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Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Normally when I wake up in Lagbit's World, I just snuggle with my sweetheart and slowly gather myself, as my maids get my Taigoa clothes ready. Today I was too excited, worried, thrilled and anxious about Mia and Wendy arriving together next door. Myra was sleeping in one of the beds in anticipation of Wendy arriving today and I could see all sorts of possible complications and misunderstandings, but had the belief that it would all work itself out favourably.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Going to Lagbit's World five times a day at two hours a time for the past two days meant that I had spent ten weeks there and only two days here. It also meant that I spent most of my time on Earth lying on my back. I didn't feel sore, but I also didn't think it would be wise to continue doing it. I discussed it with Vee and we agreed that three times a day should be a maximum.



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Star is a big hearted 14 year old runaway with anger issues. Life for Star has been tough, but it has created a strength and resilience in character and a strong drive to protect family. With an incredible mind, Star shows that size and strength can be trumped by clever thinking.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Lacy's POV

Vee had approached me quietly explaining the situation on Lagbit's World and more importantly what they had discovered regarding the lack of mana on Earth. Tia was now focused on trying to save the fricken' planet, so it was up to the rest of us to not only keep her safe but take as much weight off her shoulders as possible.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I decided to bring Branch with me this time. That only left four spaces for transformation, but right then that was a lesser worry. I was expecting to leave the discussions until after our evening meal, but Branch reported to Leaf who informed the Queen. By mid-morning, we were all gathered for another emergency meeting.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I woke up and removed the VDR headset. In theory, I could have swapped headsets and immediately returned to the game, but I was feeling tired and I wanted to wait until Wendy could join us. Mum coped with her absence but there was an underlying sadness throughout the week and I didn't want to put her through that if I didn't have to.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 14

Chapter 14

After that disturbing conversation, I didn't sleep that well that night. The question that was bothering me was 'is Earth slowly dying?'. Environmentalists were talking about Global warming, but I remember watching a program that talked about the number of species becoming extinct each year. Was it more than just man's interference with nature?

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Andi guided us to the warehouse. By this point all the druids were exhausted, apart from me, so I made a mental note to speak to Leaf in Lagbit's World. I didn't even feel like I had put in any effort at all.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Tia's POV

It was interesting to visit 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. I suppose it would be like an American visiting the White House. Their significance was more in the mind than reality. I live in a palace seven out of every eight days, so although I appreciated the grandeur, I was not overwhelmed by it.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Mia's POV

I had passed on almost all of my duties to Katie and Roni. Ash was going to take over on Elf Cultural studies, so I was ready to leave. I had delayed my flight so I could keep track of what was happening in New York while Tia was occupied with her diplomatic efforts. I was so proud of her. And yet I thought it was probably best that I made the decisions regarding our action there.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next morning left me in a contemplative mood. The first lot of our security forces had landed in New York, however, Andi had already informed me that one vehicle had gone to a harbour, and she had lost track of another one. So there was a one in seven chance that Cari was now on the water and probably untraceable and a one in seven chance that we had lost her trail.

“What's wrong, honey?” Vee asked me while we were having breakfast.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I unclipped my headset with a sigh. Another twelve elves created. I loved my time in Lagbit's World and I spent so much more time there than here, as far as my mind was concerned. The pressure was completely different though. Here I was nominally in charge whereas there I was a pampered princess, so I did feel responsibilities settle on my shoulders when I returned.

Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Now available for preorder on Amazon

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Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 is now available on Amazon for preorder, released on April 2nd.

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I decided to do the preorder thing to give me a chance to start finishing Book 3 and there to not be too big of a gap between releasing Book 2 and Book 3.



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Publishing Vivid Dream Reality Book 1 on Kindle

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Sad Smiles Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Buffy's POV

Gabi knew something was up. She had written the question down so I had no choice but to tell her something. I hated lying so I told her that it was a surprise, a pleasant one, but she was going to have to be patient. She accepted that, but we were now on a countdown. I also had to visit the kitchen to find out what we were going to be fed for dinner and work out if any of the food was prohibited for pregnant women. The fact that I had asked for the menu was out of character, so again, time was running out.

Sad Smiles Chapter 21

Chapter 21

I had to say it again. “I am pregnant.” Then I giggled. I also felt a little bit relieved which was a strange feeling. I think I had become accustomed to the idea of being pregnant throughout the day and was subconsciously worried that it was a false hope.

