Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch6. (Part III)

Chapter 6.

- III –

My intention was to empty out the black munitions bags and use them to carry Mat and Shirohime.

Being made of a tough canvas and over five feet long, I hoped they would hold together if I needed to drag them along the ground.

I ran over the rubble and climbed up the gentle slope made from the remains of the library, arriving quickly at the broken fire escape well lying on its side.

I slapped the railgun rifle to the skirt, but the material failed to hold and the augmented Viper fell to the ground.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch6. (Part II)

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Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch6. (Part I)

Chapter 6.
– I –

Why were we still here?

When I calmed down, and when the logical, rational part of my mind regained control, I stood up wearily and then took a long look around me.

Why were we still in this zombie infested desert island?

I wiped at my face, and blinked away what remained of my tears.

Had they – the Empress, the Battle Commission, and whoever else was involved – forgotten about us?

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch5. (Part III)

Chapter 5.
– III –

It was the pain that awoke me.

My right leg and left arm were ablaze in agony.

Opening my eyes to a grey-brown darkness, I blinked furiously as I bit down on my lower lip to keep myself from crying out.

I turned my head to look around, but all I could see was a grey-brown cloud surrounding me as it drifted slowly with the breeze.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch5. (Part II)

Chapter 5.

– II –

It was unbelievable that the building was stilling standing, but I didn’t think it could survive another blast.

We have to get out of here.

I checked on my companions, and caught Tobias’s attention. “Mat, get the bags. We are leaving!”

Tobias stared at me blankly as if to say, “Are you crazy?”, so I pointed at the fire escape at the back of the library.

“Get the bags. Head for the fire escape.”

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 14 - Ch.1

Apologies for the delay. I honestly wasn't sure whether to post this or not. In fact, I've agonized over it for a few days now. Since this is only a draft, I may very well rewrite it for the final release.

Chapter 1.

– # –


Semester One. School Week One.

Monday morning.

The start of a new school year.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch5. (Part I)

Chapter 5.
– I –

I stared at the girl for a long while, then changed my grip on the railgun and held it aloft by its dorsal handle.

This freed up my left hand that I then used to palm my face.

From behind my palm, I said, “Sorry, would you say that again.”

“By the way, you’ve really levelled up.”

Ah, she ignored me.

Lowering my hand, I regarded her through lidded eyes.

By her tone and the expression she wore, it didn’t sound like praise.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch4. (Part III)

Draft release. Apologies for any mistakes. The final release will be more polished. That's a promise.

Chapter 4.

– III –

I came to a halt, and half turned around.

The zombies had stopped making that disturbing wailing, and I took that as a clear sign that something was afoot.

Was the Gun Queen making her move, or was Tabitha toying with us again?

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch4. (Part II)

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Chapter 4.

– II –

Nothing had changed.

Though I wasn’t the Ronin Kassius of old, I was still dancing on someone’s palm, except that I’d leapt from Clarisol’s hand onto the Gun Queen’s.

Palming my face, I brought my mirthless laughter to a hasty end.

“Nothing’s changed….”

“What?” Tobias asked.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch4. (Part I)

Chapter 4.
– I –

With one foot planted against the foot of the door, I kept it open while hefting the large Saburota in a shooting stance, the weapon’s stock pressed against my right shoulder.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 13 - Reflections VI

Reflections – VI.

The Fragment the Lanfear Pride allocated to me went by the name, Kaiser’s Blessing.

Upon summoning its first form, otherwise known as its basic or starting configuration, I knew that it was quite clearly a weapon.

How powerful of a weapon was something I wouldn’t learn for a long time to come, but even with the little I’d unlocked of its abilities, I knew that it held promise.

It’s fair to say, that shortly after entering Galatea Academy, I had a glimpse of its potential, but I have yet to acquire it.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 11 - Reflections V

From the author of the Gun Princess Royale, comes the continuing saga of a young man that should know better and the girls who toy with him...

Reflections – V

That’s how I died and was resurrected as a Familiar, and came to be affiliated with – or under the thumb of – the Lanfear Pride.
After the incident, I spent three weeks lying unconscious. and every waking month afterwards deep in physical training all the way to the beginning of the subsequent school year.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch3. (Part III)

Chapter 3.

– III –

Seeing me reply with a shake of my head, Clarisol faced Tobias and Shirohime.

“Where’s Feli?”

Tobias swallowed visibly, his throat bobbing in the light drifting into the fifth floor through the windows and two or more holes in the ceiling. “She’s gone.”

