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Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 15 and 16

Chapter 15

We couldn't really date until we had a house sorted. We cuddled and kissed. Switch teased me by drawing circles on my belly when we were spooning at night, getting close to some naughty areas but never quite getting there. My confusion continued, unsure whether I wanted her to explore or not. May decided to move to the other mattress, sleeping alone, although sometimes joining us in the morning for a platonic cuddle.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 13 and 14

Chapter 13

When Switch arrived at the charity shop she was able to go through a few bags that had been left outside. There wasn't a lot of stuff. She managed to wear a pair of men's trousers and shirt. She found a jumper that she hoped was long enough to cover my newly acquired female bits and a long coat that should cover May sufficiently. The only shoes available were one pair of men's loafers that were way too big, but she stuffed them with some children's clothes so that she could walk in them.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter 11

Switch responded to the news with a series of words I had never heard her speak before. I am pretty sure she swore in multiple languages. May giggled and I found myself following. When I found myself doing so I stopped in shock. Maybe I had giggled when I was a child but I couldn't remember it. I laughed, chuckled, occasionally snorted, I didn't giggle.

Then I sighed, apparently, the new me was a giggler.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Ascension to the Earth Realm

The problem of doing something that you have never done before is that you cannot predict the outcome. We had tried to prepare for any scenario. We had brainstormed multiple times to imagine the world we would come to and had a plan of action for multiple different situations that we could find ourselves in. All our responses depended on the ring since we knew that we would lose all our external possessions in the ascension process.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The next month was dedicated to research, reading through the library that had been left behind twenty thousand years ago. It was amazing that the ring still existed and that the Ng family was able to exist that long. From what I read it had declined significantly from what it was originally.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 5

When the cat flue finally hit me I was expecting it to hit like a ton of bricks, but initially, it started deceptively gently. I felt off and knew that I was 'sick', felt the need to cough occasionally, but otherwise felt fine. May permanently carried a worried frown. The next week was a living hell and if it wasn't for May, I don't think I would have survived.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 3 and 4

Chapter 3

I had to do four days of fasting while taking these herbal pills; one, three times a day. The only thing I was allowed was water. I have been through quite a few therapies in my attempts to save my life and had some idea of what I was in for when I started. I tried to distract myself by reading through the rest of Liu's journals and warned May that I would probably become irritable. I would try and warn her when I was in a foul mood and then she needed to keep her distance.

Three Mortals Rise To The Heavens Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1

Mort's Point of View (POV)

I woke up that day with a sense that something was different. Being the optimist that I am I made the presumption that it would be a good thing. Considering that I had prostate cancer twelve years ago and it had come back with a vengeance two years ago, most people would probably be surprised that I could maintain my optimism. Despite my terminal illness, I found facing my reality with anything other than optimism, depressing.

Filled with the milk of human kindness just published on Amazon

Filled with the Milk of Human Kindness is now available on Amazon.

Please find below the link for the Amazon page.

The fabulous artwork for the cover was done by Mantori.

Also, just letting you know that I am intending to publish Playing with Alien Toys, Sad Smiles, My Unexplained Entity Intervention and possibly Campfire Songs at some point fairly soon.



Mother Of My Heart Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The treatment that I was experimenting with Kate didn't turn out to be only one way. Talking about your problems wasn't always helpful, sometimes it seemed to even make the problem worse, but I found if you combined talking about your feelings with dealing with them more logically, often finding the unexpected emotion that was behind the one you thought you were dealing with, you could cause the spike to settle or the past emotional hurt to lose its intensity.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I was a bit surprised by Michael leaving so quickly, but now that I had another adult to take care of me, I could see why he didn't feel the need to be present. To be honest, I was a little hurt by his abrupt departure, feeling a little bit abandoned. It was only later that I understood what it was he did in his time away from me, although he never admitted it. It also taught me that a hero did what was right rather than what was legal.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I was second-guessing myself coming up to my mother's house. Was I an eighteen-year-old man or an eleven-year-old girl? Was I merely a caretaker for this body? Was Cindy ever going to return or was this my second chance at life? I had all my memories of Eric and none of Cindy, but this body was clearly a young girl's body.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 6

Chapter 6

That did leave me in the casino area and made me wonder if there was some game of chance where my abilities gave me a boost. Obviously, poker would be easier if I could tell the true emotional state of the other players, but I was too young to be allowed to play. Besides, I would prefer to win against the casino rather than other players. I could touch the slot machines with my energy, but they were too complex for me to work out any advantages.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4

He loitered for half an hour, waiting for me to emerge, but I knew he was there with his emotional signature. I was getting tired anyway, so I pulled a couple of jumpers on, curled into a ball, used my backpack as a pillow and tried to get some sleep. I couldn't really settle down until I felt him leave. Then, despite not feeling that comfortable, I couldn't keep my eyes open and drifted off.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I ended up giving an impromptu concert. I had to break frequently, partially to eat my lunch, but mainly because my new body had not developed any stamina for violin playing. The music teacher started talking about the orchestra and what she would like me to do. I tuned most of it out while seeming to agree and nod my head. I needed to get away from here and having a violin meant I could earn some money busking.

