Samantha Jenkins

Into the Land of the Pinks

Allen wasn't your normal 13 year old... He had a girl living within him, one that was looking for the perfect time to come out to play.

She finally found the right time.

Title Pages


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Is there a way to have the author pages list just stand alone stories and title pages for serials? For instance, my author page would have a link to the title page for 'My Mistake', as well as a link to the title page of the drabbles that I've written called 'Lost Luggage'. I think that might give a cleaner appearance...


Emma's Story: School Days: Chapter 4

## 4 ##

Abby, Nicole, Rachel and I were in the aquarium watching the fish in the large tank. Nicole and Rachel were near the front watching the fish swim to and fro, getting excited when they saw one they'd not seen yet.

"What do you think our parents are talking about?" I asked Abby, who turned to look at me.

"Probably what to do with all of the stuff..." Abby replied.

I glanced down at our sisters as I saw movement near the large glass wall that separated us from the fishes. "What stuff?"

Returning to Writing

So I've been away for a while... I'm planning on working on some of my unfinished works as I have time but I wouldn't expect things to happen very fast. I'm not sure where the various works stand and I will have to re-read them to try to figure out where i was going with them in the first place...


Power outage

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As a result of the storms that swept through the Ohio Valley on Friday night, we have been without power for about 36 hours now. They are currently giving estimates of 5-7 days for 90% restoration. Hopefully it will be sooner than that. I will be poking my head in as power and cell service allows.


20,000 Reads

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I just refreshed the my stories page and noticed that Chapter 1 of My Mistake has received 20,000 reads. If someone would have told me that it would eventually receive that when I first posted it in 2008, I wouldn't have believed you...

Thank you to all of the people that have read it and left comments. Rest assured that another chapter is coming soonish...


ABC's newest reality TV show (Not in a good way...)

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I haven't seen this appear anywhere here yet, so I don't think that the word has spread here yet....

Spread the word to attempt to halt ABC's ill advised comedy "Work it". This show, if it makes it to Air, will poke fun at the real issues that Trasngender people face in gaining acceptance in life. This show needs to be stopped before it goes any further...


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I always find it interesting when characters have revelations about things that the author (or authoress) has known for some time...

Take for instance Chapter 41 of Mistake, which I am working on in a window not far away from the one that I type this post in. Morgan has finally realized that she's been submitting to Katie for the better part of a year. (Did anyone else see this coming?) Right now the two of them are at the mall, and Katie picked out their clothes when they got up and Katie is wearing pants and Morgan's in a skirt...


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