Curtain Fall Chapter 28

Curtain Fall Chapter 28
Curtain Fall2.jpgWhen you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
You still have all of me, me, me

— “My Immortal” Evanescence



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Welcome dear readers! I’m an old person who has blessedly been able to live without real regrets save one. I was gifted to know the love of my life, and I eagerly await the day I can join her in our next cycle on this playground. Maybe we’ll even switch places next time! ;-)

The final chapter!

Well I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my first story! I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far and will enjoy the last chapter. Now will come a period where I'll work on proofreading and such. As a number of you have suggested it is actually a book worthy effort I'm going to look into it. Have no fear, I'm not eager to rush into this, so this story won't be going anywhere in the near future...

Curtain Fall Chapter 27 is out now...

And it is likely the penultimate chapter! I've been really enjoying writing this, hopefully the first of my stories, but it will soon reach its conclusion. So... Has it been worth the read? One of the readers, Sara Hawke, offered some helpful critiques (thank you for the respectfully presented opinions Sara :-) ). Are there others? Questions unanswered? Did you like the world I created?
How about the writing style in general? I honestly would like them as it will hopefully help with future efforts.

Curtain Fall Chapter 27

Hey again! Do you remember a while back that in my blog I mentioned I was conflicted as to a direction I planned on taking this story? Well I made my choice. Warning here: This is a very intense and dark chapter. In spite of that I hope you enjoy it!

BTW, I found an even more appropriate theme for this chapter: "We are the Truth!"

Curtain Fall Chapter 26

Curtain Fall2.jpg

“Vengeance, retaliation, retribution, revenge are deceitful brothers—vile, beguiling demons promising justifiable compensation to a pained soul for his losses. Yet in truth they craftily fester away all else of worth remaining.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich, The Tarishe Curse

Curtain Fall Chapter 24

Curtain Fall Chapter 24
Curtain Fall2.jpg

The next day carried on in much the same way as the visit to the market. At Adra’s insistence, Turi continued her showing the Tarneeran people in their everyday lives. Carol came along, with great eagerness this time, to be by Adra and to increase her exposure to conversational Tarneeran, Together, the three exposed Adrasteia to many more aspects of the Tarneeran society.

Not gone!


I know the postings have trailed off a bit, but between this problematic back and my unusual responce to Steroids (unlike the majority of humanity, they sedate me) I’ve not been productive. I am still at it and will post by Monday at the latest! You will see Chapter 23 shortly!

Curtain Fall Chapter 22

Curtain Fall Chapter 22
Curtain Fall2.jpg

David made a small groan as he leaned back from what seemed his twentieth examination of the images that they’d captured of what had happened in the ceremonial circle on the Tirielen palace grounds. His eyes itched with fatigue and he gently rubbed them as he thought about what he’d seen.

Curtain Fall Chapter 21

Curtain Fall Chapter 21
Curtain Fall2.jpg

With her mind in a state of shock/outrage and relief Jill gazed around her. Her relief was from seeing that Carol hadn’t actually been seriously injured and shock and at the alien leader’s plea for mercy. Anarra still lay prostrate while Mridulae knelt a few feet away looking at her in confused awe. The remainder of the women had fled the immediate area.

Still here...

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I apologize for the delay in Chapter 21. As often seems the case, important aniversaries seem to collect events... The Aniversary was the date my beloved passed, which messed with my muse. Around this time also sprang, however, non-life threatening but distracting medical issues which had me spending time in the Emergency Room! It seems that an old knee injury has affected me enough that I’ve thrown my back out as well! I’m sure you can understand the SPECIAL kind of pain that can manifest when your back informs you that nerves are being pinched!

Curtain Fall Chapter 19

Curtain Fall2.jpg Forward -
Sorry for taking so long to post this but I hit two major impediments:
1: Suffered a bit of writer’s block
2: Discovered r/chooseybeggers, r/maliciouscompliance, r/revengepro and r/entitledparents! (Hilarious YouTube streams of them being read.)


Curtain Fall - Chapter 19


Well I can still say that, at least as of Chapter 16 of Curtain Fall, I’m still having a blast telling the story! It’s fun to bring a world into focus. I also suspect, however, that the last chapter was a bit darker than some were expecting. In some ways I’m strangely pleased that my revelation of one of the ancient weapons appalled many of you. I do hope that it won’t push you away though.

The next chapter hopefully backs away from such a bit and I can show that even the villain is more than just a “Snidely Whiplash” cartoon.

Curtain Fall Chapter 16

In this chapter we gain more understandings of what the Curtain Fall may have done; and we learn more about Kadrapraba's thoughts and logic. From it we also receive a small insight into how and why the Tarneerans organize themselves and enforce their won hierarchy...

Curtain Fall Chapter 13

Curtain Fall - Chapter 13

Itimori and De’elen moved steadily through the lush environment, proceeded by a lightly clothed protector armed with his standard combat pole-arm. Following was a second who was tasked with pulling supplies via a wheeled pack. The remaining two were flanking the women out of view.