Designing a book cover

I am going to be publishing some of my stories and was wondering about book covers. So far I have been using pictures that I have found on unsplash and I have been pretty happy with them, but, if it wasn't too expensive I thought it might look even better with someone who was more artistic designing them. So... does anyone know how much that costs and who would be a good collaborator?

Thanks in advance

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The obvious answer was to take this body to my mother. My mother was an amazing woman. I was seven when my mother managed to get away from my father and take us, including my five-year-old sister, to a woman's shelter. We moved to another city and started with nothing, but my mother worked hard and I can honestly say we never lacked anything we needed. My sister wanted more, but she got everything she needed.

Mother Of My Heart Chapter 1

Prologue Michael's Point of View (POV)

I was sitting in my alleyway feeling sorry for myself. Despite these negative thoughts that I just couldn't push away, I was still very aware of my surroundings. When you have been a war zone, some part of you never quite believes that you have left. Surprises had made me react instinctively and violently which is why I was in this alleyway and away from anyone I could hurt accidentally.

Mother Of My Heart


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Sad Smiles Chapter 23

Chapter 23

My parents only know one way to have dinner which was significantly more formal than I usually liked. When I was younger I frequently ate with the servants in the kitchen, but tonight deserved a little pizazz. This meant we were all circulating for a meet and greet while the aperitifs and some hors d'oeuvres were served.

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1

I tried to hope. I like to think of myself as an optimistic person, more ready to smile than frown, but I am pretty sure my smile was brittle today. This would be my third foster home and I had already got the impression that my new foster parents didn't care about any of us, apart from the money that we could bring. On the plus side, the one person I had been most scared to meet was my new foster father after the fiasco with my last one and Greg seemed harmless and completely disinterested.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Triss had pulled herself together after she had gotten over the shock of the pregnancy test and allowed the joy to shine through. She did decide to break the news to Pierce gently, err.. not.

She had about half an hour to get a hold of herself and then we trooped down for dinner. Her face seemed to go between shock and joy and back again. If Pierce had been paying attention he would have known something was up, but he came in, apologising for not being earlier, and sat down. Maria brought out the food. Bee could see something was up but didn't know what to ask.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Bee's period started during the night. I only found out when she didn't turn up for yoga so I was concerned about her. I didn't see her since she was in the shower, but I did notice her bed and the tell-tale dark red signs. I listened at the bathroom door and heard the shower running and Bee crying. I spoke to Triss who told me to do my yoga on my own that morning, while she sorted Bee out.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 16

Chapter 16

It took three months to produce that movie and so much happened in that time. I visited the psychologist four times in total. The first time that Sunday morning and then we moved the appointment to a Saturday afternoon. I have nothing against the psychologist, her name was Ann and she was a lovely lady. She tried to get me to relax by small talk which I was happy to engage in, but if any question related to my past I refused to talk.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After we had arrived on set, I followed Triss to her office and the day began as usual. I made sure the coffee was on and started brewing. I went to the cafeteria to get some biscuits, smiling at the staff and getting smiles back. I then went back to Triss to see if there was anything else I could help with.

When I got back, Triss was on the phone, frowning into the receiver.

“Uh-huh, alright. OK, I see. I'll be there,” was Triss' side of the conversation.

“Come on, let's go, there is an emergency meeting we need to get to,” Triss told me.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Rose's POV

We left early to go back to Bee's apartment and pack our stuff up. I didn't have that much. We hadn't gone shopping since the first day, so all of my stuff fit into a small section of one of Bee's suitcases. Bee was packing for about two weeks worth of clothes and because she was only packing her male clothes, it was an easy job. Most of our meals we ate on-site, so there was only a small plastic bag with perishable items from her fridge.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Michael Valles Point of View (POV) New York

I was sitting at my desk going over some numbers when Al knocked politely at my door.

“Come in,” I said loudly.