Clarisol narrowed her eyes and leaned toward him. “What do you mean gone?”

“She’s dead, Clari.” Tobias shook his head and swallowed again. “She’s dead.”

I watched Clarisol’s expression grow even tighter. “No. No, she’s not—”

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch3. (Part II)

Chapter 3.

– II –

With my body propped against the permaglass entrance, I closed my eyes and listened to the chatter on the commlink channel. By some good fortune the earpiece had remained in my ear, as had the multi-purpose visor I wore over my eyes. But the sounds of grunting and arguing as Felicia was pulled up to the rooftop was hardly soothing.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch3. (Part I)

Continuing with the weekly or so releases of the Book Two draft.

Chapter 3.
- I -

For a moment or two, disbelief left me speechless, and all but one of my thoughts screeched to a halt.

“She heard me?”

I was still searching the desert surrounding the rock outcropping for a sign of the Gun Queen whom I’d knocked to the ground, but that one realization had paralyzed the rest of my mind. When my various trains of thought started up again, I arrived at an obvious and very disturbing conclusion.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch2. (Part III)

Chapter 2.
– III –

After listening to Clarisol’s plan, I had misgivings that I expressed to her.

What troubled me the most was the uneven balance of the situation.

Allow me to elucidate.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 10 - Intro V

Intro – V.
– I –

For twenty – maybe twenty-five seconds – I was surrounded in darkness, and contained within Brynhildr’s Sarcophagus.

I could feel it working on me, stripping me, and then clothing me again.

The Valkyrie Armor sheathed my limbs.

And then I was cast out of the darkness and into the light.

Actually, I was tossed back into the chilling black mist that billowed out of the breach between Pocket and real-space caused when my Sarcophagus poked its head into the battle.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 09 - Reflections IV

Reflections – IV

More often than not, upon graduating from high school, a Familiar is faced with two choices.

Giving up their Artifact or Fragment, or continuing to use it.

If they choose to continue mastering or unlocking their Fragment, they can proceed down a number of avenues.

One of those avenues leads to tertiary education, or employment by their affiliated Pride. Alternatively, they can attend tertiary studies while being employed by the Pride.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 08 - Intro IV

– I –

“Who are you?” I yelled at her.

After clashing with her lance several times, we both retreated away from each other.

The opening exchange was simply to get an initial measure of our respective opponents.

Afterwards, I realized with a sinking feeling that I was at a disadvantage.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 07 - Reflections III

Reflections – III

Not all Artifacts were the same.

Some were weapons and some were not.

Within this separation, they were classified into classes and types.

For example, there are Artifacts that fall into the Ruler Class.

Then there are those that fall into the Celestial Class.

Others belong to the Pantheon Class.

Within a class, they are further distinguished by types, and sometimes the classifications become messy. One example of this are the Valkyries.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 06 - Intro III

From the author of the Gun Princess Royale, the story of Caelem Desanto continues....

Intro – III.
– I –

Through the sensorium-field emanating from the anklets I wore, my link to the Valkyrie hiding in Pocket Space, nestled within its gun-metal grey Sarcophagus, I was able to understand the situation on the rooftop courtyard long before opening the door.

Because of this, I knew that I was too late to spare him injury.

I could only hope that I wasn’t too late to save his life.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 05 - Reflections II

Reflections – II

The Prides called them Artifacts.

To the people of Pharos and the colonized systems under the control of the Prides, these Artifacts were powerful and mysterious devices found after the Cataclysm had torn our little corner of the galaxy apart. That is indeed true, since the Artifacts were fished out of the thick cloud of the Hurakan Nebula by numerous starships built for this kind of salvage.

Artifacts were also referred to as Fragments.

This is because Artifacts came in two packages.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 04 - Intro II

Intro – II.
– I –

My chest hurt so much I could hardly breathe.

I stumbled my way down the stairs, and after wiping away my tears, I hurried down the hallways.

To a great extent I was moving on instinct.

It was my body that remembered the way, and my feet that carried me to my classroom.

So as I turned into the open doorway, I wasn’t really seeing where I was going.

I bumped shoulders with a girl that was leaving.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 03 - Reflections I

Reflections – I.

When the Cataclysm ripped the galaxy apart for a radius of fifty three light years, it left behind the Hurakan Nebula.

Basically, the nebula formed from the remains of numerous planets, moons, and stars blown to bits by the trans-light shockwave.

That was more than two centuries ago.

Two hundred and thirty seven years to be exact.

