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The Huntress Chronicles, Huge Update

I've done a huge amount of editing on all my stories. Nothing too bad, just taking away the bold from them. Using Bold/Italicize/Underline/ect didn't give the effect I wanted. I wanted it to be a way to separate human and monster voices but instead I was given feedback it just confused people, and so I've fixed it and removed it from every story.

Midnight Prowl

Out for a food run, Carmelita saves a young woman from a fate worse than death. That act of kindness will emerge things inside her heart that she never knew were there. Those feelings that will cause her to supersede the will of the Goddess herself

Book 2 chapter one is FINALLY FINISHED!

The Huntress Chronicles book 2 chapter 1 is OUT!

I hope you all enjoy it, I'm sorry it took so long. I had a very messy and terrible break up and it has been... devastating me. Also this covid 19 situation has me scared for my life.

Thank you for all who stayed, I hope you enjoy this latest chapter. I cant wait to see how many of you correctly guessed the truth, or found out you were horribly wrong about everything hehehe :D


Victoria and Cecilia are two best friends plagued by bullies. Victoria wants to protect Cecilia but she cant, there are too many witnesses. However, even in the darkest of times true love can blossom as long as you have patience.

Some small cosmetic changes

There isn't really any huge changes, just fixing typos and changing it to books of a series called the Huntress chronicles, also changed the name of the first chapter to Mother knows best. Because I really liked the name of "To save a monster" as the name of the whole first book.

Again, you do NOT need to reread anything, it's just some cosmetic changes, I am still working on the next book's chapter, I hope to be finished with it before may but I might be finished before that. I'm so glad all of you could enjoy this bizarre journey with me. I hope you enjoy what's coming next.

Book one is finished!

Book one is finished of my story, it has been a wild ride and I hope you all enjoy what's coming. I know my story is hella weird, and probably not what you are used to, but for those who stayed, I am ever so grateful. One thing however that I will NEVER do again, is not name my antagonist right away. This chapter alone took all my effort to describe a character's actions who I don't have a name for, but I still want to stick to his true nature. So yeah next story I write, NEVER GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN UGH.

I am sorry about Chapter 2 and Chapter 3!!!

I am SOOO sorry my friends. I thought I did a FULL post of chapter 3 but I only did half and so people went into the interlude and chapter 4 without realizing what was going on. I am sooo sooo sorry! I fixed it but JEEZ I apologize.

I also HEAVILY fixed Chapter 2, the fraternity scene is nowhere near the same at all. And I changed a lot to make it more fluid. I hope you enjoy the changes, and I apologize for the first posting of Chapter 2, I deeply regret the way I posted it. I was not in a good place mentally and I did a poor job for all who read it.

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is part one of the final two chapters of Book one, I know I didn't make that clear but it feels easier to end book one here once part two is shown. Content: Evil Muse, Mass murder of Innocents, Hyper Conservative Christian, Giving a Child Electroshock Therapy, Torturing children, Bizarre transformations, Nightmare Creatures, Turning man into animal, Turning fantasy creature into a human, Obscene unnecessary violence, BDSM, Consensual Hypnosis

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Interlude

This is the talked about Rose's birthday, and Xmas for our friens. This story features no creatures or monsters, instead it is about what happens on Xmas day and Rose's birthday. It's meant to be a cute little interlude until the real terror begins. I hope you enjoy ♥

I am sorry

I was so very wrong, I am so sorry. I understand why people ask for kudos and comments now. It's so depressing when you have tons of reads and no comments or anything.

I didn't realize how upsetting it feels when you work so hard, research like hell, make sure to not be racist in your depictions of monsters, even do tons of research. Even doing things like the EXACT temperature that was there when it was that time period and people still don't care.

The Huntress Chronicles Heavy Editing

For those that like my story or care. I heavily edited the first 3 episodes of The Huntress Chronicles. I needed to put them more in line with my vision. I did not like the way I told them and needed to fix a few things. I hope that doesn't put you off, I know going back and reading isn't fun but honestly you don't have to. I did change some things but they aren't huge enough to warrant a reread.

Sorry about the Huntress

Sorry I might not have the story out before Xmas, I was hoping to but I'm having a bit of trouble to get it finished. Also my family is going to pick me up for Xmas and it's going to be impossible to work on it then as I wont be at my pc. I'm sorry friens and loyal readers. I apologize... I guess the surgery took more out of me than I thought

For my Huntress story

I was given help to make it into a single entity so it would come across as chapters but it's honestly is more meant to be like short tales (I say short but my second one is like 12k words xD) that all interconnect and explain things about MOnique's life and the mess she's found herself in. The story has been renamed to the Huntress Chronicles, with each one being labeled as Part 1, part 2 ect. So for anyone that was confused, that's the new name, sorry for the confusion

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Chapter 2

After the fight with the Elf, Monique learns the consequences of getting involved with the monster that killed Enrique. She finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Manuel but before anything more can happen there is another monster on the loose and it's up to Monique to deal with her changes and find a way to stop it!

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Chapter 1

Monique has it hard enough as a Trans woman. But she also has to fight Elves, Faeries and things that go bump in the night. On top of that suddenly she has to take care of a little girl? What is a girl to do?
Edited by the lovely msblackandblue, without her this wouldn't have been possible <3 Also lovingly supported by my Hunnie, thank you for everything

How do you submit stories to this site?