Al entered quietly. “Hi, boss. I've got some good news for you. It's definite the Feds have lost our miracle boy. They have had to drop the case. You can't prosecute someone for kidnapping someone they can't prove exists.”

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I didn't have a lot of time to dwell on our conversation with Triss. Bee took charge of me and kept me very occupied. There weren't many lines, most of the scene involved me staring at a wall and causing it to burst into flames as the temperature kept rising.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Going back to the set on Monday morning was both good and bad. I did enjoy my job, it was easy and allowed me to observe a fascinating process. If I had any questions I waited until Triss wasn't busy and then asked her. She seemed quite happy to explain. This was a new experience for me since my curiosity for how things worked or why things were done had been squashed for the last three years. Those were not acceptable questions.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 10

Chapter 10

So began my career as a gofer. Mainly it was coffee for Triss and the Producer who was called Adam. Everyone else called him Mr Smithson, but he insisted I call him Adam. Triss was married to the director, Pierce Slater, but he had Bee to get drinks for him. Bee did lots of other things besides. I only really fetched drinks and cookies, occasional lunches and snacks.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Bee drove the car into an underground car park for an apartment block. I had to wait for her to release me before I could start helping her gather all our shopping. We then had an elevator ride to her one-bedroom apartment. I was asked to sit quietly while she sorted out her bedroom, so I sat on the sofa and pulled out my kindle.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Before I was ready to meet up with Billy, I needed to organise. If I ended up leaving with Billy, I wouldn't have a chance to come back to my campsite. I didn't want to leave all my stuff to be discovered, but I also needed to be able to retrieve everything if I didn't leave with Billy. I made two piles, one that I thought I could take with me and the rest. I had to base what I could take with me on what I could reasonably have gotten a hold of or couldn't live without and what I would be able to carry.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I allowed myself that day to mope then I had to get down to business. I had a lot more setting up to do and I had to choose my new look. My four-week clock only really started from when I had started working on changing myself. That had to take priority.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Sarah was having serious second thoughts about our plan.

“I think we need to come up with a different plan,” she said. She was driving and looking straight ahead, but I could see her worry by the tapping of her fingers on the steering wheel.

“Have you thought of a better one?” I asked curiously.

She sighed. “No. But I am not comfortable leaving you on your own. You are only 12-years-old.”

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Clara was in a sorry state when I first met her. The doctor went through her list of injuries and it was quite obvious that she was lucky to be alive. Her face was completely untouched but both arms and legs had various fractures and the most serious injuries were to her ribs because they pierced her left lung. If they had brought her to me when she was first injured I think she would have died. Nothing that I can do is that quick.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 2

Chapter 2

While I waited for my father to work out who else he wanted me to work on, I tried to work out how to make myself taller. I had been born in the 3rd percentile for length and I never really caught up. My younger brother was both taller and more heavily set compared to me. I had been a sickly child and Mum was always telling me that she didn't think I would survive to reach 5. At one point, I was examined by a paediatric doctor who did some measurements and told me that my eventual height would probably be just under five feet.

Living a life less ordinary Prologue and Chapter 1


I watched a film the other day and it really resonated with me and my life. The film was 'A life less ordinary' and the main character (MC) began with an ordinary life that was dull and uninteresting. An event happened that in the big scheme of things was nothing serious, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back and resulted in the MC taking unexpected action. Fate then intervened and led the MC on a crazy journey.

Publishing My Digital Life on Kindle

I will be publishing My Digital Life on Kindle and in order to have it in the Kindle unlimited category, I need to remove it from this site. I thought it would be nice to give advanced warning before I remove it and figured this would be the easiest way to do that. In two days time, I intend to ask Erin to unpublish all but the first two chapters. I will also be changing the name to Earth 2.0 - My Digital Life.

Happy reading.


Arrat - The Myth of the Amazons Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Although I was left to my own devices, I could never be bored. Once you have the Interface installed there are always things to do. I had been given a basic tutorial which meant I knew how to unlock doors, go to the bathroom, switch on lights and, more importantly, look up how to do other things. There was an endless amount of education that was available for free and a bewildering amount of stuff that you had to pay for.

Arrat - The Myth of the Amazons Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up on a bed, naked with no sheet covering me and what I saw sent me into an immediate deep depression. I wouldn't say my body looked particularly feminine. I didn't have any breasts to block my view which I had been told previously but was still a nagging concern. I didn't see any exaggerated curves and all my excess fat was gone, which was good, but it gave me a clear view of my privates.


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