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Change of Fate 4 (Entertainment)

Rule two: Always keep your guests entertained during gatherings.

The dance studio at Sterling Academy for Young Ladies was a realm of artistic refinement, meticulously designed to facilitate the cultivation of grace and poise among its students.

The studio boasts an expansive layout, allowing ample room for students to move freely and practice various dance forms. Mirrored walls on one side created the illusion of even greater space, reflecting the grace and precision of every movement.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 9

The world awoke to a new reality, one marked by seismic shifts in power and authority. The destruction of the domed city and the subsequent demise of China's senior leadership at the hands of Lilith's army sent shockwaves rippling across the globe. For those who had opposed the magical community, it was a bitter pill to swallow; their hopes of eradicating what they saw as a threat dashed in an instant.

Space Queen Chapter 10

Minsha and I returned to the Queen’s Spire, leaving the fleet behind. The urgency of the battlefield was replaced by a different mission - a personal one. It was time for a crucial conversation with Maninor, the Tragnor leader. The Tragnor home world awaited a unique tradition, the hunt, which would symbolize not just our union but the unity between our peoples.

The Demon and I Chapter 4

Author's note: I finally finished up my next chapter of the Demon and I. I now have a better idea of where I am going to take this story.

As I gathered Kaen's hidden cash, the weight of our decision to leave weighed heavily on me. The condo, once a sanctuary, now felt like a trap. Adriana and I were now thrust into the middle of the war between heaven and hell. It was time to escape the grip of this war, where we were not enemies of both sides.

Change of Fate 2 (Selection)

Author's note. I have rewritten my previous chapters. This is the second chapter after the prelude, then it moves on to daily routine. hope you enjoy the story.

In the heart of the city-state of Carolina, the selection station loomed as a beacon of both hope and trepidation for those who entered its gates. On a fateful day, Alex, accompanied by his younger sister Lily, embarked on a journey that would alter the course of their lives. The air crackled with uncertainty as they approached the entrance, the color of their jumpsuits determining their societal roles.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 8

Author's note: I am happy to announce that I have found a new job so that I can get back into my writing again. I am looking forward to sharing my new ideas with all of you.

Lilith heard her name being called behind her as she walked through the city. She stopped and turned around to see who was calling her. Margret came around the corner out of breath, like she had been running a marathon.

Space Queen Chapter 9

My guests were murmuring as I got up from my discussion with Braccious. This is what I wanted them to start doing, questioning who I would show favor to. The wealthy always want to find themselves able to make more money and status. I just gave that to one of their rivals, and they were not included in any discussions.

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Change of Fate 1 (Prelude) Rewriten

After going through my work here, I decided that I was not setting u the story the way I wanted two, so I am working on changing the story as I wrote it before.

In the wake of a devastating war that had left the United States in ruins, a new world emerged, fragmented into six city-states, each controlled by kings and queens who served under the overarching authority of a distant emperor. The emperor's rule extended like a shadow over the decimated land, dictating the lives of those who struggled to rebuild in the aftermath of conflict.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 9

I waited next to the airlock. My armor was sealed around my body. I was protected against small gunfire and the vacuum of space. My pistol was strapped to my right leg. I carried my rifle in the low ready. The holo-sight connected directly to the HUD in my helmet. Kitty monitored communications from the bridge and created a fast link between my HUD and weapons. She would make sure nothing came up from around me without alerting me.

Space Queen Chapter 8

I paced in my room, trying to figure out what to do for music. My only options were to find out which instrument caused the problem or see if I could find someone to retrieve the music on my phone. I didn't want to be exposed to those sounds again.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 8

We departed from the station and set a course to the contested zone. After the night of drinking, everyone was tired. I offered to stand watch on the bridge. Gabe invited himself to join me on the bridge. It would make the watch easier on me with someone to talk to.

I showed him to the bridge while the rest of the crew settled in their quarters. I sat in the captain's chair and took command of Shadow Stalker. Gabe grilled me, "How did some greenhorns get roped into running a spec ops mission?"

Space Queen Chapter 7

We entered the throne room, and I had Spire show me what was going on outside the station. We saw Queen’s Rage firing on three ships that had come into the system. “Spire, get me in contact with Admiral Stook.” A separate screen flashed up showing Admiral Stook in the command chair.

“Admiral, what is going on out there?” I asked.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 7

Sara and Margret

Margret was standing next to the window with Sara when they felt the explosion. Sara tackled Margret to the floor away from the windows. The shock wave broke the windows. Shattering all the glass into the apartment. Sara screamed as she collapsed onto the ground. They both fell silent as they hit the floor. Luckily, the shield blocked the radiation, but it could not block the pressure waves that followed the explosion.

Space Queen Chapter 6

The Trial

I had all the members of the church and those in positions of power within the station lined up in the throne room. I made sure that this trial was broadcast throughout the Empire. Minsha was sitting next to me upon the dais. Looking down at all the people that I needed to judge and sentence, but I had to seem like a was not a malevolent ruler.

