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Dear Ariel - Chapter 7

Rylee awoke to Fiona lightly rubbing her shoulder; she slowly opened her eyes and beheld a view of her own hand, bathed in morning light as her face resided in a puddle of drool she’d made during the light. With a small moan, she managed to flip over onto her back and look up into Fiona’s eyes; she was rewarded with a brief smile and a shoulder pat as Fiona adjusted her position to make herself a bit more comfortable.

Dear Ariel - Chapter 6

“So what’s eating you?” Anette asked Tori from the other side of the table. Tori looked up at her, eyes heavy and body racked with exhaustion after the events of the day.

“Are we having dinner?” Tori asked quietly, ignoring Anette’s question.

“Pot roast,” Anette said simply. “What’s eating you?”

Dear Ariel - Chapter 5

Muggy air filled Ariel’s lungs as she took a breath outside her apartment door. The old train station stretched out before her, partially vanishing into a wall of gray mist. She placed both hands on the wooden rail, leaning forward and surveying the lot below her; he was there. Lucas, dressed in one of his polo shirts, looking up at her balcony expectantly. Ariel wanted to tell him to go away; she wanted to hate him, or at least have a strong dislike for him over his commentary last time, but in spite of herself, she found a small, subtle smile forming on her lips.

Dear Ariel - Chapter 4

September 2000

Ariel finished her song and pulled the microphone away from her lips; the karaoke machine clicked as the tape reached its end. Bending over, she pushed the rewind button and was rewarded with an intense whirring sound as the tape ran back.

“How many times you gonna sing that?” Amber asked from her position on the couch. Ariel shrugged.

Rylee Updates

Hi! I think I left Dear Ariel off at chapter 3 and I forgot to tell you guys that I was going off to get my GCS. I came through surgery fine and I'm recovering.. painfully.

Dear Ariel is written up to chapter 5 and 6 is halfway done. There is also significant progress on Fen and Fern Chapter 2, so look for that soon.

I'm on an every two week posting schedule for the moment so while the chapters are longer there's going to be a bit of a gap between them. As always, thanks for reading :)

Dear Ariel - Chapter 3

Ariel awoke to frost on the window – a bit odd for September, but not an unusual occurrence this early in the morning. She climbed out of bed and took a quick shower, pulling on her black pencil skirt and a lacy gray top. There was no way she’d be able to concentrate on work today; she’d be seeing Rylee in less than a week! The tickets were on the way, according to Tori, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to approach the topic of bringing Rylee back with her. She had little doubt that Rylee would agree; her real concern was with this Tori person. She had to let Rylee leave, she had to.

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'Dear Rylee' is being taken down from BCTS, save for the first three chapters and the epilogue due to Amazon's policies, but there is good news! The ebook will be released in a few days, meaning you can purchase that, or buy the print version. It would also be a shame if you could click here and just get the whole damn thing for free.

Dear Ariel Preview


I know everyone is waiting for 'Dear Ariel', but this time I'm sticking to a very strict posting schedule for a few reasons. First of all, the chapters are longer and take more time to write, so I want to stay 2-3 weeks ahead so I don't run myself into the ground. Second, the editing takes time, and thirdly, I'm chronically depressed and sometimes need to go outside and scream at the ocean. I live in Michigan though so...there's no ocean.

In any case, there are a lot of Ariel scenes in Dear Ariel, but today I'm going to share a Rylee scene with you. Enjoy

Dear Rylee - Epilogue

Hi Everyone!

The first three chapters and the epilogue of Dear Rylee are here on BCTS for free, but due to Amazon's policies, I can't have more than 10% up. To continue reading, you can buy it on Amazon, or simply download the ebook for free. Enjoy!

Free Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19i8oM339n78WoWiKphBsjwRC2nz...

Dear Rylee Update 6/16/23

With just a few chapters until the end of 'Dear Rylee' I feel I owe readers an explanation for what happened in today's chapter. When this happened to me in real life, there were a lot of thoughts feelings, and emotions that I couldn't adequately put on paper, so I sort of had to fudge the truth a little.

