Question for smokers....

I’m wondering if I could get some help for a story I’m in the planning stages to write.

If there are any Smokers out there, can you explain to me how it “feels” to “Need” a smoke.

In a body swap story, a non-smoker ends up in a smokers body, and not being originally a smoker himself, how would the swapped person know the new new body is craving a cigarette ?

Thanks in Advance.


Site Advertising Help!


HELP !!!

I an asking any author / publisher who used BC's " Project Wonderful " advertising system who can help me get started getting ad's posted here on BC !

Erin as asked me to consider using the paid ad's here to help promote the ebooks we sell, but there are still things that confuse me.

I hope someone can help me !


Looking to Contact these Authors! (address corrected)

I've been trying to contact four of the authors from my website, Sapphire's Place, and any help you all can give would be great!
While I have their stories, and at one time, had working email addresses for them, I've has a HD crash ( or two ) since then, and I don't have a CURRENT working way to get in touch with them.
I can understand not sharing their contact info, if you have it, but if that is an issue, please, PLEASE have them contact me!

New Forsythe chapter for "Away of the Summer"

I am so happy to be able to make another announcement so soon after my last one!

Late last night, I received the latest chapter from Forsythe of his story " Away for the Summer", his hit new Age Regression story!

You can find a link to it from our NEW page at:

and while you there check out the other great authors from out " Features Authors Page at:

Forsythe joins Sapphire's Place!

I am so happy and very proud to announce that Forsythe has joined that other greats on Sapphire's Place!

Forsythe has become known for his great Age Regression stories, and we look forward to his new chapters of his exciting story " Away for the Summer ", with many more on the way!

You can read his work at his Featured Author page over on Sapphire's Place, and we hope that this is the start of lots of newer authors joining the greats already there!


Price Lower on Rebekkah's newest eBook.... and more.

Just two quick notes!

When I announced the publication of Rebekkah's newest book in her 8 Dragon Saga ( number 4 ), I forgot to mention that the price of $2.99 is only temporary! In under a week the price will go to our usual level of $3.99, go grab it at the lower price!

Also Rebekkah has told me that she is writing the remaining book and a half to finish of the series! We already have books 1-6 and half of 7 in a 9 book series, so , just a book and a half to go! ! I'm sure we can take Rebekkah's promise that she will be finish the Saga !

New eBook from Rebekkah deMere !

I am so happy to announce a new eBook by Rebekkah deMere , in her 8 Dragon Saga!

" The Songs of Chi " is book Four (4) of the 8 Dragon Saga's second Trilogy !
Continue to follow the sisters and their friends as they rescue others from the clenches of slavers, and experience more transformations in the process, including more unexpected Gender changes!

Follow our heroes as they come of age in the dystopian world that spirals with out of control magic as they start the middle trilogy of the "Twins" story, our 8 Dragons Saga!

Help Requested

Quick Question for my Fellow Publishers:
I have seen many authors and or publishers have a sign-up page to get updates sent via email when a new eBook is released. I was wondering if any of you have such a system in place, and if so, how did you set it up?
Right now, I publish the release of new Kindle books on our various TG community sites, but I know that a HUGE advance get our books directly from Amazon, essentially by " stumbling" on them. I was hoping to add a "sign-up" list to announce new Kindle ( and hopefully other formats soon ) releases.

Want a Quickie?

Want a Quickie?

A Sapphire's Place Quickie Kindle eBook, that is!

Presenting " Zyprexa" by SlimV as a Amazon Kindle eBook

Darrel's dad is getting out of prison. Fearing for their lives, his mother transforms him into a girl and they go on the lam in this "Good Boy" to "Bad Girl" tale.


You can also help out BC by buying this eBook using the link here:

A Great Kinde eBook by Hypatia!

A millenia ago an act of anger by a scientist called Silvinas changed our world to his fantasy. The war between the races is again erupting with help from Silvinas. This is a time for men to be real men, women to be real women and dragons to sing old Lennon and McCartney songs.

This can be found at this link; ( btw: BC gets some profit if your click and buy from this link !)

Price Drop on two Kindle eBooks!

Hi !

Just wanted to let everybody know that I dropped the price of two great Kindle eBooks!

I've dropped the price for both book 1 and book 2 of Hypatia's great " The Oracle of New Delphi"....

Both eBooks are now only $3.99 !

The Oracle Of New Delphi Book 1 and Book 2 By Hypatia
It falls to a brave few to rebuild the world, after civilization collapses! Follow the unlikely heroes that have to put it all back together. It makes it harder when you are not even in your own bodies when it all falls apart.

New Kindle eBook and new Imprint!

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I am very happy to announce a not only new Kindle eBook but a new'ish "imprint", the Sapphire's Place Quickie!

Manny of our best authors have given s great reading it the "short-form", rather than full size novel or novellas, so to this , we give the world the "Quickie".

Two New Kindle eBooks!

Just a quick announcement about our two newest Kindle eBooks by some GREAT authors from our community! Hypatia and Rebekkah deMere.

While BC was undergoing it's upgrade, I published Hypatia's " The Lady Lies Sleeping "

" Many things that walk upon the earth are older than we can guess, at the beginning was The Firstborn, he who danced as the world was created…he will dance at the end of the world too…and that might just be a little closer than he would like. "

In this season - a Senior Partner is Named...

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As many of you know, I asked ( read as BEGGED ) for help recently - and many people have come forward.

Currently, one person is looking into the scripting for the rebirth of Sapphire's Place. others are waiting in the wings - doing the research on HOW to redesign the site.... but with my stepping back from the site, that means that someone has to take the lead on both the site and it's redesign.

Open Letter from Sapphire

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Dear Readers,

This is very hard for me, but before I get to the difficult part, I want to announce the newest chapters of Angharad’s ongoing paranormal adventure story “ SNAFU” and the next chapter of Melanie Brown’s “Reluctant Prom Date”. I want to publicly thank Angharad and Melanie for continuing to send their new chapters to Sapphire’s Place, even though I haven’t been updating the site regularly.

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