Other than weaponry there was little machinery in evidence. It had been concluded that the ability to recharge any powered transportation or device might be problematic, so it had been decided to go without until they might acquire such from the aliens.


Oh brother.. It's been a busy week; and that combined with this coming chapter being harder than normal to write I have to apologize for taking so long to post this Chapter 13 of the story. Busy because work wound up being more productive than usual, and writing this week required me calling on memories of some hard times for inspiration, so that made writing that much harder.

I honestly feel that grief is an essential part of life, a Payment, as it were, for the love we may be blessed with. But damn... It can really suck...

Hey folks!

Hey folks, for all the years I’ve been reading and loving stories on this site, I never looked into the subtleties of the site. I never noticed the blog function before!

Since I started trying to write for the first time, I thought I’d start a blog as well as an experiment. I can’t promise I will post a lot (I’ve never been good with things like diaries) but I think I’ll give it a try.

I’d like to invite others to ask questions and offer helpful criticisms about the first (hopefully) of my stories and ultimately about me if you want.

Curtain Fall Chapter 11

Curtain Fall - Chapter 11

Posted in the Albuquerque Village

To Adrasteia -

I and my friends were spellbound by our first true meeting! Your spirit, beauty and cleverness found us utterly captive to the force of your personality! You have truly won me over, and gained the respect of my companions! Please forgive their earlier rambunctiousness. They were simply feeling over-protective. Perhaps we can meet in a public place to show to all concerned that there are no hard feelings?

Curtain Fall Chapter 10

Curtain Fall - Chapter 10

Adam stood as the elevator opened on the floor housing director Feber’s entourage and looked out on the floor. He entered the hall and walked to the director’s room and knocked firmly on the door. After a pause the door opened and a man stepped forward and up to Adam.

“Please state your business sir.” The tall lean man asked with little expression.

Adam responded loudly enough to be heard by those within the room, “Good morning, my name is Adam Bosarge of the Albuquerque Journal and I’d like to discuss why deputy director Feber is here.”

Curtain Fall Chapter 09

Curtain Fall - Chapter 09

The next day after meeting with Adam, Jill called him again as she drove home from work.

“Good afternoon Adam! I hope I’m not calling you at a bad time?”

She heard him coughing up some beverage he was drinking through the phone and he gasped, “NO! Uh, no! I can talk. I can talk anytime you need to speak with me Lady Adrasteia!”

Curtain Fall Chapter 06

Curtain Fall - Chapter 06

Weeks had passed and Jill and Carol sat on a bench in the outdoor lunch area at work. They reveled in being able to comfortably eat out side in the sun of one of the first warm spring days. Having just finished her meal Jill had, eyes closed, turned her face up to the sun. “I know we’ve had a mild winter but it is so nice to feel the warmth of a nice spring day, you know?”

“Yes, I know how you fe-“, Carol started to respond but was interrupted by a co-worker who rushed out of the lunchroom shouting with excitement.

Curtain Fall Chapter 05

—Excerpt from Presidential Security Council Meeting 3/5/35–

Yes sir, we’ve received our first reliable reports back from the zone in Nevada and initial reports from the Amazon region in South America. As you can see from the aerial and the first on-ground photos, these Probability Singularities we’ve seen in the atmosphere continue to be significant, even catastrophic threats.

Curtain Fall Chapter 03

Curtain Fall - Chapter 03

Carol piloted the car carefully into the morning daylight. They began to see increasing numbers of people coming out of buildings. Most seemed to be cautiously exploring the nearest wrecks. A number, however, were just looking up into the morning sky. Curious, Gill craned his neck to look up out of the car as well and let out a curse, “Holy crap! Giant bubbles are way up in the air!”

Curtain Fall


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Curtain Fall2.jpg

I’ve always been fond of “what if” ideas and I’ve long wondered what would happen if a world altering cosmic event were to occur. A few of my favorite stories along this line is “The Day the World Changed” by Morpheus and a book called “Wearing the Cape” by Marion G. Harmon. I highly recommend you try them! This is also my first attempt at story writing so please offer constructive criticism and hopefully encouragement!

Curtain Fall Chapter 02

Before —
Finally the two got to Carol’s apartment door and after unlocking pushed in. Carol pushed Gill a bit more roughly into the living room than necessary as the rigid control she’d been holding over her emotions relaxed now that she was in a ‘safer’ location, then closed the door locking it and sliding the deadbolt.

As the body she thought ‘might’ contain Gill stood quivering and tightly holding what Carol now had time to observe and confirm was “herself”, Carol’s control slipped and she barked, “All right! Who are you really, and what’s happened to my friends!?!?”

Curtain Fall Chapter 01

I’ve always been fond of “what if” ideas and I’ve long wondered what would happen if a world altering cosmic event were to occur.One of my favorite stories along this line is “The Day the World Changed” by Morpheus and a book called “Wearing the Cape” by Marion G. Harmon. I highly recommend you try it! This is also my first attempt at story writing so please offer constructive criticism and hopefully encouragement!

Curtain Fall

Chapter One

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