Rylee Update - June 13

Hi Everyone!

We're getting very close to the end of Dear Rylee, and I while I realize that most of you are wondering if she survives the next chapter, I'll remind you that it's an autobiography, and I'm right here :P That being saiiiiiddd I want to thank everyone for sticking with the story in spite of typos, subpar writing, and literal mental breakdowns from me every thirty seconds. Though, admittedly, I've improved quite a bit since The Mockreet, and even more since my doctor prescribed Prozac(which is working well, by the way).

Dear Ariel and Beyond

Patreon and Something about the Mockreet

Okay first, I'm going to cover some of the commentary I made. Yes, I get angry when people Kudo but don't respond because I literally have no idea how I'm doing, or if anyone actually likes it. I spend a lot of time thinking out scenes and in the end, I have no idea if they were good, bad, or something in between. I mean, there was an entire chapter of The Mockreet that I planned for months and-

Wrapping up Rylee and other Topics

Hey everyone! I'm getting very, VERY close to finishing Dear Rylee Book one, and unfortunately, as I move into Book Two, I'll be moving off of BCTS - let me explain why.

Dear Rylee hasn't gotten a ton of engagement on BCTS, unfortunately. It's typically, not THAT much of a problem, but I had to add markup to the story every single time I post on BCTS and Book 2 (Dear Ariel) will have 15 to 20k word chapters. I just don't have it in me to add markup to novella sized chapters that get so little engagement(comment wise).

Getting Close


Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my story up to this point! We're getting close to the end of this particular book, and as I move toward the end, I'm going to start diverting further and further into fiction. The story, while exciting in the beginning, turned into 'just life' after the initial six months. So, with that being said, I really appreciate you all being here, and I hope you hang on after chapter 29, which is the natural end for the real life story.

Editing for Dear Rylee 10

Hey everyone! I want to apologize for being so slow with Dear Rylee - I just finished writing Chapter 20 and I'm working on editing 10 for this site. Unfortunately, the editing process is drudging up a LOT of old memories. I've been consulting with people who were there at the time the story happened and finding out what actually happened and what I imagined so I can edit appropriately. Of course, I also have to deal with Tori(not her real name)'s insistence that I just 'stick to my photography' and stop writing, because I'm driving her insane.

DR Chapter 7 Posted!

Hey everyone! Chapter 7 is posted after some heavy editing! This particular chapter is interesting because it was the first time I was actually clocked after my transition. The Fiona thing was...definitely clocking but it didn't count because she had enough outside information to form a definitive conclusion. I remember that disaster like it was yesterday, haha. Anyway, enjoy the chapter, I'll be back either later this week or next week!

Short Chapter - Sorry! :(

The latest chapter of Dear Rylee weighs in at about 2700 words which is abysmally short, so I do apologize for that. Most of the story is already written and I'm just posting what's in the word doc. As we move further on, the chapters begin to reach 4k-7k words apiece, so bear with me. This is the first time I've told this story and I'm doing it as best I can remember. I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying it and I hope that it helps some of you - it's pretty intense and we've got a long way to go :)

Dear Rylee Story Info

Hi Everyone! I posted Chapter 3 of Dear Rylee today; I know we're moving fast but I have a LOT of this story already written and at this point I'm just trying to keep pace with the readers here. I'm glad everyone's enjoying it as I'm definitely enjoying writing it :)

So because this'll come up, a few things about Rylee:

Dear Rylee - Chapter 3

“Come on,” Rylee said to her hair, which paid no mind to her, as she ran a brush down the right side of her head. Ever since she’d started presenting herself as a woman, she’d found that hair was the biggest battle; the way it framed her face was essential for maintaining the illusion, and today it just wasn’t falling right.

Dear Rylee - Chapter 2

She’d laid there for what seemed like hours, but probably wasn’t. Rylee was stiff as a statue, trying to will herself to disappear as sunlight replaced the eerie glow of the moon and pressed warmly against her cheek. At the back of her head, a dull throb nagged at her, letting her know that she’d laid idle for too long.

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