Space Queen Chapter 5

That night in my room Minsha and I lay on the bed, she told me about her life, and I told her more about Earth. I now understood why Tagnor wore so little clothing, Minsha was hot. I would never freeze with her next to me. Her fur was soft, she let me feel it last night. I think we also made a good start to a great friendship. We may not have similar pasts, but we have similar ideas for the future.

Space Queen Chapter 4

I reveled in the luxurious bath, surrounded by the soothing scent of oils and the gentle ministrations of the servant women. The bath was large enough to have several people in the tub at the same time. The tile was placed in a mosaic of the Caravelle crest at the bottom of the tube. It was a rare moment of relaxation, a respite from the challenges and mysteries that had unfolded since my arrival at the Caravelle Empire. As I lay in the tub, I couldn't help but think about the enigmatic Grand Cleric and the society I now found myself a part of.

Space Queen Chapter 3

The anticipation in the air was palpable as the Royal Transport approached the Queen's Spire. I stood in my armor, ready to fulfill my role in delivering the long-lost royal jewels to their rightful place. The helmet concealed my face, but I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness coursing through me.

RXAI-199 had informed me that my presence might draw a crowd as it had been millennia since the ship had crashed and lost communication with the Caravelle Empire. I couldn't help but wonder how the empire had evolved during that time and who might now be in charge.

Space Queen Chapter 2

I entered the pilot quarters, the first door on the left after leaving the bridge. The room was cozy, with dimmed lighting and a comfortable-looking bed. As I stepped inside, the door slid closed behind me, sealing me off from the rest of the ship.

Space Queen Chapter 1

It is a warm morning as I run through the desert. The sky is orange as the sun starts to rise over the horizon. The terrain was rough, scattered red step like escarpments disrupting the plains. Cacti and rocks scattered across the plains.

I was running out to my favorite rock tower, which is not popular among the tourist sites. I can visit without worrying about seeing another human. I do not know why this rock structure has such interest to me. It is not particularly special, but I feel drawn to this location.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 6

In a nation plunged into the abyss of chaos and darkness, where the boundaries between the tangible and the otherworldly had evaporated, the President's authoritarian grip tightened, and his loyal advisors were bound to him in a sinister alliance, driven by anger, fear, and desperation.

The Demon and I Chapter 3

After a mere four hours of restless slumber, I awoke with my thoughts still consumed by the precarious situation I found myself in. What kind of peril was I facing at this very moment? Hell had unleashed demonic bounty hunters upon me, and as if that weren't enough, an angel tasked with eradicating demons in the city was lying right beside me. Despite the danger, I felt an inexplicable urge to offer her some comfort, particularly after she had saved me.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 7

Nestled against Mir'tan's warm embrace, I lay there in the softness of our bed, my thoughts awhirl. During our passionate union, I'd experienced an undeniable yet puzzling desire—to be completely vulnerable, to utterly relinquish control to another soul. A yearning I had never before encountered had ignited within me.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 6

Our newly acquired vessel was currently being filled with essential provisions and ammunition, allowing Mir'tan and I the opportunity to indulge in some personal weapons shopping. As we strolled into the arms boutique, we marveled at the diverse assortment of weaponry - from tiny laser daggers to gargantuan shuttle-sized anti-personnel gear. Affectionately, I turned to Mir'tan with a tender voice and said, "Darling, you never cease to amaze me with your impeccable taste in destinations." We shared a heartfelt chuckle as I flirtatiously batted my eyelashes at her.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 5

Author's note: I am sorry readers for the long delay in getting this out. I moved into my new house recently and had to do so many things to get it how I wanted it. So, I have had little time to write in the last couple weeks. I hope that now that most of the work is done around the house that I will be able to put more time into writing.

The Demon and I Chapter 2

Author's note: I have been asked by several of my readers to continue on with this story. I went through my old documents and found the notes I had made for chapter 2 before I lost all motivation to do anything. I started writing this at the beginning of my deepest depression. I just couldn't focus on anything or find the motivation to do anything. I am in a better place now and I hope that I can complete this story that so many people liked.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 4

The following morning, I was roused from my slumber by Mir'tan's movements. As she flashed me a sweet smile, she leaned in for a tender kiss. "Good morning, Lor'hi. I'll be back in just a moment." Winking at me, she disappeared into the bathroom. My heart swelled with contentment as I lay there, grinning and taking a deep breath.

Curiously, I asked my AI, "Kitty, what does Lor'hi mean?"

