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Chapter 6 - Of Skirts and Skating

By Friday morning things had settled down a bit. My parents had recovered from the Birds and Bees session, even if I was still mulling it over. At thirteen I was too young to maunder, but mulling was good practice for later in my life.

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Chapter 14 - The Pinch

Paula the elder
"Are you our of your ever-lovin' mind?" cried Detective Matt Pierson.

"Hold on," I said.

Pulling out my smartphone I made a show of checking it.

"According to this, that's the twenty-seventh time someone has asked me that question today. Since I lost my mind some time ago I guess I must be out of it."

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Chapter 5 - The Talk

When my parents got home, I somehow managed to convince them that I hadn't spent the afternoon doing something that was, well, considered perverted back then. Not that they asked, but there wasn't much of anything else on my mind. Heck, a lot of people still consider it perverted right now in 2020.

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Chapter 4 - The First Time

It's really hard to pay attention in class when you're distracted. School was pretty easy for me, I enjoyed learning and liked to unravel puzzles. Math was OK, history was fascinating and I loved science. About that time I started to figure I could do without gym class. Not that I didn't like exercise, but I got plenty of that on my bike. It's the posturing and jock idiots that got my goat.

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Chapter 3 - Sonya Henie's Tutu!

Up in my bedroom I sat at my desk in a daze. Until a half hour ago I wouldn't have thought anything could have made me think of anything but not being able to try on my new clothes. I wasn't happy with my mother for trying to distract me from my funk, but - Sonya Henie's Tutu! - she had managed it.

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Chapter 2 - Catalog Shopping

When I started to get interested in bras and girdles I was pretty much out-of-luck, no sister and my mother was considerably larger, but back then the bras went for $1.49. I could actually buy that stuff and try it on!

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Chapter 1 - Maundering

Maunder. A good, old-fashioned word. You don't hear it much these days unless it's in the cliché about old people maundering on about the past. Since I just hit my 70th birthday, I guess I'm licensed to maunder, so here goes.

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Chapter 13 - The Sting

Paula the Elder
There's a saying that old age and treachery will triumph over youth and exuberance every time. It may even be true if my arthritis isn't acting up, but somehow I managed to talk the the detective into letting me come along when we watched the Sasquatch do his thing.

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Chapter 12 - The Shopping Chapter

Wednesday morning, 10AM at the mall
"Titia! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be asleep!"

"Ah, but my mystical powers over mythical beasts have changed all that."

"Come again?"

"Right here in the store in front of everybody?"

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Chapter 11 - Baiting the Trap

"Thanks for coming in early, you two. I know it's a pain when you work nights to have to talk with us daylight types."

"No problem, Brian. Besides, this is our last week on nights before we start working with Al to learn the job."

"That's true, but I still thank you for coming in, both of you."

"You're welcome. I assume we need to talk about a Sasquatch trap?"

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Chapter 10 - The Bar Crawl

"So, we didn't scare you off last week?" asked Chloe.

"Not when there's a chance the guy with the hands might be back."

"Hey! You gotta give the rest of us a fair chance this week, complained Raina.

"Besides, you told him you were flying to California or some such." Shelly smirked. "Don't think he'd buy that you're suddenly in love with him and flew back."

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Chapter 9 - The Dating Game

My phone started ringing, an unusual occurrence in my usually solitary life.

"Hey girlfriend!"

"Hey yourself, Paula.

"You survive the night back at work with Mom?"

"You wouldn't believe what happened!"

"With Mom around, I'd believe anything. More burglars? More cops? Any doctors involved this time?"

"It was a quiet night after we got promoted."

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Chapter 8 - Back to the Old Grind

Paula the Elder
"You ready to face the world again, Titus?"

"Reality sucks, partner. I don't want to be Titus, dammit. It was worth betting clobbered to be Titia for so long and to meet your family. Even if my family doesn't understand me, I do miss them."

"People can change, Titus. There's always a chance."

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Chapter 7 - Dancing the Night Away

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Paula the Elder
"I can't do this! whined my houseguest.

"Then sit home and tend to your knitting. Your arm looks a lot better tonight."

"I'm not going to be playing basketball any time soon, but I did feed myself at lunch."

"That's progress. Just don't try to tango tonight."

"I'm not sure I want to try to dance at all."

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Chapter 6 - Connection

Paula the elder
I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing. Now that's something that doesn't happen every day when you live alone. I stumbled into the kitchen to find Titia fully dressed in a cute yellow top and a lively print skirt. The green alligator slippers weren't quite what fashion demanded, but I figured her arm wasn't up to putting on socks and footwear quite yet. Ditto for makeup. That works fine for me, but we could take care of that after we ate.

