Crazypagangurl gone missing - please help.


I blog here again, because I hope someone can help us. Our friend who is know here under her nick crazypagangurl has gone missing. She suddenly didn't appear like she always did in our chat and when she missed the fridays D&D session, we started worring. That was 4 weeks ago. Since that time Dottie tried to call her numerous times, but only got to the answering machine.
We know her computer is online but that's about it. Unfortunately she doesn't live near anyone of us.

If anyone knows anything, please contact me or Dottie or Arwens Tears.


Beyond Fiddler's Vale: Part 1

This series and its universe is based on D&D Pathfinder sessions, a real group of people, of friends, regularly play at official BCTS chat. The town at the centre of our adventures is based on a Pathfinder campaign by Rasufelle. Many thanks for editing to Crazypagangurl and of course a big thank you all the nice people I can nag with my evil machinations.

“Once upon a time... Oh, scrap that! We’re not in fairyland.” I put my feather down and look across the green lawn and over the red rooftops and chimneys of Fiddler’s Vale.

Sorry about the end of yesterdays session


Hi girls, high elves, dragon born and whatnot...

I'm really sorry about the end of yesterdays session. I didn't gave it the attention anymore that it deserved. I've been distracted by a very heated political argument with my partner. We've only had a few minutes left, but I still need to calculate XP and HP for everyone as well as creating the log. I'll try to make up for it next friday with another hopefully interesting round fighting the monk.

After all, this is only the beginning of uncovering one of the greatest mysteries of Fiddler's Vale.

The joys of time and politics... D&D

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Hello fellow adventurers,

those humans of the nevarious profession - if we want to call it so - the politicians, have bestowed upon us great confusion once again. First it have been daylight savings in America now the European continent was to follow down the road of stolen time and confused humanoid beings.

Until the day we finally will solve this matter, please be aware that we're starting an hour earlier again at 23:00 GMT.

Your caring DM

Another try at tabletopping at the BCTS chat


Hi people,

after one of our friends and D&D group members went missing in action, we want to try to revive D&D roleplaying at the Dungeon (just left of the Mainroom ;) ) at fridays.

So, whoever is interested in some fun with friends and some intense gaming sessions should join us in the mainroom or dungeon on Friday at 23:00 GMT. Interesting characters are welcome. After all we we have our own quirks too ;)

If you have any information on the whereabouts or fate of our beloved friend Doc, please PM me, Stardraigh, Rasufelle or Arwen's Tears.


Good news everyone! The irc chat is back!


Hello folks,

after lots of work, sweating and swearing, very long nights and lots of coffee and brainfood consumed by me and Melanie_T I can proudly announce the irc chat is back online.

At the moment we're still running the old software, but we will update to a newer more secure version in the next days.
We will also setup a second webchat, so everyone else without an irc client can log in, should BCTS having issues.

Update on mainroom chat


Hi girls and guys,

while waiting for certain things to finish, I thought I give you a short update on the mainroom chat.

I've finally been able to get the base system running. That means, we can start copying and backup our previous system and starting to get the VMs running again. _if_ all goes well, we might be able to activate the mainroom chat again in the evening.

So please keep your fingers crossed.


Mainroom chat


It seems the BCTS mainroom chat is somehow broken again. So, I believe many readers here might like another way to get to chat with their friends and help has arrived.
I reactivated the Narda java chat again. It's available here:

Please note, you will need a java capable webbrowser with the java plugin installed.

New lawsuit against trans rights in US

As if the hate sprouting from Trump and his Trumpettes aren't enough now some ludicrous doctors are attacking transsexuals rights on base of religious 'freedom' and believes again:

Yes it is buzzfeed, but it is the best article I could find on that at the moment.

Chat issues

I'm very sorry about the current issues with our chat. Unfortunately there is an incompatibility between our providers upgraded network and the old hardware our server uses. This causes the ellesmera to disconnect from the internet.