Twenty years later, humanity had picked up the pieces and put together two spheres of political influence.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book One


Audience Rating: 


From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 02 - Intro I

Intro (Part I)

– I –


Class 1-D at Sanderson High School for Regulars.

Pharos Colony. Island Two. Habitat One.

Semester One – School Week Twenty.

Friday morning Homeroom Period.

Today was the big day – the final day of the school semester.

The mid-year break would start tomorrow, Saturday.

Needless to say my classmates and I were all looking forward to our measly five week break before starting Semester Two.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 01 - Reflections 0

From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch2. (Part II)

Chapter 2.

– II –

I had never felt as overwhelmed as I was that night.

I was drowning at the deep end of the pool.

I was caught in the harsh storm surf pounding a beach, rolled by the waves, dragged along the bottom, with no hope of finding my way back up to the surface.

Try as I might, despair crept mercilessly through my awareness, consuming it, corrupting it, and compounding the complexity of the situation that I was struggling box into a package I could then scrutinize and resolve.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch2. (Part I)

– I –

Reflected in the glass windows of the admin building’s entrance, the sun behind us edged inexorably down to the horizon and inevitable sunset, and I realized that I hadn’t asked Clarisol whether this Game had a time limit, though I then considered the possibility that we would need to survive from sunset to sunrise, as it seemed fitting with what Clarisol had revealed about the Imperial type zombies.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch1. (Part 3)

Chapter 1

– III –

“What the Hell is this?”

I held the Humvee’s side-view mirror in both hands up to my face and stared at my reflection.

“Why the Hell do I look like Mercy Haddaway?”

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch1. (Part 2)

Chapter 1

– II –

Each answer given by Clarisol had opened the door to roomfuls of more questions, but if I stepped inside to think about them then I would literally come to a stop. So as I hurried around the northern half of the circular school building, I chose to rationalize the questions to those immediately relevant to the current situation. That is to say, I limited myself to those questions that had an important bearing on the here and now.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch1. (Part 1.2)

Chapter 1.

- I.II -

I almost dropped the railguns as shock ran through me. Time seemed to suspend around me as my mind simply stopped thinking. I only recovered when I realized that I needed to breathe and that must have been a while later as I noticed that Clarisol was on her feet, peering at me intently, and Tobias and the girls were staring at me with mixed expressions.

I swallowed, finding my throat had dried, and returned the looks I was receiving.


Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - Ch1. (Part 1.1)

Chapter 1.
– I –

The sound of the ocean waves, the chill in the air, and the storm enveloping it all was absent, replaced by a quiet stillness and dry warmth.

It didn’t take much reasoning to understand this wasn’t the island of the Proving Grounds.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 2 - The Measure of a Princess (Intro)

- I -

The photographer takes the pictures, capturing me at various moments in time.

I turn. I smile. I pose as he wants me to, or at the least I try for this is something I am unaccustomed to. Though he’s a practiced hand, I can read the disappointment in his face as he’s not getting the pictures he wants. Normally I’d say ‘tough biscuits’ but instead I can feel my heart beating quickly, unable to calm down, and sense the onset of an anxiety attack encroaching upon me.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Ch1 (Part II & III)

Chapter 1
- II -

Telos Academy was built upon Telos Island, aptly named after the Telos Conglomerate or Corporation that leased it from the city-state governing authority some three decades ago. The island was one of three plateaued rocks rising from the waters of the horseshoe shaped harbor that was several kilometers wide.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Ch1 (Part I)

Chapter 1.
- I -
(School Week One. Friday)

From my window seat in the classroom, I watched the gulls ride the thermal currents flowing over the ocean waves. Looking small in the distance, they resembled tiny pieces of paper littering the air, rising and falling, sometimes lazily circling about. Nonetheless, I knew they were gulls and not paper, and for much of the afternoon homeroom period they had persistently nagged at my attention.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Awakening the Princess


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The story of Ronin Kassius, a male 1st year high school student living on the colonized world of Teloria, who finds himself an unwilling participant in the Gun Princess Royale Tournament, where competitors known as Gun Princesses battle for the title of Gun Queen, and the right to compete for the vaunted rank of Gun Empress.

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Awakening the Princess

Gun Princess Royale - Book One - Awakening the Princess


- I -

I will be honest with you…my outfit embarrasses me.

It is not unlike that worn by the other girls – the other Princesses – so in that respect I’m merely one of the pack.

Truthfully, some of their costumes – for lack of a better word – are far more risqué and revealing than my attire.

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