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Chapter 5 - The Houseguest

Paula the elder
"Nice place you got here," I commented.

"It will do. You know how much we get paid for sitting around and watching TV all night."

"And knitting. Don't forget the knitting."

"At least I'll have a warm scarf by winter if I get tossed out of this place."

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Chapter 4 - The Invalid

"You look all in, Titus," I said as we entered my little apartment. You get the shower first and I'll rustle us up something to eat, then we can crash. I should have been in bed hours ago."

"Me too. Just point the way."

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Chapter 3 - Some Quick Thinking

It's funny how white objects seem to fluoresce under the LED streetlamps they use around the warehouses. Standing there sweating in the warm summer night while listening to the other intruder moaning in the background, I could see the bright white bra around my partner Titus' chest like it was Day-Glo from my misspent youth. No black-light was needed, but there certainly was a surreal quality of the scene like that which had dominated so many parties when I was young and stupid.

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Chapter 1 - Grandma On Guard

Call it what you want: night shift, night guard, night watch, graveyard shift, anchor watch if you're a naval type, it means you are awake while everybody sane in the world is sound asleep.

Polly Chapter 25 of 25 - A New Direction

Chapter 25 - A New Direction

"I can't believe that the week is almost over," sighed Scott.

"I know what you mean. It may not have been the vacation we expected, but this is a lovely place and I do want to come back again."

"It's odd to think that this may be the last time our family vacations together, even if our eldest child is not staying with us. I'm not sure I'm ready to have an independent child go off into the world to find their own way."

"Feeling like an empty-nester already, dear?"

"I suppose I am. Just because we aren't the first doesn't make it any easier."

"Peter will still be living with us, or perhaps Polly will, while she's in school. Oh my! I just called our son 'she,' didn't I?"

Polly Chapter 24 of 25 - The Hot Springs

Chapter 24 - The Hot Springs

Polly, I've got to hand it to you," Little Rose said. "You have a lot of nerve taking your parents on a hike to a clothing optional hot springs. For that matter, you have a lot of nerve going anywhere where clothing is optional! "

Polly Chapter 23 of 25 - Sisters

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Chapter 23 - Sisters

"Good book, Vicky?"

"Oh, hi sister. Gee, that still sounds weird. It's OK so far, but I just started it."

"Kind of like me, then?"


"Being Polly is OK so far, but I've just started."

"So I suppose Sheila can read you like a book, then?"

"She prefers reading in braille."

Polly Chapter 22 of 25 - Pillow Talk

Chapter 22 - Pillow Talk

Each day, any day, no mater how the humans packing the surface of this planet act, react, stumble, fight, love or hate, they must bow to the reality of physics. Sailors fear that if all the passengers on a boat should move to one side it could capsize, and that very thing has happened. Not even if some demagogue should convince the entire population of the Earth to all move to one side of the planet would it change the rotation of the Earth.

Polly Chapter 21 of 25 - The Inevitable Happens

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Chapter 21 - The Inevitable Happens

It happened so slowly that nobody really noticed it happening, but by mid-summer Polly and Sheila had moved from being 'Summer Help' to join Little Rose as 'Family.' The hotel had been in the Russo family for generations, so it was sad that Russ and Rose had no children to continue the family business.

Polly Chapter 19 of 25 - A Day Off For Sisters

Chapter 19 - A Day Off for Sisters

"What the f…" Polly cut herself off before she could finish, this trying to be a girl thing was starting to be automatic.

"Oh crap!" groaned sheila. "I forgot to turn the alarm off."

"Then kill the noisy thing before I do."

Groping toward her phone she stabbed at it until it stopped making that awful racket.

Polly Chapter 18 of 25 - An Interesting Sunday

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Chapter 18 - An Interesting Sunday

Sunday morning. The alarm went off at its usual time, much to Polly's distress. Even more to her distress, Sheila was up and disgustingly awake.

"C'mon sleepyhead, get up and look at the day the Lord has made." Sheila ordered.

"Mumble, mumble."

"Say that again?"

Polly Chapter 15 of 25 - Graduation

Chapter 15 - Graduation

"Peter! Hurry up or we'll be late!" called Pete's mother."


"Nice dress, Pete"

"You, my annoying little sister, are wearing a dress. I, as befits my status as a graduate of an institute of higher learning, am wearing an academic gown, the traditional garment of those who have attained academic excellence.

"Well la-te-dah! I think Sheila's red gown looked much better yesterday."

Polly Chapter 14 of 25 - The Secret Spreads

Chapter 14 - The Secret Spreads

By the time Polly and Sheila reached Rosemary's door, Polly was getting nervous. Very nervous. The day had gone surprisingly well. As one more anonymous girl wandering the aisles of the thrift shops, Polly was taken for just what she wanted to be: a teenage girl. Sheila's comment about people seeing what they wanted to see was very true. But now she was going to meet someone who knew Sheila well, and actually talk to her. If things went as planned she was going to change back to being Pete in this girl's house, there would be no secrets between them.

