Unaccounted Gains & Eve

The first two books in the Unaccounted Gains series are still available on Kindle (at a reduced price) whilst work continues on a new book.

There's one more chapter of Eve to come and that concludes Book 1 (properly this time!). There may be a Book 2 - but I have other priorities right now!



I was going through my files today and came across a folder I clearly hadn't looked in for a few years. I have six unpublished chapters which I will put together as a single story, it won't be a Book 2 but more of a conclusion to the existing book.

Tammy, meanwhile, is taking a break while I think about some new stories.




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Tammy helped a US Agent defeat a terrorist group in London but learns that actions have consequences

Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!

Tammy Smart


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Tammy Smart - Schoolgirl and intelligence operative. What could possibly go wrong?

Who is Tamara Smart?

Born 1st September 1996 in Edgware, London to Richard & Tara Smart
Named Thomas (Tom) Smart at birth

Sent to St Andrews School, Thurso, at 9yrs old (year 5)
Completed GCSE exams age 16 in 2013
Completed A Level exams age 18 in 2015

Changed name to Tamara Smart November 2014

Tammy's end!

Finally, I have published the final chapter of Tammy:It's Complicated

Sorry for the delay, but my muse went for a very long walk and it was only this morning that I felt sure I could put together a decent chapter - although that's for everyone to decide!

Meanwhile, it'll be a while before the next Tammy series (which has no title yet), but I'll first return to work on Unaccounted Gains


"Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?"

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On Thursday evening (BBC2 9pm) a programme will be aired in the UK that will appeal to transphobes across the planet. Discredited Dr Kenneth Zucker is quoted as an expert concerning young (pre-teen & teen) transgendered children. One suggestion is:
“A four-year-old might say he wants to be a dog. But do you go out and buy him dog food?”

Mermaids is said to be very concerned and were not asked to participate in the programme.


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