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And the father of the year award goes to...

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I found an interesting article about a father who started wearing skirts and dresses to support his son's desire to wear them.

Now if that father isn't great to be secure enough in his own masculinity to do this, I don't know who is.

grtz & hugs,

Sarah xxx

ps: but all in all, I do hope my father won't start wearing dresses to support me :p Everyone would think he's pregnant! At his age! :o

The skin I live in / La piel que habito

For everyone who likes a sci-fi/horror story with a transgendered twist (the sci-fi refeering to futuristic surgery), should like the movie 'La piel que habito'.

It's a scary movie someone suggested to me about a rich surgeon (Antonio Banderas) whose mentally unstable daughter supposedly got raped by a guy.
he kidnaps the guy and when his daughter commits suicide, he starts transforming him in a woman who looks like his deceased wife and falls in love with 'her'.

Another try

This is a poem i've written years ago, when I was still trying to figure myself out, it's a short one, but I hope you like it:

sitting here
sitting here lonely
watching the mirror
trying to smile
tears come out of my eyes
who is that person?
why do I feel sad for him?
I clean my eyes and go outside with a smile
another day, another try

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