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Why Would I Do That?

One evening whilst browsing the internet at home for e-books and interesting text files to download and read on my laptop to brighten up those dull evenings when away on business trips. As hotel internet access here in the UK costs an absolute fortune this was another step along the cost saving route.

New here


Hi to all.

Really enjoyed a few hours reading some wonderful stories which inspired me to register and begin to post.

I mainly enjoy writing ‘leader’ stories with an open end. This allows me and hopefully readers as well to imagine how things may work out.

Best wishes A.

A life Redone

The life of Emerald Jocelyn Stubbe is full of heart ache, but also wonder. When she died at the age of 41, she quickly finds herself 35 years in the past, only she's inhabiting the body of her six-year-old self. Will she break under the stress of reliving her life or will she make it better than it had been before.

Small Preview:

A Slow Change Part 1

It was late, and Andrew wanted to go to sleep, but he needed to get ready in the bathroom. Unfortunately, his sister was busy taking a shower. This was a regular occurrence late at night, and it was extremely annoying. He got impatient, so he knocked on the door and said, “Emma, can you please get out? I’d really like to get to bed.”

Chapter 1: the new town

Young girly boy max and his mother Cynthia, a tycoon worth untold amounts of money move to the town of alisonvile where things seemed perfect, but strange, for instance there were no boys or even tomboys every girl seemed the picture of femininity. However there was a secret to the town.

(Based on the Stepford wives)

Why do seemingly reasonable, logical...


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Why do seemingly reasonable and logical people choose to worship a sadistic egotistical narcissistic psychopath as their g-d?

And by extension, I have to wonder why it is that so many of the people in the TG world somehow choose to cling to this ridiculous notion that the Abrahamic g-d Yahwe(and by extension Jesus) is something to be worshipped? When if you read his biography in the book called bible, only show that it is the most diabolical egotistical sadistic psychopathic being in all of fiction…

How Charles Met Laurel


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This is the story of how Charles met Laurel. This unusually beautiful woman entered his life unexpectedly and his whole world turned upside down. Where did she come from? Who is she really? And can Charles' world survive the secrets she keeps? You'll have to read the story to find out. This will be my first full story, but I promise to do my best.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Gala
Chapter 2: The Best Friend

Dressed on the Farm: A Novel by Jane Futa is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!


US link:
UK link:


Shy, college-bound teen Daniel, who gets caught red-handed in the throes of naughty, panty fun. As punishment, he is given a choice: Go work on a farm for the summer, or endure three months at a camp for ‘misbehaved’ youth.

Dani's Turn

This is the story of Daniel, who was encouraged by his dying wife Jamie to find his happiness as Dani, his stillborn twin sister.

This is my first submission to Big Closet, I'm told this type of story may find a more appreciative audience here. Obviously comments are greatly appreciated.

Susie Saturdays

Hi, so I did write a story on here ages ago, but can't even remember what it was called (or what name I used). It never got finished anyway though, so here's something new, and it works quite well as a stand alone tale.

I decided to do something a little different with this, and set myself a bit of a challenge; I wanted to do a fairly sweet coming of age tale, something without overt sexuality in it, but that was still focused on a sissy. If that makes you want to not read this, well I think (or hope) you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Missing Without A Trace 2: Repercussions. Chapter 1

book cover

Missing Without A Trace 2:
Charles Schiman

Author's Note: This is a sequel to my Non-TG Novel, Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery by Charles Schiman.
This is also a non-tg novel. However, I am a male writing the novel first-person as a female. And I created Kelly as the female person I thought I could have become--my alter ego, if you will--had I been born a girl.

The first novel, Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery, is available for purchase online as a Nook Book at the Barnes and Noble Nook Store.


Will O' The Wisps - Prologue

Prologue – The Third Realm

When she concentrated she could feel it in the air around her, like a great cold emptiness that wished to seep into her skin and suck the life within her dry. She could always feel it somewhere in the back of her mind. A wrongness. A world without magic. And she had barely any magical ability to begin with! How could the mages who came here stand it?

Trying to track down a story

I'm a new member to this forum so please bear with me...

I am working my way through 'Gene's Story' by Karen Lockhart in which she makes reference to a story where, I quote:

'Another one I liked was about entertainers on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. A trio of girls needed a replacement singer, so a male cousin was talked into masquerading as a female.

