Broken Glass

Reposted from 2004-11-09.

Germany, November 1938. The country is about to go to war. There is hate because of the "traitors" of the first world war. How is a father going to keep his son from the sickness?

Good Potential, But Won't Pass Now

If you look at the sponsor and cosponsors list in the Senate version you will see NO Republican sponsors:

The Senate version:

House version:

An article about the bill:

I Was Right and Wrong

In 2005 I wrote "Renaming a Highway" that came to Big Closet in 2007. I was right about the problems of race and sexuality when I wrote, "Same shit, different decade." I was wrong when I wrote, " There still some embers, but Mississippi is no longer burning," referring to the 1988 movie, Mississippi Burning The flame of hate is throughout the U. S. We are all to blame. In the end the Romeo and Juliet character Mercutio was right, "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."


B B King, A Legend Who Now Belongs to the Ages

B B King died this past Thursday at 89. I saw and heard this great Blues Guitarist perform live several times. He also was an influence to other musicians over decades. God is in Heaven and listing to a great jam session.

He was also a WWII veteran. These heroes are getting rarer.


Don't Say It Can'tHappen Here, IT HAS

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the massacre of Armenian by the Turks. The Turkey government still denies their culpability. Neither the U S or Brittan can claim innocence if similar acts. Please note that the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20) is designed to prevent future violence on us. I have met the granddaughter of one of the survivors of the Armenian massacre. She told a Yom Hashoah event a few years ago of how her grandmother was the sole survivor of an extended family of over 100. I also know know descendants of the Trail of Tears.

If You Are Thinking of Joining Her PLEASE DON'T



Please, if you contemplating suicide: don't do it. ASK FOR HELP!
I can be there for you if you just ask!
If you even think that you know someone who is contemplating suicide or is depressed please be a friend to that person.
If you need help I can advise and assist.
Too many have died this way:

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

Some Companies Will Stand UP

Kohellet (Ecclesiastes) 4:1 (Art Scroll translation):

I returned and contemplated all the acts of oppression that are committed beneath the sun: Behold! Tears of the oppressed with none to comfort them and their oppressors have the power-- with none to comfort them.

Vote or Don't Complain

If you don't vote you can complain. You still have that right. But, is it right to complain if you don't vote?

"But my vote don't count." If you don't vote your vote won't count.

Voting is an obligation. You must vote.

I'll make it easier for you to vote:

Today Is National Voter Resistration Day

Here in the U S we have a democratically elected republican form of government with a constitution enabling us to generally have free and fair elections. The most important way for anyone to have any voice in government is to VOTE! The only way to vote is to BE REGISTERED! If you are not registered get registered. Make sure you follow the qualifications in your state. Also ask your neighbors if they are registered, get them registered and urge them to vote. The country you save may be your own.

shalimar, a voter

Muffin the Cat Died Yesterday (Saturday about 1:30AM)

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My cat, Muffin, died yesterday morning from complications of cancer. She not only owned me. She owned others in the Evil Witch/Little Kids Kamp family including Holly Hart, Maggie the Kitten and Debby Bishop (the superintendent of the Little Kids Kamp schools). She was a very loving cat. She loved to climb anything she could reach. She will be sorely missed.

I still sometimes think I hear her meow.
She was one of the ancestors of the sabertooth cat (Felix incisor) at Little Kids Kamp.


Unhappy Anniversary---What Have We Done?

Today, 28 July 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW1. Next month is the 75th anniversary if WW2 and the 200th anniversary of the writing of the “Star Spangle Banner” which was near the end of the War of 1812 (US)/American War of 1812-15 (UK). We are in the mist of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s exile at Elba, the 160th anniversary of the Crimean War and 150th anniversary of the siege of Richmond and Petersburg, which virtually ended the US Civil War. The siege had trenches that were repeated in WW1 with disastrous results.


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