Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

Back in Business -- Literally!

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I have a desktop again! And a job! And the two are related!

Okay, so as I've shared here before I've been trying to make something akin to a work from home situation work for me for a while. I've been trying to find indie devs interested in some of my music work, and I've had a couple of jobs lined up, but the death of my computer a couple of months ago almost killed that opportunity for me.

Until I re-negotiated one of my contracts.

More good news!

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I have an interview Friday!

No point in counting chickens before they hatch, but past experience with interviews has been good for me so I have high hopes for this one. If things go well I may be employed again before the month is out, and in a job that (hopefully) will be easier on me than my last one, if admittedly still a stressful one. Still, it's a desk job, with part of my interview being a typing test which, hopefully, I can pass with flying colors :P

If I can land this job I already have a plan in place.

Welp, the GOOD news is . . . .

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It looks like I will be building a new computer.

The motherboard, it seems is better toasted than we had thought. While it boots to BIOS fine upon pulling my CMOS battery there was a nasty burn ring on it, and trying to boot a few different Linux distros from USB returned issues every time, with the system trying to boot in only to start throwing errors and then crashing.

Random Inspirations Round 4

We had family visiting the last two days so sorry for missing my Friday posting schedule on these!

This next week's 3 words are:


A quick breakdown for 'em:

Hand. An extremity used for grasping and moving things. To pass something to another. A selection of usable options. Helping hand, hand of cards, the hand we're dealt, idle hands, hand of fate.

Needless. Pointless. Inane. Meaningless. Or, alternatively, "needless" could apply as in someone or something without any needs, something complete.

Random Inspirations Round 3

Another Friday, another trio of words!

This week's words are:


Rotten. Spoiled, wasted, or otherwise worthless. Could be in reference to a terrible person, or more lightheartedly toward a character who is doted upon (spoiled rotten.) Other options could include simply having the character in a "rotten" situation, or perhaps dealing with outdated or worthless materials or foodstuffs. Alternatively, the story could be about the Sex Pistols.

1st or 3rd Person?

Since I'm unemployed for the moment I figured I'd put some hard work into getting a few books done for Amazon. Rather than plugging away at my edit jobs for the two BCTS conversions I'm working on, though, I have a number of never-before-seen stories in the works I'm focusing on first, including the one I've chosen to focus on right now, a silly little short(ish) romance novel.

But . . . there's a problem.

Random Inspirations Round 2

Despite not getting ANYTHING posted for the first set of prompts I'm gonna give this another shot.

As a reminder to people: this is about using the 3 words to INSPIRE a story, NOT "using the three words supplied IN a story." While the former might potentially mean the latter, they are not by any means the same thing. This week's words:


A few ways to consider how to use these words as inspiration:

Is there a point in another round?


Tomorrow I SHOULD be posting the second set of challenge words for my "random inspirations challenge," but as of yet I haven't seen any stories posted for the first part (unless I missed them?)

If nobody has any interest in this challenge then that's okay, though I hope it's not because of the lack of a prize.

Melanie E.

January 2019 Reader Retention Contest is Officially Over!

At least assuming we're not gonna see any entries from Japan/China.

As a reminder, everyone has until the end of February to do their reading and voting (these were a bit longer than your average contest entry story after all!) I'll announce contest winners at the end of the first week or so of March!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. It's been really special to me seeing how enthusiastic everyone, both readers and authors, have been about this one, and I'm really glad we all did this together.

One week left for contest entries!

Just a reminder to people that the last day to publish valid entries in the Reader Retention Contest is next Thursday at midnight (your local time.) If you have a story going you have one more week to finish it up: if you haven't started one yet, well, there's still time to pop out some 4-5k words and split 'em up and get 'em out there!

Just a reminder/update on how voting's gonna work this time around:

So many stories!

Holy cow!

Thank you SO much everyone who's already chipped into the new contest! Wow! I've already got a ton of stuff to read, and I still haven't finished all the entries from the LAST contest (sorry Angie!)

Y'all're all awesome :)

Melanie E.

PS: Call it a bit of ego, but I was thinking of running a Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots contest for March if there was enough interest: otherwise I'd come up with something else. Opinions?

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To create a story page:

1. Select "++Fiction" from the site's header. This will bring you to the main interface for creating and editing stories.

