I've published the epilogue for Moving On and that is it for Tammy for a while - but at least you get a bumper 10k words chapter!
Once again, many thanks to Snowfall for her wonderful help with the Moving On series.

My plan now is to work on a story involving some characters called Heather and Sophie and set it in Cornwall, how does that sound? The odd short story might also appear.


Moving On

The final part of Tammy's book "Moving On" has been published although there may be an epilogue to this book.

This does not mean that Tammy's story has finished, only this part! After the epilogue, however, there will be a break before new Tammy whilst I work on other projects.

Many thanks to Snowfall for all her help during the series.


Tammy update

The latest part of Tammy's current story, Moving On, has just been published on here (expect weekly chapters) but much of my time is being spent on the first Tammy stories, Tom's Fireworks and Tamara's Debut. Both have been extensively revised and many many typos fixed and new material added! I'll launch these as a 430 page novel on Kindle next week, with any luck, but the original serialised book will remain on BCTS.



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