Hope's Ranch Backstories


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The Backstories of the people of Hope's Ranch and how they came there before year one. All tags will be done per each story, as none are the same story over and over.

Each part of this will focus on one or more character. Each will have the character listed on the start of the chapter. All of this is pre year one

Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl part 17

Once again, Tracy has returned!

I pick up in Livermore, just the same day as the last post. If you feel the need to go back and read those, I'll wait right here for you. I couldn't pick a good part to make as a preview, so I'll just leave it all down below.


March 6th 1983

Hope's Ranch Part 2

January 1st 1:00 am
Truckee California

For Larry Rawlings, New Years wasn’t that big of a deal. Neither was Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other Family type holiday. Thankfully this year he was home, and not in the middle of a delivery. So instead of spending it alone, he was with his neighbor, Liz.

Dem's da brakes

Well, I had intended to get stuff posted, but life got busy. But now I got a couple of months. I was riding a quad and had a deer run out in front of me. Ended up in a ditch and my feet, left one, got caught between my quad and the dirt. I ended up with a Trimalleolar fracture Both bones in leg and one in the foot. And yes, hurts like hell.

So while I'm sitting about the house, if people will stop expecting me to go places and do things, I'll try to post.

Oh Internet, how I've missed you...AKA I'm back!

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Oh internet, how I've missed your loving glowing glow. Your pages of cats and puppies. Your MMO's. I'm sorry Internet I was away so long. Being on my phone was no replacement.

As you can tell, I finally got internet service. So now I can fill you in on what is happening and where I plan to go with writing from here.

An update on my last update

Back in September I had posted a blog that said I'd been busy. Boy was I right.

Dad has since fallen about 3 more times. This past time he broke his left femur. He has been in the hospital since the last week of January. As of the last post he has moved back into his home. It took them nearly four mouths to finish the work they had to do. We were in a hotel from August to just after Thanksgiving. We also went from the town he lives in and then to 3 other towns. each at least 35 minutes from his town.

The Life and Times of Mackenzie Somerset Part 1

I have been kicking around bringing back Mackenzie for some time now. But as I worked on things to post eventually, I made a few decisions and a few changes. Other changes had been planned from the start. So I'm switching an old Trope we see often here, where a church goes after the transgender youth. But this time, The youth isn't transgender.

So without any more babbling by me, I'd like to offer the first chapter of Mackenzie Somerset

6 years

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So I looked at my account and it says I've been a member 6 years and 5 days. Of course i've posted very little over last a years and almost nothing for 2 years of that. But I am hoping to set things right again and start posting once more

Time flew


I didn't realize until today that my fifth year had started 2 weeks ago. Then I got to looking at my stories and I noticed I hadn't posted anything in over a year.

Work for the past two years has been tough. I think part of it is because it's 3rd shift. Get home and I'll I want to do is sleep. Heck these past two weeks have been so hectic that I'm still tired and waiting for the day when my seniority date arrives and I got more vacation days. I so need a break.

3 years and 12 months

So according to my account info, I've been here for well, we can call it 4 years. So in celebration of this, maybe I can get Through the years moving again. I have been lacking in getting any writing done and I really want to at least get Tracy and Hope's ranch back on track. So in the next few days, I may post three stories, one from each (Through the years, Hope's Ranch and the life and times of Mackenzie Somerset, mostly because I have a lot of plans for Mackenzie too

So cross your fingers and maybe I can get the time and drive to do this.

leg update

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So I have had my MRI and while I did tear the hamstring, it isn't bad. I'm off of work for at least a month from yesterday. I'll try and get to writing while I have free time.

Not sure how the doc put it but it was a tear, but the muscle didn't retract. So some leg therapy and I'll be good to go

hurt my leg somehow

Soi managed to tear the hamstring in my left leg on Monday, last week, not this. Thinking nothing of the pain, for which I have a high tolerance for I went on with life as normal, including 4 days of work, in which I outworked those half my age. Went to a walk in clinic yesterday and got told I tore it, so I took my first day off of work in 9 years (counting the other job) and caught up on my sleeping was gonna write, but computer chair is not comfortable

WL try to get some stuff out soon, since I may be off work for a few days

An update on me

Can I say it now? I hate Christmas shopping season, and winter? I am still stocking the pet department of the store I work in, but since the rest of my crew hates to work and is trying to leave early each day, I have to cover other areas, like Toys. Love the toys, hate stocking them. We also spent two weeks cleaning up shelves that were overstocked, only to have another group put everything right back where it had came from. So work has been rough.

The life and times of Mackenzie Somerset part 1

I hate High school. Just thought I'd make that clear. I hate it. Hate, hate, hate. I'd rather lick a dog's butt, then go to school. Heck. I'd rather have used tampons shoved in my nose. School sucks.

