Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

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I've just posted the 15th chapter of "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves." In this episode, our plucky heroine finds herself on the other side of the globe, Berlin, Germany to be precise, planning to spend three days shooting a music video with Trent Foster while he's on the first leg of his European concert tour. There's bound to be much singing, cavorting, sight-seeing, and moments of self-reflection. The cavorting might come as a bit of a surprise though. IJBOL. No, really. And spilled my coffee all over the table.

I hope my fan(s?) enjoy it.

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 14

title page ch 14.jpg

Sorry for being a bit late with this latest chapter. Real life caused some delay in my posting schedule. To make up for this, please enjoy this longer than usual chapter.

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 13

title page ch 13-125.jpg

I yawned as I clambered into Chuck’s Honda Passport at the ungodly time of 8:20 on a Saturday morning. Chuck laughed and plopped a sun hat on top of my head, tousling my barely brushed hair.

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 10

title page ch 10A.jpg

After figuratively bumping into Richie Morrow on the way to the dugout, I literally collided with Jimmy Fallon, our team’s player-manager, as I sprinted onto the field.

Out of the Past -- Part 9

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I handed Rafe a mug of hot chocolate as he stood by the windows of Alastair’s apartment, peering out onto Perry Street, seemingly deep in thought.

“Thanks, Joey.”

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 8

title page ch 8.jpg

“What’s bugging you, Evie?”

“I think I’m in love.”

“With Chuck? Juan? Richie Morrow?”

“No, silly, Trent. Trent Foster. He’s simply…wonderful.”

“Oy vey.”

“Don’t you think he’s cute?”

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 6

title page ch. 6.jpg

The morning after the charity gala, Debbie literally dragged me out of bed (actually the couch).
As I landed on the floor with a dull thud, still wearing the outfit I wore to the gala, I protested groggily.

Out of the Past - Part 5

title page part 5 b.jpg

(Author's Note: I apologize profusely for taking so long to post the latest chapter of this story. Real life has been quite bothersome lately and the energy to write ebbed to a standstill on certain days. However, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and hope to resume posting on a regular schedule. Thank you for continuing to read and I hope you comment as well.)

A Very Vivacious Vet Visit

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So...if my issues with my ambitious editor Maxine weren't enough...

I'd just returned from the airport where, much to Maxine's chagrin, they wouldn't permit me to board the plane as her comfort human. Something about her papers not being in order. I calmed her down by telling her they're showing "Halloween Ends" on her flight. That didn't calm her down. Now I know why they call it "caterwauling."

A Purr-fect Reboot

My editor has been working on her own projects (as long as it's on her own time, I don't mind). The latest one she showed me piqued my interest. She's always trying to come up with money-making ideas, that feline.

She thinks the time is right for a radical reboot of Star Trek. When I told her that - fat chance - Paramount owns the rights, she spit up a fur ball and told me she has a distant cousin who is Chat du Maison in Bob Bakish's household (the President & CEO). They use a lot her programming tips, my editor tells me.

40 years on...


I hope everyone's New Year has gotten off to a good start.

Amidst the disturbing signs of political and cultural antagonism against transgender persons, the strains of "Auld Lang Syne" made me recall my reassuring feeling upon first listening to this song by everyone's favorite alt-rock band, The Replacements:

Happy Holidays everybody!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

Spending Christmas Eve with my sister Erica at her home on the north shore of Long Island (yes, she calls it Long Guyland). She owns the biggest firickin' cat I've ever seen. It's a Maine Coon cat...the only domestic cat breed native to the U.S. Melissa had thirds of the sweet potato casserole. Darn that cat!


Hugs of the season,


Gender Switch Channel

Found this Ikea commercial on Beverly Simmons' Youtube channel (she curates short video clips of gender transformations in movies, TV, and other media).

As far as I can tell, the channel has only been active for several days. She's been posting multiple clips each day. Magical transformations aren't my particular thing but I know there are lots of besties on this site who would enjoy these little video snippets.




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The end of supermarket copycat items could be in sight after a bombshell decision by a Swiss court over Lidl's knock-off chocolate bunnies.

The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland ruled that Lidl's chocolate bunnies wrapped in aluminium foil, whether 'golden or of another colour', were too similar to Lindt's.

It banned the chain's Swiss branches Lidl Schweiz and Lidl Schweiz DL from selling similar bunnies and ordered the destruction of any still in stock.

To Write or Not to Write. Is That a Question?

I've been having thoughts about my existential relationship with writing TG fiction. Yes, I feel blocked of late, unable to progress on the projects I have on deck. Illness, depression, what have you intermittently plague me. It's even disturbed my normal sleep pattern. Now, these are signs of problems that extend further than my writing. I'm aware of that. But, still I ponder the need to write. Not that I would stop writing for my own sake. I guess I would continue to drabble about to amuse myself as I've done off and on for most of my adult life.

Happy Birthday Sophie

Tomorrow is Sophie Auster's 35th birthday and there are two reactions this elicits from me. The first is that I feel really old since I remember when her parents showed her off to me just weeks after birth in their Brooklyn apartment. The second is how proud I am of her success as a singer-model-actress and her fearless championing of LGBTQ+ rights. She is certainly her mother's daughter, in beauty, talent and intelligence.


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