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Rising Dawn Chapter 14

Rising Dawn

Chapter 14 - Even Odds


Meanwhile back in Soul Synchro Soul Room with Dawn residing

Damn my sister rocks, with no experience compared to me. I supposed its very humbling.
As I continue to watch my sister battle the dragon, it is then I see that my sister is now having trouble with the Dragon - well it seems two dragons.

Rising Dawn Chapter 13

Rising Dawn

Chapter 13 - Wait there is two


I begin to rise up, into the sky. Going about 150mph, the dragon is keeping up with me.

I continue to climb up, and soon reach 20,000ft in the air. As I level myself off, the dragon rises slowly through the cloud layer. Now this is getting me worried, why has it not attacked me yet. I have shown myself to be something that it must have some interest in.

Next Rising Dawn Episode

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Im sorry for not updating for the next chapter of rising dawn

But for those who are following this story, there will be a new chapter coming up soon.

Who knows what is going to happen in it. By the way I'm typing this on my new iPod touch.

Also before you even think about it, im writing the story on my laptop. Something about real keys.

Rising Dawn Chapter 12

Rising Dawn

Chapter 12 - Double Soul

Last time on Rising Dawn.

I get this feeling of warmness and a voice in my head.

"Emergency soul syncho initialised, secondary user identified as family. Full functions available, new souls available.
do you wish to commence soul syncho."



"Yes, Mary-Ann."

"Do not try to stop me."

"From doing what."

I get up to the back ambulance door, and open it.

"What you doing."

"About to have a new hero shown again."


"Soul Syncho."

Its then I Jump out of the Ambulance.

"Soul Syncho, Emerge. Secondary soul activate."

Rising Dawn Chapter 10

Rising Dawn

Chapter 10 - Soul Heart


Last time on Rising Dawn

"Dawn, you have never been my son for a long time, you have been my daughter. I think Mary-Ann figured that one out earlier on."

"Yeah I did."

"So Dawn, want to be my Daughter."

"Yes, Mummy it would make more than proud to be your daughter."

Then I Grip my Stomach and collapse on the floor.

Rising Dawn Chapter 7

Rising Dawn

Chapter 7 - Beast Vs. Beast

I leap from the ground back into a standing position. It moves back slightly, as if to study my new form.

It then leaps at me, I raise my right arm and extend my right fist straight into its face, it oozes into the face for just a split second.

Then its head falls around my fist, then spawns several more tentacles from its now split head and launches them towards me.

Rising Dawn Chapter 6

Rising Dawn

Chapter 6 - Second Soul, Beast Soul

Last Time on Rising Dawn.
"Soul Syncho Emerge."

A brilliant burst of light surrounds Dawn, within the burst of light Dawns entire body turns into light, retaining an outline of her 12 year old body - with no sexual features on it at all.

Then the entire body enlarges to the height and general body shape of Soul Syncho. Then the amulet appears on the chest between the breasts, and then from it the leotard portion of the suit appears as this happens the breasts grow to the size expected of her size.

Rising Dawn Chapter 5

Rising Dawn

Chapter 5 - Monsters are real!

We arrive back at the mall, it is not that late. Me and sis get out of the car also not forgetting my backpack, the officer winds down the window.

"You be fine now ladies."

"Yes, I have my keys."

Sis jingles her keys.

"I need to head back to the Station."

We wave him off as he pulls away to head to the station.

Rising Dawn Chapter 4

Rising Dawn

Chapter 4 - A Hero is Born

So I follow the police officer to his Police Car, the officer opens up the passenger side door.

"Well, little lady, you get to take a trip to the police station in the passenger seat."

I look up to him.

"Cool, thank you officer."

"No problem, little lady."

"I am not little, just vertically challenged."

Rising Dawn Chapter 3

Rising Dawn

Chapter 3 - First Soul, Metal Soul

Last Time on Rising Dawn
But then I hear loud bang and turn to look out of the window and see men in robbing gear at the door to the bank, my sister is trapped in there and theres nothing I can do.

"My sister."

"Well I be, I think I never seen this happen here before."

"I want to help."

"The best thing you can do here is to stay here."

But I start to here this voice in my head.

"Do you want the power to help."

"Yes I do."

Then there is a bright flash of light.