Sad Smiles Chapter 20

Chapter 20

When we knew from our text messaging that Sarah and Gabi were due back, we started watching a movie. We knew we had to act very casual with them so we had a plan of action. That way we hoped they wouldn't ask too many questions.

Ellie and I were on the couch cuddling, watching the movie when they came in and rather than our usual catch up chat, we pulled them onto the couch to cuddle and watch the movie with us. My mind wasn't really engaged in the action and I would be surprised if Ellie was any different.

Sad Smiles Chapter 19

Chapter 19

If you have never been pregnant, how are you supposed to know what it feels like? The main question was, was it possible? Yes, we had sex with Gabi when she still had male equipment, but her penis was trapped in a false vagina. She couldn't get an erection and she certainly didn't put it inside me.

Sad Smiles Chapter 17

Chapter 17
We picked up Sarah's purchases in Toronto but knew we would have to take their application with caution. Back in the hotel room, we got Gabi to try the strap on dildo rig with the front piece removed. There were a couple of issues. Lots of lubrication was necessary for Gabi to feel less uncomfortable and that had to be reapplied regularly. The other problem was the whole rig was visible through most of the clothes. Not obvious, but noticeable, to us at least. Not visible panty line, but visible strap on dildo rig lines.

Publishing Who the Hell am I? Book 2 on Kindle

I will be publishing Who the Hell am I? Book 2 on Kindle and in order to have it in the Kindle unlimited category, I need to remove it from this site. I thought it would be nice to give advanced warning before I remove it and figured this would be the easiest way to do that. In two days time, I intend to ask Erin to unpublish all but the first two chapters.

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Reason for living Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1 — The Escape

I was as nervous as hell. My uncle sat behind his big desk in his home office, which was really his man cave, looking at me with a frown. The thing was, no matter how nervous I was, I was also determined.

I didn't consider my uncle as evil, just greedy and inconsiderate. My deal appealed to his greed as the carrot with the threat of court action as the stick.

“I don't know where you get this foolish notion that I am wasting your inheritance and you shouldn't threaten me.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Buffy's POV

The next week was probably the best in my life. The next day my breasts were a little swollen and sore, so I knew my period was due. Since all of us have synchronized our biorhythms, the next few days were going to be interesting. We have a general rule that any arguments that happen at that time of the month, we try to put a pin in it and restart it a week later. Of course, we usually find the topic much more agreeable then.

Sad Smiles Chapter 15

Chapter 15

We didn't get the chance to talk again until we were walking back to the RV after the after party. We said our usual goodbyes to Noah and his band friends and then allowed The Bleeding Heart Boys to get enough ahead of us so that they couldn't hear our conversation. I was orchestrating that manoeuvre, so Ellie and Sarah were waiting for me to start the talk.

“Ellie, I couldn't help but overhear you talking to Gabi about further feminisation surgery. Does she have issues with the way she looks?” I asked.

Sad Smiles Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Sandra disappeared on her hunt for the doctor and Lisa jumped on us for information.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Let's get back to the waiting room, I only want to say it once,” I told her.

She hurried me to the room where everyone was waiting, even Aaron was sitting in one corner.

Sad Smiles Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Buffy's POV

High Notes had just about finished their set when Trish came to us and asked us to follow her.

“What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Lisa has asked me to get you. Drew has disappeared.”

“What happened?”

“Lisa will tell you, I don't know.”

We rushed back to find a frantic Lisa, holding a crying Mia.

“What happened?” I repeated, this time to Lisa.

“I'm so sorry. We thought it would be alright, but then Aaron was an idiot and Drew ran away and I tried to follow, but he disappeared.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning a little bit excited in the hopes that Gabi would be joining us. Sarah didn't say anything until we had gathered around for breakfast.

“I've decided that Gabi will be joining us today, so first order of the day is to get her ready. After we have finished breakfast we will need to go through some clothes and see what we can find that will fit her,” Sarah stated in a firm voice.

Sad Smiles Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The show was a great one. High Notes had gotten over their nerves that was quite noticable for the first few shows, and were gelling better and better. The Bleeding Heart Boys were their usual polished selves, but in the after party I could tell that Damon was in a depressed mood. I'm guessing Lisa had ripped into him again, after seeing Drew's hand and knowing the emotional trauma that he was suffering.

