Wednesday Knights is finished!

That's right! I've finished an actual FULL-ON NOVEL LENGTH STORY! 77k WORDS! WOO!

But for real, I finished the final chapter of the story earlier today and sent it off to Ms. Erin for approval (she did so.)

Normally there would be one chapter of the story each week, but we will *probably* wind up posting the last two chapters to Patreon as a single post, mostly because they're both relatively short (about 2400 words combined.)

I've unpublished my books from Kindle/Smashwords

This *ISN'T* a bad thing!

We're prepping an upcoming Doppler release that contains all my previous books, PLUS a handful of other stories, so I unpublished the other versions to make sure there weren't any issues with it.

Special Someones, by Melanie E., out soon on Kindle!

A Request for Feedback (BC User Guide)

Heya folks!

So, I just posted a WIP of a project I'm in the middle of: The BigCloset User Guide. I'm hoping to make it the ultimate one-stop shop for information on site features and story posting best practices.


What I have out is *maybe* 1/2 of what the guide will ultimately be, but part of creating a document like this is getting user feedback on the value of the information provided.


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Thank [insert deity of choice here] for California health insurance!

I had my doctor's appointment with Planned Parenthood this morning, and just got the call from them that my prescriptions for Spiro and estro patches have been called in to the pharmacy!

So, within the next couple days, yo' girl is gonna be on the girl juice! Woo!

And I got ANOTHER great piece of news too: my insurance *actually covers hair removal.* I'm not certain how much/where, but that's a HUGE relief.

Double Date Dare Reviews Please!

Heya folks!

I'm officially pubbed through DopplerPress now!

As of last week, my first book released through Doppler is live: Double Date Dare!


So far, we've only gotten one rating and review on it though! So, if you've purchased it (or do,) and have read and enjoyed the book, I'd love it if you would consider leaving a rating and review of it.

A Preview of Things to Come

Heya folks!

I've been trying to help out with some formatting and the like for DopplerPress books, and I just wanted to share some of my excitement for what we've got in the pipeline with everyone. However, rather than just TELLING you what's coming down the way, I thought it would be more fun to make you guess!

So, here's the deal:

In Search of Jennifer Adams

I don't know how many people are aware, but I'm trying to help Ms. Joyce with some things involving the site. Part of that help includes organizing new authors and/or books to come out on Doppler.

Well, we have a great writer lined up to join the ranks of those we've helped get published, but there's one problem: one of her stories, quite an excellent one, that she wants to publish uses the Altered Fates/Medallion of Zullo universe.

And thus, the rights game begins!

No Challenge or Contest for June, sorry folks!

I know this probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but at this point I have to make it official:

There's not gonna be a contest or challenge for June.

I have a really cool idea for one, but I'll hold on to it for next year (since I really want it to be special.) Things are just a bit too up in the air right now on a lot of things, and I've been kinda out of it because of that.

Falling Down on the Job

At least a little bit.

Just a reminder, there's still 10 days on the May 2023 "Free Comic Book Day" Story Challenge.

I know I still haven't gotten the list of stories completed for last month's challenge posted as a blog. I'm REALLY sorry about that. I'll get that, as well as the information for the June challenge/contest, up either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how things are going.

The trip to get my stuff, and the resulting issues due to losing the car, have kinda had us in a bit of a fuzzle around here, and I just completely blanked on it until just now.

Road Trip Blogs: (Possibly) Total-ed in New Mexico

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A'ight, SO.

I mentioned the car trouble and layover yesterday in our blog.

Well, today we got news it's worse than we thought. As such, more details are warranted.


We left AR around noon on Monday, feelin' perky and like we could take on the world, so we decided to cut down on our remaining trip time and costs by pushing forward: no motels, just napping in the car on the way, taking turns driving and napping.

Road Trip Blogs: Day 1

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(For safety reasons, locations will be referred to by letters rather than name until after the trip is over.)

Yesterday morning about 10 AM we officially set out on our trip for AR! It's about 24-ish hours (driving) to get to our target in AR, so we've budgeted 3 days out and 3 days back, with 1 day there for any visiting and nabbing of my stuff.

May 2023 Free Comic Book Day Story Challenge is Live

Sorry for being a few days late on this!

The contest tag for the May 2023 Free Comic Book Day Challenge is now live, so feel free to get your stories up! You have until the end of the month to share them, and I'm looking forward to what people provide!

Just like with getting the tag up, I'm late on collating the stories from the April challenge. I apologize for that, and I'll try to get that done this evening or early tomorrow.

Melanie E.

April 30th: Challenge Updates!

It's the last day of April, which means it's the last day for folks to get their entries for the Take Your Daughter to Work Day Challenge in before cutoff!

As a reminder, being a challenge rather than a contest means that there are no prize. As such, you have until midnight PDT to get your entries in, and I will be collating a list of all entered stories tomorrow.


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