Polly Chapter 13 of 25 - Acquiring a Wardrobe

Chapter 13 - Acquiring a Wardrobe

Fashion accessories may be one of the hardest subjects for a novice crossdresser to grasp. After all, most males have little choice in such matters, Even those of a more unrestricted outlook on life basically have three choices: ties, rings and, if so inclined earrings. As a student, Pete only wore a tie under protest on Sunday mornings when his Grandmother was going to be present at church. His class ring was the only adornment on his fingers, and it was big and clunky as such things are wont to be. Earrings were still out of the picture, although he was pretty sure that one of the first things Polly would do on the way to her new job was to have her ears pierced, and the heck with what happens in the fall when Polly had to go into storage.

Polly Chapter 12 of 25 - Popping a Question

Chapter 12 - Popping a Question

"Let me get this straight, son. You're asking to spend the entire summer out in some cabin in the woods with your girlfriend and expect your poor, innocent parents to go along with this plan?"

Polly Chapter 11 of 25 - The Summer Job

Chapter 11 - The Summer Job

Since Sheila's family attended the Baptist church near Pete's house, Sunday afternoons at Pete's place soon became a regular practice. Thankfully, both sets of parents enjoyed each other's company and Pete's little sister was becoming interested in boys around the age of Sheila's younger brother.

Polly Chapter 10 of 25 - Confession

Chapter 10 Confession

Over the next few months, Pete began to feel like a double agent. Something clicked between Pete and Sheila, and a medium-to-long distance romance began to blossom. Medium-to-long distance because, they didn't live too far from each other, there is no such thing as a short drive in Portland traffic. They went to different schools so that shot holding hands in the halls and after school activities together, not to mention the old standby of doing homework together.

Polly Chapter 9 of 25 - At The cabin

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Chapter 9 - At the Cabin

Saturday morning.

Early Saturday Morning. Maybe it was because he had gotten only a few hours sleep each night during the week that Pete had finally gotten a good night's rest. In any case the alarm woke him and he was showered and dressed well before he had to be. Greatly daring, he had put on his bra and panties and filled the cups with the bags of rice. Donning his jeans and a very loose, sloppy sweatshirt he examined the image in the mirror and decided the modest B cups wasn't too obvious. Appropriate clothes for a day in the woods.

Polly Chapter 8 of 25 - Confusion

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Chapter 8 - Confusion

Confusion. A fine old word, comes from the Latin confundere, meaning mingle together. Now there's a concept that describes a young crossdresser - or maybe trans-something - if there ever was one.

Polly Chapter 7 of 25 - The Shopping Test


Chapter 7 - The Shopping Test

Cannon Beach is an unabashed tourist town. The City Parents - no sexism here with City Fathers, please - wisely kept the beach open to everyone, building the requisite yuppie condos far back from the shore. Come sunset you can see couples strolling hand in hand or dogs joyfully running flat out, all outlined against the sea and the setting sun. There's usually someone starting a fire from the driftwood with the family clustered close for the warmth.

Polly Chapter 6 of 25 - The Date


Chapter 6 - The Date

Once Peter and Sheila were over the peak of the mountains and descending the western side the road followed a stream that splashed and danced over the rocks as it ran through the verdant forest. At each turn in the road a magnificent new vista was revealed and Sheila was enchanted by the scenery.

"I had no idea any of this was here, Pete. It's beautiful."

Polly Chapter 5 of 25 - The Inquisition


Chapter 5 - The Inquisition

Saturday morning found our hero up early, excited and conflicted. Excited to be going on a date, excited because Sheila was a vivacious, sexy, intelligent girl who wanted to go on a date with him. Conflicted because Sheila was entirely too intelligent and perceptive and seemed to be able to see through into the parts of him he often tried to hide from himself.

And Sheila had actually kissed him.

Polly Chapter 4 of 25 - The Phone Call

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Chapter 4 - The Phone Call

As Pete walked through the door of his high school on Monday morning the was greeted by an enthusiastic "Damn Pete! You look like crap!"

"Feel like it, too," mumbled Pete.

Polly Chapter 3 of 25 - The Pink Bra

Chapter 3 - The Pink Bra

Pete spent much of the day on Saturday wondering if that pink bra would still be there when he returned. The Scouts had been drafted as workhorses to move things for the church, they weren't involved in the sale itself, so the day passed mowing the lawn and hanging with Dave and a couple of others at the park. Pretty much what he did most weekends.


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