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Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Rose sighed. “I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news none of us really understand.” She breathed out heavily. “When we spoke to child protection here, they spoke about obvious child abuse, now the person who has taken over your case calls it mildly excessive force for a discipline technique.” She moved to hold my hand. “Don't panic, we are not going to allow that man to touch you again.”

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Jesse's POV

I was sore, embarrassed, angry and sad all at the same time. When I arrived at the hospital they gave me some medication for pain relief. I'm not sure whether I reacted to it funny or it was meant to make me feel stoned, but the next couple of hours were a real trip. My memory of the time is very foggy and I have no idea what I said.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Jenny's POV

I stared at the phone as if it could give me all the answers in the world and I really needed them right then. What was the right thing to do? Do I tell the adults? Do I ring child services? Maybe the lawyer that was representing Jesse. If I did any of that what were the chances of worse happening to Jesse before anything could be done. At least Lilith had promised to phone again tomorrow night.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Jesse's POV

I had no clothes except what I was wearing so it didn't surprise me when I was immediately sent off with Nona to get some more. With Papa already calling me Bob, I wasn't expecting any more dresses. I think I was supposed to be embarrassed about going into the men's department dressed as a girl, but I had fully accepted my truth, so I just thought they were being ridiculous.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Jesse's POV

I sat outside the courtroom while my fate was decided. This wasn't even for the full hearing or whatever they called it, just for temporary custody. The decision today was going to have a big impact on my life for the next four weeks. Intellectually I knew that this was really important, but emotionally, I felt numb. I was depressed and only when my friends managed to distract me or I was running was I able to pull myself out of my deep funk.

Star Chapter 30

Chapter 30

We still had a wonderful day and tried to put the break in and Alan's absence behind us. I loved the fact that Phil, who was only vaguely related had given up his Thanksgiving experience to help out my new family. We heard from Alan that evening telling us that he would be returning tomorrow.

Star Chapter 29

Chapter 29

I'm not sure Lisa noticed that I was a bit later than usual. Having said that, the last two days I had been taking my time returning to get them used to me arriving later and Barbie was a wonderful distraction. She was covered in flour, bouncing around, helping Lisa with the baking in the kitchen.

Star Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Normally, a five foot girl being chased by three six foot guys only ends in one way. Their legs are longer, their stride wider and the guys have more muscle mass. However, I knew all that when I made my plan, so I had accounted for it. In the cut through I had carefully placed some objects that I could nudge to create an obstacle course for my pursuers. After forcing them to jump over a box, I had thrown down some ball bearings so the boys landed on a slippery surface.

Star Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Well that was easier than I expected.” Jess said as we headed towards lunch.

“Not really.” I replied. “The threat has never really been at school. With all the cameras at school the most they could ever do was verbally abuse you. In the same way, there is not much I can do at school either. I can defend you, but only minimally. No, this is only the first part of my evil plan. Take their attention off you and onto me. At lunch I am going to tell all your friends that I was responsible for getting them suspended.”

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I had a great photo session with Mark on Wednesday and wanted to tell mum and the girls all about it. I managed to have a chat with Jenny but mum didn't answer her phone. At the time that didn't worry me too much, but when I couldn't get hold of her on Thursday, I started to worry. I tried to phone Karen and she was unavailable as well.

Star Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Star's POV

I returned to the house quietly and slipped into my bedroom only to find Barbie and Jess snuggled up together. I stripped off quickly and put my nightie back on and then worked my way back into bed. I saw Jess' body tense a little when she realised I was back in the room and when I put my hand on her side gently to let her know it was me, she clutched it and pulled it around her, forcing me to cuddle up tight. Not that I minded.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I slept well and woke up all excited. I think I was still buzzing because of the money I had received yesterday, let alone what I was going to earn over the next couple of days. I had spoken to mum last night and told her about the money and she was very happy for me. I heard her coughing a few times which worried me and she didn't want me to send any money immediately. Apparently, she had to be careful of money coming in, or the government would think she was still earning.

