured approach, deep comprehension of the theme, and proficient articulation of ideas. Here’s a step-by-step guide from that will assist you in crafting a compelling thematic essay:

1. Understanding the Prompt

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Kaiser's restroom sign

I had a doctor's appointment to day at the Sunset Kaiser Clinic. It was simply a yearly wellness check. After seeing the doctor I needed to use the restroom. I've been going to the doctor totally en femme for about six or seven years now and I've been to the restroom there several times. As I refuse to use the men's room while not masquerading an average male, I've always used the women's room.

Today was the first time I encountered this sign outside the restroom.


Toni With An i - Part 1

Tony is reserved, calm and unflappable. Every Friday night he goes to Lads’ Night, his main social outlet, drinks beers and plays games. He doesn’t even particularly like games, or the challenges or bets that go along with them, despite being very good at them. But something will happen to Tony this Friday night. Something that will change him and reveal a part of him he didn’t even know existed.

In a perfect storm of coincidences, friends, and new friends, with depths he didn’t even begin to understand, Tony could be starting a journey to a very new life. The question is what will it take for Tony to realise the Toni in him isn’t just a strange indulgence for a single night? And what will the people around him do to push him towards accepting this?

The first part of a new and ongoing serial.

Phillipa Scoff Part 1

Phillip Scoff strolled down ITB’s studios, briefly smiling at one of the members of the crew who rushed by him. He had given decades of his career in entertainment to the tv broadcaster, capturing the attention of millions of Britain’s daytime tv watchers on This Morning. Himself and his much adored co-presenter Holly Wibbly, had won the show endless awards.

looking for a story

Hey i tried the search function but im not finding what i am looking for,
Im looking for a story about a con man or thief and his partner that go on the run and end up at the partner's rich mom's mansion. the main character has to pretend to be the partner's daughter while on the run and eventually the butler finds out her secert while the grandmother prepares her to be a young lady of society

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My Mom, My Cousin, and Me: Part 1

It was a scorching June day when this all took place. I was 13 and living alone with my single mom. I was homeschooled, but not sheltered from the world. My mom was my hero - my dad was gone before I was even born, so she raised me solo without any help, all while owning and operating her own successful salon. We did well for ourselves, had a nice house with a pool. Despite her busy schedule she always made time for me, and even though I was homeschooled I never felt coddled or alone with her parenting. I based a lot of my personality and work ethic off of her.


There has always been a thought in the back of my mind ever since I was a kid and was what I would do if time stopped for a day. Let me explain. What I mean is what if everything around me froze in place while I continued going about my usual day? People would stop walking, cars would stand still at traffic lights, and leaves would float in mid-air, with no wind to give them any direction. This is exactly what happened to me when I woke up that Friday morning.

sissygirl’s journey

Being about 5 or 6 I was mesmerized by my mother’s black patent purses and her lipsticks also my sister’s black patent Mary Janes, any chance I had I would go into her closet and reacquaint myself with those beautiful patent little girl shoes.

I would pick them up to get a closer look feeling the shiny smooth patent leather and playing with the buckle just in amazement of how pretty they were, if time allowed I would take them back to my bedroom to wear them.

Your New Little Sister

Sky is struggling to find a job, so he stays with his best friend Kelsey, but while she's away, he indulges in crossdressing and wearing diapers... until his best friend returns earlier than expected and finds her new baby sister! How will she respond, and what does this mean for their relationship?

Playing for the other team, Part 1

Authors note: This story is about a male athlete who realizes he is dysphoric over his penis and testicles and wants to get a vaginoplasty but stay a masculine man. One day an accident in practice makes that dream a reality. He and his teammate discover together that they have feelings for each other and navigate the complex situation together. It is a way to explore my own feelings towards gender and sex, but contains explicit gore and scenes not suitable for all audiences. Part 1.


Use caution when inflating something or it might POP.

“Okay, I'm on the bed and naked and you aren't ravishing me. What's the surprise, Richard?”

“We can ravish later,” he said. He gave her a peck on the cheek. “First, you have to close your eyes.”

“Okay,” she said. His face was inches from hers and she did not want to stop looking at him. But she did what he said. She inhaled and his scent filled her nostrils with joy.

He shifted his weight and she almost rolled into him. “Keep still,” he said as he slipped off the bed.

Mica to Mia Ch. 1

Mica wasn't like most people his age. At 18 years old he was only 4’ 8” tall and very slender, only weighing about 90lbs. It was always joked about in his family that he was the runt and the baby of his family. Little did they know how true that was…Mica had been planning a little adventure for himself for a while doing just that.

I know this may seem a little strange

hell – that concept fits me to a 'T' – to most of you but I could use a reader for something I am attempting. It isn't exactly Trans... but it isn't exactly NOT Trans. (How's that for a convoluted statement?)
Said reader must have some military background, a bit of science, and ( I presume ) everyone here has the Trans knowledge if not the experience.
My older sister was Trans. Originally my older brother she became my sister when she was around twelve. She was evicted to Europe shortly thereafter but she and I kept in touch.

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