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The only thing bigger than Heaven and Hell is The Big Book of Heaven and Hell!

The Big Book of Heaven and Hell
by Maggie Finson
Bek D. Corbin
E. E. Nalley
Melanie E
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May 2024 25th Anniversary Contest Announcement

Boosting, since it's only about a week 'til the contest starts!

For many of us BCTS is a huge part of our lives, or has helped us pull through rough times thanks to the community and stories the site has helped to foster.

Well, what better way to show our appreciation of that than a 25th anniversary contest?

Yep, that's right -- BigCloset turns 25 in June! And to celebrate, we want to give back to the community with some prizes and a contest.

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IMPORTANT: Potential Site Downtime

An update for everyone:

Piper is hard at work on the site figuring out what's going on and trying to fix it. Part of that process is involving a lot of backups and a lot of software updates. As a result, there is a chance the site may go down for an extended period of time as we work on the issues.

We apologize for the interruptions this is causing, but ultimately our goal is to keep the site a safe place to visit and post your fiction and comments.

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Hey everyone.

We know that there are a lot of issues folks are having with weird popups and stuff right now. We're trying to tackle it as best we can, but it's a bit slow going -- we're managing to fix the symptoms as we find them, but we're still rooting out the causes.

If you're having issues with things on the site that you think are specifically related to this situation, let us know here before posting another blog, please. That way we can keep things easy to find while we look into this.

Information that would help:

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BCTS Recommendations 2: A Strong Start

Are you ready? It's time for a second helping of...

BCTS Recommendations!

A Strong Start

Sometimes all it takes is one good sentence or paragraph to get you hooked on a story, and this time around, I want to see some recommendations of stories that do just that: stories that kick off with a bang, that grab you and rivet you to your seat and scream "read me!"

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A New Edition of Kelly Girl is out now!

That's right, folks! We've been working on a new, updated version of Kelly girl, and it's live now!

If you've never read the book before, but are a fan of Wanda's stuff, then I highly recommend giving the book a shot. It's a fantastic story, with some great characters.

If you HAVE read the story before, but haven't picked up the ebook and it's been a few years... then now's the ideal time to give it a re-read.

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False Start 5 and 6

False Start
A New Year’s Resolution Story
By Melanie E.

After a less-than-stellar time at their employer's New Year's party, Courtney returns home with a new drive to prove to the world just how much of a man she -- err, he -- truly is.

If only they can avoid the temptations of cute clothes, cute shoes, cute... boys? And other trials.

Possible Site Downtime

Heya folks!

Just a head's up that the site might be seeing some downtime later this evening (24th January 2024.) There are going to be some updates coming through, and while they're going to be processed as quickly as possible, they might result in the site being unavailable for a while.

If I get any more information on specifically when to expect such outages I'll try to let folks know here.

Thanks for your patience!

Melanie E.

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Sometimes it just goes like that.

Y'know, I was gonna put out a story for the current contest.

I've been working hard on it, and had every intent of entering it!

Except that I'm currently 9,250 words into what's supposed to be a 5,000 word story, writing on the fifth chapter of what's supposed to be a one-part-complete affair, with one chapter left to go after this 'un.

Funny how that happens, ain't it?

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Wednesday Knights Needs Reviews!

I can say without ego that I'm very proud of what I accomplished with Wednesday Knights. I feel like it's the best story I've written -- which might not be saying much, but it is what it is.

A lot of people have told me they really liked it, or even loved it. Many people have said -- perhaps simply to make me feel good -- that they think it's one of the best stories they've read.

Honestly? I like hearing that, because it makes me feel like I'm growing as a writer.

But you know who else needs to hear that?

The people over on Amazon Kindle.

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Incoming Content Guideline Clarifications

As a warning for folks, we're getting ready to put guidelines in place for content and ratings.

For most of the site's content this won't mean much of a change, but for certain more sensitive topics we'll be needing to re-evaluate how we allow them to be presented on-site.

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Wednesday Knights is finished!

That's right! I've finished an actual FULL-ON NOVEL LENGTH STORY! 77k WORDS! WOO!

But for real, I finished the final chapter of the story earlier today and sent it off to Ms. Erin for approval (she did so.)

Normally there would be one chapter of the story each week, but we will *probably* wind up posting the last two chapters to Patreon as a single post, mostly because they're both relatively short (about 2400 words combined.)

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I've unpublished my books from Kindle/Smashwords

This *ISN'T* a bad thing!

We're prepping an upcoming Doppler release that contains all my previous books, PLUS a handful of other stories, so I unpublished the other versions to make sure there weren't any issues with it.

Special Someones, by Melanie E., out soon on Kindle!

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A Request for Feedback (BC User Guide)

Heya folks!

So, I just posted a WIP of a project I'm in the middle of: The BigCloset User Guide. I'm hoping to make it the ultimate one-stop shop for information on site features and story posting best practices.


What I have out is *maybe* 1/2 of what the guide will ultimately be, but part of creating a document like this is getting user feedback on the value of the information provided.

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