More Tammy in production

To answer a few queries, yes I am alive and back at the keyboard after a long summer & autumn schedule. One of my recent tasks was to start a new Tammy story and I really needed this going before Christmas so that is now in production and the first chapter is looking finished. One lucky person has already seen the first draft of the text but there's been a title chance and some heavy editing since that text was seen.

Unaccounted Gains & Eve

The first two books in the Unaccounted Gains series are still available on Kindle (at a reduced price) whilst work continues on a new book.

There's one more chapter of Eve to come and that concludes Book 1 (properly this time!). There may be a Book 2 - but I have other priorities right now!



I was going through my files today and came across a folder I clearly hadn't looked in for a few years. I have six unpublished chapters which I will put together as a single story, it won't be a Book 2 but more of a conclusion to the existing book.

Tammy, meanwhile, is taking a break while I think about some new stories.




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Tammy helped a US Agent defeat a terrorist group in London but learns that actions have consequences

Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!

Tammy Smart


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Tammy Smart - Schoolgirl and intelligence operative. What could possibly go wrong?

Who is Tamara Smart?

Born 1st September 1996 in Edgware, London to Richard & Tara Smart
Named Thomas (Tom) Smart at birth

Sent to St Andrews School, Thurso, at 9yrs old (year 5)
Completed GCSE exams age 16 in 2013
Completed A Level exams age 18 in 2015

Changed name to Tamara Smart November 2014

Tammy's end!

Finally, I have published the final chapter of Tammy:It's Complicated

Sorry for the delay, but my muse went for a very long walk and it was only this morning that I felt sure I could put together a decent chapter - although that's for everyone to decide!

Meanwhile, it'll be a while before the next Tammy series (which has no title yet), but I'll first return to work on Unaccounted Gains


"Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?"

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On Thursday evening (BBC2 9pm) a programme will be aired in the UK that will appeal to transphobes across the planet. Discredited Dr Kenneth Zucker is quoted as an expert concerning young (pre-teen & teen) transgendered children. One suggestion is:
“A four-year-old might say he wants to be a dog. But do you go out and buy him dog food?”

Mermaids is said to be very concerned and were not asked to participate in the programme.


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