2. Enter your story's title and, if you have been given one, select your author name from the drop-down menu. New authors will be given a bespoke author name based on either their screen name or whatever name they use when posting their first story/stories.

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4. Select a rating: this is the only necessary taxonomy item for title pages.

January 2019 Contest Prizes Teaser 2!

Another weekend, another teaser of some of the books you can find in the Doppler Press bundle being offered as a prize in the Reader Retention contest!

For those of you who may have missed it here are the rules. For everyone else, here's the next two books to be revealed from the curated list!

My Choice:

January 2019 Contest Prizes Teaser 1!

Details are somewhat settled on the prize front, and this time we've got something super special for all of you avid readers out there: book bundles!

Yep! Miss Erin's putting in some overtime to help with this 'un, and we're going to offer two bundles of (platform free) ebooks for our top two prizes!

First place: 15 Doppler Press eBooks, 12 curated by me and Erin and the other 3 winner's choice

Second place: 10 Doppler Press eBooks, 8 curated by me and Erin and the other 2 winner's choice

Super Early Contest Announcement: January 2019 "Reader Retention Contest"

Okay, I know I said I'd wait 'til the end of the month, but dangit I just can't!

It may be a while in the brewin', but that time is gonna be needed if you're gonna make a solid effort at this 'un! That's right, this time around we're goin' fer SERIALS!

Double Dip Contest ends this weekend!

Just a reminder for everyone that tomorrow is the last day to get in entries for the Double Dip challenge! Get those entries out there, and if you entered early, please remember to tag your story with the "Double Dip Story Contest" tag (seen above) so that silly me can find them easily. Victors will be determined next weekend, with the prizes being delivered on October 18th due to Real Life Stuff.

Reminder: September 2018 Double Dip Story Contest Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the first day to allow entries in the September 2018 Double Dip Story Contest!

For those who missed the announcement, the challenge is to write a story with A) a music-themed slant, B) a theater/acting themed slant, or C) both! Two subsets of stories, two prizes. For more detailed rules and regs, the OG blog post can be found here:


September 2018 Double Dip Story Contest!

That's right folks! It's time for the announcement of the September story contest, and this time we're doing something a liiiiiitle bit different. How, you ask? Well, this time 'round there isn't just one challenge to complete... but two!

Yep! It's the double dip story contest! And what does that mean exactly? Two different challenges, two chances to win, and twice the story writing fun!

Staycation Story Contest Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of the July story contest!

We had a lot of great entries this time around. I want to make sure every last author who wrote for the contest knows just how much I appreciate their hard work. It's the stories that keep a site like BCTS alive, and without your dedication and effort none of us would have this wonderful place to call home.

July Staycation Contest over!

The contest for July is over! Entries closed! No admittance!


That said, now that entries are closed, you all still have juuuuuust under a week to get your voting done. I'll be opening all the stories at midnight CST this coming Saturday, and the number of votes the stories have at that time is the value they will be ranked on. You'll get the announcement concerning winners early Sunday, along with the announcement for the September story contest!

Just over a week left on the 2018 Staycation story contest!

Just a reminder to people that the Staycation story contest closes entries on Tuesday, July 31st at Midnight whatever-the-heck-your-local-time-zone-is, so if you've got an entry waiting to be written then hop to it, and if you've got one waiting to get posted, then what's the hold up huh?


Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Story Contest: Results!

It's been a week, and huzzah! The votes are in!

All the stories in the contest did quite well, but two in particular managed to grab the most thumbs-up from our readership, and those two were:

Cursed, by Nuuan

The Fairy, by Bru

Congrats, young authoresses! I get paid this coming Thursday, upon which each of you will be given your prize, a three month subscription to the BCTS Hatbox!

Ten Entries available, get your votes out there now!r

The contest has officially closed (and been so for several hours too!)

We've had ten excellent entries, and now it's time for you readers to really make your mark! Just click on the tag for the contest above to go to a list with all the stories. Read them, and vote for your favorite ones!

Kiss-and-Tale Contest: The Final Day!

Just a reminder to anyone with plans to enter still, today is the final day of my Fairy Kiss-and-Tale contest! I'm working on the honor system here, so as long as you have your entry in by midnight your time (May 31 2018) we'll call it gravy.

