Tammy update

The latest part of Tammy's current story, Moving On, has just been published on here (expect weekly chapters) but much of my time is being spent on the first Tammy stories, Tom's Fireworks and Tamara's Debut. Both have been extensively revised and many many typos fixed and new material added! I'll launch these as a 430 page novel on Kindle next week, with any luck, but the original serialised book will remain on BCTS.


Deathtrap - The Trap Is Sprung

The final (for now) Deathtrap chapter has been published today. I'd like to acknowledge the assistance of Alecia Snowfall in the series, not only in those chapters marked as such.

Deathtrap (and a possible Epilogue) will be the last Tammy story for a while. It's my intention to take time to rewrite parts of Tammy, starting with Tom's Fireworks, and publish them on Kindle later in the year. I'm expecting that the whole series will remain free on BCTS for six months and then I'll ask Erin and team to remove the Tammy stories.

More Tammy in production

To answer a few queries, yes I am alive and back at the keyboard after a long summer & autumn schedule. One of my recent tasks was to start a new Tammy story and I really needed this going before Christmas so that is now in production and the first chapter is looking finished. One lucky person has already seen the first draft of the text but there's been a title change and some heavy editing since that text was seen.

Unaccounted Gains & Eve

The first two books in the Unaccounted Gains series are still available on Kindle (at a reduced price) whilst work continues on a new book.

There's one more chapter of Eve to come and that concludes Book 1 (properly this time!). There may be a Book 2 - but I have other priorities right now!



I was going through my files today and came across a folder I clearly hadn't looked in for a few years. I have six unpublished chapters which I will put together as a single story, it won't be a Book 2 but more of a conclusion to the existing book.

Tammy, meanwhile, is taking a break while I think about some new stories.



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