A Request

So, I came across something today that I think I need to address. First and foremost, just so there's no misunderstanding, I greatly appreciate everyone who has purchased my work or read it through the Kindle Unlimited program. I also appreciate the many compliments that have been left on Amazon. That being said, I ran across something in the comments section of one of my books that is a bit concerning to me. For my book Resurgence, which is book 1 of my Entwined Fates series, someone left a comment regarding it on Amazon.

I'm BACK baby!

Well, much to my insanely great relief, I just received an email from Amazon informing me that after conducting an audit it was discovered that my account was terminated in error and I've been fully reinstated. Everything seems to be back to the way it was, though the Kindle books aren't yet available. My guess is it'll take a little bit of time to reactivate them in the store but it shouldn't be long. I just want to thank everyone here who offered me such great support and advice about what to do if things ended up going to a worst-case scenario.

The joys of dealing with Amazon

So, on Saturday, I was in the middle of shopping for groceries when I received this email from Amazon's KDP division:

Due to repeated Content Guideline violations in regards to books you have submitted through your account, specifically books that disappoint our customers, we are terminating your account and your Agreement effective immediately.

Call of the Hunt: An Awakened Novel


For Aiden, bladecraft was life. It was all he ever wanted to do. School, friends, a social life, none of that could ever compare. To say it was a calling would be an understatement. It was a family tradition he was more than happy to continue.

High Heels in a Minefield



Life had been pretty simple for Ray. Eat, sleep, draw, and geek out over anime and manga with his small circle of friends. So when one of those friends suggested engaging in some cosplay for an upcoming Comicon as some of their favorite anime characters, it sounded like the perfect summer activity. That was until he found out just which character he was supposed to be.

What started as a fun idea quickly turned into a mixture of inner conflict and self-discovery that Ray had never known even existsed and served as the root for one of the most dramatic and uncertain changes in his young life. The question was, would this roller coaster be a fun-filled thrill-ride, or a complete derailment of everything in his life.

Now available on Amazon

May 25th Update

So, just a quick update on what has been happening as of late. I've been working on my second book and it's nearly complete. All that's left is a bit of editting to do, choose a really cool cover, and publish. I've already started working on refreshing my Whateley series so it's non-whateley, which basically means rewritting most the entire first book, which is what I'm currently working on. I don't get nearly as much time to write as I'd like so hopefully it won't take long to do.

I'm Not Dead

Okay, so in case you're confused, the title of this blog post is a Monty Python joke, not a response to some rumor that I've shed my mortal coil or anything. Many who frequent this site and are kind enough to give my work a look and even a comment or two time and again might be wondering why the story well has dried up so suddenly. Well, things have become a bit complicated as of late. As you may know, I finally published Prom Changed Everything on Amazon and I must say it's doing so much better than I had ever hoped.

Mystery of the Vanishing Story


So, those of you who follow my work, for which I am eternally grateful for, might notice a rather significant change has taken place with my postings in that my Prom Changes Everything series has had the entirety of the body of work removed. That's because...well...I have no clue how to actually delete the post itself until the BCTS gods and goddesses hear my pleas and are able to remove it for me. But I guess you want to know why it's been removed in the first place. Well, that's because I finally took the quite scary plunge of actually publishing this book on Amazon today.

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