Rising Dawn Chapter 2

Rising Dawn

Chapter 2 - Soul Syncho, A new Superhero is born

We arrived at the local mall's carpark, I am nervous as hell as this is the first time that I am outside the house in my Dawn persona.

Well Next Story

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Well i have come to a decision my Duelist of Time Story will be put on hold for now - im not getting enough inspiration to continue it at the moment, it may get a re-write at some point seeing its my first effort.

But i wont stop writing, i have another story idea in my head.

Although the problem with it, its Anime esq/Superhero Story. This means with all of the superhero stories on the site its just going to be another one.

Story Update

Well chapter 13 is underway being written - but as it always is Dueling chapters Suck to write - oh well it is a major part of the story thou.

Other news - My cat is on the mend, and dispite the fact of it not liking wet food its now eating wet food - Gah Cazy animal

I also might have another Fiction idea in my head - but the problem is that its another anime one but i dont think people would want another anime fic on this site.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 12

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 12 - Rising Dragons

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

August 30th 2995

Well it's been rather uneventful since I got home last night. I was absolutely shattered when I got home. I had just summoned an Egyptian god card and found out I have a duel spirit as well in the same day, so this has changed my outlook on life if it has not already changed more times than not.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 11

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 11 - Friendship Born

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

"So this medical problem, you have it often?"

"Only after some physical activity."

Next Chapter of Duelist of time

Well i have an excuse for the next chapter being a bit later than week since the last one, i was going to be typing it monday - but my cat decided to start dying so it had to be taken to the vets - its a male cat, big, eats dry food so it got peeing problems (Cant spell the proper term for it). I had knew something was wrong when it was puking up the dryfood.

So its still in the vets, gonna cost a bit -  £500 or $350 i think for the americans who come to this site, something like that.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 10

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 10 - Duel Academy

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

I take in the applause which is still going on around the arena. Then I see my Mum and Maxine appear on the Duel Arena floor with the other exam passers in front of them.

Next Chapter

Well, i have had no health excuse this week on not writing chapters for Duelist of Time

It has mainly been delayed to playing DDO - Dungeons and Dragons Online and WoW - World of Warcraft

I know its no excuse, but i am writing the next chapter which should be ready tomorrow to be sent to my proofie

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 9

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 9 - Machines VS Spellcasters

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

We draw our 5 cards. Life Points are set at 8000.

Tanya Weston LP 8000 — Principal Sheppard LP 8000

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 8

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 8 - Duel

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

August 29th 2995 — Holo-Diary Entry 2

Well it has been 28 days since I have arrived here in the 30th century.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 6

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 6 - 3 Gods

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

"So, you think she'll like me? Miss Pegasus I mean?"

"Well she should, I would like to see the look on her face when you match her on knowledge of the card game though."

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Extra Stories

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It Seems that now my fic has gone to 5 chapters and is going to more than that, someone has decided to write story set in my Fan-fic universe - im highly honored

If you want to write a fanfic for this universe there are some rules

No more time travel - unless u come up with a good reason
You cant write about any characters i have already mentioned but they can be mentioned as plot if needed
You cant write about the head of duel academy or 3 Egyptian god cards

Everyting else is fair game

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 4

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 4 - I'm WHAT!

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

"You only said that, 'cause it's funny."

"Well yeah I did, but as far as we can tell on a level 1 diagnostic, she's 100% female."

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 3

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 3 - Congrats, it's a Girl

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

“Oh, boy.”

“EVA, tell security and medical personnel that it is safe to come into the stadium.”

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 2

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 2 - First Duel

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

As soon as I entered into the blackish, purplish, sphere of screams, I see a large area of the same stuff.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 1

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 1 - 1000 Years

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

Well the next bit of this story occurs over 985 years later, although I'm not sure how I got to this time.

The circumstances of my arrival were told to me by my adopted mother - Selina Kaiba. The following is from her point of view - some scenes recorded and transferred to this holo diary are not for the fainthearted.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 0

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 0 - How it Begins

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

This is my story of how my life changed for the better.

It began in the year 2010, gosh it seems so long ago. But as a part of my acceptance of what happened, I'm writing this so I can cope with it, well that’s what my Therapist says.

Oh I forgot, I should have mentioned my name, oopsie.

My name is Tanya Kaiba, that is not my birth name, but that is what this piece I am writing now is about.

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