How do you submit stories to this site/ Like the formatting and stuff? I've never done it before but I finally have a story completed and would like to submit it for my friends to see or anyone else who would like to see my weird stuff xD I finally finished one, and got it edited and stuff but I don't know how to do it and I don't want it to come out all janky ;-; So any help would be SUPER appreciated

TG storytime Help

I was wondering if there was a way to Block certain authors on TG Storytime? There is an author on there that refuses to use she/her pronouns for Trans Women characters and I'm sick of seeing their disgusting trans misogyny. I've thought about reporting them but I doubt the admins will care but I could be wrong. Has anyone had any luck with the report function? I'm asking because I'm not going to bother if this person will be protected and nothing will be done. If anything I'd just like the ability to remove them from my list so I don't have to see any of their terrible work.

I never thought I'd ask this

I never in all my life thought I'd ask for this, but as I'm clearly out of options I figure, what the hell. Might as well try it.

What most of you may not know is I used to have a plethora of stories that I wrote up until at 21 years of age I had a massive amnesia happen. And now I haven't been able to write a single new decent story. I've not been happy with any of them so I keep throwing them away. I got plenty of ideas, (my muse is always giving me ideas, but she's evil so....) but I just cant get them off the ground.

A cute comic depicting a serious issue


This cute comic depics a serious issue:

Unfortunately for Sandrx they very much exist. In my old group we called them Benjies (Harry Benjamin Standards of Care) as they actually think there is such a thing as a "true Transsexual."

A pressing Bikini Beach question

I recently read the latest bikini beach installment on FM today and I had a pressing question that I wondered the answer to. When it comes to the magicks of bikini beach, is it just a transformation as in they were born female or is it a permanent female template in the case of lifetime passes.

Calling all catfolk!

After seeing several posts by Extravagance, I began to wonder... are there any more catfolk on Big closet? Being a catgirl myself, I also am curious if there are any other catgirls, or catboys on the site too? Or who are interested in talking with other cat furries.

Please note this isn't a dating add, I'm happily taken by my soulmate but just am curious if there are any other cat furries on this site that'd like to make some friends mew. Not to exclude anyone who isn't a furry or specifically a cat furry, I'm just curious is all meow ;3

Several updates and a question

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First off I just want everyone to know I'm alive and well, my mother, aunt and grandmother all survived the accident. They are now recovering, and the one who was hurt the most, was my grandfather as he was the driver and came out without a scratch. He feels horribly guilty still, but I don't blame him. He couldn't help it, he had an episode while driving, it could happen to anyone. I just hope he finds peace in his heart to forgive himself.

Oh dear God please let her be all right...

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My mother... was on a vacation while my grand father drove to North Dakota... but then while driving on a mountain he had a heart attack... and they drove off a cliff. The car was stuck so far down they had to be air lifted to the hospital. My mother is in intensive care... I'm hoping to God she'll be okay. I'm so scared for her... so scared mew *sobs*

I wish to apologize

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I wish to apologize for my previous behavior mew. Concerning keywords, in the past I have ranted that people have misused key words to try to hook certain types of readers, when I didn't think that maybe they DID fit the keywords just not in the way I was thinking. For instance, sweet and sentimental, it's hard to believe any sort of forced story could be sweet and sentimental, but there are ways. For instance, if there's a cute romance between two villains, then that's the romance tag, and could even count as sweet and sentimental.

Interesting Site a friend suggested to me :D

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Okay like here is a site that someone suggested to me. So far they are very nice welcoming and accepting, and there are a TON of different kinds of people, it's so vast and amazing. It's not for everyone, I'm not even sure it's for me but for now I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. You never know mew :D Anyway for anyone that is interested here ;D

I need help

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Okay, I've tried my best but I cant seem to come up with anything for this site mew. So I'm going to ask for help. My biggest problem is I have a hard time making small decisions, like which story to begin, which character's perspective to take this from, at what point in the story do I start, ect ect. I'd preferably like help from someone that either knows horror, likes horror, or is proficient in it. I just want to make this clear I do NOT write sweet and sentimental, my muse refuses to. So do not push me or ask me to do such, believe me, I have tried, and it did not end well.

YAY I'm getting my testicles chopped off ;3

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Great news gals and guys I'm going in for a orchiectomy on the 20th thanks to a very special friend of mine mew. So YAY my testicles are getting chopped off!!!! Ever since I learned I may never be able to get SRS thanks to my marfan syndrome, I've been kinda down, but this really made my day mew. I'll be going in on the 20th, and I'll be back who knows when. Everyone have a great day meow *huggles* ;3

Stereotypes, who needs them mew?

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Stereotypes, we've all heard and seen them mew, and every single time all they do is offer a ridiculousness and place us in a box that we don't really need mew. For instance, the umbrella term transgender has more than just one category. Transgender by definition covers transvestite, crossdresser, bi gender, meta gender, androgynous, neuter gender, gender queer, gender #%$%, transsexual, and anyone who identifies outside of the binary gender system that identifies as transgender.

A much needed rest

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Sephrena, my fiancee has decided to take a one week break mew. She was feeling much too drained to type this herself, so I'm letting you all know that she's going to be awol from the site for about a week, until she can get the rest and recuperation she needs mew. We both wish you all well mew ^-^

Super mega kewl special announcement mew ^-^

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Well for all of you who know, Sephrena, and me have been dating kind of on again off again for quite a while now. We've been at each others throats like cats and dogs for quite a while mew, but we always seeemed to come back, some force seemed to hold us together, on november 13th, near my birthday, I realized that force was love mew. So we started our relationship again, and this time, it became something more. Then while Sephrena was in Thailand, I got a call from her, and she proposed to me, and I said YES! WERE GETTING MARRIED MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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