The Lost

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I've never felt like I belong in this world, but I've never found one I do belong to .. I walk around in this world, lost...wandering in a world I didn't come a life I didn't want...who am I? Where is my home? Where are my people hiding?....did the people of this world kill them? Am I the last or the first of my kind? Or....are there more out there like me....wandering, lost and confused wondering where I am?

Flowering Hearts (Question and Answer)

Flowering Hearts (The Question)

My heart is like a flower,
each heart break causes a petal to fade.
Every girl I love that can’t return the love,
that’s a heart break, another petal fades.
Every girl that pretends to love me and tosses me to the side,
that’s another heart break, another petal fades.
Every girl that says she can’t love me because your a girl or not a girl...
that’s another heart break another petal fades.
The petals of my heart are fading,
there’s another heart break … They are almost gone...
When the last petal fades,
will I still be able to go on…or will I fade away?

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