Sad Smiles Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I was the first to wake up the next morning. After our exhausting but very satisfying bedroom antics we had all ended up sleeping in the one double bed. Hardly enough room for two let alone four. I woke up on my side with my arm over Sarah, reaching far enough to lie on Gabi and Ellie's arm and leg were drapped over me.

Sad Smiles Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The next morning we were all feeling worse for wear. The only thing that any of us seemed to regret was the amount of alcohol we had consumed. I'm not sure I regretted even that, as last night probably wouldn't have happened without that lubrication. So, although we had headaches we all had smiles and little touches of affection.

Sad Smiles Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Author Note// This entire chapter is a sexual scene. Not done in ridiculous detail, but what goes on is very clear. If this is going to offend you, please don't read it.

Sarah called 'shot', so we all had another round.

“That is not a dare!” The drink was starting to get to me and certain, sexy, naughty thoughts were beginning to become thoughts that I wanted to share. “The traditional dare is a kiss, so pucker up.”

“Hey, not fair!” Sarah exclaimed. “He needs to kiss all of us, right Ellie.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Buffy's POV

I couldn't believe that arsehole. I saw it all. Drew was happy and considering he had so much to be sad about at the moment, that was a fricking miracle. And then that Neanderthal tried to crush his hand in some weird male dominance stupidity. I considered myself a dom, but this display reinforced my belief that dom and sub behaviour had nothing to do with gender, because that was some male shit that I was never going to understand.

Sad Smiles Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Aaron's POV

I can't deny, I was feeling a little bit frustrated. The concert went great and I was feeling really pumped. It was in the after party where we met our diehard fans that everything started going downhill. All my friends were starting to settle down, either in a steady relationship or married with kids.

Sad Smiles Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Drew's POV

I had to sit in the front as the girls got themselves ready for another concert. It was a strange contrast to how they acted after I had dressed female. I sort of understood it, as they were completely uninterested in my male body. I did get the impression that they were almost flaunting their bodies after my transformation. Buffy had even told me that I shouldn't look away when they were getting changed when I was also female.

Sad Smiles Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Finding the right clothes for Drew was surprisingly difficult. I don't know whether it was because subconsciously I thought of him as a girl and my conversation with Sarah may have put similar thoughts in her head. Anyway, finding items that we all agreed on was an infrequent occurrence. It didn't help that he was not particularly forceful with his opinions and wanted to be lead by a female committee of fashionistas who couldn't make up their minds.

Sad Smiles Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I managed to get Drew in for a full body wax at the first beauty salon on my list. I was curious as to how he was going to react. He obviously looked like a guy and was entering a traditionally female establishment to get a procedure that was usually only done on women. I know times are changing and some guys have various areas waxed, but Drew had told me that he never had. He was a bit worried about the pain and was understandably nervous.

Sad Smiles Chapter 1

Sad Smiles

Chapter 1 Buffy's POV

This was going to be the best summer ever. Ellie's brother had hit the big time and their band High Notes was going to be the opening act for The Bleeding Heart Boys tour. We were going to follow the tour at least for the US and Canada section. We had passes to all the shows and an allotted parking space in all the locations for our RV. We were on our way travelling from Las Vegas to Phoenix where the first event was to take place.

Publishing Star on Kindle

I will be publishing Star on Kindle and in order to have it in the Kindle unlimited category, I need to remove it from this site. I thought it would be nice to give advanced warning before I remove it and figured this would be the easiest way to do that. In two days (lunch time Wednesday Oz time) I intend to remove the word content. The only way I know how to do that is to edit each chapter and delete the words. If there is another, better method it would be great to know what it is.

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Star Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Star's POV

I could hear a clutter of feet going down the stairs and then shortly afterwards Janice was coming towards me, smiling after she recognised me through the window in the door. Kayla was standing behind me. I didn't place her there, she was just a bit nervous, so she stayed behind me and then popped her head around me occasionally to see what was going on. It was so cute.

She opened the door. “Star, what happened, I was getting worried.” Then she noticed Kayla. “Oh, hello sweetie.”

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Epilogue

The Epilogue

I couldn't phone Chelle since she was in school, so I sent her a text saying I was back in the land of the living and looking forward to speaking to her. I did manage to speak to Gem. The real question was what to do about Eve and Laura. It was obvious that they both wanted to get together, I just needed to come up with something to get them over their self created barriers.


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