This is the story of a girl named Mackenzie Somerset. This is my entry into the back to school contest and yes, it starts out a bit different. But I'll get to the outing in part two

Author's note:

Please note that Mackenzie is a more modern person that I have written. She is a bit foul mouthed, like some teens can get. The story is also writing in the first person, which is a big break from how I write, so the story will focus around Mackenzie.


Edited by Djkauf


Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl part 14

Tears started to pour from Tracy’s eyes and she began sobbing for now, out of fear. Fear of being taken away from her mother. The more she sat there, the more she wished she had never come with her mother. The more, meant more of the customers looked her way.

Eva had left the counter, as there were no other people at the counter. Even though she had questioned Tracy’s reason to be there, seeing the girl cry was more than enough reason to go to her rescue. She went to the booth where a now scared Tracy was. “Her mother is in the cooler, right now, grabbing more lettuce. She has the papers to show she is home schooled. Tracy has been here for the morning, but she and Grandma Leone were upstairs, doing her school work. Tracy came down for lunch and her mom should be off of work soon.”

--SEPARATOR--Editing by Djkauf

A return to Tracy at the deli. When last we saw her, she was starting to cry. And we return, before the next teardrop falls.


An update and news

Work got bad, to the point where I was so tired, I was coming home and going right to bed. I tired to finish the next part of Tracy over the past two weeks, but at work it gets hard, with just 15 minutes and a half hour lunch. But i got it to the editors.

I was also setting up something for the contest. An idea that came to me one night. So yeah, got sidetracked. Hope's ranch has suffered too.

Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl part 13

Tracy is back! One again she has returned.

Edited By Djkauf

No spoiler this time. Instead I ask that as you read this, you forget the Halloween one, for now. That was made as a look into her future. This is still back in the past, just a month before Disneyland. In fact this starts where the last one stopped, after her Tai chi class.


for those who have been waiting... Tracy is back!

That's right. It's been since October, well, August and Through the years is back. Hope's ranch is almost done, at least the next part and maybe, just maybe, I'll try and post something tomorrow. I may drop to a post by the week schedule. Work has been hard and with our backroom at work, being like an oven, I have felt very off lately. Heck, spent almost an hour and a half in that humid room the other night, sweating like a hog.

And we're back!!! Internet woes and more

So the internet connection issue should be over now. Changed from Frontier to Comcast Xfinity. So instead of using the 30 year old phone lines that are old and need replacing (At our expense) We are going with the wifi thingy from Comcast. And wow, got so used to slow speeds on the old service, this one is 25 Mbps and it's beating the socks off whatever it was we had through frontier, that was also $30 more. No contract on this.

stl having issues with connections

Well I figured I would post again and let you all know the connection issues are getting worse. First of all, I hate Frontier. At first the connection came and went. It was more off than on. Finally it is just gone. Looking into Comcast. Not too sure. As for the stories, I'd teather my phone to a computer, but have gone over the monthly allotment of internet, so it is darn slow.

I shall post again with more news

Hope's Ranch: Year one


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The sign on the street says just three words Hope's Ranch Academy but there is more than learning on the ranch. A mixing of people, in need of something they didn't, or couldn't get any where else. The symbol of refuge for those still outcast by society in large.

If they had been thinking about it, a copy of of the same lines from the sonnet "The New Colossus" would grace the sign as well, the same words that rest on the Statue of Liberty.

I am still alive

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Yes, I am still in the land of the living, but work has me jumping. I am working on both Through the years and Hope's Ranch. I know I've been horrible about updates, but I have been trying to build a buffer or stuff that is ready first.

Hopefully things will get better and I can dedicate time to writing.

looking for a story

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I am looking for a story. In it there is a boh who is staying someplace else, as his parents are out of country. While at the other place. The son there picks on him so he goes to ride his bike and is hit and pinned under the car. He loses his male parts and a nurse keeps putting makeup on him in the hospital. Any ideas?

well I'm still here

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I thought I'd leave a blog stating I am still around. Haven't written anything much over the past two months. Been busy with work. Also hit a roadblock with through the years and my days off have been busy too.

I will attempt to post something soon. I've been using my phone to use Google drive, so I write, when I can, at work.

Of Snow, little girls and Angels: One year later

A look back into the life of Little Lisa, and her new parents, The Reeds.

This is a one shot story, checking in on the events that followed the story Of Snow, little Girls and Angels

While not filled with violence, the Caution is there for the mention of it.

Please note, this was put out before an edit, so I could post something for Christmas. This will be edited later for punctuation and spelling.

I am posting something today

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Well, I am still around. I am now working the pets department as a stocker, so when I go home, I am beat and I wanted to put this out a few days ago, but I was so tired. Now that Christmas will be over in a few hours, I have decided to get some things out. The first will be a check up on Lisa from my story Of Snow, little girls and Angels.

I am working on Tracy stuff and I know, people were not into the Halloween stuff, but I will show how things got that bad.

Tempted to put out a Tracy Christmas thing, but it may not be done until tomorrow or the next day.


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