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A Trip to the nail salon

My name is Jacob and I’m going to tell you about my trip to the nail salon and what it led too. I am 18 years old and a typically masculine guy. I like sports and I like girls although I’ve never had much luck with them. So now that I set the stage my story happened earlier this year when I was talking to my cousin Carol (45 years old) after I helped her move something in her house.







A family under surveillance and an intercepted voice command to a Google-Smart-Speaker -
"OK Google! Help me be a Girl,"
has ramifications that ripple across families while bringing change to three young lives and possibly to mankind.

Authored by Angela - the youngest daughter of the legendary J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock Esquire.

...your life is about to change!

The Demon and I

Chapter One

My life was boring before I met Kaen, though met is not an entirely accurate way to describe our first encounter. I was David a thirty-five-year-old single warehouse worker. I was just an average middle age man nothing really to look at, in fact, if you saw me you probably forgot me a short time later. At five feet ten inches and a frame that could hide behind a light pole, I didn't really have ladies knocking on my door either. I spent most of my time at work or home watching anime. That changer a summer night last June.



By Julia

Chapter 1

(note from the author. This story will have intense situations, and extreme brutality. It will also have some sexual situations, but not much. That isnt my style. )

A young and embittered woman is out for revenge against the family that betrayed and abused her. This is intended to be a long tale. I just hope I can make it not cliche or stupid

How to ask about stopped stories

What is the appropriate way to ask about serials that seem to have recently stopped? I can think of three different possibilities:

A: Ask about author in a blog post;
B: Ask about author in comment to last post;
C: Send private message to author.

(There is also D: Consult Magic-8 Ball, and don't bother the author.)

Pushing the Limits- Part 1

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It all started with a simple job application at the local mall. At 21, Evan was a college student who still had no clue what he wanted to do in life. At some point during the first two years of college, he had decided on a major in communications, with a minor in business, since he figure it might be helpful to have in the long run. Presently, however, Evan was gainfully unemployed and currently living on the money from student loans.

New Story Idea:Looking for Feedback

The story involves a guy, Evan who gets a job at a lingerie store in a mall. Evan ends up getting manipulated by Savannah, the daughter of the shop's owner, who also works at the store . She ends up turning him into Erika, her sissy pet, and pushes his limits. Evan ends up loving it, but gets conflicted since he already has a girlfriend who has no idea. Things start to get out of hand when Savannah takes him to a fetish party and both are placed into some pretty compromising situations.

Malt and Hops 1

Charles is happy in his own space until he is drawn out into the open

Malt & Hops

Charles was just about resisting the temptation to go on YouTube. He’d been pounding spreadsheets since early in the morning and needed a break. The upside was that he was working from home and avoiding the A38(M) and M6 traffic jam. He intended to take a break soon and get some housework done, as a single man he only had himself to look after but he liked an orderly house.

Breast feeding

Since my transition many years ago every few months my breasts will produce milk.
I went to my doctor and she informed me that it is normal that it simply happens when my progesterone levels drop.
I have a neighbor who is a good friend who recently had a baby and was adamant that she wasn't going to use formula ever for her children. A couple of months after giving birth she became ill and her doctor advised her to stop breastfeeding immediately for the babys health.

Curtain Fall Chapter 01

I’ve always been fond of “what if” ideas and I’ve long wondered what would happen if a world altering cosmic event were to occur.One of my favorite stories along this line is “The Day the World Changed” by Morpheus and a book called “Wearing the Cape” by Marion G. Harmon. I highly recommend you try it! This is also my first attempt at story writing so please offer constructive criticism and hopefully encouragement!

Curtain Fall

Chapter One

Rio de Janeiro Blue Chapter 1


Thursday October 19th 2000

The bell above the door to the salon tinkled as I entered, and a young woman bounded enthusiastically from the rear of the shop to meet me.


“Hello. I, er, have an appointment for nine this morning…”

“Yes. It was me you spoke to on the phone. I’m Lucy, by the way.” She beamed engagingly. “So…you’re here for the works, pretty much…”

“Yeah. Hence the early appointment.” I smiled back.

“Hot date tonight?”


The Lord of Petty Revenges (LoPR Part I)

Anthony Danforth has a talent for enacting revenge on those that irritate him in life. He learns a new talent during the course of his schemes and then uses it to enact the ultimate revenge on his annoying neighbour.