We've had a lot of great entries, and I've already got plans for another contest here in July! Sadly I actually haven't finished my OWN entry for this one yet, though since I'm ineligible for the prize anyway it doesn't matter much :)

Melanie E.

Still two weeks left on the Fairy Kiss-and-Tale contest!

I'm running a bit behind on reading/commenting on entries (what can I say, I'm terrible at time management,) but if the number of other comments and kudos is anything to judge by then the contest will be fierce.

If you're not sure on the details, just click that story tag over this blog here, and it will take you to a list of all the entries so far, as well as the rules for new stories.

Bonus: if we can get at least 20 entries in total, I'll donate a dollar to the hatbox for every entry written.

Melanie E.

Unofficial May 2018 BCTS Contest: Fairy Kiss-and-Tales

So who's ready for another not-in-any-way-sanctioned-by-management story contest?

Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest

Dates: May 1st 2018 - May 31st 2018

Everyone loves a little romance, and everyone loves a good fairy tale, right? Well, here's your chance to write your own mash-up of the two!

Reminder: Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest

Just a reminder, there's still three weeks before the end of the contest deadline! We have two entries so far, and I can't wait to see what else people come up with!

If you're interested but missed the original announcement, contest details can be found by clicking the contest tag in this blog's description. The only thing that's changed since the original post is that we have moved from unofficial to being officially sanctioned.

Good luck!

Melanie E.

Re-finding a Friend Long Gone

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I've said it before here, and I'll say it again: I'm a huge game geek.

I've been looking to re-obtain a 360 for a while now, since I have a stack of games for it and the original Xbox I've acquired over the last couple of years via yard sales and thrift stores because they were too good of deals to pass up, even if I didn't have the console at the moment.

That all changed last night, when I traded a friend of mine at work a spare NES I had lying around plus a few carts for his old 360 he doesn't play any more. Now I can play all those games, horray!

The new keyboard is in!


So far I like it... but this is gonna take some getting used to.

I ended up compromising on several part of my initial plan, mostly because I found a good deal on what I got. Is it mechanical? Well, it's mechanical-ish: it's still membrane keys, but with a mechanical action on top of it. It also has LEDs in it in colors, but luckily they aren't super-glaring (though the mouse is a bit more obnoxious with its cycling I can't seem to turn off.) And... it was 34 dollars including shipping.

Yeah, that was worth the compromise.

Tappity Tappity Tappity: Your Keyboard And You


Word documents.




All of these things, when used on a modern PC, rely heavily on a keyboard. I use mine constantly, and though I'm not what I would normally call a particularly picky user... I'm starting to have some issues.

Job Hunting for Millennials Part Deux: The Internet Lies

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First things first: thank you to everyone who responded, both via comment and PM, to my last blog. I was rather upset at the time (to put it mildly,) but as with so many things in life just knowing I have others around who care and understand went a long way toward helping me cope. You're all amazing.

Now, on to today's subject: The Interview.

Job Hunting for Millenials

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I may be on the early side of that particular designation, but I'm pretty sure I qualify, right? Born in the late '80s, some college but no degree, blah de blah. Yep.

So here's the deal. I've spent the last 3 months looking for a new job. I've applied for quite a few, as a receptionist, at call centers, more than a few sales positions from Best Buy to Target... all in all, I've sent out probably 10 or 12 resumes/applications.

I've gotten a call back on all of 2, and an interview out of only 1.

Help me make a web site!

No, really!

I'm looking for a few interested tech-heads, game geeks, and dungeon masters! You! Yes, and you too!


For a venture I'd like to try: an LGBT friendly (though, to be clear, by no means strictly LGBT FOCUSED) gaming site.

Making Up the Numbers (Preview/Demo)

Making Up the Numbers

A DEMO of a new story in the works by:
Melanie E.


Yep. I'm writing this. What you're seeing here is a first draft of the first 3 chapters of a brand-new tale by yours truly that, when finished, will be submitted to Erin for use in the hatbox and, maybe, for Amazon sales. We'll see.

It's been a while since I wrote anything substantial, so this time around I'm going for something a bit, well, a bit different.

Hope you enjoy the demo, and if you like it... well, keep an eye out :)


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