Use it or lose it

I think the title does a fairly good job summarising the story. Caution, this story does contain sexual scenes.

A further note: this micro mini story was posted by itself instead of in a double-short story collection at the request of a reader. I'm not sure I'll break up the double-short story collections into their own postings but let me know what you all think. I will at least post the story titles in the summary for each entry.

Please enjoy this one.

requesting proofreader/editer

I've just finished writing a new story but I'd like someone to proof read it for me before I post it. The reason being is that this story is written in the first person perspective and that's not my strong suit and I'd like another's view to catch any grammar errors and the like. Please send me a PM if any are interested. I'll leave this offer opened for a day or so.

Thanks in advance

Double short-story collection Vol.1

Just a few short short stories that cropped up in my head while writing other things. Neither of which I felt were long enough to justify giving their own entry so here's a 2 story for 1 post. Please enjoy.

Titles included within:





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Compared to his teammates, he was rather embarrassed on how he developed his powers. He didn't get hit with radiation or took some kind of chemical. He wasn't part of a super soldier program and he wasn't brilliant creating awesome technology. And he certainly didn't develop powers through surviving any tragic event. No, he developed powers through a small act of kindness.



Delays to Dragonfly

I'm just letting everyone know that there may/will be some delays to the updates for my fanfic "Dragonfly". The third part will be posted on time Thursday as I planned it but I can't say for any certainty that I will be able to keep to that schedule. I've been bogged down with work which ate away at bumper I tried making and I have also been dealing with some depression that started creeping up on me again which really saps my creativity and desire to write.

Cat on the lap

Another very short story that just popped in my head. It doesn't really have a plot and the morale is pretty thin, and there's no explanation as to why it could happen. Just don't bother someone when they're busy unless it's actually important.

Caution: some slight descriptiveness of genitalia. Story rating is for safety but otherwise ok.

Water in the ear

Another very short story that spawned from the very predicament this story begins with.

You all know how it feels to have water in your ears right? The plugged feeling, the muted sounds. No matter what you do, it only seems to make it worse (and usually does), driving you crazy. When you're at the end of your rope, who would you turn to for relief?

MAU: Infinite Crisis, part 6

Noel's enemies begin to converge. More experiments are conducted. And Peter considers what to do with Henry while his team is on their way to Noel.

Mature rating is for what I consider some offensive dialogue but is otherwise a pg rated story.

MAU: Infinite Crisis

Noel finds his own MAU device, but as with all things he'll find trouble before the end.

This is actually my first work of fiction. It's written in the first person perspective but admittingly I've had to switch to third-person perspective in later chapters because I had trouble writing in the first perspective, so I understand if anyone has trouble reading this.

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