Warped Space - Chapter 1

Warped Space - Chapter 1
By Misty Steppes

Welcome to my first story! Be warned, this may receive a rewrite at some point, but I'm not going to do much good staring at it so I might as well let it out into the wild. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear comments or criticism down below.

Just Like Auntie - ep1

DISCLAIMER: These are not real events, these are indeed story's

This is also my first time publishing so have at it and feel let me know how I'm doing.

Ep2/3 is where things get interesting


TG related event in Nicosia, Cyprus

Blog About: 


Today, 27th of November 2018 @ 18:30 and on the 28th of November 2018 @ 17:30, Ms Jessica Lynn, transgender activist from the US, will attend/hold an information event at the University of Nicosia and at the CVAR, Severis Foundation in Old Nicosia, Cyprus.
Please see the links below for further information:
Trans activist to speak about her journey at two Nicosia venues this week

Godmother Chp. 1

"Henry, I got a new assignment for you," my boss told me, slamming a small stack of papers down on my desk, "You ever hear of the 'Godmother'?" I gave him a nod to confirm. "Great, that makes things easy," he said, already turning to leave, "See you tomorrow."

The Observers Group

I wanted to thank the readers of Big Closet for taking the time to look over my first attempt at contributing a story here.

It’s obviously a work in progress and needs much more effort to make the grade. But, this fulfills my desire to give something back to this site. I’ve anonymously been coming here to read all of your stories for a while now and just wanted to give it a try myself.

I’ve got about twenty-thousand words written and will continue to post the chapters here, but I just wanted to thank you for your acceptance and patience.

HL Keys

Out Centre 1

Fourteen-year-old Douglas often feels his twin gets the better of him in their deals. The latest has him trying to ensure he doesn't lose his twin's U15 soccer teams good birth into their playoffs. Their step-mum caught them trying to swap, where Douglas would do his twin's detention. So now he is playing soccer for the first time this year. Of course neither his step-mum or step-dad know this, because they thought it was Douglas's U15 soccer team. Breanne is on the girl's field hockey team.

Out Centre
By Fallen Leaf - Playing in Lilith Langtree’s The Center



I've been reading for years but this is the first time I've signed up and now when I went to post the first part of the story, I messed up. But, in signing up I managed to screw up where I don't have any way to access posting or editing a story. I need help from someone behind the curtain.

Thank you,


Journal (Cheerleader TG)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Yeah, so I'm grounded this weekend, and I found this journal my grandma got me a few years ago. Beyond the smell, it's a pretty good journal.

Anyway, explanations. Today at lunch, Christine was acting like a jerk as usual-your stereotypical blonde. I overheard her trash-talking my friends, and I went over to her and slammed my lunch tray in her face. It was worth it to hear her scream. She deserved it.

But I had to go to after-school detention today, and my parents grounded me. Whoopty-doo.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Series of Dumbfounding Events

As I have not done this before, I am testing to see how this comes out. I will amend once I figure it all out. I have not done code in a while and I am working through it. Thank you for your patience with me.


Queen for a Day is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!


US link:
UK link:


When college bro Eric's friend enters him into the random drawing to be the town's fall festival 'pumpkin queen' at the annual parade, he's livid. When - against all odds - he's chosen, he decides to get revenge on his best friend, Blake.

Amber pt 1


My name is Dr. Amber Michelle Reid, MD. And this is my story. Currently I am a family practice physician. Happily going on 20 yrs married to a great man, Gregory Paul Reid Jr. We have 7 daughters, Yep, 7 girls. One set of identical quadruplets who are 17 and one set of identical triplets who are 16. I am also a transgender. Yes, I was born a boy. That is the story I am going to tell.

Alexis Book 1: Family - Prologue

Prologue- Those 3 Years

Even now, after three long years, her words were still engraved in my memory.

‘I’m gonna be honest with you,’ she had said to me that day. ‘It won’t always be easy. And it won’t always be fun and games. But if this is truly what you want, if this is truly what you believe you need, then it’ll all be worth it. You’ll always have my love and support. You only get one chance at life, you have to live it your way.’

And that’s how the best 3 years of my life began.


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