I was wondering if anyone could identify that story/author for me.

Many thanks in advance
Tom (Taxidermist)

For The Greater Good

For The Greater Good

By Jamie Lee

My name is Michael Briden, an eighteen-year-old senior at Walter Ridge high school. Today is Friday, the last day of my incarceration, the last day I'll ever have to attend this sad excuse for a high school because tomorrow afternoon my class will walk across the stage and receive our high school diplomas. And Sunday will begin a new life for me and my two siblings. It will be the day Mark and I, die.

A Different Key

A Different Key

Walking home, taking the time to shout out something meaningless to a friend on the other side of the road, couldn’t stop the melody flying around in my head. The idea just sounded so good in my brain, sometimes with different variations, that I just “had” to work on it at home in dad’s studio after dinner. Mom’s hello followed by her telling me that her and dad were going out later on and wouldn’t be back till probably 2.30am or later, just made me more excited than ever.

Last word from KDP


I just received this at 10:43AM this morning.


Thank you for the e-mail concerning the status of your account.

After reviewing your response, we have reinstated your account, but we are upholding our previous decision to remove the following books from Amazon:

Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery (ASIN:B07BBW4T2X)
Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery (ASIN:B07BF9FKJ4)

Please note that you are ineligible to receive any KU and KOLL royalties related to these books.

Engineering isn't my thing

"Dear Amy McKinley, congratulations, we are happy to inform you that we have accepted your application to work with us. You will serve as part of the engineering department. Please report to the following address at 2pm on Thursday 06/04/52."

I re-read the letter for the hundredth time. Surely there had to be some sort of mistake. I thought I had applied for a job in the PR department of the European Cosmic Alliance, I was just a history student, certainly not cut out for engineering, knowing nothing about it and not really being in any shape for the manual labour required.

Robbie's Revelation Chap 1-3

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Robbie’s Revelation
Chapters 1 - 3

By Rebecca Jane
Copyright© 2016 Rebecca Jane
All Rights Reserved.

Robbie has been deceiving everyone around
him about who and what he really is.
This starts out as the day it all falls down on him,

or does it?

Becoming Trina: A Cross-Dressing Transgender Novel - New Book on Amazon

Word Count: Over 45,000+

"I want him so bad... but what if he finds out my secret?"

Sometimes secrets should stay secrets, right? At least, that's what I thought after I developed a secret fixation with dressing up as a girl. Being a shy nineteen year-old college guy is bad enough, but nobody could ever know the real side of me. But then Gavin Drake showed up and ruined everything. He's drop-dead gorgeous, and he's everything I've tried to deny myself in my quest to play the 'normal, straight college guy' role.

Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery

I have just published a short novella (97 pages) as an ebook using the Kindle publishing program. It is not a transgender story, although I wrote it as the first-person narrative of a female. It's called, Missing Without a Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery.

The Daydream Cafe

My head was bowed against the chilly wind as I made my way down the busy sidewalk. Above me, buildings loomed like giant grey dominoes, their blank windows reflecting the gloomy winter sky. I maneuvered through the crowd surging alongside me. It was four o’clock on a Friday, and everyone was eager to make it back home and slough off their coats, hats, gloves and scarves. I, however, was not headed home. My destination lay a little further ahead, on the corner of the block. I approached with haste, drawing my scarf more tightly around my face as tiny flecks of snow began to fall.

Translation of the ass


I will say this...tłumacz gogle jest chujowy,wypatrzył moje słowa...nie mniej mam żal do Amazon że traktuje Polskę po macoszemu (wiem że jest już AMAZON POLSKA) ale to nic nie zmienia,wielu nie anglojęzycznych chciałoby nabyć publikacje swoich ulubionych autorów....ale jak mówią ruscy ,,nie nada,,...zostaje to co Da BigCloset TopShelf...i łaska autorów...całuski za niesamowite opowiadania i nagroda złotego dębu dla Tania Allan (choć opuściła Big Closet i związała się z Amazonem ) złoty Dąb dla moich dwóch idolek Wolfjess i snowfall (brawo Alecia) ...grand Prix złotego dębu przypada elspet



I greet everyone cordially,I am a Pole who does not speak english,maybe a few words,I translate translating goggles with translator, I love Tania Allan,Wolfjess,Snowfall,Penny Lane,elspeth,Jennifer Sue,Maggie Finson,Monique S...pisses me that Amazon does not translators of books that i think would like to but many from not-english speaking countries.