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 3

Though the princess and I never quite became close friends, we reached a mutual understanding: both of us simply wanted to complete basic training with minimal complications. Neither of us had the energy to engage in any unnecessary drama or feuds that would only serve as distractions.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 2

My initial night in basic training utterly jolted my system, and claiming I caught any sleep would be akin to saying I'm an expert in impersonating a lady. Anxiety about retaliation from the second princess kept me so on edge that closing my eyes seemed impossible, not to mention my tail impeding my usual back-sleeping position. As a result, I spent most of the night restlessly tossing and turning. At some point, exhaustion must have won over, as I was abruptly awakened by the drill sergeant's cacophonous banging on a metal can, ordering us to rise.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 1

Author's note: I came up with this idea while I was struggling with writer's block while working on a new chapter of Lilith's Despair. I will continue to work on the adventures of Lilith, but I decided to put this idea on paper as well. I am still developing the story in my mind. I have figured out the first part of the story and hopefully I will be able to flow through it as it comes together. I hope you enjoy my new character Bean. I pulled a lot of experience from my life to help create this character.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 3

In a stunning turn of events, it was discovered that China had captured numerous wizards from the streets and detained them in secretive camps. These powerful individuals, once masters of their destinies, were now imprisoned and stripped of their freedom. The revelation sent shockwaves through the magical community, as the authoritarian regime aimed to gain control over the world of sorcery.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 2

I am sorry with the delay in getting chapter two out, but I was working hard on my revisions from The Return of Lilith. I have it being reviewed by another person and then I hope to have it published. In this chapter you will see Lilith's overall personality changing. I hope that the changes make sense with the story as we would all change with different experiences. I am going to continue to write this book in the third person because it will allow me to develop some of the other characters better and increase the story as a whole. Thank you for reading Lilith's story so far.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 1

High in the tower of the newly created wizard city, Lilith sat in front of her hearth. No longer did her eyes shine with happiness and excitement. Her mood had soured since she withdrew from the world for a second time. She watched as the flames of the hearth consumed the wood, much like the world outside the city. Humans had reacted violently to the news of wizards and the verification of the existence of angels and demons. Lilith felt lost and without a direction to follow.

Lilith's Despair: Prelude

Author's note: I am still working on my edits of The Return of Lilith. It has been taking me a lot longer than I planned it too. I hope that these edits will make the story better overall. I decided today that I was going to take a break from editing and knock out the prelude to the next adventure of Lilith and her family. This one will contain some violence against women and some graphic descriptions of rape and abuse. I wanted to warn you up front since this will be a common theme throughout the book. I hope you enjoy the new adventures.



I just want to let you all know that i will be working on another Lilith adventure soon. Currently I am doing major rewrites for The Return of Lilith. I found the first chapters were lacking in detail and some of the information changed in the book so I am fixing that. After I finish my rewriting I am going to start on the next book.

The Return of Lilith Epilogue

Author’s note: TRIGGER WARNING. This chapter contains a description of abuse and sex trafficking. Also, this is the final chapter of the first book of Lilith. I have more planned but I will have to wait a bit to get the outline done on it before I start writing. I am grateful to all of you who have traveled through the adventures of Lilith.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 22

The city started to fill up with wizards, some non-wizards come with them as family members. We have to start organizing the city so that we can offer support to all those that we have here.

A group of earth wizards, who have specialized in agriculture, are creating an area where we can plant crops to help feed the city. Luckily using hydroponics made these farms much smaller and fit in only a few warehouses. Meat is something we will have to bring in from outside. We don't have room to keep livestock within the city limits.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 21

My students are practicing magic compression techniques so that they can enhance their spell's power and potency. I sit back watching them as they work through the steps. I look around the room seeing how they are safe and protected within these walls. Their faces are only twisted by concentration rather than fear. It sparks an idea that I need to share with the council.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 20

The next few days, the media was filled with news about me and my request to see those in charge of this country. President Frump was among those that made a public statement on the subject. His statement said that he refused to meet with me and that I was still considered a terrorist. What an idiot. The media was still all over the place on what I was and what it meant for the future of the country.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 19

Sara went off to class to try and make up for the days she missed. Elizabeth went to find David. I take Charlene to the garden where I plan to build our home. Charlene takes great delight in my garden, "I love your garden. It reminds me of our old home. You always make the most beautiful gardens."

"I am glad you like it because this is where I am going to build our home. That is why I want to build our home here in the garden." I replied.

"We are not going to live with Elizabeth anymore?" Charlene asked me.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 18

The news stations that were showing and analyzing my battle with Michael seemed to be the more liberal stations. On the other hand, the more conservative news stations seemed to be only focused on the religious implications behind the battle. I do not understand how they cannot see the truth behind the whole situation, they have plenty of video evidence including my live stream of the battle but none talk about why I was fighting Michael.

The Return of Lilith Chapter 17

Author's note: This chapter will not be Lilith-centric like the previous chapters. It will cover the aftermath of the events in chapter 16. It will be mostly US-based due to my knowledge being more about US culture and political climate. Just a heads up for any readers from outside the US who might be wondering why I don't include a more global view. I have chosen to use two news agencies that have made the most news for themselves and I think you will be able to guess them.



RNN (Rathford News Network):

The Return of Lilith Chapter 16

"You're going to do what," everyone asked.

Yes, my mind was made up I am going to get out into the world and live, I need to stop hiding who I am from the world. I feel a strength in my body that I never really felt before. 'Thank you, mother, for giving me strength,' I offer up a silent prayer.


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