Trouser Snake -9

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 9~~~~~

“You were the uh…boy Rebecca found in the girl’s restroom, is that right?”
I blushed a bit, “Yeah. Sorry about that. The men’s restroom was…”
“I got a report that the toilet was overflowing around that time too. Was that you?”
I had forgotten about that, “Well, yeah, but all I did was flush it. Someone had been sick in there.”
“And yesterday you disturbed the pep rally fighting with Miss LaRue.”
“I wasn’t fighting! She pushed me!”
Principal Arnold just gave me a look, and I shut up. “Is there something going on I need to know about?”

Things will probably be slowing down (TS)

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I started posting trouser snake chapters with a ten chapter buffer, but I'm close to the end of that buffer now and so things are liable to slow down a bit. I'm going to try to keep the posts coming at about one a day as a sort of experiment to get me writing more regularly, but I'm probably going to have to ease off a little bit at least for a little while, and then I'll have a spurt of writing and take care of another ten chapters and things will be back to normal.

Thank you for all the comments on the story. You guys rock!

Trouser Snake -7 & 8

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 7&8~~~~~

“We have a question for you.” It was the redneck Charles Dubois and two other guys who bore more than a passing resemblance to the hyenas in the Lion King, only without the witty repartee.
“Yeah,” one of them said. “we have a question for you.” As if Charles had been particularly clever in calling what the three of them were about to try to do to me a “question”.
“Are you a girl faggot? Or a boy faggot?”
“Yeah, what kind of faggot are you, faggot?”

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I can't see the voting square unless I log off. The look of the site also completely changes from whites and pinks to sepia and maroon when I log on, and I suspect these two things are related. I seem to remember being able to change the way the site looked for me when I first registered, but I can't figure out how to change it back.

What should I do?


Trouser Snake -6

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 6~~~~~

“I thought the boy scouts were supposed to be better than the girl scouts at that kind of stuff.”
I picked up another piece of Salisbury with my fork. “So did I.”

Trouser Snake -5

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 5~~~~~

I laughed in spite of myself, but to my horror, it wasn’t my usual laugh. It was higher pitched. A girl’s laugh.
“Ha! I knew it! You ARE a girl.”
I felt something twinge inside me when she said that.

Trouser Snake -4

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 4~~~~~

“It’s not that little!” I protested.
Garibaldi shrugged. “I saw one on a nature show. It was a lot bigger. Have you tried killing it?”
“I didn’t think that was a good idea, seeing as it used to be my penis. I’d rather not kill my penis. ”

Trouser Snake -3

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 3~~~~~

The more pressing issue, though, was how I was going to be able to pee. I covered my face with my hand. I was just in a bathroom, my mother’s voice in the back of my head told me, why didn’t I go then?

Trouser Snake -2

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 2~~~~~

“Are you okay?” A girl’s voice asked.
I looked around, realized firstly that I had collapsed on a tiled floor, secondly that it was the floor of the women’s restroom.

Trouser Snake -1

Trouser Snake
by Shinigami
~~~~~Ch. 1~~~~~

I was having great fun with the cheerleaders. “Look at my pom poms, not my breasts! Yaaaaay breasts! I mean pom poms! Watch me kick and show my panties! Yaaaaaaay PANTIES!” You can tell a number of things from this. First, I had (and have) an odd sense of humor. Second, I was perhaps not as sexually mature as other boys my age.

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