Alex and Nicole (chapter 1)

I wrote this story a few years back and posted to another site, I finished it but didn't upload the final chapters.

I have edited the first chapter, made some changes and plan on a different ending, depending on how things go.


Fantasy Femdom Story

This is a story about an ultimate fantasy of mine…..

After a long wait it had come to that day I was both dreading and so looking forward to. The kids and puppy had been dropped off the night before with my mum and we were all alone at home getting ready for the weekend.

A Legal Trap - Chapter 1

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

Thank You for reading my story! I especially enjoy hearing your thoughts,
criticism, and ideas. Rachel M. Moore

March 8th, 10:46 AM
I had my head buried in briefs all morning and totally spaced on the
time, so it wasn't much of a surprise to look up and see Lisa standing
outside my office. I mouthed 'Sorry...' to which she just gave me a look
like, 'Girl, get your ass out here!'

Reflections: A Gamble

This is my first attempt at posting something on here so please forgive any mistakes in format or anything else.

Anyway here is a small teaser of a story that I have been kicking around for a bit. It’s still a bit rough but I figured let you’ll get a taste. It may be a little bit until I post the first chapter and really get underway I hope y’all enjoy.

Reflections: Gamble


A cry rent the night from the depths of the palace a cry not of terror but of pain and joy, The princess had been born.

A Woman-less Beauty Pageant: It was the zipper’s fault 1

The aggravation and time consumption of preparing for the Woman-less Beauty Pageant was getting on everyone’s nerves. Tempers and the dresses were getting short for all involved.

“Drew, could you zip my dress up please?” Ronnie asked his friend. Drew snorted and asked “Ronnie, have you ever worn a bra before?" “Why do you ask” was Ronnie’s response.

Interview with a rager

Interview with a rager

The security officer unlocked and opened the heavy door to the isolation cell. Inside there was a person, curled up on in the corner on the far side. There was nothing else in the room, no chair, no bed, no toilet.

“Get up you dammed heathen, Mrs. Carson is here to talk at you,” the guard barked, walking over and using the end of his nightstick to punch the prisoner in the kidney. When he didn’t move, the guard drew the baton back to deliver a full power blow. He turned his head when he was prevented from completing the swing.

The Girl with the Silver Scales - Prologue

So this is my first attempt at writing a story for the Whateley Universe. I originally started this several years ago but after a few chapters I found myself with serious writers block. Recent stories on here and on the Whateley site have encouraged me to reattempt the story. This is only the prologue. There is hopefully much more to come. Of course any help would be appreciated and if you spot any mistakes or issues don't hesitate to let me know. I will apologise in advance if I have made any mistakes with the lore.

Into The Light - Part 1

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 1 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 1 - Emergence

When most people think of Los Angeles they think of traffic. Lots of traffic, with cars jammed onto the numerous freeways all creeping along like ants stuck in molasses trying to get every which way at speeds that cause everyone’s gas mileage to suffer horrible degradations. When just one of the main routes from the ‘westside’ to ‘the valley’ underwent construction that required its closing, the news media dubbed those weekends of closures ‘Carmageddon’.

Tonight’s traffic was infinitely more deserving of that name.

Editor proofreader needed

What I need: A proofreader, and possibly an editor. Someone to check spelling, grammar etc. Also someone to help me with flow and consistency issues.
What I'm working on: A Whateley fan fiction or Whateley independent fiction.
What I have: Currently about 10,000 words +- a few... I'm not stuck per se, but can see some issues with what I have written.
What is posted: look here to get an idea of what I'm writing.
Thank you for your help!

Coming Soon. The next installment of Lipstick Discipline!

Most people here are familiar with Amber and Daphne's Lipstick Discipline series. IMHO, it's one of the better TG fiction pieces ever created.

A long time has passed though, since we've seen an update. I for one have been patiently waiting to read the next installment.

Standardized Deviation Ch. 1

Alright. Longtime reader, first time poster. I think I started tuning in around the end of the Bush (the lesser) years. Here's the beginning of a pretty basic story that I think could be fun.

If you like it and want more, say that and I'll post the continuation.

If you hate it and want me to kill myself. Maybe just say that you don't like it.

It's whimsical, it's dark, it's twisted and borderline nonsensical.

Chapter One


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