Star Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Jess asked me at breakfast how much help I wanted, from a bit of advice to take complete control of my wardrobe and image. I chose the latter with veto to any clothes that were too restrictive. Barbie just wanted to buy anything that was pink or purple. All rules changed if there was a picture of a unicorn or mermaid, obviously.

Star Chapter 23

Chapter 23

I walked around the house noting all the security risks with Alan. They had an alarm system which could be set for when there was no one in the house and a sleep function, when all the external doors and a sensor in the garage were live.

The alarm system was a good one but it had a few flaws. There were a few downstairs windows that were not alarmed, nor was there a sensor to pick up access and there was no way to identify whoever came to the front door.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Jesse's POV

I was waiting for some time. The receptionist came to check on me occasionally and explained that because there was such a time pressure, they were trying to nut out a contract, then and there. When they had finished, Jim collected me and we travelled to Mark and Jean so that Mark could sign my contract as my guardian. I still had to sign it so I read it thoroughly, but it only seemed to confirm what Jim had told me earlier.

Star Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Now that Jess had calmed down we were sitting around the table again. Jessica had always been called Jess, but after the incident felt like it didn't suit her anymore and had asked everyone to call her Jessica. With a determined look on her face she told us that she wanted to be called Jess again. She didn't want Anthony to win, is how she put it and none of us were going to argue. It felt like a good indication of improvement.

Star Chapter 21

Chapter 21

I knocked on Jessica's door. Apparently, we were going shopping tomorrow and Lisa wanted to know if Jessica was going to join us. After I had knocked I could hear some movement behind the door, followed by a lock being undone and then the door opened a crack. Jessica was standing behind it as if it was protecting her.

“Umm..hello?” She said softly.

“Do you mind if I come in? I would like to ask a favour.”

“Err..OK I guess.” She said so quietly, that if she hadn't been so close I wouldn't have been able to hear her. Then she disappeared from view.

Star Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The rest of the afternoon could have been called the Barbie show. Barbie is pretty shy and cautious around strangers, but it is like a switch is thrown. When she decides that you are not a stranger anymore, she will treat you like she completely trusts you. She will jump in your lap and give you a cuddle, just because she felt like it or hold your hand and drag you to something she is interested in, so, of course, you would be interested too.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Philip Wright's POV Mildura Lawyer

I was meeting with Charles for the second time and not looking forward to it. Father Geffory had asked me to take on this case, so I knew I was doing the right thing. At the same time I knew the law and we would not be successful if Charles insisted on calling Bob a boy and telling the world that was why he needed full custody.

Star Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Daniel's POV

Laura had just left to take Star and Barbie to the Johnson's. I was a little worried about that meeting. Star was likely to be wary of any strangers and that can come across as cold and unfeeling. Clearly, from the way she interacts with Barbie and to some extent Laura, that wasn't the case, but first impressions count. I had talked to Laura about it and she suggested to Star what sort of behaviour would be normal. She believed that Star was an excellent observer and would act in the way she thought others expected her to.

Star Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The next morning before breakfast Jamie led me back to the home gym. She took me through a bit of strength, flexibility and endurance training. Not enough to completely exhaust me, just enough to keep me in shape. She told me that I would meet with an expert trainer who would decide my workout strategy and training schedule. Jamie was five feet nine and fairly stocky. Her speciality was firearms and grappling techniques, like Judo and Jujitsu.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Jesse's POV

That night Marie showed me around her apartment. I was exhausted. I must have done twenty foot massages today. My hands and arms were getting tired after the third one, but they all seemed so eager and looking forward to it, that I couldn't say no. To help my hands, I varied my tasks with washing feet, playing with the toe joints and stroking as well as the main event which was to get the muscles to relax.

