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The Light-Bulb Conspiracy is Finally Illuminated

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Originally posted: 2009-06-26

Your intrepid, TG reporter reports on a conspiracy so immense that it boggles the mind. I mean — even Somer can hardly believe it!

The Light-Bulb Plot is Finally Illuminated

By Somer Knight

Aliens at Roswell: A Cosmetic Conspiracy

Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947: Did a flying saucer crash there? Were aliens, live and dead, found? Would you want your son to marry an alien? What was the government covering up? I know that I swore off conspiracy theories, but as the world’s most infamous TG investigative reporter I have a duty to publish the Truth about Roswell (which I discovered by accident). Why? Because my findings have Universal (or Cosmetic) implications for our understanding of gender.

Emerging from the Bushes: The first 'female' president of the USA?

Another, earthshaking scoop about US politics (a 2.5 tremor on the Rorschach scale occurred as Somer wrote this). Here you will learn about a secret society that created the Bush political dynasty, and about its plan to elect a third Bush as President in 2016 (or 2020) by countering the generalized feeling that the first two Bushes were too macho for the job.

Emerging from the Bushes: The first ‘female’ president of the USA?
By: Somer Knight

Need an artist's help


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I don't know whether this request is best posted here or as a blog. Have I chosen the right forum? I am such a newbie! I am looking for someone to help me create one or two visuals for my next "investigative report", this time about George W. Bush and the ambitions of his family to win the presidency again, despite its past record.

The Surreal Obama Birth Conspiracy

In an astonishing scoop, Somer reveals the truth regarding Barack Obama’s birth certificate. There are no pictures of her underwear this time. Instead, a story that’s amazingly on-topic.

The Surreal Obama Birth Conspiracy

By Somer Knight

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