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A relevant fundraising campaign

Hey everyone! has an Indiegogo campaign going for a new style of tucking panties. They're designed for all-day wear, unlike the thong gaffs that everywhere else sells. As a bonus, people who don't necessarily need them can instead donate pairs to Point of Pride, who donate binders and forms (and now these!) to low-income transgender individuals.

Guide to fast Gender and Name Changes on Identity Documents

Several of my friends put together a guide for transgender individuals who are trying to update their identity documents as quickly as possible, before Trump's administration takes over and puts much of this in jeopardy.

Gauging Interest

Hey everyone!

I was knocking around ideas for a follow-up to my Adventure contest entry, and thought it might be fun to try doing an interactive story. The world is already based on D&D and similar fantasy RPGs, why not let the readers give some input into the characters' actions?

So, thoughts?

North Carolina rams through anti-transgender law.


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In an act of massive fuckery, North Carolina's legislature convened a special session today and rammed through a law overruling all local non-discrimination ordinances in the state, in order to block a new Charlotte ordinance slated to take effect in April which would allow trandgender individuals to use the correct bathrooms.

Tales of Adventure: The Star-Crossed Swords

The Star-Crossed Swords

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The four women of the Star-Crossed Swords adventuring company have something in common...

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I really hate my skin...


I shaved on Thursday for the first time in about a week, which is about how often I usually do it. I shaved again just now in anticipation of going out tonight, and for the love of monkeys, you'd think I used a cheese grater to do it. I even made sure to use a fresh blade, but nooooooo, let's have whole patches of little micro-nicks all around my Adam's apple and on my jawline. And this happens almost every time I shave more than once or twice a week. *sigh*

Three Wishes, Epilogue

Be careful what you wish for. If you're lucky, you just might get it!

(Sephrena asked me to do an epilogue to make sure it met all of the contest requirements, so here it is, hopefully squeaking in under the wire.)

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