Star Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Why can't you be my new mummy?” Barbie asked Aunty Jamie innocently.

“Oh, honey. I would love to be, but with my job I just won't be around enough to look after you. How about this. I will always be your Aunty. I will come and visit as often as I can and spoil you rotten. How does that sound?”

Barbie looked a bit sad. “OK, I guess.”

“Enough moping.” I said, climbing out of Jamie's lap. “Tickle time.” I declared and attacked Barbie, who giggled and ran away with me close on her heels almost catching her many times to prolong her enjoyment.

Star Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I was relaxed in my bath when Laura came in. Mental note, I need to start thinking of her as Jamie and to help Barbie, I need to call her Aunty Jamie. When Jamie came in she didn't stare at me or ignore me. She looked me in the eyes, with a passing glance over my body. I expected her to be a little curious over my groin after my recent surgery, but if she was, there was no sign of it.

Star Chapter 14

Chapter 14

In the back of the SUV were a couple of happy meals with a milkshake in a drink holder dividing the two back seats. I made sure Kayla was strapped in before she started attacking the food. I was less interested, but then we had just eaten less than half an hour ago.

“I didn't know whether you had eaten and we have quite a few miles to cover.” Laura said, looking at me in the mirror.

Star Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Star's POV

Jane's cousin whipped her head around to look at me. I had thought about running off, but I had noticed that she was fighting the other goon, so I think it was safe to say they weren't connected. Apart from the fact that they let them follow her. When I noticed them after Jane had sat down, I lingered to try and work out if they were part of a double cross. Then I couldn't let them kill an innocent and had to intervene.

I started walking casually towards the bus stop. Jane's cousin followed me.

Star Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I took my usual precautions and phoned Jane the next day.

“Hi Jane. Are you available for another eyes closed conversation?” I asked smiling.

“Hi Austin. I guarantee that I won't see you at any point during this call.” Jane said dryly.


“Yes, I have found a way to help you. I, myself would if I could, but I don't know how. My cousin, on the other hand, knows what to do. She lives in the USA, so she won't be here for another two days, but has asked me to arrange a meeting. Where would like to meet?”

Star Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Laura's POV (Laura Brain, Jane's cousin)

My phone rang showing that the caller was Jane from England. “Hi Jane. How's the weather in old Blighty?”

“Oh the usual, you know, grey, miserable, with a higher chance of rain than sunshine. What's it like in sunny California? On the other hand, don't tell me. I don't want to know.”

I laughed. “What can I do for you?”

There was a pause, which let me know this was going to be a serious conversation. “I've got a case that is getting me down. I was hoping for some advise.”

Star Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next day I needed to go out and buy a few things. I had some money from Wendy's purse and John had passed £200 pounds cash into my hands the previous evening. I would like to say I was too proud to accept it. The reality was I had very little pride left. I would do what I had to do and accept what I had to accept, if it meant a better life for Kayla.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Marie's POV

I really wasn't sure what to think about having a young teenager living with me again. I had cleaned out Annalise's possessions including a very full wardrobe, not long after she had passed away. I couldn't bear to look at it all the time, yet, at the same time, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. It now languished in the attic. That did mean that the room was easy to clean and get ready for another guest.

Star Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The next morning, John went off to work. I moved the air mattress and sleeping bag back into the tree house, played with Kayla and chatted with Janice. Kayla started asking really difficult questions about what had happened to Wendy. I'm pretty sure she didn't see any of the violence, although I suspect it was my fight in the bathroom that woke her up.

Star Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I ran to Kayla acting on instinct, dropping my gore covered pens on the bed on my way past. Apart from a few flecks of blood I was naked, but didn't think that would matter to Kayla. I hugged her and turned her around so she was facing away from her mother and I could keep an eye on the bathroom door. She was stiff in my arms initially, then I felt her small hands clutch me and she started sobbing.

Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Wednesday was a fun day. My run felt great, giving me a nice early morning buzz, then we were off to the salon. Another mani pedi with hair styling and full makeup. Then Jean took me to a designer friend of hers who treated me like her personal barbie doll. After that Mark joined us and we went to the beach.

Star Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The results were in and I was back in the doctors office. Wendy was with me and Kayla was in the hotel room with a babysitter. We were sitting down in an office with Dr Crane so that he could give us the results. We went through the small talk very quickly as I think they could both tell that I was feeling very anxious.

Star Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Wendy's lawyer called back and she had a long conversation with him. Custody would take time, so a restraining order would the way to go initially. Risk of child endangerment, and the right Judge should hurry the process. Even so he reckoned it would take two days. He also advised Wendy to contact the police. If they carried on searching after she had concrete evidence that Kayla was safe, she could be charged with wasting the police time.

Star Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The next morning, I didn't wait for John to leave. I headed over as soon as we were both awake. Janice was in the kitchen cooking John an omelette and offered to make pancakes for us. Instead we helped her or, at least, we tried to. I'm not sure if we were more of a hindrance. Nonetheless, we all had fun.

Star Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Star's POV

Kayla had fallen asleep quite quickly, but it was too early for me, so I stayed awake listening to a lecture on economics that I had downloaded on John's computer and added to my kindle. I had my headphones on so I didn't hear Janice climbing the ladder, just noticed her head coming into view. Once she had caught my eye, she gestured for me to follow her and went back into the house.

Star Chapter 3

Chapter 3

When we trooped through the backdoor I could see John looking uncertainly at Kayla, so I suggested to Kayla that she has another bath.

“I am six, I am not stupid. You are just trying to get rid of me.” She said loudly, with a beautiful pout.

“We need to have an adult conversation, sweetie. I tell you what, before you go to bed, you can ask me anything you like and I will answer as best as I can. How's that?”

“If you are a good girl, there will be a bowl of ice cream for you after you finish.” Janice added, before Kayla could answer.

Star Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Star's POV

I could hear a clutter of feet going down the stairs and then shortly afterwards Janice was coming towards me, smiling after she recognised me through the window in the door. Kayla was standing behind me. I didn't place her there, she was just a bit nervous, so she stayed behind me and then popped her head around me occasionally to see what was going on. It was so cute.

She opened the door. “Star, what happened, I was getting worried.” Then she noticed Kayla. “Oh, hello sweetie.”

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Epilogue

The Epilogue

I couldn't phone Chelle since she was in school, so I sent her a text saying I was back in the land of the living and looking forward to speaking to her. I did manage to speak to Gem. The real question was what to do about Eve and Laura. It was obvious that they both wanted to get together, I just needed to come up with something to get them over their self created barriers.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Sophia's POV

I woke up and struggled to open my eyes. For some reason my eyelids were really heavy, but I managed to blink a few times and finally open them properly. I looked around trying to work out where the hell I was, who I was and even what the hell happened. The room was clearly a hospital room and it was empty. It being empty was comforting for some unknown reason.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Sophia's POV

I had another great night sleep. Two in a row was a new record for me. Sleeping all the way through without waking and I could only put it down to Chelle being in my bed with me. I wish she could be there every night. Whether it was the great sleep, or the wonderful weekend that I had just had, I woke up with such a feeling of elation. My life was turning out to be amazing.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 39

Chapter 39

We jumped into the limo and drove to my house. I was feeling nervous and a bit scared that mum was going to muck this up for me. On the other hand, Eve had this grin on her face, ready for a confrontation and looking forward to it. I think she was trying to keep me from freaking out by keeping a conversation going. We talked about music generally, favourite songs and artists.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Chelle's POV

In the middle of the night I woke up, not quite sure what had awoken me. Then I felt Soph breathing fast, almost hyperventilating and occasionally twitching. I started stroking her and telling her that she was safe, that I was here to look after her and protect her and that her mum was nearby and wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.


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