We are trying to resolve those issues as soon as possible. Please bear with us for the time being.


Chat is down, hurray, the Chat is up!

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Hi people,

I've been informed that our chat wasn't availabe from here. So I decided to reactivate an old site some people long ago maintened and make the mainroom available again.

Please go to You'll be logged in as guest but you can choose your own name by typing /nick .

Please have fun and thank your site admins. After all today is the annual Sysadmin Appreciation Day :)

Petition regarding Penmarris


Hello fellow BCTS readers,

I recently came across a petition of the Penmarris people wanting to rename their village for a good cause, namely to raise awareness of our oceans. Being a scuba diver myself and also loving decent fish & chips I agree to their case and though I'd link this petition here.

Let's stand by the Penmarrians and their support of our oceans.

Post-OP boredom

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Hello everyone out there, this isn't less blog but more a question. I'm a very active woman and I'm missing doing any kind of sports. I'm in the fifth week since my OP now and I feel getting that itch more and more. I need to do some workout. I can't do the usual stuff I do, since those are sports which would not be advisable to do so soon after that surgery, like cycling, sports climbing, inline skating or diving.
But I also need to do some less strenous sports to get back into shape again and getting my fitness back. I can't just lounge around.

Just a few updates

Hi folks,

well, today is a very happy day for me, so I thought I might share some news with you. First for the fans of the Gabyzone IRC channel on Cyberbrats Network - Fiona and me will moving the European hub to a less expensive and more powerful server. We're taking every precaution possible to avoid any service disruptions but... we can't guarantee for anything, so there might be short disruptions in service.

The other even better news is: The court in Potsdam decided about my name change application and from today on my name is official :) One of the best xmas gifts I ever had.

For Gabyzone or Cyberbrats chatters

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A nice Hello to all Gabyzone or Cyberbrats chatters.

For those who can't access or any of the other Cyberbrats networked irc hosts, please use instead.

Once DNS is available again, we will tell you.

UPDATE: As of 16:30 MEST is available again, and irc services are working as usual. Sorry for the short inconvenience.

Many thanks


For all Gaby addicted and other people too

Hi folks,

as Piper is rebuilding her main server, she will have to take some sites offline. Those include,,,,,

For we can you provide with a mirror site at

So please be patient, as things will be back in order soon.


On internet censoring and killer arguments

Hi folks,

having to live in Germany made me very frightened since some days. Germany is going to be an unlawful country it already has been in Nazi-times and that with obvious best intentions.

DNS issues regarding Hypatia's Garden

I'm very sorry having to tell you, that since 12:00 CET there are issues finding Hypatia's Garden. As far as I know, it's a DNS issues somewhere along the line. The server itself is still working nicely.

So as it unfortunately is out of our sphere of influence, I hope it will be resolved soon.

Greetings from eastern germany,


Any interest in a site for discussing philosophical and political matters?

Hi folks,

a few weeks ago Angharad posted a very interesting question about transsexual people and terrorists. Unfortunately that discussion was stopped very early. I guess it was to avoid any flaming which surely would have come soon.
But like I said, it would have been very interesting to discuss that matter a bit further. I came to the conclusion that this site might probably not the best place to persuade such a philosophical exchange.

If there is any interest in having such discussions in depth, I'd like to provide a forum for that.
There will be of course rules to avoid unneccessary flaming or even hatred.

Assumptions and questions

I was watching one of my favourite series again - CSI Las Vegas. At the end Gil Grissom said something very important I think.
'Men assume, they don't ask about the why. ... It took five people to murder one person, but if only one had asked why he did what he was doing, why he felt unwell, he might have been still alive.'

Gabyzone/Cyberbrats nameservice issues

For anyone wondering what happened to cyberbrats chatnet, which is home to the gabyzone channel, please note there are only name service issues. Chatnet itself is still online and running. For anyone wanting to get in, please use This is one of the european servers of CyberBrats Chatnet.

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